HSU – Physician Assistant Program

The Hardin-Simmons University PA
program has some unique features to it. We offer some online courses that many
other PA programs are not offering. We have a passion for mission work and we
are also a community based PA program, so instead of being centered in a large
medical facility we are community based and many of the rotations are within the
community with the local providers. The thing about patient care is in a
holistic approach it’s much more than just recognizing a disease and treating
it with a specific medicine. You have to care for the whole person. There is such
a need for medical providers in this community and some of the other
underserved communities around Abilene that it was a blessing to see
Hardin-Simmons develop and implement a physician assistant program to really
take care of that. Our program is unique in that we have our own cadaver lab and
it’s only us that uses only the PA program has access to it, so that’s
unique compared to other programs. With Hardin-Simmons we have a class size of 30.
With my other schools or with my undergrad we had like 80-180 students in
a class at once and you couldn’t have time to really go and see the professor,
who was also busy seeing so many other students, but here the professors do
have time. You email them, you set up an appointment, and they are really ready
to see you. The PA program here at Hardin-Simmons is very special. It has
lots of unique features. It’s been the first new program in our state, Texas.
We’re the only program affiliated with an undergraduate institution that’s
Christian. Jesus was the great physician, and so we’re using the the calling that he
has given us to take care of patients, but also using that to train the next
generation of those who believe that the profession is a calling for them as well.
Our PA program is helping to build compassionate healthcare providers. It’s
about walking in somebody else’s shoes, providing that care for them, taking that
extra step. It’s more than just the medicine. It’s
the healing of the body, the mind, and the spirit in a compassionate manner.

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