Humboldt County Supervisors Debate

good evening. welcome to the humble
County fourth and fifth District 2018 candidates forum. my name is John Fromm(sp?) I
am the secretary treasurer of the humble Del Norte Central Labor Council and I
will be your moderator for this evening. we have a lot to cover tonight and I’m
going to be as efficient as possible to get through the material that we have.
for those of you in the audience tonight please refrain from making comments as
this is being taped for rebroadcast on home accessed and came by this
broadcasting live on the radio now. I would like to start by introducing the
sponsoring organizations for tonight. affordable homeless housing alternatives
also known as AHHA. central del pueblo. cooperation humboldt. healthcare for all.
the humboldt Del Norte Central Labor Council. move to amend. the North Coast
Environmental Center. the North Coast People’s Alliance and true north
organizing. I would like to thank the supervisor candidates for being here
tonight as we know their time is valuable. as such I would like to
introduce tonight’s candidates from the humble county fourth district Virginia
Bass, Dani Burkhardt and Mary Ann Lyons. from Humboldt County’s
5th district Stephen Madrone. again quiet please
we have a lot to get through. in planning this forum we wanted to make sure that
everything was fair and impartial. when we contacted the candidates we
acknowledge their busy schedules by asking them to save the date. Virginia
for example was not available on some of the nights that we had suggested and
everyone else was available on tonight and that’s how we ended up with tonight.
I point this out because tonight we have a visible absence. mr. sundberg. I need to
point something out to everyone tonight so they’re aware of what’s going on.
mr. Sunberg’s response to our invite never indicated any issue with
his availability for the dates we offered. rather he asked whether the
labor council had done endorsements yet. I confirmed
that yes we had. and he noted that it must not be him because he was not
notified. I pointed out tonight was a public forum and an opportunity to speak
to the electorate and had nothing to do with the endorsement process. he then quote
declined for obvious reasons. only after we made a press release regarding
tonight’s event did mr. sundberg send an email to inform us and the media that he was
out of town for tonight. we tried yet again on Tuesday morning to
give mr. sundberg the opportunity for the humble County electorate to hear his
answers to these important questions when we sent him and the rest of the
candidates the questions for tonight. we encouraged him to return his answers so
we can make them available to all of you he has failed to do so. I’d like to move
on and speak about our sponsoring organizations who have taken the time and
the effort to put together this event tonight. they’ve worked very hard and I
appreciate everything that they have done. the way the process is going to go
tonight is each respective organization will be taking their turn at the mic to
ask their question of the candidates. the candidates will have two minutes to
answer. because we have so many important questions to get to. I remind
candidates that do they not they do not have to use the entire two minutes. Brevity is our friend. time permitting each candidate will be given an additional
communities can be given an additional three minutes at the end for closing
remarks. again I would like everyone to please refrain during the
question-and-answer so we can get through the process as quickly as possible. so
with that let’s begin. our first question will come from Carolyn Griffith for the
North Coast People’s Alliance. the questions will start out in
alphabetical order with Virginia Bass followed by Dani Burkhardt, Mary
Lyons and Stephen Madrone. and then we’re going to rotate for every question
and I will remind the supervisor who’s going to be the first one to ask. and please
remember the questions go to your left. Karen. would you support an amendment to
our County campaign rules to limit donations from out of county
contributors to a maximum combined contribution total of $5,000 and a [firm]
contributor max of $500 per election cycle. why or why not. [BASS] well I’m definitely
supportive of the conversation because I think it’s important. our board…. a
couple years ago… maybe four years ago now… made significant changes in the
limits that we currently allow. As an example the incumbent I ran against
back in 2000 had received 2… $80,000 from two single donors… which was
crazy money… right. so we did institute 1500 as a limit. I think you know we
could certainly look at something different for out of County. but I think
it has to be looked at a little more carefully. I mean if someone’s mother would
like to support them and she wants to send her son $600 or daughter to to
support him over the four years to run for office …are you really gonna say mom
you can’t do that. and then also when it comes to unions… some of the PACs that
actually have checks that they send not from the local unions. those come from
out of town too. and so it’s it’s like how do we want to define out of County.
but I think it’s definitely worth the conversation. thank you . Dani. I’d like to agree
that we need to get a better definition of what out of County refers to because
there’s a lot of people who grew up here and
who are interested in returning to the county at some point
who also want to have their voice heard in the local politics. and currently
although is it we many of us in the room would feel strongly about changing that
money equals speech. right now that’s the operation that we’re under. so I think if
we’re denying locals the opportunity to participate in that way then
I’m not in favor of that but if we’re allowing people to participate who you
know have an interest in what the community is doing as a whole because
part of their family is here or they’re returning here then we need to
be considered. I absolutely am in favor of that I believe that it’s a local
election I believe that the folks that live here luckily I have no problem with
limiting my relatives who don’t live here in the county Teressa 500 dollars
and I believe that $5,000 total from outside the county is a perfectly
reasonable suggestion and I would support it 100% Steve yes I would
support that I think the ideal situation for our political campaigns here in
America would be if every candidate had an equal amount of money so that really
it was about your message in your traffic and who you are or what you
stand for regardless of the money because we all have seen way too often
where the money has control who gets elected and that creates a very uneven
playing field I do appreciate the work that the Board of Supervisors did in
2014 passed a new campaign Fusion ordinance here in Helmand County
but there’s an escalation clause in that ordinance it listed you’re not familiar
with so what happened in 2014 and 2010 was it took one hundred two hundred
thousand dollars to run for supervise with big money and special interests
would get involved so because of that it got exposed there’s a lot of pressure on
at war so they acted they adopted a new ordinance and that limits campaign
contributions to 15-under dollars but there’s an escalation clause if
political action committees spend ten thousand dollars or more towards any of
the candidates in that election then you can donate up to five thousand dollars
how many of you knew there was an escalation clause in the existing
ordinance that has been presented to the media and the public is a campaign
contribution control but with an escalation clause the value is more than
five thousand dollars who benefits mining candidates people connected to
money interests so I’m not supportive of that I think we need to remove that
escalation Clause from the ordinance and I would love to see the playing field
further thank you the next question is going to be by
Kelsey reading from move to America have you signed the pledge to amend
supporting the Amendment of the US Constitution making it clear that
corporations and other artificial entities do not have constitutional
rights and that money is not speech and campaign spending should be limited for
regulation why or why not okay I was the first candidate in this
race to sign the Move to Amend pledge and I’m very proud of that I sought out
seeking the pledge I didn’t wait for it to seek me out and I believe that like I
said earlier unfortunately the paradigm we’re dealing with right now
his money equals speech and that’s what we’re trying to change and the only way
we’re going to change those by electing people in the office who are going to
carry that out and I’m really proud to be one of the people that’s gonna carry
that out Mary Ann I might take over to do the first candidate design but I’ll
let that go I have find the collection a minute I’ve
worked on it for years I think that it’s always been unconstitutional I teach the
Constitution I just finished teaching human rights to
my 8th grade students I think the corporations have absolutely no place in
trying to discover and decide who runs our government I think it’s a travesty I
think it should have never passed and I will do everything in my power for the
rest of my life if I need to to have that Constitution taken care of
Steve yes I support the move to a man and I have signed a petition as I said
in my previous statement I believe that people should not our government people
should run our country and I think corporations provide assets and things
for our community but I do not believe they should have the same rights Virginia I have not signed the pledge
but I don’t believe the corporations or people I haven’t signed the pledge
because I think the course of action needs to be where business where it can
be changed and that’s going to take the Supreme Court ruling or a two-thirds
vote of the Congress to overturn the current the current law of the land so I
think it’s a good goal I haven’t signed the pledge but I’m all for corporations
not being people thank you our next presenter is going to be cooperation what will you do to help promote more
transparency and participation in public decision-making just like folks are
doing on Facebook right now not only what I want to do that I believe that
it’s very important to be very clear about what we’re doing at any given time
very often we don’t know why supervisors have chosen who they’ve chosen to be on
their committees I think that there should be a transparent process in
deciding who are on the committee’s I think there should be a transparent
process in discussing I think that we should make sure that the people I
remember when I was working at the co-op and very often decisions would be made
upstairs about what cashiers did on the floor I think it would have been a lot
more healthy to find out that the cashiers were doing on the floor they’re
the ones who were working they were the ones who were seeing the customers I
believe very clearly that there should be an open-door policy I would institute
weekly meetings with the public of Institute blog that I would do myself
I’m fine with having my own podcast as well so that everybody is aware of what
I’m doing on a daily and weekly and monthly basis if I’m a supervisor Steve
yes I do think we can do a lot better job of promoting transparency
participation I appreciate that an access hole does scream the humble
category supervisors meetings lot while they’re happening and then you can also
go back into the archives and look those up later it’s a fantastic service that
they provide for our community and I’ve often used it when I’m sitting at lunch
and there they are the board’s right there and my long ship watching are
we’re watching it from my home I think that’s a great improvement that is
occurring over the last 12 years to access home and everybody else
involved in that I also think we can do a better job with the county website and
making it easier to navigate it I don’t know how many of you tried to go to the
website and find documents or information and it’s really cumbersome
it’s very difficult and that discourages participation we have technology we have
expertise we really could do a better job
additionally getting information out about upcoming meetings there’s the
minimum requirement by a law about posting at cetera but we could do a lot
better job of informing the community about what’s happening I think that
having weekly updates on the radio like Estelle doesn’t southern Humboldt is a
great example of communicating with your district I commit to doing that in the
fifth District not only only here on the coast but holding regular meetings and
interviews with the radio station in Houma and with KSU which covers a lot of
the fifth district quite well I also believe that when people come before the
podium to speak while we may have to limit things to 30 second three minutes
due to so many people wanting to speak about issues and things I think that we
could do a much better job of being respectful to that input if you want to
see what I’m talking about go to the last Board of Supervisors meeting when
Judy Hodgson is communicating to the board just this Tuesday about concerns
about cannabis operations and conflict ranges and see how she was treated by
the chair of the board pretty much just shut down very rudely and none of the
board said anything yet you seem to be speaking thank you
well you know this wasn’t where I was going to start but there’s a process and
the three-minute limit is in place by our county council basically if you let
anyone go beyond that three minute period you have to let everybody else
talk extras as well if they want to so you so innocent effort at fairness
but it’s also it’s actually what’s required by the brown app so I know
sometimes it seems unfair and it is it is frustrating for sure I agree with
Stephen that the website I can’t even get around it so that tells me that
there’s a problem and I think we can do a lot more as well I like to think that
I’m fully available my number is four nine nine five thousand many of you have
it look to me for coffee and I’d love to have conversations even if people who
don’t agree me Group agree with me as long as they’re respectful conversations
you know there there is a difference I don’t mind talking but we need to
respect each other to exchange information the ways I think that we
could increase we do have a lot of meetings I don’t think you guys want to
know all the meetings as looks like 19 and you know if you really want to be
there we can and we can let you know when every one of them are but but we
can ask you what you need it makes you feel that we’re providing more
transparency we can guess what would do it I can guess that you know I want
seats for everyone at the meeting but you have to want to be involved you have
to ask you know hey what’s going on but also meet with us and tell us what you
need and what you think we’re lacking you know if you want me in your
neighborhood I will be there you know I go to people’s houses all the time
I regularly go to the senior Resource Center I would come to any place you
know if you want us to to get to know any more and feel that you know more
about what I’m what I’m doing but then also tell me what I can do better so you
would have more of a comfort level in that transparency okay I’d like to agree
with Steve on a lot of points he’s making and for brevity I’m not gonna
repeat most of them but I think respect is a two-way street and it’s definite
we deserved when you’re in a constituent to elected position and like it Steve
was mentioning that corridor supervisors on Tuesday what I saw there I was not
only unprofessional but unacceptable I don’t care if you’re going over the
three minutes you don’t deserve to be spoken to that way and as a woman I’m
kind of shocked that you didn’t stand up for your fellow woman who was at the
commentary podium and when supervisor Sundberg stepped out of line so there’s
a lot we can do to increase transparency we can probably be c-span Style Network
