Hypnosis for Social Anxiety: Hypnotherapy for Self Confidence (1 Hour) (FREE MP3 Download)

do not listen to this recording whilst driving or whilst operating machinery only listen when you can safely relax and bring you full awareness to your own complete comfort please be aware that some of this material may cause strong reactions in some people if you have any doubts or concerns before using this material please consult your doctor or healthcare professional now you can just close your eyes down just as soon as you wish and as you sit there or I there relaxing and you bring your attention to your own breathing you can begin to count the number of breaths that it may take you to feel truly relaxed and as you do you can allow that more conscious mind part of you to know that you can be pleasantly surprised with just how easy it is to take yourself now into that comfortable state of hypnosis whereby you can narrow your awareness now even more to all of the sensations of your own breathing as then air flows in through your nose and then out through your mouth and as you deliberately make the choice to slow down you can just listen to my voice as I'm going to describe for you just some of the pleasant effects of this calm and relaxing state which often goes by many different names and perhaps you've successfully followed a guided meditation prior to right now as you remember for yourself at peaceful and comfortable state of releasing tension more and more that can come back effortlessly to your deepening mind or perhaps you're one of those visually oriented people who can enjoy bringing up beautiful and detailed images which hypnosis can allow up there before your mind's eye just like a master painter or an artistic sculptor who chooses to draw and to chisel forms into those pleasing shapes and making colors and shades always in pleasing calming ways because hypnosis is a lot like that flow state which people enter into as they're reading from a good book and imagining all of those stories or that state of absolute involvement just like those artists or musicians or even mechanics or surgeons who are so absorbed into their own work that time itself seems to slow down or perhaps you enjoy listening to soft soothing and relaxing tones oh music as you practice and learn to really drift away in your dreams and as you recall just how effortless it was for you in your younger years to really just let go just like a child becoming more and more absorbed in whatever fantasies or fairy tales that you can imagine now whenever it was your time to listen to those fascinating stories you can remember how they might lo all of your karma sensations and continue to relax all of your nerves and begin to erase all of those conscious thoughts that might distract you from your choices here because I'm assuming as you are counting your own breath that you are arriving at your own state of deep relaxation as you listen to the sound of my voice and you are listening for a very specific reason I can say to you now and if there is a purpose or an agenda for you to learn or reveal here as you go about uncovering your own powerful relaxing abilities you may have forgotten exactly how many breaths you are up to as you decide to go deeper and deeper down now and that's perfectly fine because after all we are not really here to count how many breaths it takes to deeply relax are we because this kind of developing trends when accompanied by this kind of positive relaxing hypnotherapy is much more powerful to you than some of those fun tricks or some of those curious gimmicks of that entertaining stage hypnosis that you and I can imagine now because if you'd really like it of course I can say to you that you will relax and go into a deep trance now just as you can imagine the slow back-and-forth arc of that hypnotist pocket watch out there close by and in front of your curtain covered eyes and we all know the path kind of trends can seem like a happy form of magic or special wonderment and to be placed underneath someone else's power or control can seem just a little bit outlandish to most of us because the hidden secrets to those acts which can be just a little surprising and perhaps interesting to uncover is that mind control of that nature from those external sources is nothing but a carefully created illusion just like a magician who may misdirect our attentions from where we are truly in need to go because even up there on those colorful stages whether shining lights of performance and showmanship can disorient the eye in the way sleight of hand can add to developing confusion the truth can be deepened so much further down so as to make an attentively listening audience start to gently forget that all hypnosis comes from within just as all choices to relax and go deeper just as you are going deeper now are always within our conscious control and as you go deeper and deeper and even deeper down into this calm trance now who in an audience would truly volunteer to stand up on a stage and become part of an act or to be frozen to a chair or to make those funny sounds and to really let loose with their personal inhibitions if not for some small or larger part perhaps within them that absolutely wanted to be released and set free to always go deeper under the simple suggestions of that confident other and that's a question I think you can safely ask yourself now and take with you all of the car security of conscious learning that can at all times allow you to just watch yourself relaxing now in all of those positive ways as you know that you can learn so many interesting facets about your own mind as every random thought and sensation within you now can allow you to relax and go deeper and deeper allowing your automatic mind to just coast and glide along just as if a powerful gust of sweet-smelling spring wind has arrived to wash over your features as it blows through your hair or over your head and you let yourself feel the gentle caress of that natural energy which relaxes all of your facial muscles one by one at a time and I wonder how good it is for you to feel those small muscles across your forehead relax and release as all of that tension dissolves down along your relaxing cheeks and down through your jaw and all of that relaxation takes place in a way that continues to calm you as your eyes remain closed and yet your eye muscles themselves just relax and soften out now to bring you deeper and deeper sensations of wonderful tranquility just like a days been out walking underneath those springtime branches as the red and gold flowers of the season bring to your nose such peaceful notes so why don't you just go ahead now and send that continuing relaxation down further and further along all of those resting limbs down along your shoulders and arms and down through your chest and stomach as you take in a nice deep a breath now a slow longer breath and each and every time you exhale and bring your attention to just remembering to breathe you can just as easily let go of that focus and trust in yourself that your own body remembers for you at all times to take you deeper and deeper down through your long leg muscles and all the way out through your ankles and all along the soles of your feet relaxing