Humble, TX Family Medicine Physician Dr. Thuyminh Nguyen

(light orchestral music) – With family medicine
there’s a lot of variety. You can see pediatric
patients, you can see adults, you can see the older community as well. And they all offer different challenges. They’re all unique. And I enjoy being able to
treat the full spectrum, I can see a whole entire family. And that’s exciting for me. (light orchestral music) People really. People and my love and respect of people
in the human condition. I think that people come from
all different walks of life. Different backgrounds,
different cultures and customs. And with my love of science
and people I’ve been able to really combine two things
that so passionate about. I’m just lucky enough
to practice medicine. (light orchestral music) Kelsey-Seybold is an organization
that really makes it easy for physicians to deliver quality care. We practice evidence based medicine. And at the same time it makes it easy for patients to have access to resources and to have access to a
multi-specialty group. Which means that their
care is very high quality. That’s very important to me. (light orchestral music) I think listening and communication first and foremost is so important. I want my patients when
they leave to feel like their concerns were
addressed, they were heard, and they’re not alone. I want them to be educated and
know that they have options. And together as a team we’ll come up with a decision
that’s best for them. (light orchestral music)

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