I am Penn State Health – Mary Codi

[ Music ] >> My name is Mary Codi and I am Penn State
Health. I think a week at rehab is fair. See how you do. Well I first got interested in medical social
work when I actually interned at Hershey in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. And that’s really when my interest for medical
social work began to grow. I started there in 2011 and I’ve been here
at St. Joe’s since 2014. Most of my, if not all of my job is direct
patient care. Working with the patients and the families
to help execute a discharge plan along with talking to the physicians and communicating
with them on what the discharge plan might be. A lot of the families that come into the hospital
really do not have any idea what their options are for discharge planning, so it’s a lot
of education on my part and educating them about insurance coverage, what the community
can offer, what rehab facilities are available and also kind of reassuring them that some
of the discharge planning that we’re doing because they’re acutely ill is not somewhere
where they would stay forever. Hey Maggie it’s Mary. Had a quick question. Do you know when you’ll be seeing 1035? Now that St. Joe’s is part of the Penn State
Health Network, I think a lot of the Berks County Residence will be able to have easier
access to a lot of the resources where we in the past haven’t had access to. I did write on your discharge instructions
about the stroke support group. What makes me most proud about being part
of the Penn State Health Family is actually being able to positively impact the families
that I work with in such a limited amount of time. Most of the patients I work with are here
maybe two to three days max. So being able to give them some education,
some support and reassurance before they leave the hospital is a really good feeling for
me. My name is Mary Codi and we are Penn State
Health. [ Music ]

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