and releasing and feelings are wonderfully good to take this time to imagine dipping those toes into a cool gentle stream and to become more and more absorbed in just how easy it is for you to keep on learning always more and more about yourself by casting your internal observation out across the wider deeper calming seas of your thoughts just like a long telescope looking out to the blue-green waves of a deeply purple ocean where the ripples of your mind come and go and the wind field sails of your internal journey allow you to glide like a vessel to anywhere at all it is that you choose because you are the captain on board here within your unconscious sailing daydreams which bring to you at all times whose wonderful gentle vibrations within your eardrums such a sense of peaceful reassuring comfort and with each and every word that I am saying to you you can relax more and more because finally this is your time to absorb and reveal all of that hidden truth that exists just up there off to the left side or just away to the right side or underneath that stage magicians box of tricks just as you can imagine your own hands pulling back that thick curtain that curtain that covers everything that has been hidden and I wonder if that box of tricks and truth that you find can pleasantly surprise you in some small way when you realize that the tricks of your conscious mind a lie the truth of your sub conscious self and when I count backwards in a moment from three down to one my voice can send you there right now to your deepest relaxing state of your truest identity to the very control room backstage with real steering power of your deepest engines casts its influence and sets the real course over your waking behavior because you are learning now to tap into this course setting ability that exists within yourself just like that old-time sailor under those beautiful stars looks up to the heavens to set everything right and so three two one go there now ten times deeper down and down and down into your unconscious basement just as if you are sliding down a fire pole down into a secret cave of enlightenment where all of your memories and experiences can so easily take shape around you like the crystals and glows tones of a beautiful natural cavern filled with sparkling gems because in this place within space you are always so comfortable and calm you are always feeling so much at peace just perfectly safe here and I want you to imagine for yourself now a ball of a shining orange light sitting down at your feet a ball of radiant warm light that shines out with all of those orange rays of healthy soothing energy and it can be just like a miniature star there of glistening fantastic power as that ball of light at your feet has the power to double your relaxation and as you drift deeper down that ball of light begins to move up along your feet and up over your calf muscles and always it brings with it its own shining warmth penetrating into the deepest fibers of your muscles and nerves and as it moves all by itself that ball of starlight can change colors or it can stay the same as all of that orange light takes into it being all of your previous worries and concerned and you can feel as you relax all of your old tensions and anxieties just being sucked up into that star as it leaves your lower legs and now your upper legs perfectly cleared of all that negativity or stress and all the time you are going even deeper down into soothing relaxation as healthy energy fills up your entire being and the Starlight ball moves across your diaphragm now and you find yourself breathing more easily and you breathe down deeper and deeper now as that starry to your universal energy fills into the center of your body the strongest sensations of pure confident that you have ever felt now come to you as the ball of light brings its radiance up across your chest and it flows its energy of health and serenity into your heart and you find yourself breathing in a more and more relaxed way and you find all of your body's energy centers are being filled up with that loving warmth of that soft orange starlight and the ball of white crosses your throat center now as it continues to clear and balance out your deepest sensations and maybe you can hear that slight humming sound which is so pleasant to your ears as the ball of light reaches the center of your forward and you feel their energizing warm light opening and expanding opening and expanding your deepest unconscious mind which is allowing your conscious mind to also connect connecting in new and powerful ways to all of your subconscious habits and emotions and beliefs about yourself because your dream state eyes are opening to that healing energy as you anchor yourself to this state of absolute safety and balance and you can bring all of that inner protection with you now because I am going to invite your deeper unconscious mind to begin to process information within you that will be so useful and interesting to you in each and every way and always this information will be helping you in your own discovery and revelation of your personal issues because that healthy starlight has given you this new vision and this new capability to look upon any of your old problems that you may have had problems to do with socializing or to do with interacting with people and all of those associated feelings and patterns that may have existed within you that are linked to those issues because now is the time for you to finally uncover your own means and capabilities towards moving beyond and resolving those sensations that you are choosing to change for the better and so for that to happen we can use a process of free association to bring you a greater clarity and even greater insight into your current behaviors and feelings of anxiety and I want you to take yourself now to a new and different place within you just take yourself to a special place within the deeper parts of your own mind where you can feel comfortable and safe to allow new thoughts and new images and new feelings to safely be made manifest before your mind's eye and just like the page of a private journal or personal diary or perhaps like a screening room such as a cinema screen or a stage or perhaps you can find yourself floating out across those dreamlike seas where by anything you like can be presented up there up in the clear blue skies of the atmosphere it's really entirely your choice to let your mind go wherever it chooses to go now and by just allowing images and sights and sounds and feelings from your own past to take shape and form before you now maybe you can see other people or places or buildings or faces or sounds of other voices begin to come back to you here I want you to remember that feeling of anxiety within you that feeling that you may get when you find yourself around other people in those certain circumstances and just allow that small feeling of anxiety or tension or worry or whatever it is that you in particular feel whenever you find yourself becoming anxious or nervous about how you are acting or how you're feeling socially or perhaps what it is that you are saying is the concern I can't really know what it is for you exactly but you can trust that the deepest parts of yourself