Hypnosis for Calming Anxiety & Living With Ease (Sleep Meditation Healing)


  1. Can you make a Sleep Meditation to LET GO A SPECIFIC PERSON???
    Please…. I cant be hold any longer… I need and deserve freedom, happines, well being.. Please help…

  2. I recommend your channel all of the time to my friends, family and even my doctor’s offices! If it wasn’t for your videos I’d be a walking zombie. My insomnia was out of control and once I found your videos they relax me & help with my overthinking & anxiety. Thank you!

  3. Dealing with health issues…started panicking this afternoon about it…then remembered that i saw this notification about a new video session..dropped everything to lay down and listen…..'woke up' after the first 40 minutes feeling so much better…so glad i did since i wasnt helping anything by freaking out about stuff….thank G-d and thanks Michael!

  4. Many thanks for your thought , kindness and generosity in making and making available to all, these recordings. I have found them a great help.

  5. Thank you for making these awesome videos! Its the only thing that helps calm my anxiety. I don't know what I would do without them.

  6. Hi Michael I really enjoy your videos..they have gotten me through very tuff times. Really appreciate your hard work. If you could make a video on 8hour affirmations for self improvement and attracting the best that would be amazing. 💕thanks

  7. I really like this meditation, but the background music is a little loud and distracting. I would really like a version with soft rain. Still gave it a like though 😌

  8. Gratitude and Blessings 🙏
    Your meditations are very helpful and useful. You're a blessing for us.

  9. Hi Michael thank you for all the beautiful videos that you are sharing here 😊 just wanted to ask if you could record short video with the affirmations from the book "The Artist Way". They are already on YouTube but the way you're doing this and your voice are simply wonderful and sheer pleasure to listen 😊😊 thank you!

  10. Oh my goodness, this recording is perfect!!! Current favorite, love the bg music/noise. Ty Michael, I can’t sleep without you. I’m so lucky to have found your videos ♥️

  11. Another one that I haven’t heard all the way through, I fall asleep within the first five minutes every time!

  12. Wow this actually worked, usually I would get bored and turn a relaxation video off, but this was an absolute masterpiece. I was lying in bed with my everyday clothes on, sitting up on the bed and wearing my headphones, yet this video put me to sleep 10-20 minutes into the video. It was 9:30 PM when I started the video and I planned to stop at 10:00 PM but when I opened my eyes it was 1:30 AM and I still had my clothes and headphones on, but the video was finished and my iPad screen was still on. I had a very good nights sleep, as on a Friday I usually go to bed after midnight. Thank you so much for uploading this.

  13. TY my friend on the other side. This session was so hip. Loved every second. Something different and was so in tune. I slept so well after a hard day. Love and Peace always, Kat

  14. Thanks Michael. The added introductory assurance's and deepening's work well for me as an improved experience here, in terms of anxiety – it may be extra effective for others also.

  15. FYI my comment is only to provide positive feedback. I love your sessions and have listened to the majority but honestly I'm struggling with this. I tend to return to your segment on Sleep and Anxiety most evenings which is truly fantastic. You have given me clarity in terms of what you provide I just don't get a sense of full relaxation and calmness when you use this particular background music. It's only a comment to which you see plenty but nevertheless. Would love and appreciate something similar to Sleep & Anxiety. Thank you for introducing me to the world of meditation Michael.

  16. Wow. This was my first guided video by you, Michael Sealey. It will be on my top 10 list for bedtime meditations. I believe my husband will greatly benefit from it, too. Thank you! I will be listening to many more of your meditations. ❤️💤

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