I am Done! Nursing School is Not Hard Part 1

good morning you guys I'm Heather back with another video so today's video is a very special one as you can see by the title I am done wasting ur Singh school so I'm so happy that I'm done trying to figure out that looks something on my eye or yes oh yes I'm done with the nursing school as you can tell by the title so in this video basically I am going to be talking about how I feel and I guess like a overview of my experience in nursing school just all about my feelings kind of like a reflection video and I might give a little update here and there yeah so first of all I just want to thank you for watching this video I hope all of you are doing well out there that you know life is treating you well or you are treating life right yeah so I'm gonna jump right into basically how I feel and by the way it's today is Friday it's 9:15 a.m. right now I woke up this morning at 7 o'clock sharp I didn't officially get up until like 8 o'clock but I woke up super early and I couldn't not go back to sleep really like I've been so tired these past few days I thought I was gonna be sleeping too like one like no but I'm pretty sure it will probably catch up with me on tomorrow or something so and I just noticed I have something in my teeth I have no idea what that is but yeah so my feelings so I'm so so so excited to be done it's a big relief a huge relief like it's so crazy but so my pinning ceremony was last night and basically on Monday we had a senior fun day it was from wolves but it was the book originally the expense of the date from nine so for I think it was or nine to five or something like that and then they ended up changing it from eight to five or four something but I ended up getting there at nine because I was going by the old time and not the new time so I guess I didn't read the eat the email I probably reread the email and I thought it was still at not because they switched it so I ended up getting there late so it's kind of like I was like why's everybody coming out of the classroom um right now whatever so it was kind of confusing but I later realized that I actually ended up getting there late or whatever and it was supposed to be it eight o'clock but they probably figured that I looked at the wrong time or something but they really didn't they didn't say anything or anything like that so they were just like why are you you know you need to get here early but they probably figured I got the time mixed up or whatever um but yeah so does that happen on Monday but the day was really good like there was different sections from different instructors that we had had and they had like their own little game or whatever or activity for us to do and I'll see what else so then on Tuesday we had a Kaplan review from 9:00 to plus at nine to three or four or something like that yeah like nine to three or four and then we had to come in the next day at 8:00 so get everything in you know get all the topics in 8:00 to 4:00 I think and then on Thursday which was the day of our pinning we had to come in and eight to twelve so as you can see there wasn't a lot of time to recuperate so I was just so tired like I probably was the most tired I had ever been throughout nursing school and um because I didn't get a lot of sleep on I think it was like Tuesday night it's like I mean after I got done on last Thursday I rested like on Friday and Saturday and Sunday but because I really I still don't think that I completely wound down and on Tuesday I only got four hours of sleep so it's like I was tired I'm like I really did not want to on top of that the Kepler review was super super boring so it was really boring so yeah it was super boring so it was like I'm already tired then this is boring I felt like they had like the questions or how she did it was it was helpful don't get me wrong but it was like a little bit more slower than what we were used to and she kept saying hi like we don't see questions like this in nursing school or some of those questions I'm pretty sure we we did see I feel like they gave us a lot application higher level questions in nursing school but I don't know so see what else okay yeah so penance ceremony was last night originally I was not going to go like I didn't want to go to the pen ceremony I didn't want to go to the graduation which is tomorrow is graduation um reason being I felt like for me I had already graduated like with my previous degree I graduated and basically it's like I didn't want to honestly I didn't feel like going doing it again like I feel like I've already walked like with my previous degree I did the smaller graduation and I did the larger graduation so I just felt like I just felt like I didn't want to do it again I really didn't I don't think and I'm wondering too if maybe it's because I didn't as far as a pinning ceremony because I honestly nobody could convince me to go to the bigger graduation like people kept asking me like why I feel like people may have been like trying to persuade me to go but it was like nothing was gonna convince me like I probably could have had a bit well I should shoot ever like with everybody in my class got it a guy and they and I still wouldn't have went so yeah like that wasn't gonna change like it wasn't anything personal or anything like that but like I wouldn't have win just cuz I didn't want to do it again now with the pinning ceremony I went back and forth with should I go or should I not but honestly by the end of this semester I was just so mentally and emotionally drained that I did not want to go like even last night like I wasn't happy and I do I am I was happy um last night but like I was thinking like I probably could have did without it like it wasn't yeah I probably could have did without it yeah I probably could have but like I didn't have a strong emotional attachment to choose a program or to the yes to the program so it's like I could have done it without it like I've already did this once before I don't want to necessarily go through this again now with the pinning ceremony I do believe if I did have more of an emotional attachment then then I probably would have been more excited about going but I mainly was going for my like family for my husband um for my family um which my only one person from my actual family Kane and that was my brother shout-out to him and my mother-in-law father-in-law and his wife came in my husband so I was still happy for that singing down yeah so that was good um I hate it I keep saying um but yeah so yes the overall I I'm very excited to be done I am tired like I do want a vacation like that's what I'm excited for and let's see where should I start cuz I feel like I just gave a whole update but yeah so my thoughts on nursing school nursing school was very very frustrating for me nursing school was very confusing for me nursing school was very I don't know it was very frustrating is the top word I would use I would say confusing annoying to me nursing school was not hard like what people when they say hard I guess for me I take it a little bit more deeper and analyze it because I told somebody this so they were like well yeah I agree I agree so I guess when people say hard they don't mean that it's actually hard as far as that but for me nursing school was not that hard I don't know if it's because of my background like because I already have the previous degrees which I don't feel like because people always say like well oh you have the previous degrees that really helped you but I feel I don't necessarily feel like it helped me help me I think unconsciously it helped me but nursing school is just a different type of thinking so it's not I don't feel like my degrees help me as far as like the not all classes but I feel like I feel like it's maybe more of a holistic person it made me more of a people person and stuff like that um yeah just made normal people person a more holistic person and gave me like some background like as far as like the words it gave me a deeper knowledge of what is actually going on in the body like on the cellular level when something that's happening so that didn't make it easier for me me having higher scores it definitely made it easier for me in the classroom honestly I didn't it didn't necessarily help me in certain classes but I think it was also because I didn't always put in the time or whatever when it came to when it came to certain courses in classes certainly courses in classes work was a lot easier for me it was a lot easier for me you know because of my background I like my knowledge and experience and things like that you you [Applause]

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