Hypertension Medication

if you have high blood pressure your pressure gets too high you're really going to need medication almost everybody needs medication and typically what happens is the doctor will give you usually one medicine sometimes small amount of a medicine to start you out but we often know that most people who have high blood pressure will need two medicines I think a lot of people get concerned because they don't feel bad when they have high blood pressure there's often no symptoms it's the silent killer and sometimes when we give you medicines it can increase your risk to have a side effect but I want you to know there's hundreds of different blood pressure medicines we can help choose a different medicine if you do have a side effects from one of them so it's always important to talk to your doctor talk to your pharmacist talk to your healthcare provider so we can find out the right medicine for you it's important to take your medicines try to take them at the same time every day and I think again working usually start on a low low dose of a medicine and kind of work your way up and usually people will need at least two different medicines to get their blood pressure on their control

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