1. I tried to making same job 4nos facing p
    roblems , one is coming correct , other cavitiies not getting fill. Kindly advice 9957233165 is my no.

  2. Hi sir I want to make pvc 1" deep round conduct junction box witch kind of tons machieans and multi cavity's , cycle time is 20 secends.send me the how much toones machieans use.my mail I'd. [email protected]

  3. मुझे आपका वीडियो बहुत ही अच्छा लगा और मैं चाहता हूं कि आप मुझे भी उस जगह का पता मुझे भिजवाने की कृपा करें चौकी में थोक के भाव में इंजेक्शन ले सकूं

  4. I'm interested to buy this machine.
    please send quotation.
    with full details like capacity,strength, weight etc..
    my no – 7780304409

  5. Heh, it was kinda funny to see the operator's confusion/embarrassment as the (obviously malformed) part fell behind the machine 😀 Either way, whoever has designed the mold has done a crappy job (it's not supposed to "produce" so many rejects). Hopefully it was a mold for demonstration purposes only…..

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