Huge ! Animal health care – Baby Amy got best treatment from professional Vet


  1. Thank you for posting the video and taking care of the baby !! But not trying to b jerk about it ! Fix the baby first ,then investigate ! Because honestly I don't think people are going to know or tell you the truth if they were compassionate enough to bring the animal to you for your expert help that's about the best you can do if you find out what's wrong what are they really going to do in that country for a monkey ???? Thank you for caring !! 04/28/19 Spokane WA !!

  2. Thank goodness you didn't take her to Dr. Happy Noserub who basically almost killed a baby with a cow dose of antibiotics.

  3. Best Amy video! She looks so silly pinned down by her ear squealing and with her legs stretched out straight and oh my she has some big balls!

  4. Those monkeys no longer know how to raise their own babies because of human interference. Amy is from a troup of temple monkeys who are constantly fed by tourists.

  5. My wife said to me,"If you weren't an animal lover and activist, I would have flown to get you an orphan Maqua baby, because I know how much you love these tiny babies. ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. The vet lady said that she was tied up…somebody tied her up! By her wounds that is apparently what she thought it looked like! Thank you for bringing her and helping Amy!

  7. See what Amy’s mom has done to her. I wish for her to walk in Amy’s shoes now. Cute little one. You know she is in pain. Poor than.

  8. I love how she restrains her w her ear that’s smart cuz their ears are super sensitive. And I must say Amy has huge balls lol

  9. Real vets dont make house calls to huts in Cambodia. They take care of the monkey then ship them off to places like the wildlife foundation.

  10. You could sense the suspicion in her voice when she asked if she had been tied up. I actually wonder whether the people making these videos are far more sinister than they make themselves out to be especially given the views and ads they put on their videos.

  11. After watching the progression of that sore on her back, i am convinced it is a bot fly larvae in there. Especially when the hole developed. Please tell me these idiots didn't just cover the hole with the larvae still inside?

  12. Not sure wants to live! Even though it hurts she tries her best to get away! She is resilient and smart! I think just that alone she'll make it. Does anybody know what happened to her back? Why were her genitals swollen like a Lori's when she was really hurt? At the end of the video the vet is looking at her genitals!

  13. Listen, medicated help with some work he's got to get into detox for a while and have good health benefits and the cts will be a better option

  14. She's a shit Vet.!
    She didn't even dangle it by the head or blow in its face or anything.!
    And don't get me started about the lack of injections..

  15. Спасибо, доктор!!!!!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    P.S. Надо малыша посадить на большую мягкую игрушку , он обнимей её как маму и будет спокойнее… так делают во всех питомниках, где выращивают обезьян.

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