where we can broadcast all of our meetings we already broadcast many of
our meetings but we can do more we can also take a take advantage of the tools
on social media that are available to us that are underutilized by the county
currently that gives people a better picture into the operations of what the
county is up to and the website you know need i say more I’m gonna you our next
question is going to come from Tony sahaja with the humble and humble such a
labor council and he’s a delegate from the California Faculty Association since
the closing of the nursing when I have a program that offers a
Bachelor of Sciences degree in nursing a degree that many healthcare systems
require for hiring a partner in eligibility the programs and has been
cited multiple times by local healthcare providers as being a primary cause for a
shortage of healthcare workers including the recent ear weakened nursing home
closure and a shortage of County healthcare staff the California Faculty
Association would like to ask the candidates whether they would go on the
record supporting a rural a medical degree program at Humboldt State
University and Lobby the state for funds to support such a venture Stephen yes
absolutely you know some of the strengths of public state university
I’ve been in the nursing program that has discontinued one of the few in the
whole state and our natural resources programs and I think when we start to
start cutting them off these programs that have been the real basic entities
at mobile that have supported our economy supporting our medical
profession that’s just a crying shame to see that kind of stuff happening some of
you may know that I’m a lecturer in homeless State I’ve been teaching there
for the last seven years I got both my degrees at Humboldt Bachelors of Science
and masters in science and watershed and F what resources and it’s amazing to me
that whenever budget cuts start happening whether it’s at the university
or at the county really is it the leaders that take the budget cut rarely
is it administration that takes that cut it always seems to be the people low on
the totem pole in this case the lecturers at homeless State they’re
cutting into the programs and then they’re going to try and balance a
budget by eventually raising tuitions that just seems to be really a bad way
in leadership it’s always best if the leaders step up and take the burden upon
themselves first so it humbled I would like to see the president and the
administrative staff cut back if we’re cutting back 2,000 students we don’t
need such a big administration and truly over the last ten years that’s what
bulked up at home oh they created up a lot of our budget crisis along with
state regimes so I would start at the top and cut back again the last thing I
would do be cutting the teachers and raising the tuition for the students
same thing happen into that they are Board of Supervisors in order to balance
the budget any new employees being hired will get the lower benefit package then
existing employees in order to balance the budget all while the board has given
themselves raises in a very nice benefit package I have made a campaign promise
and if I’m elected to be your supervisor I will not take the reins I’m holding
one vote if the other four vote for the range I will donate that raised and SEIU thank you um yeah I’m not sure what Hsu
is thinking and I think they’ve made a lot of decisions and been done in Hays
that that really haven’t been the best they certainly did not reach out to the
community to see what the community wanted I’d be happy to go on record
supporting a rural medical degree at Penn won’t State University and and
lobbyists a time at the state and a lot I can lobby for funds and if you have
something for me to sign tonight on this I’d be more than happy to do it because
this one is something that you know we really need to see a change in in
regards to respond to a few of the things that I’ve heard just now because
I still have time in regards to not calling off calling on supervisor
Sundberg for his comments I spoke with him afterwards I do not believe in
public shaming I don’t believe that if I don’t agree with someone I just think
it’s something better I learned that in having a small business you never would
shame someone that he was your employee in public that’s like the
first thing you could do so that’s why we talked later and then in regards to
lowering benefits actually what we did was ordered by the state that they state
has change rules with pers then there had to be Justin’s main down so we did
what we were required to do by law actually and in regards to taking cuts
in pay when I was at the city of Eureka my last year’s mayor I gave my entire
pay back to the city of Eureka that’s $10,000 maybe it doesn’t sound like a
lot my husband was not happy that I did that but I did it and nobody really
cared nobody else did and I challenged the other people on my on the city’s
City Council Larry might have been there nobody else did it so to say oh don’t
take this it was kind of like a little bit funny and I have also turned down
we’ve turned down at least two raises on the board so you know sometimes there’s
a few facts that don’t necessarily get on the table I definitely support a
revival of the nursing program at Hsu I it was award-winning back in the 80s and
I look forward to seeing that happen again
I think that’s one of the biggest ways that we can you know solve our one of
our healthcare access crises is that we can you know get people who are already
interested in being here who want to come to the University to stay here and
to take jobs here and I definitely would lobby the state for a couple quick
things I’m a teacher and I can say that teachers are suffering under crushing
weight terrible insurance I had one medical test done last year
out of my pocket I was thousand five hundred dollars sex my
cocaine so I could tell you that that’s happening to anybody who belongs to furs
whether they’re a kindergarten teacher or a professor at Hsu one of the things
that I find troubling is that we don’t have very many tenured professor
Sycamore now when you’re a lecturer you don’t get benefits so they’ll bring it a
couple lecture to teach one or two or three classes and that’s kind of makes
it very difficult to try to create a new robust and vibrant RN program so I would
like to say although there are some talks about CR and Hsu coming together
they were talking about maybe having it be fruitful this fall in 2018 and has it
come to fruition yet but Hsu and CR are talking about creating an RN program
again we need to be clear that the most important part of that is going to be
encouraging the right teachers and professors to come up here to teach
again it’s very hard to find good tenured folks to come up here and we
want to really encourage the right teachers and great teachers to come up
here to recreate that program to bring it to fruition but I do believe that Hsu
and CR are trying the very best they can to find the state funding to bring it
back so that we have less deficit in our nursing program the next questions would
be from Brendan Perez from central Dublin on behalf of immigrant residents
of Houma County and expected inclusion in your projects the question is would
you vote in favor of the sanctuary initiative or hopeful County and why actually I thought the question was not
would you vote do you support being declared sanctuary County so you know I
think actually I this is a question on the board this is one we can answer
first thank you very much the short answer is no and here’s why
I believe it could provide a small sense of security
I think it would call attention to our County and actually bring more scrutiny
to our community which is not going to be good I don’t think it would
substantially change the current policies although I am aware that
policies could change given other share of the that could be elected in the
future out of last year there’s 26 requests made and to people or sent
there were drug offenses and a pedophile you know so I’d like to think that you
know the sheriff is is really trying to keep people with families and not get
them in this situation you know most people are here but documented are
wonderful members of our community and I think we all understand that I actually
shouldn’t be afraid I am so frustrated by the fracturing that has happened in
the country this conversation should not even be happening we should be caring
for the people who are in our community but what I really think and I think the
ballot initiative is a good way to do this because I think you’re going to get
a good gauge and when you get the signatures and if they you get enough
and they’re verified the board will have a choice we will either be able to say
hey you know okay we think we can go we’ll work with you on this and maybe
make some changes if it does if we don’t make changes it goes to the ballot so
and then whatever passes there the county has to carry out so I think we
have a lot of options I think they’re still the ways we can work on things but
I think what really needs to happen is I think the feds need a step step up and
really work on comprehensive immigration reform I have gone back to conferences
so many times and all they do is talk so now there’s a group of us from the
National Association of counties who are on a task force to to push that because
there needs to be a better path to citizenship Danny I support rural County
having the vote for sanctuary County I have signed the petition for it to be on
the ballot myself I’ve also gathered signatures for it to be on the ballot I
think this is an important issue that needs to be talked about I think it’s
going to the ballot because it couldn’t be brought from the Board of Supervisors
itself and I think California is already a sanctuary County than why aren’t and
we read or California is a sanctuary state excuse me why aren’t we ready to
be a sanctuary County and I know that there are counties who are trying to opt
out of that but I thought that we cared more about our community than that and I
look forward to seeing people prove me right that we do care about this
community and the people in it and whether you’re undocumented or not
you’re a human being with rights and you deserve to have safety in your community
and you deserve to be able to call upon public services when you are feeling
unsafe because that makes us all safer if things go under unnoticed and
unreported because they don’t feel like they can report things that are really
going wrong in the community we’re all at risk there so we need people to feel
safe in this community I’d like to say that I sent maybe 10,000 percent maybe 1
million percent I have done my best to gather signatures to walk the walk and
talk the talk and I have felt this way for many years not just down I will do
everything in my power to make the constituents in my community feel safe
we are a sanctuary state the least we can do is say that we’re willing to step
up and agree with the state and be a sanctuary County and that’s all I got to
say about I have grandchildren that are Hispanic
and I will do everything in my power to make sure that any Hispanic member of my
community they’ll save the day Stevie I support the sanctuary ordinance
being along the ballot I personally support it I believe that it’s the right
thing to do and think there are a lot of vulnerable individuals in our community
that are here that are really hard-working members of our community
and they haven’t committed any criminal act coming across the border
undocumented is not a critical mass and they’re coming because there’s workers
that are needed there are a lot of jobs that it seems like many of us that live
here illegally don’t want to do what’s up with that what’s that all about
there are many employers in this county that we hire undocumented workers and
there’s obviously a need for these services but I’d like to see them be
raised up I’d like to see them have a pathway to legitimacy many of our
ancestors came to this country seeking sanctuary from Europe from religious
oppression and other things so are all of our ancestors somehow really bad
people I’m sure the Native Americans wish that
we probably didn’t come there for sanctuary but really you know sanctuary
I mean churches have always been sanctuaries if you think about sanctuary
is this idea of sacredness of protection I fully support that concept and
anything we can do in our communities to make those of us that live here that our
residents be respected and included in our community we have limited police
clubs with limited safety monies in our community and I would much rather see
that these funds be used to go after the real criminals and for the most part
those are not in documented workers here’s a case nominative issues but
mostly these are very hard-working responsible families and individuals and
I think we need some compassion and some empathy so I’m glad it’s on the
ballot and I look forward to seeing Comal County support this
I’m glad the state has passed the sanctuary law but we need to take it a
little bit further and that’s what this ordinance is designed to do
I know it’s also devices in your name Thank you. our next question is going to
come from nezzie Wade from the Affordable Houseless Housing Alternatives. how will you use the shelter crisis
declaration as a tool for the County to establish legal, safe, supervised living spaces for the currently homeless? Dani. I’d like to take advantage of some of
the loosening of restrictions that occur when we declare crisis for
these things. I think we definitely need a sanctioned organized space where
people can sleep safely. And I think that they need to not have to be forced to
separate from their partners or their children to…have…sleep safely in a space.
I think that that’s a really important thing is keeping our families together
keeping our our partners together because they have more strength that way.
And they’re more easily… you know…reachable when they feel
stronger. I also think that we can you know provide more services as far as
trying to help those that are houseless for addiction reasons and and focus
on treatment programs. We need to expand on our treatment programs. We also need
to focus on our teens. We don’t currently have addiction services for teens under
18. And that’s a huge issue in our community that needs to be addressed.
Mary Ann. You know as many of you know I worked at the coop here in Eureka for
many years. Every morning at 7 o’clock as the shelter’s emptied, people showed up
with their kids in their strollers because they were kicked out for the day. They had
to spend the day walking around town. Men…women…children…in the rain walking
around town. We need a safe 24/7
place for our fellow neighbors. We need a campground. We need to work towards
having a safe place where they can have transportation, services, internet… to try
to move their lives forward…w hile we are working toward housing. Right now we are
in a crisis. We need to offer them sanctuary now…while we are working
toward permanent housing. I am totally in favor of figuring out a way to have a
place for my fellow neighbors who walk out of those shelters every morning to go
over and get a cup of coffee and walk around with their children in the rain
to have a place to stay. 1300 students right now kindergarten through twelfth
grade are considered homeless according to Humboldt County Office of
Education standards. That is unacceptable. We need to provide a place for them to
be during the day as well as at night. We need to find a place for them to be able
to sit and play cards and read books to their children. This is more than just a
criminal element in Old Town. This is a very very serious problem and we are
behind the 8-ball solving it. Steven. Yes affordable housing is a huge issue
in our community and it is multi-pronged. As Marianne said the homeless population
is multiple populations. It’s not just one population. 19 percent of
Humboldt State students are homeless. 19 percent. Sleeping in their cars…
couchsurfing. Something like 10 percent of CR students are homeless.
