Hypnosis to Stop Procrastination (Overcome Anxiety, Perfectionism & Stop Procrastinating)

hi there this hypnotherapy session is available for you as an audio only mp3 download just look for the link in this video's description box and feel free to subscribe to my channel or to leave a comment once this session is completed or even in a few days time when you found yourself taking some new and positive action towards the new changes in your own life that you've successfully set for yourself you so now before you begin taking yourself into a more relaxing state of deeper comfort it might be interesting to just put off all notions for a while since we are talking about procrastination specifically here you can just put off for a little while that deeper sense of hypnotic trance work that you might be expecting to achieve across the next several moments and so as you listen to the sound of my voice perhaps it's time now just to tell you about an old friend of mine it was an interesting person as I used to listen to all of the stories that he would tell me and I remember specifically one day he was complaining about those dull witted people you might know the type those kind of double people who would sit themselves down in the gutter somewhere and he would watch them as they argued with everyone around them which is growing so mad at the world and I asked him exactly what drew his attention to those people in particular and my friend said it's because when he looks at them you can always see them shifting around just scratching several itches upon their body and never quite getting comfortable within themselves and he said he thought he could even see into their minds in some strange way exactly seeing how it is that they thought that they knew at all and I said to him no one can really see into another person's mind in that way and make those kind of harsh judgments can they and no one can really tell those kind of people what to do or when to do it or even exactly offer them and how to help themselves and I had another friend who seemed to more or less agree with both of us in some unusual way and this other friend she would say about those people in her own relaxing tone of voice that those people seem to refuse to learn anything that might take them out of those lower places there and she would say to both of us that it's so nice to know that people with intelligence like yourselves can easily learn how to let themselves drift into deeper trance which brings me back to this place in time now as I find myself talking to you and no doubt as you sit there all I they're just finding yourself on your own chair or in your own bed or someone else's chair or bed while you are trying to be aware of exactly what it means that my voice is saying to you on some level or other and perhaps you might find yourself even observing your own thoughts now as you perhaps that even still resisting the idea of just drifting away into a deeper level of calmness and comfort and serenity and peacefulness and I know and probably you know how sometimes in our busy day to day lives how hard it can seem to reach that level of absolute calmness now and is it an interesting to know that when we really do choose to pay attention to everything that happens or those things that don't quite happen in your experience as you listen to me now and continue to observe your own thoughts as they maybe flash up images or bring you other types of sounds or sensations the change over time after time all of those particular sensations that some people can feel in their arms or in their legs or toes or even in their noses or ears and what is it about those particular thoughts or images or relaxing sensations that can take you deeper and deeper down into a calm a place of peaceful comfort now and sometimes going into a truer state of hypnotic trance it's really just a simple procedure a simple piece of your own imagination almost as if you can remember now those relaxing times when you might have read a good book just turning those pages one after the other and all the time finding yourself more and more absorbed into that interior world that that story presents to you now maybe it's just as simple as finding yourself in a beautiful garden surrounded by lush green trees with those white fluffy clouds soaring overhead and feeling that calm gentle breeze as it drifts on by just brushing against the surface of your skin there as that orange sun is shining down upon you and you find yourself absorbing all of the warmth of the solar rays as they fill your body with a deeper sense of comfort and serene peace and my same friends like to tell me that going into a deeper trance is often as easy as imagining yourself stepping down a series of stairs in that garden as you move down I don't know maybe five or ten seven sometimes as little as three stairs all the time feeling yourself and seeing yourself moving deeper and deeper down towards your place of total safety and calmness and still tranquility and three deeper down now two deeper down and one you can look down and even see your own feet descending and continuing to descend those three stairs or thirty stairs all the time feeling yourself dropping and drifting and floating further away into a relaxing state of absolute safe conflict and as you find yourself continuing to drift and dream in this place of safety however that appears now to you you know that your unconscious mind is more receptive to those authentic ideas and those are deeper levels of suggestion because you have chosen at least on some deeper level to make more positive changes for yourself and sometimes it's easier to understand and integrate particular changes just as we understand the depth of meaning behind certain stories or fables or just little tales of interest and I can say to you now that there is a particular story about a young woman who went to meet a wise old monk he used to live far up above in spectacular mountains and that monk had lived his entire life in the pursuit of knowledge and truth and that monk in particular was a renowned man with a mind of deep wisdom and this particular monk had a great skill in the ancient art of calligraphy in the drawing and making of those brushed inscriptions of letters and marks on a page and this young woman had traveled so far and wide to meet this particular monk and after an incredibly long journey through forests and through streams and across bridges and up up the side of that incredible mountain climbing all of those stairs she found herself standing right before the ancient face of that old monk and that old monk asked the young woman what exactly brings you to me now and the young woman said that she has pursued so many directions in life she has found herself studying a number of different disciplines and schools of thought and she's come to an important decision and what decision is that asked the old monk and the young woman said I know now that what I want most of all is to learn to draw a perfect circle and then I understand that you old man ah roller nerd monk and that you know and have the secret knowledge and understanding of so many things and in my travels I have heard that you of all people do know how to draw a perfect circle and I come to you today wondering if you would draw one for me well the whole monk listened silently as he did he closed down his eyes perhaps as if looking for some deeper inspiration and he knew instinctively that this young woman was sincere in her purpose she really was looking for the truth and the answer to a question in how to draw a perfect circle and so the old monk simply answered and said I would be honored to show you young lady and as he did he went to a special crystal cabinet and as he opened the cabinet young woman saw the monk remove an exquisitely carved silver calligraphy pen and with one continuous fluid motion of his old with at hand the monk drew upon an ancient piece of yellowed parchment a perfect circle and the young woman was struck by the sheer beauty of what the old monk had achieved and she said that is indeed a perfect circle but I don't think that I can do it I don't think that I can do that will you please teach me and the monk responded to the young woman and he asked her or how long have you been drawing circles young lady and the young woman had replied for five months I have been practicing my circles and so the old monk then asked her to draw for him one of her so of course and so she made a deliberate effort to get it absolutely right as right as right as chic draw it and so she did draw for the monk a circle and once she had finished her circle she looked down and the monk looked down and both of them together knew immediately that whilst it was a circle it was still an ordinary circle and the old monk said so for five months you've been practicing drawing your circles young lady and you're not quite sure you can draw yet a perfect circle but how long do you think it took me to achieve the drawing of a perfect circle I'm not sure said the young woman fifty years said the old monk for fifty years I have been practicing and for fifty years that has taken me to draw a perfect circle but I can see that in five months you have drawn a very good circle but you're not yet sure it's good enough so young lady if I am to make your long journey worthwhile I say to you now that if you keep chasing perfection you will be living your life in a circle rather than being sure of what you have drawn in your life and as the young woman absorbed that message the room around her became incredibly silent and all that Shon within it was the twinkle in the old monks eyes which is a story which takes me back to my first friend who also told me that you will have an irresistible urge and a driving desire to do now all of those things that you complain about and all of those things that you keep putting off and he said I could tell you while you drift in and out of a comfortable trance that you will get a great satisfaction now out of doing those things that you haven't done because nothing else will seem to be quite as much fun and that may work but the only way you'll know for sure will be if you do your very best to fight that idea to fight that impulse and to not do those things better just for a little while and then my other friend chimed in and she said if you can to not do them very well if you must because I know it will be difficult to not do those things for a little while and then both of my friends said so we are going to give you permission to just go ahead and do some things but just those things that you have to do so remember to just do what you need to do and to try to force yourself to put off everything else so that these deeper hypnotic suggestions have time to build up in greater force while you continue to resist them as much as possible and just do some things whatever things you feel you have to do but make sure that you keep fighting that hypnotic urge to do everything at once as much as you can and just like that young woman returning down from the heights of that mountain and just as I found myself saying goodbye to my old friends you can take the time now to just assimilate and integrate all of the deeper meanings that have been delivered to you now on that unconscious level and as you continue to relax perhaps even drifting back through that safe lush garden and find yourself stepping and climbing those series of stairs once again in your own time you can find yourself coming back to full conscious waking reality feeling wonderfully good in each and every way feeling as if you've had an incredible invigorating refreshing nap and as you come back now coming back to full conscious waking reality you might find yourself stretching and yawning and opening your eyes feeling refreshed and reinvigorated and energized in each and every way as every muscle and nerve in your body just feels a wonderfully group thank you for listening and talk to you soon


