I am Penn State Health – Angel Nieves

[ Music ] >> My name is Angel Nieves and I am Penn State
Health. Security Control Room to Security 24. >> Twenty-four this is control room. >> Go ahead you can head to the main lobby. >> Ten-four. >> I’ve been here 18 years. I was always into security. Growing up I was in to law enforcement. I wanted to become a cop at a young age. I’ll come in at the main lobby. Open the doors. I welcome everyone in. Usually what I do is for the lab. I’ll give them numbers so that there’s no
issues or problems. I unlock the doors at 7:30 for the clinics
on the second floor. I sit in the main lobby and I usually help
out patients wherever they have to go. Good morning sir, how are you doing? Good. I do have kind of a personal connection to
the people because I know them for a very, very long time and one thing I notice is that
as soon as I open the doors I greet them and when they come in I notice that, you know,
any problems that they usually have they come and they speak to me and they ask me how to
solve the problems and what can I do to help them out. And usually I do give them ideas and sometimes
it works for them. Sometimes they listen to me, which is great. Being bilingual helps me great because I could
speak the language and a lot of the patients that come in and customers that come in they
know that I speak the language. [ Speaking Spanish ] And they usually come to me for help and I’m
always willing to help them. You know what’s what thing I’m very proud
of? The new security guards that are hired they
come in and I usually train them. And I, you know, I love that. I love when I know that when I see a security
officer comes in and I know that he’s doing his job and he’s doing it the right way because
then we’re on the same page and that’s all I want to do. I want all of us to be on the same page. My name is Angel Nieves and we are Penn State
Health. [ Music ]

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