Then there’s the younger students and families that are homeless. There are
people on the streets that have been denied mental health
care facilities since Ronald Reagan dismantled our mental health care all
over the state. And it hasn’t gotten any better since. There’s a lot of
pharmaceutical corporations pushing a lot of drugs on people and that’s being
aided by others that give it away as candy almost. When you have an injury and
then you become addicted and then your prescription runs out then you go to the
street for the prescription. Pretty soon you lose your home ,your house, your job
and now you’re a victim and yet we see them as criminals. We see them as the
problem and yet we as a society have created these things. So we need to
start working on this problem. The sheriff says we’re spending $80,000
a year putting people in jail. The jail is full. We can’t even put people in jail
anymore because it’s overcrowded. We’re spending $60,000 a year on homeless and
not solving the problem. So as your supervisor I would bring those funds up
front. Yes transition costs money. But if we
could bring those funds up front with the emergency shelter declaration that
took a year and a half for the board to pass. And costs the county nothing to do
that. Then we can start having alternatives to start thinking about
tiny house villages, sanctuary camps. release Removing some of the problems
with secondary dwelling units. And tiny homes on everybody’s parcel so that we can
all be a part of the solution and move that money up front. We have the
resources. Denmark has solved this problem. Utah as a whole state. Austin
Texas. Texas has helped solve this problem in their community. We know how
to do it. It’s time to put our feet to the work of doing this. Virginia. Thank you.
You know back to the declaration. You know…. I think one of the ways it could be
used as a tool is to bring increased awareness to the public of… that they can
be part of the solution. You guys in this room you already all know this. We work
on it. But a lot of people don’t know how they can help. So I think we know it’s
not… it wasn’t a magic wand…and by any stance… we even look at the city of
Eureka who’s had one longer. And they haven’t been able to do a lot either.
But I think it is where we need to let people aware of
how they can help. I’m not in favor of a camping concept. You know. There are some
other communities doing it and perhaps there will be ways that that that I
might see where it could fit. But right now I’d prefer not going that direction. I do
think there’s a lot of… where did Nezzie go… I think the tiny houses have a lot of potential. And a City… League of Cities
and the California State Association of Counties actually just released a report…
not necessarily best practices… but of what other communities are doing. And you
know like tiny houses are one of the great options. But what’s really
needed is community members to step up and have property who are willing to be
part of the solution. Because you know you gotta put it somewhere. But that also
means you have to work on turning NIMBY into Yimby…to make it
yes in my backyard. So we all have a part to play in this. We can’t
force things on people. We have to work with people to understand why they can
be part of helping the problem and why they should be. I also think that people
forget that cities and the counties actually had to zone land that are
actually shelters… where shelters are principally permitted. And I’m wondering
if anyone has actually checked all of those available areas as being possibly
available. So I think there’s a lot of opportunity and I think it just brings
a higher awareness to the situation and I I think it’s um I think it’s gonna
bear fruit .thank you our next question is and I come from Larry glass when
you’re first Center our mental degradation continues
to the present integrated rural parts of our county if elected what you do make
sure that our environment is protected under the new cannabis regulatory scheme
of the county is Marianna ok gosh you know Floyd I agree
hi and morally and ethically and every other way I could think of opposed to
having people growing on the top of the hill I’m a little bit upset that so many
folks have been able to get permits after they did so much environmental
degradation to begin with oh we’ve already cut everything down on top of
the hill so let’s just go ahead and give you a permanent if you do these few
minor things to clean up I think they should have been helpful irresponsible
in the first place I will do everything in my power to make sure that it just
doesn’t continue I’d also like to take a moment in and just remind everybody that
while we’re sitting here tonight while we’re waiting for tiny houses to be
built there’s going to be people sleeping on the street and they’re going
to wake up tomorrow they’re gonna walk around and that’s why I’m very much in
favor of buying a place for them to sleep tonight and have a place to sit
tomorrow Steve yeah you know the total cannabis
industry and the environmental degradation related that is one of
issues but forestry has also been a big issue and over the years forestry has
improved dramatically dramatically we’ve really over time help bring that
industry to a place where it’s doing a lot of better work it’s building roads
better it’s maintaining those roads better there’s still a long ways to go
but I’m proud to be teaching for us we at Humboldt State now after 3040 years
of bringing that industry into a far more professional approach to things we
have the ways to coexist but the cannabis industry we’ve made some
serious missteps a lot of people think that everybody
growing in the hills was creating environmental damage and that’s just
simply not the facts as you may know I’ve spent my entire 45 years here and
on both doing watershed restoration work you know all over the communities and
watersheds and on the county and I can tell you that many of the early
mom-and-pop doors in the Hills were very responsible stewards and we’re not
creating that environment damage it was after 215 pounds and a lot of people
came into the hills just for the money not for homesteading but for the money
and they blew it up a bit yes some of the original homesteaders kids also blew
it up big and it was those people that under the canvas 1.0 ordinance that the
board to pass were incentive always to come out of the hills and start growing
in our backyards and forth to the nomic in the middle infield Brook and they
were given four times the growing areas an incentive we can do better than that
it’s killed the economy 30% drop in sales in the county over the
last year that’s jobs that’s income that goes to police roads and other things I
am looking for the three point where we can incentivize good stewardship in
small growers and yes help them get their Road associations to become
functional and take care of the roads out there in the hills but we have done
a poor job of dealing with this in terms of environmental stuff now Virginia malaria I have to say I agree
with you we didn’t know he’s be able to say that you know it is it is just
exactly it’s a horrible problem I actually have to agree with Stephen that
you know this is you know one point no we are trying to learn it’s like
building the airplane off going down the taxiway as you’re ready to take off and
then you take off the next thing you know you got engine failures so now we
have to go and it’s like you’re we’re going to constantly constantly be
recreating and making it better you know part of the remove restorer and
remediated program which did give an incentive to get people out of the hills
and into egg lands you know it was it was meant to actually do something that
was good and unfortunately there was less attention paid to like Spears of
influence and that was a mistake we made you know and and I you know all owned
that mistake but we want to do something that we’re doing things better and it’s
going to take a while it’s just kind of a new industry and who never thought we
didn’t even talking about this anyway so it’s actually really an exciting time as
well enforcement is paramount we have to make
sure that we get the bad people out of the hills and I think with the tax
dollars that will be coming in which is estimated to be around 10 million
dollars well that’s the bills that have gone out we hope it comes in I think
we’ll have an opportunity to really start stepping up enforcement we do have
the satellite imagery now available to us that will make it easier for us to
spot where the bad players are so that we don’t have to send individuals out
searching it’s a lot more efficient and probably more safe and a big hunson
concern for me about this is the number of abandoned properties that that are
going to fall on our shoulders to clean up because as people are finding out
they can’t get some of their properties into compliance they have nowhere to go
people can pretty much just walk away but somebody has to clean up the
environment mental damage and that will be you and me and all the rest of the
taxpayers and that is a big turn because we don’t know how many of
those might be out there well thank goodness Lockheed and Boeing don’t build
planes while they’re trying to find what we’re participating here is a dangerous
policy we created this disaster and we can certainly get ourselves out of it
the ways that we do that are by listening to the hundreds of farmers
that have come to the word of Supervisors the very mountaintops were
trying to protect who come to the Board of Supervisors in the hundreds to tell
them that they are being taxed and priced and find and feed out of their
county these are people who are part of our community that have donated to our
schools donated to our nonprofit donated to many of our causes that we hold near
and dear to our hearts in this community and we are a very big risk of losing
that eating heart of this community I don’t want to be like Napa I don’t want
us to be in a community that only exists for tourism and not for the residents
that live there this is about our community and preserving the community
that is here while allowing people to come here and appreciate what we have to
offer we can’t have them appreciate what we have to offer if we are not
addressing the legacy issues of environmental damage in this county and
it’s certainly not all going to be done on the backs of the less than 300 people
who are permitted today and so I think they’re not going to pay for that it’s
not feasible that that little amount of permanent people are gonna go sit up so
you know while I applaud the effort to go forward two years I did go before the
row of Supervisors and explain that this very situation that we’re facing today
was what awaited us if we approached cannabis regulation in the man
that we have and I’m gonna hate to be the soothsayer there but I look at where
we sit down please thank you thank you the next question is going to come from
Brenda Rita from True North organizer I’m the host of one local community
organizer for true north organizing Network and this is our question what do
you see as the value of building a powerful grassroots people of color the
organization and to our community into the office that you’re running for and
how would you make use of such an organization any time we have a members
of our community that don’t feel welcomed or respected or a part of what
we’re all doing we’ve got a serious problem and I hope that we all recognize
that our community is diversified thank goodness for that it’s a wonderful plan
we’ve always had a lot of Native Americans but even they have felt
seriously oppressed for a long time in fact you’re on private recently filed a
lawsuit against the whole County Schools for discrimination in schools it’s
ongoing there are racial problems in our community there are unsolved murders
there are other kinds of things that are going on that they’re just not okay with
me and I think many of the people in the community now these are not easy things
in slowly so I would value that tremendously and I think that we would
need to make some sort of an advisory group to help the board and us as
leaders be fully informed what the issues are and what the possible
solutions might need to help more fully integrate our community so I’ve been
being fully supportive of that and I will do everything in my power I’m
trying to reach out and make sure that everybody
our community all residents feel welcomed and respected I also want to
say that my family I have 16 grandchildren six of those grandchildren
are adopted foster kids of my two daughters of dogs our grandchildren are
white black Latino and Native American we support racial diversity in our
family and the way I try to operate and I think we can all do a better job I’m
not trying to hold myself up with some sort of a saint or some sort of a
perfect person because that clearly ain’t normal
but I think we can all do a better job it starts with compassion and empathy
for those of us around us and trying to do whatever we can in our daily lives to
make sure that we’re all welcome Virginia thank you yeah I’m all more I’m
all for any grassroots organization but I think one of being led by Pearson
people of color has an added benefit that we have been missing I do think
there are voices that haven’t been heard and what makes it hard is nobody knows
necessarily how do how do they be effective and so for me as an elected I
would find great value in having people who help me know what’s on the radar
because sometimes you know we don’t know everything that’s going on out there
and nor do we pretend to there’s a whole lot more that we don’t know and so being
the eyes and ears at the community to help you know bring us up to speed on
some things would be really important now that’s for me as an individual
supervisor I think we could also we have we have the ability to create actual
committees there’s the actual process you have to go through but we have we’ve
had commissions in the past that have been found for certain for purposes
there used to be the women Women’s Rights Commission I can’t remember was a
long time ago before I was there by the time I got there women were pretty well
represented in at least you know the political arena and we couldn’t get
anybody to join that group you know so it was like okay we finally disbanded it
but there’s nothing nothing that says that we can’t bring the group
together you know such as but it’s been suggested and find something that is
really useful in the community and the one thing I’ll say about the mom and
pops who came and talked to us I did feel really badly that a lot of them are
really struggling in the cannabis business but I do have to say the ones
that came up and said I’ve been growing for 20 years and now I’ve had to sell my
property you know it’s really hard for me as a business person in the past
there’s a sinkhole saving money and I know that’s hard to say it in places but
I also know stories from people who I know that are growers that tell me how
they used to spend yours you know kind of spending the money so it there’s
there’s some responsibility there as well I really see the value in a people
organization for our community I look forward to an organization like that
building up a candidate for this seat in four years I would really look forward
to seeing somebody of color running for this seat in four years and I look
forward to backing them wholeheartedly when that happens I think we also need
to see more diversity on our of our existing Commission’s our Planning
Commission currently which is five of which are appointed by an individual
supervisors and two of which are at large that are voted on by the board
that’s a currently all white male board that doesn’t represent this community
very well and I think that needs to change and I think having a powerful
organization that starts to lead that change and helps get people who are
motivated to take those positions and get them into those positions is a great
thing for this community and I’m very wholeheartedly support that as to being
20 years in the business and not saving your money it’s really easy to save your
money when you can put it in banks when you have to rely on putting it in the
ground it it rots away it becomes unusable as
tender in the United States of America and people die and bury their money
where nobody knows where to find it and we have widows in this county who are
sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars potentially do not know where
it’s buried so that’s not flowing in our economy and where were they spending in
every Virginia they were spending it in our economy that’s how we’ve enjoyed
having wonderful nonprofits that have been funded that’s how we’ve enjoyed
many of the services that you enjoy to be able to take your pension and your
your benefits from because 56% of our income comes from property taxes by
golly I’m so tired of listening to this well they should have done this and they