to know as you allow all of those sensations to come back to you now and for this process I want you to start with whatever it is that you first notice about how you feel and just notice wherever it is within your body that feeling first takes a hold and really allow yourself to engage in this work now as you pay special attention to how that feeling is developing within you and put yourself in a social situation where you can see yourself there and you can hear your own voice or the voice of uppers around you and you can feel that shyness or anxiety coming on so see what you see and hear what you hear and feel what you feel and in a moment I'm going to count down from three to one and when I say one you can let your deeper mind take you back to your own younger years back to the past we're special and important things happen for you or perhaps even back to things or events which you really didn't pay much attention to originally and wherever it is that your subconscious mind takes you back to you will find yourself there as you find yourself at the very first moment of your social shyness or anxiety 3 2 1 go there now just let whatever image or sound it comes to you now just come to you and no matter how it first appears just let the very first thing that comes to your mind come into your mind now and now you can ask yourself as you witness this scene are you at the very first time you felt your social anxiety and if not in each and every time that you listen to this recording you can find yourself going back to the actual first time you felt that feeling or you can find yourself going back to significant times that you felt this feeling as each time that you do you can gain even more understanding into your own social shyness or anxiety but for now just accept wherever it is that your mind has brought you to and you can look down and ask yourself how do your feet look are you wearing shoes or are you bare feet in this place and time and just allow yourself to witness and observe now whatever it is that you are wearing and once you have understood that you can cast your eyes up to look about you and are you standing inside or are you outside now you alone or are you with others and if there are people there about you what is it that they are doing what is it that you are doing and are those people talking to you or are you talking to them or perhaps there's an exchange and what is happening about you now as you first felt your own social shyness or anxiety and just take this time now to step back and observe this scene and if you like you can imagine just floating away further from your own body to a more distant view as you look upon and learn without any judgment or without any particular bias just allowing your deeper mind to witness and process the very first moment that your younger self first felt those sensations of shyness or nervousness or anxiety and once you have done that you can bring your current older adult self into this scene and I'd like you as your current adult self to drift on over to your younger self there the one who is feeling all of that social awkwardness and self-awareness or whatever it is that they are truly feeling before you and just take this time to simply listen to whatever it is that your younger self has to say to you and just listen and receive whatever message it is that your younger self has for you now and once you have truly listened to your anxious and shy version of yourself I want you to take all of that brightness from that ball of healthy starlight that you have absorbed into your wiser adult self and I want you to share that healing energy with your younger self here and if you like you can just wrap your own arms around your younger self and tell your younger self that everything is going to be okay because you are so much stronger now than you have ever been and you are so much wiser now because you are taking this time to look within and finally come to terms with your own deepest behaviors and you can just comfort and reassure yourself that you are never truly alone because you can take the time to come back and visit your younger self at any time that you choose and just by allowing yourself to relax into a deeper state of comfort and taking this special time now to share any other important messages that you may have for your younger self here tell your aunt yourself exactly what it is that you wish for them to know now and once you are satisfied with the messages that you have both given and received you can step back towards your younger self now and as your two selves once again become whole as both your younger and older current parts of you integrate and join you find yourself floating forwards as you are moving up through time towards the present-day and just like the pages of their book being turned over and over all of those moments of your own years can pass before you once again as you know that in the future you can return to drop down into any of those moments that you choose to bring your own special healing energy and awareness and observation to any moment or memory that you choose and all the time you are feeling more and more relaxed and more at ease within yourself because you are feeling karma than you have ever felt before and as you bring yourself back up to your own present dream space you find yourself looking forward into your own future now and as you continue onwards by taking yourself forwards now even beyond the present day you take yourself into new situations which you can easily float down into and you find yourself leaving all of your social shyness and nerves and anxiety behind you there once and for all as you drift and glide into any social situation that you can choose to imagine now you can really see yourself there safe and secure because the more you relax the easier and easier it becomes for all of your own true deep behavior to take shape deeper within you just like putting the final touches on that picture or that statue as you add that special color with that brush or you chip away those remaining parts in order to uncover your masterpiece and simply by the power of your own positive unconscious mind you know that from this moment onwards if you truly want it you can have it from this moment onwards all of your thoughts and deeper emotions are aligning more and more toward your own positive benefit because you are anchoring yourself now to your own confidence which at all times shines out from within that radiant star light within you and you feel growing within you the realization that you have the unite ability to handle any situation that you may meet or encounter because you make your own decisions wisely and because you take the time to consider the consequences of those decisions and at all times you allow yourself the space to breathe deeply and calmly and even as you are socializing you find that you only have to take in a single deep breath and you feel a powerful sense of comfort and serenity and way you once used to feel nervousness and anxiety you now feel calmness and relaxation and where you want used to feel shyness or self-consciousness you now only feel the true relaxation of your own deeper worth because simply by existing all of us have a deeper self worth