1. Ironically, I actually got really sick today, haha. That's karma right there. So not sure if there will be a video tomorrow, might not be able to talk.

  2. I feel like the people who actually have a gaming problem actually have a bigger socialization problem instead. I know someone who you could easily classify with this condition. Passed on EVERYTHING in life because of WoW raids. If it was raid time then nothing else mattered. Family get together and it's a raid night? They passed even though the next family get together is 6 months later. Showered once a week, if then. Ate rarely if ever. Literally addicted to the game. However living with him I realized it wasn't the game. It was the friends he had in the game. The addiction was the people in the game were his only social outlet. He had 0 in person social skills. Very awkward, shy, and said silly things because he had an obvious social disorder. Social media pages only featured pictures of his characters, never him. So "gaming disorder" is just another branch of a social interaction disorder.

  3. Gaming disorder?
    I am in pain from my damn bar weight I use for squats and curls. Of course I am gonna relax and play my games. Just like when I rip my damn thigh muscle from running. I stop running until I can walk without limping and whincing.

    Gaming disorder is for a different kind of person. I don't quite know what it looks like though. Those guys who stay up 12 hours playing games?

  4. When it talks about continuing to game even though there is negative consequences, would that also mean the impact it has on IRL? So for example someone should study as they are doing poorly in their exams but they continue to game nevertheless. As if this is one of them, I can sadly tick all the boxes of having a gaming disorder and I'm not happy about it :'(

  5. "Flow" in gaming is a result of a balance between engagement and immersion. Engagement in the sense of feeling like there is a challenge or obstacle that needs to be taken care of and Immersion in the sense of that you are engulfed by the activity. Both factors contribute to flow which when you feel like the obstacle needs to be taken care of you naturally avoid eating or sleeping since it is something you've learned to prioritize. Maybe the problem comes when we learn to prioritize something that doesn't result in a positive outcome in real life. So if you get happy by playing games with friends by winning it might not be a problem. But when you are engaged in an activity that doesn't lead to positivie progress (wow raiding for example) it can become a disorder.

  6. welp im sick and officially not able to live in society because games are amazing and allows me to be not in a so terrible world

  7. I do think i have a bad relationship to gaming, my number one from of escapism and procrastinating.

  8. Its also not considered healthy to work a regular job 6-7 days a week every week doing full days with periodic overtime yet numerous people do that too, so saying that training game talents in a similar way isnt healthy is rather redundant.

  9. There was a point in my life that I was so unhappy with my life that I retreated into WoW. I was so depressed and WoW made me happy. I went from a straight A student, to failing. I still enjoy video games but I realized I had to stop playing WoW. I feel like I’m a little better now, but sometimes I prioritize gaming over other things in my life. So I do think this disorder has truth to it.

  10. Gaming disorder is fairly much an assumption in 90% of the cases, I can most likely be sure that the amount of True addictions will be much lower than the amount of assumptions that are made by researchers.
    That’s mainly my POV

  11. I have no idea why is this in your repertoire of topics for a video… First of all you are not a biomedical expert and from the start of the video you confuse disease and disorder which should never be confused! Second of all the overlapping in gambling and gaming has been noticed and ofc it's not the same but your arguments why gambling is different to gaming make no sense. Third of all I know you just wanted to make a personal perspective on to the interesting topic but it's a rly slippery ground to discuss something you are not an expert on especially with medical topic bcs it can make more harm then good: people do listen to you bcs you are a voice for gaming community but you are not a voice on psychology, sorry. Can't wait for more gaming videos and not gaming disorder videos 🙂

  12. I'm surprised the comment section is so one-sided. There are a ton of people actually suffering from this. I hope people who see this and need help go and get it rather than feeling embarrassed and discouraged. People listen to you.

  13. I think this is a good thing, due to how it could regulate mobile gaming and help people with less self control, however, we must be careful old media and lawmakers dont use this as ammunition against gaming


  14. I can't come to work today boss. But you said that last week as well. Yeah sorry boss I got gaming disorder. Gaming disorder as a diagnosis is dumb. There is addiction from gaming but not gaming itself

  15. I have depression in stuff and gaming for me is just the easyest way to distract myself. I also read a lot but that is at some point is just too exhausting

  16. isn't prioritizing a hobby over sth else usually considered quite normal? this definition really sounds rather weird

  17. video game publishers : OKAY BOYS we need new way to make money since loot boxes will get ban soon

    employee 1 : oh i know the lets release good games

    employee 2 : oh i know lets listen to players feedback

    employee 3 : umm release gaming disease company and they pay for quiting video games ?

    video game publishers : ANGRY FACE

    also video game publishers : GREAT IDEA LETS DO IT!

  18. If people arnt considered sick for being obsessed with sports (glorified games) then this is bs.

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