should have been a real business before there was ever even people before was
ever even a notion that somebody would be talking about this today who didn’t
think we were gonna be talking about this today and you’re thinking you’re
telling people they needed to have a crystal ball to know that what they
would be facing today what they’re facing please the candidates
respectfully that that wasn’t print the question asked I’d like to say is it’s
exciting it is exciting to get to know people it is exciting to demystify the
other and when you have a grassroots organization that comes together and
brings together people in color and that means Asian Native American folks that
aren’t sure what color they are anymore because we’re so blended in our
communities sometimes I think it demystifies the other and I think it’s
exciting I have taken students to other countries I’ve gone to Egypt to learn
about what it feels like to be the other I’ve taken groups of students to
Thailand and done cross-cultural educational projects so that those
students understand how different the world is when you leave Humboldt County
I think it’s exciting I would love to make use of an organization such as that
I would sit at every single meeting I it’s really fun exciting and I love to
learn how to cook kind of thing and how to feel some of the things that folks
feel besides me I like to mystify the other thank you
our next question is going to come from Patti Harvey from healthcare for all and
I want to thank render for reminding the candidates let’s make sure we stay on
the questions that we have right now we have the whole other set of questions
coming from each group we would like to make sure we have received with all the
questions six-two would eliminate the need for
such expenditures and services infrastructure supervisor action Virginia thank you you know one thing
I’ll start this off with this for everyone to recognize that it takes
three but the Board of Supervisors for anything that happened supervisor Wilson
and I have brought something forward we looked for a third thought and we had to
water it down and that didn’t suit anybody so he and I are now working
together we talked to Corrine we’ve talked to a lot of people and we’ve also
talked to folks in Sacramento you know I think the entire board does recognize
that there is an importance to health care for all heck my husband and I spent
$15,000 last year due to my knee and his broken arm and whatever else we did and
it’s like that’s not easy money you know I mean for anybody so things are broken
and they do need to change I think the concerns that the board are still the
Meccan are not in place for what the actual
money we come from how that fund even look and I understand from conversations
that maybe what we need to do is just say something just to push along so it
keeps going through the process which is another option but today I did talk to
Senator drum can Juarez staff and I asked what did he thought about what was
coming out of the committee that Jim would and others had and in members
thoughts are that while it’s not perfect he does believe it’s an incremental step
in the right direction I am just not able to talk to him personally about
what he thinks we could do to help spur this along so I think this conversation
will keep coming back to us it’s hard to be elected when you you you believe in
your heart of what is right and then that you also have to believe what’s
fiscally what’s going to happen and there’s just someone there’s not answers
there it takes a leap of faith but it does take the conviction of three it
doesn’t it’s a conviction sounds like we’re going to jail well you know we
have to have three people that are in this together and it is that’s where the
community can come in we need we need help you know we can’t take each other
and make you them it them vote a certain way and we can only talk to two
supervisors so be more involved be like Catherine come in visit us Danny I
support SB 562 I think that while there are things that need to be changed
that’s what our whole legislative process is supposed to be for that’s a
it’s supposed to go through and each committee and stand the rigors and
testing that you know our legislative process is built on and I believe it
should be allowed to go through that process and to so it can be improved and
something that becomes funded and feasible and actually a reality for
America for Californians I think it is a fiscally responsible thing to want
single-payer health care because right now with the benefits that we are paying
for as the county we are then fiscal year were slated to be 300
million dollars and unfunded liabilities for the county and a lot of that comes
from pensions and benefits and the benefits for executives in the county
especially and I think it’s important to address that because a lot of that for
our County could be alleviated with a single-payer system is that healthcare
portion of that is funded by a single payer program so I fully support it I
have canvas with CNA for the for SB 562 to get this get this out in the
community and I do support in Marietta not only what I heard the Board of
Supervisors to support the state of California installing a health care
system that are 562 954 1492 I don’t care I am all for single-payer health
care I would spearhead even from this remote area to find other people on
other boards of Supervisors to come together as a bloc to encourage the
state of California to start focusing on the incredibly ridiculous health care
costs that are making families struggle I just remember on the parade the other
day my son’s here I had somebody come up and say to me I have to leave my husband
because I can’t afford my surgery and so I’m going to leave him and say that I’m
single so that I can get my surgery done because they’re going to use the price
of our house in our car against us it’s ridiculous what people are going through
for healthcare right now that doesn’t include what contractors and other folks
are paying workman’s comp these because they are having to pay insurance on top
of being insured and on top of insuring I think that other place other places
have done it and I think that we should spirit in the state of California doing
everything they can to be at the forefront of making it change it rolls
across the entire United States we’re gonna Steve it’s high time for
single-payer right I mean women’s is going to happen thank
goodness for people like doctor Donahue Patti Harvey and a lot of the other
nurses and others in the community who have been the leaders in this have been
going from community to community getting resolutions in support of this
yet the Board of Supervisors is still not happy I do appreciate the work of
Virginia and Mike did a triangle board but it seems like the board listened a
lot more to some women would in regards to the problems with the bill it has
been my experience those individuals who have really good health care don’t see a
problem whereas those that don’t have good health care or even have it they
can’t afford to use it which is most of the rest of us see a serious problem and
when people like the Assemblyman and others bring up the issue of how are we
going to pay for it really I mean aren’t they already paying for it but it’s all
for the profits for the CEOs and for the insurance corporations for the
distribution corporations for the salt pharmaceutical corporations so if we had
campaign finance reform and we took the money out of campaigns because if you
look and see who’s sub Lehman Woods is getting his money from a lot of it’s
coming from big farm a big insurance so it’s pretty easy when we follow the
money to figure out why people do what they do it’s not complicated before this
most of our audience adults so I would take that out of the system and frankly
we’re already paying all the money it’s all going in his profits rather than
taking care of people I believe strongly like Katherine and acadia said over and
over again that health care is a human right and that we deserve it and once we
implement it when we think about the cost savings not only to ourselves but
to county government terms of all of those costs that’s a way
to start balancing our budgets and having better wages for our police our
correctional officers for our animal health care workers and others thank you
our next question is going to come from Caroline Griffith with north coast
people’s lives the transient occupancy tax is a bed tax in Humboldt County for
hotel stays it generates between 1.5 and 2 million dollars in tax revenue per
year and its spending is at the discretion of the Board of Supervisors
currently much of these revenues are handed over to the hotel industry to
spend as they see fit if elected will you advocate for reallocating much or
all of these files to address some of the pressing needs around mental health
homelessness and more in-home Support Services Danni I definitely support
moving some of those funds around from the transit occupant attacks I really
love that you brought up that it’s given to the hotel industry to do with what
they want it’s actually not to be corrected but it’s given to the Visitors
Bureau to do with what they want and we don’t get to see you and what the
salaries are for that board we don’t it all comes in one lump sum that it gets
reported out every year but it’s not you don’t get to see who makes what you
don’t get to see what the expenditures are we just know it’s spent on marketing
and in theory that marketing is bringing more dollars to this County well we’re
doing a great job at marketing the Redwoods because we definitely got the
Lonely Planet thing that Mary Ann wants to bring up and and we rightfully
deserve that however we’re not the only County with redwoods and you know
there’s redwoods in our outside of San Francisco we have to capitalize on the
things that really make us great and if we want to see an increase in that
transient occupancy tax so we can dedicate more money to other
services that we need then we need to focus on marketing all of our attributes
and not having a separate but equal marketing plan for our cannabis industry
marketing we meet we need to be capitalizing on everything that we
possibly can to bring money into this county and that’s one great way to do
that and it is a great way of permanent funding for positions that we need in
this county Marianna absolutely say it simple I mean I want to answer the
question directly absolutely I will advocate for reallocating much of the
funds that are being collected there are hotels who don’t pay them the occupancy
tax paid like I think it was food was Clarion in the last couple of years
didn’t pay off dictator transit tax so I think that those fees should go directly
back to improving Eureka in particular than improving Humboldt County I think
of those occupancy tax fees or to transient occupancy tax fees go towards
allocating mental health homelessness you know support services we’re gonna
find people wanna come here more because those needs are being met and those
issues are being addressed I don’t think that the attacks should going on with
that I’ll advocate for 5% Steve yes I also would advocate for the
floor taking a stronger role in this it’s important to market the county in
terms of its tourism and economic relating to that but think about what
those visitors are experiencing in our communities right now with homelessness
out of control with crime out of control and all these are the things with people
being homeless you know I’m not having a place to stay at night so if we really
want to build a strong economy we’ve got to work on our social issues whether or
not that money comes from the transit of the Tott taxes or from other sources by
being more efficient with our general planning so we don’t get ourselves into
lawsuits like to be ranch remove some Frazier projects that waste hundreds of
thousands of dollars on bad planning doing bad things in the world you know
next to our water and things like that so for smarter about our planning and we
start tackling on our homelessness and our crime and other addiction issues
that are not all related to homelessness then we’ll start having a community that
is more welcoming to visitors imagine if you’re a visitor you coming
into the community and you can’t go anywhere without running into all kinds
of social ills and problems that might be the last visit that you make you so
just trying to encourage people to come here when our problems are relatively
out of control I think we need to rearrange our arrogance and we need to
start dealing with these social issues and helping people that want help or can
accept help to get back on their feet so that we reduce all of those problems and
help make our community more welcoming there are many other ways that we can
move these funds around to do good things but these are some great
suggestions these are clearly pressing needs and I would support that
discussion and consideration Virginia all right well I agree with I agree we
should be focusing more on the cannabis tourism Danny mentioned but I’m further
back to the transient occupancy tax that’s each county and city gets their
fair share and one goes to the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is
actually a very small piece of that multiple million dollar pie and that’s a
it is contracted and so the contracts can change it can also cancel the
contract but you know so we can use that as leverage when things come up some of
the things that they have done have been very helpful we needed them to step
forward with that minimum revenue guarantee that we needed to get to land
another Airport I mean not Airport air service that’s the only reason that the
LAX flight is going to start on June 7th so some of the things they do with that
money you know are really helpful to the entire community and helping boosting
business but in regards to it going back to the hotels I think there’s a little
bit of confusion there is a portion of the tax that the hotel your’s actually
imposed on themselves and that money is allowed for their use because they
basically said we’re taxing ourselves so those dollars we don’t have discretion
over but that you know in regards to the money work goes with those into the
general fund and we do use it to increase public safety and we could
always use more and so that’s that can be moved around you know it’s part of
the process and negotiations on contracts you know or just that it’s
just like when you’re negotiating contracts for unions you there’s give
and take and you make changes where you see appropriate all right our next
question is gonna come from Kelsey reading with neutral matter what will
you do if or when the Mercer Frazier proposal resurfaces after the election
is over and we’re going to start with Mariana well if they choose to do it
suburb excites the water that my grandchildren are gonna drink and if
they go through the proper permitting process did they do everything else that
I would have to do if I was going to try to build something and I don’t have a
million dollars to you know put a lot of money into it I think that if they want
to build a house manufacturing plant 15 miles from water I’m ok with that if
they want to build it along the riverbed I will do everything
our to make sure that they don’t get those permits Steve I’m pretty upset I
think along with the rest of the community over these proposals from
Mercer Frasier and let’s be clear it’s not just one proposal there is the one
proposal on the matter of where the general plan was changed to the last
year in order to accommodate that that application for that project was
submitted over two years ago the board especially certain members of the board
and Planning Commission do all well that they needed to change the general plan
will allow for that to occur and then once that was done then they came toward
with this only an application to change that this was already known by many
people and when people say well I put on the flyer but that they started the fire
and they’re not taking any responsibility for having started the
fire we need to take a closer look at that there’s another project out on the
Trinity River that the Billo pre Community Service history can all over
the community in the school and the tribe said no and the same planning
Commissioner that led the charge for the one on the main river led the charge for
the one on Willow Creek and this project both of them were put on the consent
agenda that’s how arrogant they were about
moving this project for they did not notify the adjacent other government
entities like the service districts that provide our water even though the
community spoke against them they went ahead and approved it there’s another
project in Trinity where most appraisers were in a quarry just outside the town
for a road that is now dumping huge amounts sometimes some 3ty of 2,000