that is self evident at all times our self worth cannot be defined by common states of simple nervousness all those butterflies in your stomach because you have already moved so far beyond your previous limits now because you are learning to acquire self esteem and self confidence day by day and moment by moment you are letting your true inner confidence continue to grow because at all times you are confident in your ability to contribute towards any group of people that you find yourself amongst or within and it really doesn't matter if those people are younger than you or older than you or the same age as you and it really doesn't matter if those people are men or women because you feel relaxed and it is as you interact with all types of people about you because you are confident and secure in your own voice and in your own appearance and you find yourself speaking in a calm and confident manner in each and every social engagement because you are truly enjoying yourself simply by being amongst people and you find that you have the ability to mix with groups easily and naturally and just as easily as you can talk and interact freely with another person one-on-one you find that you are interested in listening to what other people have to say and always you are genuinely curious and involved in other people's personalities few points or thoughts because you are calm and it is with your own thoughts and beliefs and opinions and you find yourself giving space to both yourself and others allowing others to hold their own opinions and beliefs even if those are different to your own because at all times you are establishing a strength of belief in your own self and your own self-worth and just by learning day by day to develop your own sense of self control your own self respect is enhanced moment by moment along with all of your deeper levels of self love and all of your deepest levels of self acceptance and you find the day by day you are often remembering to repeat the thought in your own mind I am learning to love and accept myself I am learning to love and accept myself because you find that the more that you do the more you accept yourself and the more than others accept who you are because you have a warm and friendly personality that carries naturally out from you to those around you and because you are open and honest with yourself and with others every day you are becoming much more emotionally Kharma much more settled and comfortable within yourself and every day your nerves are becoming stronger and steadier as you find yourself feeling more and more composed and always you are feeling more and more tranquil as every day you find that you are becoming so deeply interested in whatever it is that you are doing as you do it even when other people are around that your attention is drawn away from yourself and direct it out toward those who are around you and always in positive and enjoyable ways you find yourself becoming involved in new activities or new hobbies or new behaviors that you have always wanted to try and as you step out again and find yourself floating and drifting into even better scenes of possibilities and opportunity you can really picture for yourself a social activity or a social event that you can sincerely look forward to attending and you can see around you and about you now many of your friends or acquaintances or your school or work colleagues and really picture an imagined for yourself mixing freely and easily with those people about you as at all times you are feeling exceptionally calm and quietly confident in each and every way and you can picture for yourself please look on those other faces as they interact with you as they smile and engage with this real version of you and just watch now as those people smile towards you and you notice how friendly and happy they are just to be in your company because you know that you don't have to do or to say anything in particular to earn the enjoyment and acceptance of another company because you give that acceptance to yourself now and just by relaxing into your true self you relax those people about you and you allow yourself to enjoy the feelings of friendship and free expression with everyone that you meet so much so that confidence and fun and calmness comes automatically to you now just as easy as breathing and you are feeling so good about your own abilities to enjoy yourself in any situation be it social or professional or personal or otherwise and always you know that you have this tool available to you at all times well you can take the time to visualize and imagine for yourself any upcoming situation that you please so much so that you can live out in your mind's behavior all of your positivity all of your confidence and all of your deepest relaxation and the more that you repeat this powerful process for yourself the more you allow yourself to become the person that you truly choose to be and the more that you listen to these positive suggestions the more confident and at ease you allow yourself to truly feel in each and every situation and so as you take this time to deeply integrate all of the positive work that you have done you can relax deeply as you continue to feel safe and secure in all ways and if these ideas are acceptable to you on all levels of your being and you can just continue to relax and breathe as you are and I would like to remind you that your deeper subconscious mind can continue all of the work that you have done for yourself during this session as your deeper self can continue to reveal to your conscious waking mind even more insight wisdom and awareness to your own understanding in the coming days and weeks ahead and always you will continue to manifest and create for yourself all of the healing positive changes that you have initiated in this session and if you are drifting off towards a restful night's sleep now and you can turn off this recording here and find yourself drifting into a deep and peaceful rejuvenating sleep whereupon you will awaken after your full night's rest into a new day of calm confidence and opportunity however if you have to continue in get up and on with your day or evening then in a moment I will count from one up to five and you can allow yourself to bring your full conscious attention and awareness back to the current space and time emerging once again to feel positive and enthusiastic about the paths that lie ahead of you and so one slowly easily calmly you are now returning to full awareness and to each muscle and nerve in your body is loose limp and relaxed and you feel wonderfully good and three from head to toe you are feeling perfect in each and every way and for your eyes are feeling cool calm clear and relaxed and on the next number I say you'll become fully aware opening your eyes once again to come back to present conscious alertness and waking reality feeling recharged and alive and wonderfully good and now five eyelids wide open fully away taking in a good deep breath as you stretch out your energy eyes body and smile at how easily and successfully you are able to take control of your life thank you for listening and I wish you all of the confident and positivity that may now come into your own life and talk to you soon


