I AM A Black Death (The Plague) Doctor


  1. Been working on this new channel for over 6 months! Please let me know what you think! Hope you'll subscribe and turn on the notifications, since new episodes will be out only once a week! I AM is about fascinating tales told from the perspective of those who lived them. Each episode, you'll jump inside the mind of a new person and get a first person view on incredible events like no other. Got a suggestion on who to do, let me know in the comments! Hope you like it!!!

  2. Yo that ending was something I wasn’t expecting just happy that finally medical knowledge has advanced but the people who died because of the plaque probably didn’t deserve it

  3. and heres a thing, SCP-049 a evil plague doctor that turns you into a zombie

    Edit: A humanoid apearance 1.9 meters tall.
    Waiting for a victim in his very own hall.
    When you meet him he may salute. (hello)
    In his tradtional plague doctor suit

  4. Damn…. I wish u also explained what the actual cause and its related stuff were ….maybe in infographics channel if not here?
    Anyways nice vid!
    ~Just a Random Forgotten Starry

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