times the level that EPA allows for aluminum environment and creeps in into
the bed it’s a bio accumulating substance there’s another project
proposed upon big lagoon for a rubber gum asphalt plant that was sited in
Mendocino County the very same plant operation by Marissa Frasier was cited
and pushed out a man seen on after the woollens bypass
for violations of a mini environmental laws now that’s proposed in big lagoon
so I am NOT okay with that this comes down the RAM is planning and giving
developers false promise of what they might be able to do based on politics
rather than good environmental and economic planning particularly thank you
well I’ll pose the project it was quite interesting because it seemed to be in
the press that somehow we were deciding we’re trying not to hear the appeal and
we didn’t hear the appeal and it’s like it never came to us it didn’t ever get
at that stage annum it wasn’t in any type of it was not a good project let’s
just leave it at that but what I’m hearing in going to a new door is it
spawned a much bigger conversation in the community that I didn’t I didn’t
really think about because I mean just in the city of Eureka there are at least
four facilities that are for extraction and manufacturing you could call them
hash labs they’re right next to the bay so people are saying well what does this
mean really is the same thing that happens over there
can that leach into our bay and can that actually decimate our oyster industry
and one that’s a good question I don’t have that answer but so I know a lot of
focus is on this I think proposal because it was for a lot of reasons but
I think there is a bigger question on safety and drinking water because if it
could happen there why can’t it happen in in the middle of Eureka where you’re
not forever going on and Bogaerts right you know right next to the bay pretty
much it’s pretty close so I think if we’re going to be looking and you know
at the water issues it has to be a bigger look and I think we can’t just
focus on one day I publicly came out against the mr. Frasier project from the
beginning and I was also one of people that went around to several Move
to Amend meetings among others to talk about this issue and make sure that
people understood what was going on here like Steve said it came down you know we
had a General Plan Update and then shortly thereafter an application with
for a zoning change that allows heavy industrial uses next to our water I
don’t care if it’s a half slab or a car painting facility or furniture
manufacturer I don’t want that next to my water I don’t know about you guys
you’re gonna drink it too so I imagine you don’t want that next year water
having that zoning applied in a spot zone like that is just not correct
planning we need to be making our policies based on facts and data having
hash labs of Eureka near the bag our therein contained commercial facilities
that are not in flood plains if we have a tsunami and they’re in the tsunami
zone yes there could be a concern there where the mercer fraser project is is
for sure in a hundred year flood plain for sure so just keep that in mind and
you know there’s there is evaluating your risk levels here we have much more
risk with climate change of tsunamis and with flood plains but we’re not moving
the entire city of Eureka into the hills maybe we should consider it in the
future but so we need to be making smart policy decisions based on community
input data and science and as far as I can tell the community input was just
left out of it and you guys appoint the planning commissioners that approved
this project despite the controversy despite the water district having to
spend its own public money is too far to file an appeal I it shouldn’t have gone
that far the Planning Commission should know better what the community is
mourning in its coming they’re passing these kinds of projects
and that’s why I think we also need to revisit the diversity of what’s on our
Planning Commission thank you our next question is in the coming from lose the
angle key from cooperation public do you believe that we can have an ecologically
sustainable and socially just society under the economic system known as
technical ISM Steve doesn’t seem to have the kinds of controls in regard to
social responsibility thank goodness that we are not entire
being the capitalistic society here in the United States there are no countries
that are purely capitalist or purely socialism or otherwise
almost every country is a combination of these things an American is that we do
have capitalism supposedly a free-market but it’s not a free market every
industry gets subsidies of some kind or another either tax or permanent
subsidies for their industry you can point out any industry and you will see
there are subsidies there so it’s not a free market we as a society decide what
we’d like to see happen that’s it we vote that’s if we get registered and
we’re actually active participation participants in our democracy and we
have campaign finance before so that we even the playing field I was talking to
my mom and last presidential election I said mom you got to check out already
pretty good guy here which is Oh Stevie I just I can’t do that he’s a socialist
I said mama he’s not he does care about society and he does work really strong
on social issues but what do you think police are and firemen in public schools
and roads these are all socialist programs that we have an America where
we all combine our resources together to take care of each other because we feel
that that’s the way to we really want these services privatized
by Halliburton or somebody else I mean so having some socialism and how they
campaign finance reform and if we get more involved which I think Bernie for
Jonah I don’t even thank mr. t for that because that’s really the one good thing
I think he’s done is he’s waking people thought right the women especially and
people of color some of them have waking up we can have a good system when we
have that balance Virginia thank you and it’s funny I really struggled this one
and how do you say it Steve did great actually was a night I really liked that
um you know in my idealistic believe I I think if we keep working on it we will
see improvement you know and yes it could be more socially just and perhaps
what Steven said is the way we do work on it you know and in you know they give
me a different this what happens at these it’s great you get to learn new
information and new ideas and you know great and Congress could amend the
federal tax code but but perhaps it is working towards a mixture because the
way this was stated it is like that’s this is all we have and I think that’s
kind of what many of us are stuck in saying this is all we have but when you
look at it a little more broadly I can see there being possibilities I don’t
have any answers for you on that one to say how right now but I appreciate that
Steve brought that up as a new way to think about it Danny I share similar
views with Steve on this subject and I prefer because we do have more questions
to get to I’m just gonna leave it there that I believe it’s possible when we
take a broader look at things and apply social mores to the problems thank you
very much it would take an extreme ideological
shift we have to remember that the Constitution of the United States is
written for white land owning men not women not people of color not people who
could not buy property only people who could be owned and people who can be
trod on it is very difficult to have logically sustainable and socially just
society when that is not how the United States of America was born we would have
to focus very much on having an ideological shift there are encapsulated
areas in our country that believe in that believe in having ecological
sustainability and socially just communities but quite honestly frankly
it would take a significant ideological shift that I think most of the people in
this room are really trying hard to create I applaud each person in this
room who I’ve talked to because I know that you all believe that we should
continue striving for a more perfect and more just country to live in the
capitalism as it stands today does not meet that ideological goal thank you our
next question is going to come from my creditor president of the Central Labor
Council among donor County if elected what criteria will you use to select
individuals to serve on committees such as the Planning Commission and the Human
Rights Commission who embody the values of integrity and public service and will
reflect the diversity of the communities they serve Virginia well uncle the Human
Rights Commission first we’d be thrilled if we had more people apply that’s one
of the problems we have open positions all the time we need people who are
interested to let us know they’d like to be on the Commission so that’s that’s a
that’s an easy one you want someone who has heart and soul and really wants to
listen to people’s concerns and willing to come up with solutions that could be
brought to the board or at least advice in regards to the Planning Commission
dan you mentioned it earlier each supervisor has the opportunity to
appoint a commissioner of their own that the others you know I can’t have any say
on and there are two members at large the ones that we individually appoint
are generally based on criteria that we’d like I you know as in Kevin
McKinney I know he’s kind of a hot rod lightning rod at time
that he actually is one of the more educated on there and has the
appropriate skills and talents to serve with understanding of a lot of different
policies the faculty spent 20 years on the local agency formation Commission is
LAFCO I think spoke volumes to his commitment because that’s all about
controlling sprawl in good land-use they added one big blemish and it’s right
outside the door here you know and I walked into that one and I take I take
full responsibility but you know from that blemish that he had we actually
made something positive because you know out of chaos
I said brilliant ideas are born I had a group of neighbors together talked to
him and he was able to realize that he needed to offload that project and
there’s also another thing that’s recently come up you may have read about
it and some things on an issue at the wetlands and I want to give you the rest
of the story without the first part because you know the first part it’s
actually the county’s fault to a great degree we found that a pipe that had
been a culvert that was taking the water from the stream and underneath Lucas and
under the properties intended to into the other stream actually broke to
pulled apart we discovered that and in doing his soil sample so the county of
humbled is actually responsible information that most of that wetlands
and so we have a part to play and some of what’s happening this current issue individuals I believe that we need to
have a nominations process where people can nominate people in their community
who they feel representing them already we have a lot of community leaders that
already step up and fill these decisions and they are really awesome at
giving recommendations of people that they know and trust to represent our
community and those facets so I think going to our existing community
leadership recommendations and not just waiting for people to tell us that
they’re interested in the position is a is a start I think also that we need to
have vetting of people we need to have be able to have a forum like this where
we can ask the questions and the public can be assured that the possible
appointee has there your best interests at heart when they’re making decisions
and that you are being represented when they are making those decisions
I’m just curious by the solid chopin’s how many people here knew that they’re
really opening us on any of the Commission’s all right that speaks
volumes I just saw two hands for those people
who are behind the camera I can’t see that so the first thing I would do is
have Morgan reach out campaign and make sure that people knew that there were
positions and what the plan what that what the different committees learn I
think that not enough people are aware of all the different things that they
could do in our community it speaks to the website again it’s hard to find out
what Commission’s have what communities are Commission’s have agencies I’m all
for the Facebook page putting it out of the paper having a weekly blog about
what activity in the committee’s a weekly article in the paper I think that
we need to reach out a lot more to our community and help our community get as
involved as they wish the things you have said they could be that’s the first
thing that I would do I would also agree to the sentence as far as the Human
Rights Commission I think that’s really important I don’t know how many people
here know that we have a bill of Human Rights that was created by Eleanor
Roosevelt in the 1940s when the United Nations was first created I think it’s
very important that we have a copy of the Bill of Human Rights hanging up in
our public places so that we recognize that passed the Bill of Rights we
created a bill of human and I think that that’s important so I’m
very much for a human rights commission and I would believe our on getting
diverse groups of people from all walks of life to be part of that Human Rights
Commission Steven adversity is spreading and we don’t have that diversity dragnet
on the Planning Commission and why would you wanna volunteer and sign up to be on
the Human Rights Commission if you come before the Board of Supervisors over the
last couple of years and suggest that they not suggest recommend based on
their hard work of the Commission that the board should pass an emergency
shelter crisis if you volunteer any part of these things and you come forward and
you do your best work as a community to offer these suggestions and you just
turn down it seems like you’re talking to deaf ears why would you want to
volunteer so if we expect to see more volunteers or more people being engaged
in the Human Rights Commission it might be nice if we had a Board of Supervisors
who respected their role their service and their expertise and followed that
advice secondly with the Planning Commission it’s been stated without how
it has a serious lack of diversity lack of women in particular and others I
would be looking to diversify that I would like to see our permissions
whether it’s a Planning Commission where human rights represent the diversity we
have in this community Boulton gender age demographics a
economic background all of those things matter if we really are looking for
commissioners that are going to give us advice they’re going to help us keep out
of lawsuits and other things they use up all the money that should be going to
police roads fire schools and the rest of them so when we don’t when we elect
planning we’ll have a special interest agenda
that are looking out for certain money interest in the community is it
surprising to us that we end up a lot of lawsuits in the county the use of
discretionary money that should have gone to roads police and all these other
things we can do a much better job of that and if you elect me I commit to
making that happen within the role I play as one of those five board members
thank you our next question is going to come from Brendan Perez from central
government what would you do to ensure that all county services suffer Spanish
interpreters Danny I would like to see an increase in the diversity of hires so
that we have native Spanish speakers on staff that are available there to
address some of these issues I think also finding room in the budget I know
this is you know it’s pie and there’s only so much to go around but finding
room in the budget to provide a critical service so that people are understanding
what’s going on when they’re at the counter trying to get services and and
are able to have you know pamphlets and things interpreted for them so that we
are making sure that everybody in our population is participating fully to the
extent that they can and by offering more languages and translations then
that’s a great way we can increase the inclusivity of our whole community you
know not just Spanish interpreters I know that we needed a Vietnamese student
tested for ESL at Eureka high school and we couldn’t find a Vietnamese
interpreter because we had to have somebody who is able read and write and
speak Vietnamese as well as read and write and speak English so that this
student could be tested we couldn’t find someone
KOMO City say everything in my power how would I say that in history
although any people there is what I would do I also think that it’s kind of
interesting that we have to pay extra which I did to pay extra to make sure
that my candidate statement in the sample valid guide was written in
Spanish I made sure that my Spanish constituents in my community could read
what I had to say not everybody sitting up there did that I can say that I will