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  2. I fell asleep during this video and had a bad dream where I was in a pool at night by myself in the rain when suddenly I see lightning flash, all the lights in the pool went out and I heard a loud explosion that woke me up.

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  5. This was the first time I fell into deep trance with one of your videos. It truly feels like I had slept for 12h, with how reinvigorated and energized my body felt afterwards. Thank you so much!

  6. I don't expect this to actually work, but the result is amazinggg. Thanks mate, your video helps me a lot!

  7. You've hit on a very important part of procrastination. The perfectionism thing. Good on you!

  8. Michael, I left you for a few months thinking I was good after listening to you for quite a few years. I’m back. Lessoned learned. Thank you.

  9. Thank you so much for all of your work. It is helping me get through a dark passage. Can't describe how much these meditations mean to me.

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  11. Sir we have just listen or do some activities plz reply I suffer alot because of my laziness 😥

  12. I love that your hypnosis never makes me feel pressured to be “focusing right” I can wriggle and stretch and my thoughts go everywhere but your voice eventually focuses my attention into a trance. I couldn’t imagine a ‘safe place’ during this. My stairs led to a dark swampy place with little white flowers. Not sure what that symbolises lol

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  14. For me, I find non-traditional affirmations to be effective in getting me motivated to act. It has never failed me so far.

  15. You have the best voice for this! I felt like you were in my mind, haha! My entire body finally relaxed as I was listening. I cried a little when I realized the perfection is a trigger. Woah, nicely done. 🤗👏

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    I’m thrilled to make meditation part of my permanent routine because all of a sudden, my life just keeps getting better!

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