I Got A Holistic Nasal Treatment To Regain My Sense Of Smell | Macro Beauty | Refinery29


  1. I love holistic medicine and I'm glad that refinery29 is actually featuring it .
    Just sharing : Okay In India we have Ayurvedic centres where they would check your pulse(naadi) and tell what is wrong with your body , including if you have undergone any surgeries , have any rods ,etc , It's very interesting how they don't need x-rays and stuff to actually figure that out .
    Recently I talked to a person whose daughter (I guess 4-5years)had a major problem : her body was not producing blood by itself .So she underwent blood transfusion every 15days . Every major hospital in Mumbai told them there is no cure , fortnightly transfusion is her only option . They atlast decided to seek ayurvedic intervention by a very brilliant practitioner.Within 4-6 months her condition improved, now she needs blood after 2-3 months (instead of every 15th day). It's not gone totally -but yes , there is hope as they are continuing her treatment .
    Often allopathy treats symptoms and not the cause ,this is where holistic approach triumphs . Ofcourse modern medicine has helped us save many lives but if people also considered ayurved and other ancient methods to atleast treat smaller problems , maybe the world will be lesser entangled by allopathic side- effects than it is now

  2. Would Refinery29 be so kind to stop promoting those fake treatments? Call this by what it is: A spa session (which was very relaxing to watch btw), not a nasal treatment.
    If the client has lost her sense of smell to the point where she can't even taste food, she must have some respiratory allergies and needs to discover what it is, otherwise the problem will keep coming back.
    And are you even supposed to put oil in your nose? Can we please talk to a doctor about that?

  3. I'm really confused as to why she went to a glorified spa instead of seeing a doctor. Like, I'm glad it seemed to help her, but it didn't seem to actually address what the root cause might have been so there's a chance it might come back.

  4. This seems and sound really relaxing, but all I can think is how uncomfortable it would be lathered up in so much oil.

  5. ohhh i wanna do this! I have Chronic Sinusitis with a complete blockage in my maxillary. No one want's to do surgery saying it will cause more damage. I wonder if something like this could clear it.

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  7. I wonder if the massage and buffalo horn really does anything, I feel like that's just done for show and to convince the client that it's helpful cause who wouldn't want a massage in the first place?

  8. Thank you for sharing. This looks amazing and effective. My Mom struggles with not being able to smell. She has gone to many doctors, with no relief. I will share this with her. I was relaxed just watching. The massage was everything,

  9. This methods are using traditionally in Sri Lankan homes. When we are ill our mothers did this things and we got better. 😀

  10. lol i get most of these treatments from my indian mother whenever i have a cold or something… some of these can be effective, namely inhaling steam, massage the face when you have lots of sinus congestion, ghee drops in the nose are sometimes helpful for me.. also i read about using an electric toothbrush and moving it over your jaw and cheekbone to help mucus in your sinuses loosen up & sometimes that works. of course with someone having such severe and chronic congestion i think this is maybe some nice symptomatic relief but definitely not sufficient. aryuveda is not really proven medical treatment & i get the appeal (especially when doctors can be dismissive about this stuff) but i hope she can see an ENT and maybe identify a cause & treat it

  11. is it just me or are like, yoga and ayurveda and other india based health practices surprisingly lacking in people of indian descent? i was exposed to all of this from my indian immigrant parents and so it always gives me pause to see other people doing this kind of stuff haha

  12. That's obviously not nail polish remover. Sniffing acetone stimulates the trigeminal nerve that induces watering of the eyes and nose irrespective of whether you can smell or not!
    Nice try guys!

  13. My grandad has lost his sense of smell he's in his 80s something to do with a neruological problem somewhere in his brain it has fustrated him for so many years but he's accepted if in his old age.

  14. I didn't know this was an option for congestion, it looks so relaxing.
    Obviously go to the doctor, but if this spa was included I'd probably go more often lol

  15. I’m anosmic (since birth, no sense of smell) and I can still “feel” alcohol, acetone, mint etc in my nose. I wonder why she can’t

  16. If I lost my sense of smell without any illness or injury I would be freaking out I have a brain tumor… I wouldn't sleep at night until a tumor-free brain MRI.

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