always do everything in my power to make sure that all folks who live in our
community especially Spanish because 16 percent of Arica in particular is
Spanish but we also have a rising population of different Southeast Asian
and Asian community members who don’t have services that they need being
presented to them even in school and on court in hospitals and doctors offices
so I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that services are offered for
any language speaking person Stevie yeah I think that’s a great proposal and I
will support that as well it’s time for us to recognize that our community is
becoming more diverse and to make sure that we provide the services to all of
our communities so that they can understand the forms and all of the
things that they have to deal with in daily life so that they can access the
resources they need and all those things so I agree we need more inclusivity
thank you and I’m sorry actually I think this is really important because I know
there’s times when people have gone in the planning department and I’ve heard
about the but what if someone says and even sometimes the translation is not
right you know so we’ve been working on some there but for all apartments um it
seems like it makes sense and I’m thinking how do you do that is it extra
people on staff maybe is adding incentive pay maybe it’s a step increase
for people who come to the job and actually it’s a special talent that they
have and because we do that in other areas and then hearing the concerns
about well we want to be able to be have someone to speak all languages that
makes a lot of sense so what that really lives looking at is more of a
specialized like little task force within the county that could be
basically on-call to go in it I don’t think we can’t have all that in every
department but I think I can actually come up with a portion maybe it’s maybe
as a new piece to the human resources that we actually have a team that can go
out when needed and because I don’t think it’s I think you could put Spanish
interpreters probably in in all departments I think we could do that but
the reality is there’s a lot more languages that we need to be able to
converse with so you know I think there’s a way to do it and I think it
just takes some creativity and and the ability our our new our new person a
personnel director has come with so many great ideas and could you speak
Pennsylvania and they’re really you have some progress have a good ideas and and
I think we could bring this to her and I bet you could make it happen
Thank You our next question is going to come from Margaret Madden from
affordable house how will you leave the community and understanding in that it
is an interest of the whole community to create media 24/7 living communities for
the thousands of currently homeless let’s be kidding you I think I couldn’t
make it any clearer than I’ve already made it tonight while we’re sitting here
talking to each other there’s going to be folks are you’d be checking into a
shelter tonight we have a very serious shortage of shelter space for women and
children in particular most people they ask me about the homeless problem I kind
of start talking about that and they say no no no what about the problem in Old
Town I’m talking about the homeless problem I’m not talking about the
criminal element my focus is on the homeless problem tomorrow morning at 7
o’clock they’re going to get up whether it’s raining out cold out sunny out
whatever it is and they’re gonna have to leave that shelter and like I said
earlier they’re gonna have to walk around with their strollers and their
kids all day men are gonna have to do it my men are going to have to do it if
they have a car of them to sit in their car maybe don’t drive to the beach maybe
they don’t have gas to drive the beach I have 100% in favor of coming up with
something someplace where those folks could start staying tomorrow I don’t
think we have time to wait for tiny houses
I think tiny houses is an awesome idea I think that it’s going to come to
fruition but between now and then people are going to get up in the morning and
they’re going to not have any place to spend their day again if they were lucky
enough to sleep somewhere last night if they’re lucky enough to sleep somewhere
tonight you want to know what I would say about it I say we are the hub work
let’s go out there figure something out right now tonight that’s how I feel
about it Steve it is a very complex issue and we
need to really buckle down and working on it Humboldt County has a lot
of funds for housing for homeless that goes on span because he can’t find
landlords that are willing to rent so it’s high time that we identify our
surplus property in the community and figure out what other complete
facilities I mean Virginia was right over there we
should talk about the NIMBYism there is a lot of there a lot of people who I
know to be truly empathetic and concerned individuals have kind of lost
their because the problem has gotten so bad and everybody’s living the woods
trying to survive and so then suddenly they become victim says you know
something taken all the food onto their garbage because they’re starving they’re
trying to get food and so then everybody turns on that and suddenly they have a
community where people don’t want any of it in their community they wanted all
like ingredient like that spear in the Reba I believe that these problems exist
in every community and we need to have services all over the place dispersed so
that we’re taking care of people in each community and I’ve talked about tiny
houses and sanctuary camps and secondary dwelling units as I said earlier my
family my two daughters adopted six foster kids and in order to do that we
had to make more room so when our grandchildren turn 18 I work with them
and we built a mobile tiny house on our property you can build a 10 by 12
structure without a kitchen or a bathroom with no permits it’s a tiny
house then they can use the bathroom in the kitchen in the main house as part of
a sort of a communal living situation as an extended family so we’ve done that
our family that’s allowed 16 foster kids to come and go home I believe all of us
could be engaged in that kind of approach and we could take the funds
from putting people in jail not actually helping the homeless and move that up
front and start creating facilities and solutions
actually started solving this problem it’s high time we do those things and
you know we need more more efforts to make that happen so I’m committed to
them Virginia yeah thank you you know we’ve been trying for quite a while to
find a 24/7 facility just even this year there the various war zone is zoned I’m
sorry have feedback was principally permitted but there’s four thing in B I
mean NIMBY not unity yet I’m steps in and it becomes a real
challenge we had one recently and I was really frustrated that this didn’t end
up working but the old industrial electic building in Arcada was put up
for sale by Hsu because they didn’t need it on where they bought in the first
place but they went three and a half million dollars well I was able to
actually work with a funder and we we had something that you know we thought
we could work with and then it was found out a portion of it was in the coastal
zone and so the Coastal Commission under jurisdiction and if anyone knows trying
to deal with the Coastal Commission it does not work quickly and it also
because it very onerous and hard to do my vision I don’t know if anyone knows
about San Antonio Texas and Barrett County and the facility there I can’t
remember the name now I was on I got to tour that facility years ago well years
a year now it was amazing it’s it’s not just 24/7 you know when you kill them
there’s no wrong door you go there and you get your you get to the services you
need to happen they have a place the courtyard for the homeless to be in then
they have the housing in another area they haven’t it’s an amazing in an
education it’s wonderful you know and we’re gonna come home and you know
damiano from probation looks let me like I’m crazy and I said but it’s my dream
and what we need is a company they had
Valera that had twenty million dollars that they put into it but I’m thinking
we don’t have that but we have companies that just don’t know how to really be
involved and they’re afraid I think of what this really means and so part of is
continuing that education and the community and having people know that
they actually didn’t be part of this but it has been really frustrating just even
you know the staff that tries to locators it’s hard getting placement is
is really the biggest hurdle here and as has been mentioned
NIMBYism is is alive and well in our community and I think it’s important for
the community to remember that they it is really important that they are a part
of the solutions that they seek because we’re all gonna have to give a little to
get what we want and if we continue to shuffle people
around this because we don’t want to see em in our backyard we’re just making it
a continual problem that it never gets solved it’s not it’s not sustainable
it’s not making any of us happier or safer in our homes it’s not doing us any
good so part of you know part of this effort is has to be education and when
you know letting people know that when we are taking care of our most
vulnerable citizens we are all doing much better for it
we don’t have to worry about so much of the car you don’t have to worry about
people coming into our backyards and stealing from us because if they are
taken care of there’s not a reason for them to do that in the first place we
need to address the root causes of our societal problems and it’s going to take
everybody and everything we’ve got to throw at it to
make it happen if you’re not motivated tonight to
become part of the solution I invite you to do some research take a measure that
is really important to you and dive it in we’re all busy we work full-time jobs
and we’re out campaigning and doing the thing and it’s up to all of us to get
involved and to give even that five minutes a week that you’ve got again
while you’re sitting there thinking about prepping dinner and you’ve got
some in the oven send a Facebook message to your friend saying hey let’s go meet
and clean up some trash this weekend let’s go see what we can do to help
nezzie and the AHA blokes do what they need done let’s go attend an AHA meeting
and see what we can do to help them if we need to
it’s incumbent upon all of us to get involved Thank You our next question is
in a class of necessary information to make intelligent decisions about
projects many times these agencies trying to extort cuts
what would you do if elected to make sure we have full disclosure under C Stephen E well in my career and watch
the management I deal with sequel all the time I also deal with the California
Coastal Commission Department of Fish and Wildlife the waterboard you name it
I deal with state and federal agencies in order to get projects done these
projects aid development I am thrown at all but
they haven’t written a want role responsible development anybody big
small in between that wants to do responsible development I’m supported
with that and so I have spent my hope understanding these laws I think they
were designed for good reasons sometimes they get a little bit onerous and I
understand that but in particularly for the general public the public feels like
they’re you know there’s so onerous that it’s difficult to deal with so they
start trying to work around them in order to get the ham and trail built up
in a chemical where I helped spearhead that working with the county when I
worked at Redwood Community Action Agency we had to get new Liesman some
private landowners those landowners were hoping to build a house in the coastal
zone a block from the kindergarten I helped them get the permits to build
their house for 150 dollars and they gave us the easements for the Hammond
trail so I helped them with what they wanted to do with their development
which was low-impact and in exchange we got public access I have a form that
during that baby washing council to help green diamond get out of the situation
where all the settlement from their roads was affecting the water supply on
the bed and I worked with them when they cost yearly kicked in a major amount of
money to clean up leaflets cream we would read septic systems look for those
creepy sounds not on the dirty list of bad beaches in California I worked with
the break up in education Bank between the wreath and Arcada to help
development happen in Arica so I’m all about finding those win-win solutions
when working with environmental laws like Seabrook looking at the cumulative
impacts understanding the rules and figuring out how to good do good
sustainable development while protecting in Virginia yes thank you
yeah I mean I think people seek was looked at as a burden when it’s really
actually trying to be responsible and catch the problems that could exist
especially the cumulative effects you know I thought it was interesting
mentioning how governments or agencies get around and I can’t help but think
about the recent decision of the North Coast rail authority you know they were
trying to say that because they for whatever reason federal
you know it’s railroad that secret didn’t apply it
so you know they took that to court and that lost and they appealed it I believe
at the Supreme Court and they beat the Supreme Court declined to hear it but
you know that was probably the the biggest case of one that I’ve seen that
that was you know I think they truly believed it didn’t apply to them but
obviously sometimes people are mistaken and you know I and you know my cell
phone there probably ones where I have not I’ve been you know like Steve
someone I mean it’s wonderful to have people in the community who really read
over the materials because we read over it but sometimes it’s so massive then we
don’t have it’s hard to you know is this right is this right have they done
enough so I look to the community and people like Steve who actually can bring
things to us and say well you know it says this and they’re important you know
I’m thinking but did not really go far enough maybe it should be done more so I
still is sequa is one of those things that is a mystery at times and it’s I
really appreciate people who have a real thorough understanding and can see where
those workarounds are so I’m more than that
Thank You Danny as an environmental planning consultant I frequently
interact with the surrounding sequa and I was very well trained in sequa and
ers at Hsu where I’m a proud alumna and one of the things like Larry mentioned
is that it’s easy to kind of get around things because of a lot of sequin is
very subjective and unless you have people who are a second pair of eyes
watching out for those things age things can get passed sequa that maybe aren’t
in the best interest of the community so having people who are intimately
familiar with what sequel requires and the you know things that pass muster in
those reports and looking for deficiencies in those reports is
important and I think that consulting people for that information when you
don’t have it yourself is all is equally as important so it’s it requires a
watchful eye but not only the community but by our administrators and
unfortunately we can’t just rely on the best information to come out of you know
a place where the projects being proposed and we have to further
scrutinize that Marieta one of the ways to make sure we have full disclosure
under sequin is to make sure that the public is able to easily access some of
the reports and studies and how they align to the projects so I would work
towards creating space on a website on a page that was very clear to understand
very easy to read I’m technologically sound and strong and I can build my own
websites on to make sure that we had the ability to share with the public what
projects were happening what sequa what the Environmental Quality Act what the
reports had to say and allow it with space for questions what does that mean
why does that mean that what does that mean I mean we did Wasser
go with it so I work towards having an open and honest availability to have an
easy access to the public Thank You our next question is gonna come from
Priscilla Kinney from – North organizing Network and the
exploitation of various natural resources here in Bergen County how
would you address those social and environmental impacts of this legacy in
your district Virginia thank you um yeah this is probably the hardest one for me
to decide how to answer you know I I think hmm whether you read history books
or talk to people we know that there’s been times that I’m a great historical
pain throughout the history not just here but and many persons well
throughout the entire county country but um you know I think the