  1. 4 years after the upload and I just listned to it… I realized that I've been this way since 10 years ago now I'm 23. I will totally try it out. I'm willing to change. My biggest problem is feeling that I don't belong to a group. I don't know how to get into a group of people that already know this much about themselfs while I don't really know what to talk about w them. I see some people actualy changed after listening to the video. I will definitly try to accept myself and just go in woth the flow without trying to say something on prticular to pleaze people. I normaly tend to even lie about myself just to try fitting into a group of people. But I think that even being myself I will be able to fit in. Let's do it!

  2. Today was my first time listening to this hypnosis, I started crying when i thought of my first moment of social anxiety. However when this audio was over i felt like a whole new person. I feel really good after this. Thank you

  3. This video was amazing!!! But my main problems with social anxiety occur in group situations and just figuring out what to say in general. If someone could please help me out that would be fantastic!

  4. My son is 6 and was acting up at school. One month after playing these videos at night and he is a completely different kid, I'm a believer 100%

  5. Thank you very much for your hypnosis tracks. They are very helpful.

    I have social anxiety and I hardly can express myself due to years of suppression of self expression. I didn't suffer from mutism as a child but now in my thirties I feel I just can't open my mouth in social situations. Even if I do speak almost every idea I try to put in words comes across as non sense or makes me sound hesitant. Could you make a track for improving verbal abilities for people with social anxiety. It could help me and many others like me to cope with the world better

  6. wow listened to this last night with my headphones on and i fell asleep…i had a very vivid dream of me following a group of people that i perceived in my dream to be very wise an enlightened group of people that would meditate ..they were following a leader of the group which looked like to me was a monk they led me to a pond with very clear water and as i looked in the pond there was lots of colorful fish swimming around in the pond…as i glanced again there was a very strange golden orb floating in the water with the fish the monk fished the orb out of the water with his hands and swallowed it,but in my dream i had the feeling that it was me who swallowed the orb…before this dream i had another dream of me drinking and partying i had cocaine in my possession and was trying to sniff it but never got to…years back i had alcohol and cocaine addiction but ive beat that addiction its been 3yrs since ive binged on alcohol or cocaine…..does anyone know what this dream could mean? its weird because ive never had any dreams like this

  7. Hi there
    I am extremely self conscious at work and feel very self critical every-time i speak ..
    Could you please do a session for self awkwardness and self acceptance

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