first time that I had a real indication was when I was on the City Council and
we gave a portion of Indian island back to the tribe you know it that seemed
like such as the strange thing at the time we didn’t know what does this
really mean why are we doing this and it was it was like it was a wonderful
educational opportunity of you know one of the things we could do I don’t know
if we can ever do enough so in that sense um that that’s a challenge of like
where do you start and so I think some of the ways that probably address the
social impacts are the people themselves the division that currently exists in
our country and unfortunately extends to our community I think has really served
to make things worse and I think we need to all understand what all the people
have gone through and their struggles and and learn what we can do to help I
mean I I I think you know one of this one piece is what needs to happen and
I’m finding out that now is much bigger than that you know so educating all of
us on what are the things that we can do and what are the things we should do we
can’t do it all at once you know I mean will this be
be honest there but we can start doing more so you know I I would ask for
people to do I’m more open to meet with people live coffee you have a
perspective of how what you can tell me tonight you know we get together and I
need to learn more and I think people who are in the middle of the the
struggles are the people who can teach me the most Danny I’d like to start this
comment off by recognizing we are on be on land and to honor that and thank them
for you know I recognize them for that what they have faced and for us to be
here sitting here tonight on their historic land is is just sense a lot for
where we are right now and giving pieces of Indian island is the back is a great
way to start I think participated in the the odds honor tax
is a great way to contribute without waiting for regulations or laws that are
anybody to get involved on that level that’s something we all can do we can
all pay on the honor taxon and recognize you know the privilege we have a being
here and experiencing this land and getting to enjoy living here I think
it’s really important to also make sure that we are educating our young people
about what the real history of this area is and we can’t whitewash our history we
have to have serious conversations about the realities of what occurred here and
we have to start to make it to atone for that and it’s very important that we do
that because we will continue to be divided unless we start healing that
wound Marion did you know that it’s no longer required in the fourth grade have
your students build admission to honor what happened to the indigenous people
of California they have finally stricken past thank goodness fourth grade
teachers of no longer required counselor students build a mission or learn about
the missions from that perspective that is a new part of the history curriculum
coming out of the state of California I can say that I I have sent food to the
de neige I have stood with the Navajo to pray to have their land heal I’ve stood
with the day that’s here to pray that have their land deal we need to do more
we need to remove symbols that remind us of the hatred that was forced upon us in
the past right here in the community we live in we have a simple of hatred we
have a symbol that every time the Native American sees it they are reminded of
what happened to them in the past the least we could do is honor and respect
the wishes of the natives that live in our community we need to honor and
respect the wishes of all manner of people who see symbols of hatred
everywhere across the United States but especially right here where we can make
a dance in our own communities when you see something that reminds you every day
when you walk onto that land that that is a person that represented crimes
against the people crimes against the people we need to remove that we need to
start celebrating and healing by listening to the natives in our
community Steven it is high time for us to continue to move forward on these
ratings and healing many of the things that have happened in the past I’m glad
to see some progress in that area we have a long way to go there’s still a
lot of tension in the community because of these and justices in Trinidad
recently the young neuron rose up and said that lighthouse on the block that’s
about ready to fall on to our village sight below
to them it was a symbol of genocide it was a lighthouse that was bringing in
all of the gold miners they were coming in in the 1850s and killing every Indian
and every grizzly bear they can find and so for the Native Americans they saw
that lighthouse is a symbol of genocide two gentlemen sitting right above their
village site grand Trinidad the most documented archaeological site in the
state of California was just too much and so they spoke out and they did civil
disobedience but they did it without any violence they give destroying property
and it basically just occupied the site until finally the city and the Civic
club did the right thing and they move the lighthouse off that side down
towards the pier where it is more appropriate for it to be they didn’t say
destroy get rid of it just taken away from our village site I thought that was
an incredibly responsible act on the part of those young people and I was
there most of the nights with them standing in unison in that effort in the
1970s I filed the archaeological papers for the truly sacred sites on the Bald
Hills that were being bulldozed in logging operations I’m very proud that
I’ve had a part in that I knew very little in my 20s but I knew it was wrong
and I was lucky enough to be a part of helping to protect that I think we can
do a lot better in my community the fifth District often the east side gets
overlooked a lot of people say over their tribes they have be I am women
they don’t need our County money that’s not the route we all need to help each
other the east side needs a lot more attention and resources
thank you our next question is going to come from Patti Garvey with health care
for all – do not care Californians pay face
upwards of 30% and even higher premium increase plus deductibles and co-pays
that they cannot afford do you believe the insurance company should continue to
have a leading role in providing health care coverage Danny no more specifically
hell no we’re letting people who are not doctors get between us and our health
care decisions and make decisions on our behalf that are completely medically
inappropriate according to the medical professionals that we are who they are
seeking advice from in the first of us I think it’s very important that moving
forward that the state of California in this county specifically it encourages
the state of California to move forward on a single-payer system in which the
insurance companies are not making these decisions and we we can’t have that
continue if we expect to have a health healthy population is not constantly
using public resources to pay for some stuff that could be completely prevented
by really well-managed preventative care the fact that we’re still talking about
this in 2018 when the rest of the industrialized world is already on
socialized medicine and you know tell them the truth – the power there I
it’s amazing to me we’re not there yet I know it’s there’s some social
implications there but I think our insurance companies in this instance
with healthcare specifically and they don’t belong between us and our doctors
marianna you know ironically that 30% premium increase plus deductibles and
co-pays is to cover those who don’t have insurance who show up in our emergency
rooms and don’t have insurance and have to still be seen by the hospital now I
want them to be seen by the hospital don’t get me wrong I think that
everybody deserves a right did has anybody here read about how redwood
Urgent Care is suing Saint Joe’s hospital right now because they charge 5
to 10 to 20 as much for the same exact test because
the insurance companies that they have made their contracts with require that
basically so it’s it’s kind of a travesty I believe very strongly
he helps care for all as I stated previously in the question that we
discussed earlier I think that it doesn’t make any sense that hardworking
folks carry the brunt paying for everybody to be careful and I think that
and they took 6,000 7,000 8,000 dollars a year that my son and his wife came
just to have their insurance and that’s after the school that she works for pays
its at $8,000 and all the splurt overpaying insurance premiums towards
universal health care we have universal health care
I think insurance companies or our gluttonous robbers Stephen I’m sorry 14 anyway you know I mentioned earlier
about our family having spent over 15,000 last year and we have good
insurance I’m not on the county insurance I’m I’m fortunate to not be a
burden to the county I’m able to be on my husband’s insurance but you know as
we both have had surgeries and you look at the bills and you wonder who the heck
are making up these rules you know I don’t think the leading I think the
thing here that really caught my attention is the leading role do they
have a role to play I think somewhere they do theirs they’ll be supplemental
insurance there may be things for them to do that in the leading role
it just it’s there’s you can’t even understand how the system works it feels
like we were being gamed by a system and as I think it was Marianna said you know
you look at your bills and you can figure out you know will cost this but
they allow this and I still have to pay this what does that really mean
so they’ve they’re not even being clear with us on on the process so I think you
know again we’ve had the conversation we’re on you know tax or universal care
is is something that we need to strive for that I don’t think we’re going to be
able to get rid of insurance companies completely but they need to be less
involved in how we get our care or when we don’t get our care I mean I hate
having to be asked having to ask to get something fixed you know I mean does
that make any sense that you know you actually have to
almost go ask for permission to go get your x-ray or you have to you have to
get the okay and I think that’s absolutely ridiculous and that’s because
of the insurance industry you know they want to control who we see when we see
finally see them and very will decide what is worth and I think they do create
a challenging time that could be made much simpler and less expensive thank
you our next question comes from Caroline purpose with the North Coast
People’s Alliance what is your understanding of the black lives matter
movement and do you support it Marianna did you know that this week two really
beautiful women had the police call on them because they were walking on their
bean deep and because they get waved to the neighborhood some white woman did
you know that just yesterday a really beautiful young Yale student had the
police call on her because she was sleeping in the common room did you know
well of course everybody probably does know about
gentlemen at Starbucks let the police call the Lukas he has to call the
bathroom every single one of those incidents speak of a systemic oppression
that’s what black lives matters matters there has been the incarceration rates
that were imposed on black people just because of the color of their skin did
you know that the subprime mortgages industry made so much money off of the
backs of young black families trying to have home for themselves what do I think
of the black lives matter movement I think it’s absolutely necessary do I
support it absolutely I am blessed that I have not had to
suffer because of the color of my skin I’ve gone to other countries where I may
be the only white person and I still can’t understand because when I’m there
I’m an American woman who’s white so I’m still to be different I raised my
children as a single mom and didn’t have much money and I was still treated
better I believe very strongly that the black lives matter movement is about
much much more and young women getting shot the streets and being treated
violently I think it’s about the systemic oppression that was born in
racism race was created in our country race didn’t exist before slavery in the
United States of America in other countries people just live together they
might have been different clans they might have been different different
religions but they were not looked at by the color of their skin I am very strong
supporter of black lives movement Justina yes I support the black lives
matter and it is there because of racial
oppression it’s there because of things that are extremely well documented in
terms of arrest rates incarceration rates and all kinds of other things many
of which they marry andhe spoke about recently in our community I think it’s
really important this program is something that really is people trying
to come together and create more equity I also believe that all lives matter but
in saying that I do not in any way diminish matters with my daughter
married a very beautiful black man I have black and mixed drinks
grandchildren and we’re very proud of that
I think it’s important for this community to start learning how to look
forward with racial equity we’ve been kind of a life dominated culture for a
long long time and that’s changing and I’m glad for it we’ve got a lot of work
to do in the schools and in our communities I’m committed to doing that
hard court and you’re moving forward so yes I support the movement Virginia
thank you um you know looking at the phrasing of the question what is your
understanding it’s really interesting it’s like well it’s a recognition that
there’s a disproportionate number of black individuals killed by law
enforcement and it’s kind of the basic understanding and and you know and I
believe is paying honor and to change things from when it happened and I think
it’s a shame that it’s taken the recent fairly recent deaths to actually put us
in this place you know we shouldn’t be swear really behind them 8ball right I
think it shows that we have not done a good job
was an implicit bias training because we know that we think we think it’s all
everything’s all well and good and I’ll tell you I’ll go to somebody’s house or
a constituent will come and talk to me and they will refer to someone’s color
and it’s just like I want to say why does that happen what does that belong
in the conversation because it really doesn’t so you know I I supported the
efforts but I do also support the fact that all lives matter but I do recognize
that um it had to come to this specific point which is you know it’s a shameful
thing for our society that this is what to happen so I understand needing to put
more of the emphasis because we need to start making at that point and we need
to change the way we do things in this country and it seems like we forgot how
to care about people well you know of any color but this unfortunately is very
tragic that’s Danny to me but black lives matter is much more broad of a
movement than it originally started out with ads and I’m the more as we go
further into it the more comes out of it that is positive and I really do support
those actions because it is bringing a conversation to the forefront to me when
I carry black lives matter my instinctual reaction is not to say all
lives matter because that goes without saying it if all lives truly did matter
black lives matter wouldn’t be necessary we wouldn’t have to call this out and we
do have to call it out we again we can’t whitewash our history we can’t whitewash
what’s going on right now we have we can’t just sit on the laurels of well
Obama got elected president racism is over I’m sorry guys that’s a fantasy
like racism is not over it’s alive and well in this country and it is up to
each and every one of us sitting in this room to do everything we can to support
our black brothers and sister in their movement and to make sure that
this is not something that continues into the future thank you I’d like to
let everyone know that we are in the home stretch our next question is going
to come from Kelsey Reedy from Move to Amend do you take donations from
corporations why or why not and if so are they local or non local corporations
Steven no reason why is because as I said before I believe elections should
be about people not corporations we’ve seen way too many elections that are
controlled by money by corporations whether they’re in the community or not
it’s also been clear that corporation law alone does not make you a bad
business there are many really wonderful local small businesses who are
incorporated so I think when we say corporate money we’re really talking
about large corporate interests that try to hold control communities and
resources not the mom-and-pop businesses in our local committee that might happen
to be incorporated but regardless I made a commitment in my campaign to not take
any money from any business because I’ve said you know and I have adhere to the
policy of not taking money from business it doesn’t mean I don’t support local
small business or responsible business but the bottom line is it should be
about people I have taken two donations and full disclosure from businesses in
kind donations of two hundred and fifty dollars or less one was from Pearson
building Center for some plywood and some fence posts in other words for a
little bit of discount on but I basically said no business money
in my campaign and I continue to adhere to that and if you want to learn more
about all the candidates you can easily access forms to follow the money
websites and others or go to have PPC websites and get a copy of our financial
contribution returns and it will tell you a whole lot about foods taking money
from food to do what Virginia Thank You Anne yes I do take money from local
businesses you know it’s it’s I think and I think Steve reference it pretty
well and that there are a lot of businesses that are incorporated due to
tax purposes but they’re family businesses so you know where do you draw
the line I don’t think there are as many in the past have I had more I’d say yes
and when they were not campaign limits I think this community saw a lot more the
supervisor I was talking about before they got eighty thousand dollars for
just two sources those are corporations you know I mean plain and simple and it
was over a four-year period and and so that’s unreasonable but to you know I do
take money from corporations I mean if you if you talk tensile building
supplies as a huge corporation they’re both my teachers and junior high so it’s
like to me they’re family but it’s it’s it can get it can get bad you know I
mean if you have to keep an eye on and I I agree the four 60s are a great way to
find out who is supporting the different candidates and you can find out we have
to keep a running total and you can access some people just by stopping in
at the elections office and they’re there on the counter you can take them
out and you can peruse them you can get them copied it’s actually a really
entertaining reading sometimes and that to see and it is also strange so I’ve
seen other people say they don’t take money from corporations I believe them
maybe Austin when you ran for City Council wasn’t going to and actually one
of the companies I received a check from he did
so you know it’s if they’re not they’re not all bad but there could be there
could be you know in past I think there was could quid pro quo to some extent
expected especially if you get $80,000 don’t you people Dave I don’t actively
take corporations I have you know donations from personal colleagues that
have businesses of course but you know they’re persons that also are entitled
to participate in politics they don’t have to write me a check from their
business account if they want to support my campaign they can do it as a person
not as a corporation that is my big thing with that is if they believe in
your politics then they can write you a check as a person and is when they write
the check as their corporation are they speaking for all of their employees that
work there – are they st. then saying that all of the employees of this
corporation support and endorse the candidate you’re giving money to I think
that’s an unfair thing to you know saddle other people with so you know
yeah we definitely need campaign finance reform thank you
our next question is gonna come from Mike oetiker president of the humble and
del Moral original government funds were used in constructing a project called a
county official would you support and encourage the use of union labor and
union apprenticeship programs for clinical for construction and operation
we’re going to start with Virginia all I have to say yes it’s interesting the
amount of education that becomes really helpful at times there were years ago
where we lost contact with say Oh III for instance and not knowing you know it
was when this item came before us in regards to apprenticeship and we didn’t
realize how important what it was because we weren’t getting all the
information so I you know meet regularly now and I understand that this is desce
than the lien necessity I met a young man in the day he used to work for my
son in a retail establishment and now he’s an apprentice and I am so proud of
him being able to go into a trade that there were he was able to do that
because we don’t have enough of those experiences I don’t really understand
why businesses are so resistant to have more apprenticeship programs or do it
the way they’re supposed to be done I’ve talked to Mary Ann which is in the
corner she’s given me a lot of education on the on some things and I think I can
help you know I I’ve actually offered to bring a facilitator into this one group
where you’ve got a group of people who are just fighting tooth and nail I think
about this though Ben and there’s the component with like no that’s actually
required and so we sometimes it just takes a different approach but I think
people don’t understand the businesses are afraid that it’s going to cost them
more I think but I think it’s extremely important and it’s it makes sense
especially when you’ve got government contracts I mean the money’s there and
we want people to learn a trade it seems like a perfect opportunity I wish my son
had joined a program I wish I had known I wish I had known more about
apprenticeship programs when I was pursuing options for college because
when I was growing up basically it was it was presented that College was the
only option that everybody just goes to college after high school that’s just
what you do and you know that you’re give it any more thought other than
where you might go and which is odd to say because I come from a
three-generation Union family of IBEW members who worked in the Union and
and we’re part of that but it would still it was an emphasis and I think
that we’re seeing now where that’s not working out as well for the community we
are lacking skilled trades people we do need to encourage use of our
apprenticeship programs and union labor we definitely need to use it on
government projects we should encourage it in most projects like unions offer
benefits to working folks to the community that we don’t otherwise seed
when we just leave it up to private business to just kind of go along with
it and we have the 40-hour Work Week to thank unions for and to thank
solidarity for labor solidarity for we just it’s important to recognize that
these are good things for our community these aren’t just you know it might cost
us more and it might be more expensive to do things this way but it it’s not
because of what the benefit ultimately provides Maryann I’m very Pro Union if
you don’t know it I’ll let you guys know I’m a former shop steward I was the shop
ster for eight years and one of the cool things that we did when we negotiated
contracts with the coop when I was a shop steward buck we negotiated I made
cutters apprenticeship program now you would think well well not everybody
knows how to break down outside beef we’ve got we bring them in we bring them
in like a full side account and we break them down right there so we were able to
offer our employees our meat meat cutter meet cars apprenticeship which was a
which is huge that get to be trained so they loop up and level they’re able to
get paid more unions take care of their own unions
when you bring a union shop in to do a job by far large those employees are
going to have benefits when you bring in companies that don’t have union jobs
very often they’re not going to have benefits so it just serves a greater
good of the community to have union shops involved
and almost everything I am a very strong supporter of unions I think that
apprenticeships are often awesome I think we need more friendships in high
school let alone adults we have lost our way we don’t have enough people to paint
we don’t have enough people to plumb we don’t have enough people to do
electrical so I would support high school apprenticeships Union
apprenticeships and I will always support a union bid over nominee bid
final supervisor Stevie unions are the lifeblood of our community is the one of
the two places where they actually have living wage jobs and benefits so I am
fully supported with unions and currently a union member and the
University of the California Faculty Association but in my career I have
always supported unions and I’m proud to have been endorsed by most of the users
in Rockland County one of the things I’ve done in my career was I considered
to be a grandfather of the restoration is with the watershed restoration
industry and over the years their industry has had to become more
compliant as well I was one of the leaders and helping people get their
contractor’s license learn about the prevailing wage laws the apprenticeship
programs and the rest of it so I have fought hard to help that industry become
more compliant with all of those laws in addition I worked a lot with going 3:00
in the trades council in that only three and others have these apprenticeship
training programs wherein particularly there teach people how to run the
equipment well what I do is work with those heavy equipment operators teaching
them how to do fisheries forestry and watershed restoration so we take that
apprenticeship to a new level when we think about our use but we haven’t
talked about much tonight we think about what kind opportunities they
in the future it is these apprenticeship programs that are ultimately helping
them get training and get these new jobs so I’m very supportive of that and that
will continue to be so so we’re almost done we are actually going to add an
additional question that we have failed to give the candidates this one you’re
gonna have five minutes to answer it’s multiple choice I’m messing with kelsey
marie from is going to read this on behalf of the n-double a-c-p Eureka
chapter alright and this is specifically from the legal redress committee as part
of the n-double a-c-p so what’s specific resources and
guidance would you provide to County law enforcement such as sheriff and DA when
a murder case goes unsolved for a long period of time what is the
responsibility of County officials to report unsolved murder cases to state or
federal agencies what form of accountability can we expect from the
county supervisors and from you in particular regarding this Jenny I think
it’s very important that we involve all agencies and accept all help to solve a
crime such as the loss in cases is unconscionable that leadership has
failed utterly in that effort to make sure that this crime has been solved and
by all indications from the FBI agent that was working at the former FBI agent
that was working on this case it was solvable it continues to be solvable
and it needs the resources directed at it we need to take our heads out of the
sand and we need to accept all of the help that we can possibly get and these
murders cannot go unsolved this it’s unconscionable it’s
we have to direct all the resources we possibly can to these things we also
need to make sure that we’re paying for things up front the to avoid things like
this like an implicit bias training and things like that we need to expand on
those programs and making sure that all of the people who provide public safety
services to our community have that training and are also trained in DC de
escalation and crowd control is we have there’s a lot of responsibility in our
administration of this community to to make sure that we are not letting things
like this go unchecked mariena I think when it comes to issues
that involve especially murder I think that in our community if we’re talking
about somebody who wasn’t born and raised in our community I think we need
an outside oversight committee or outside oversight law enforcement from
areas that don’t have ties to Humble County I think that we should have
already had outside oversight we should have already had outside law enforcement
we should have already had legal redress I think that it is crucial that we
reform unsolved murders murder cases to the state I think that in regards to the
loss of case in particular it’s a travesty that we already haven’t done
that Steve or this is a really really deep problem
we have a community the fact that this murder has gone on solved for so long
and all these different things are coming out in the news is just it’s
horrendous and it’s affecting all of us I mean I just can’t even imagine miss
Lawson and her family are even dealing with these things and he wasn’t the only
black man he killed in this community there was another one years ago that
still remains unsolved and there was the killing on the plaza
and maybe the individual should have bramish to come and still deserve to be
killed was there other ways to deal with that situation absolutely so these are
serious problems and the fact that they have going on unsolved for so long is
outrageous it affects all of us we’re all dealing
with this in our community as a teacher at Humboldt State I can tell you that
after the mers I had a massive increase in student stress and anxiety and
students dropping out because of the unsolved murder now a lot of people
think we’re having declining enrollment at Humboldt because of the weather
because in lack of housing those are both true things but the bottom line is
this community has not been prepared and it’s not done a good job of welcoming
people in our community from diverse culture races and other beliefs and we
can do better we need to do better it’s affecting all of us and we need to
figure out how to set up these things and move forward I hope the city of
Arcadia in the county put every resource they can towards trying to help get
these kinds of crimes solved it is not okay with me or anybody that I know in
this high time we do something about that Virginia thank you um yeah you know this
seems like things are wrong just right well let’s say first there’s a lot of
unsolved murders in Humboldt County there’s a lot of people that go missing
they go work in the marijuana trade and we don’t hear about those because
they’re kind of like ones that don’t really usually listen a lot of personal
emotion what happened you know in this case it’s really hard to understand
going and hearing the mother to remember his mother to speak was so hard I can’t
even imagine going through that as a mother but and having her strength to
actually speak out and keep speaking out and letting people know that this is a
problem and when I look at the issue I’m wondering you know this was it’s
interesting when you talk about city government and County government this
happened in the city here we go you know Chapman has I think retired if
I recall I’m wondering one protocol crowd control sounds like nobody was
able to really get a good an idea of what happened I think certain
assumptions were made did they follow procedures by the time they actually
figured out what was going on a lot of people had left Evans and evidence was
messed with you know not intentionally or maybe and it just was wrong from the
beginning everything was going wrong but mourning happened what happens after
that we used to have in fact nezzie was on it we had a committee that we had
formed that would have been like an oversight local one to have these
conversations and of course when things are going well no one seems to be too
interested and you know unfortunately we went away Human Rights Commission had a
great day a great place to come as well but how do we raise this to the next
level you know there are cases where FBI will get involved there are cases and
and what is that process right and you know I don’t know for sure but that’s
something we need to you know check out and definitely follow and I think we
need help and I think that we can do to look at
other counties and other communities to see what they do because we’re not the
first one we we’d like to think we’re first in some things
well actually guess we are but we’re not the first community that has gone
through a tragedy like this and where it’s gone unsolved so I think part of it
is it’s been a little late and coming but now now we have the opportunity to
fix something that we know is wrong in the system well we have reached the
finish line I would like to give a big thank you to the candidates for coming
out here and during two and a half hours almost of questions and doing your
homework ahead of time so you give us good answers like they are volunteers
from the hard work in putting this together thank you to those of you in
attendance tonight and at Hawley for allowing us to present this to wit with
you one last reminder the last day to register to vote is May 21st if you do
it that late you’ll have to bring an ID with you when you go vote and Election
Day is June 5th please vote thank you and good night

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