I have a car buying addiction, accidentally buy another – Daily VLOG #34

so today we are going to well we just did tacos and tea that's what I do Patrick and I and Patrick Street drove oh god it's so bright out Oh oh my god that's bright Patrick drove down his s13 yeah it's so hard to sneak up on people when you drive that s13 and it's so loud I heard him from like miles away coming is that thing loud inside no it's wig I mean it's loud yeah but quiet it used to be is your 350z louder or this this that which one sounds better this this sounds better honey a 4-cylinder sounds better than a 6-cylinder I hope I think my thief sounds good yeah but I remember when you put it on like some crazy exhaust that was like straight pipe and have a change it immediately because it was too loud it was the worst thing ever I could only do it like alright so we're heading up to the shop to go look at something I just always like looking at his car and let's go bye I'm gonna go my cars down there it's like a mile down the road but his cars from that comfortable so I'm just gonna I'm just gonna walk to my car I'll see you the shop here comes the ricer Hobbs all these old people walking around like having lunch and like drinks and stuff thinking that poor guy in the Civic like his car is broken Patrick Ewing here right here I got oh I got an old BMW key fancy you know the best part about this key is it goes to a old BMW it can't break because there's no electrics in it I hope oh wait damn it no it has a flashlight in it I got ya I bought an e36 m3 the reason I bought this is I want to say it's because this video thing I'll explain that second but it's basically I'm just addicted to buying cars how many cars have I had since you've known me Patrick probably about 50 and you haven't known you that long man I don't even know me like five or six years seven years eight years probably oh my god I've known you since you were a child yeah okay so I bought this car because I'm addicted to cars but I have a better story that we're just gonna lie and say it's the reason I made a video that went viral last week and the whole video premise was you can own any 90s car you want for almost nothing and to shorten the entire thing down at like 15 seconds the premise says as you buy cars like this you drive them for as long as you want and when you're done with them and you sell them you sell them for the same or maybe a little bit more than you bought them for now they're mowing anyways let's keep going yeah you sell the car your cook basement all your money or most of your money and you get to enjoy a really cool car that used to be one of the coolest cars you could buy the e36 m3 was famous for being one of the coolest cars blah blah blah alright so how do I find them I just happen to see this one online I found it within minutes of the person posting on Facebook marketplace he posted up for five thousand dollars which I thought was a steal I went met him he was super nice I chatted with him for a while we spent the afternoon eating dinner and hanging out and just like can you know each other what cute I know family floor and then we kind of negotiated we didn't really negotiate I told him I wasn't super interested in the car at $5,000 which is what he had I said it was super fair and I thought he could sell it for that but he wanted to get rid of it very quickly and I told him I didn't want to negotiate just give me a fair price that you think I would want and you would want I don't want to feel it like I don't want to lowball you or anything and he offered me in the car at four and I bought the car right there I let him play on the simulator for a while at the house and made it friends so I'm on a car it was four grand now we're gonna chat about like this is kind of like a daily vlog I don't know we're gonna chat about what we're gonna do to it what's wrong with it what my plans are for it real quickly okay first of all I have no real plans for the car I'm just gonna make it another daily I guess but to make it a daily I need to decide what it is I have made a video to about making daily at a race car and this one's just going to get screwed up like all of them and have two parts but the car is too low right now it's really really low it's like on the bump stops yeah so we're going to need to fix that mechanically the car is great the engine is great the transmission is great the a/c blows really cold the interior looks pretty good I don't have any big faults with the car that's why I bought it but there are some things that are gonna add up like $4,000 is the purchase price it's in about 20 month bucks a month to insure for liability only and then the taxes are going to be about 320 bucks or something like that and then so we're probably another forty three hundred forty four hundred bucks an or something to get started and could just go get stock Springs from like Chelsea or somebody who has stacks and stacks and stacks of those things or I'll probably order BC rates and coilovers which will get me closer to the $5,000 mark there's also like $200 coil overs online but I wanted alias I'm gonna buy some pretty nice bc racing coil overs and then come here let's look at the car but these are stock beers they come with yeah they're called m3 meters there we go okay so it's in pretty good condition overall it has some little dings and stuff but you know for a 1998 3.2 liter of manual transmission blah blah blah BMW is pretty good it does have Vader seats to get in there and look at the seats does have Vader seats that are in pretty darn good condition there's somewhere and stuff on them that's not too bad and we could repair this way or if we wanted to its manual transmission the dash is uncracked the a/c works while the coil and Vader's heated because like it looks like Darth Vader's I don't know it's just a BMW thing I'm gonna go with what I said yeah alright what else do mean let's look at under the looki gonna cool race he slaps with it to see what all stickers yeah I think so they comb slaps that's not like I do like these wheels oh yeah we don't know I mean I don't know about this we've stuff I like it yeah and then have someone raced out components here it does have an intake what's this it's a dine in peace so it's a Dyna intake but then they put a Canon sticker it's just hilarious rip they just went through the cooling system and changed out the water pump and all that stuff and put is on it which is funny it has a new radiator I think and bunch of new parts so it's ready to go it runs really well are these like the stock headlights did it come with with a little angel eye things no they didn't come with angel eyes I like that one better than glass that's nice yeah the glass headlights maybe they did I don't think so though but these might be modified or something I have no idea and that's a projector and they never came with projectors and then it has HIDs because it has some wired in here you can see the ballast and stuff oh yeah I don't really know much about HIDs it looks like maybe maybe had an alarm or something I don't know so now what we get to do today I don't know if we should film this Brian might not be too fun Patrick and I are gonna go over the car there's some little things wrong with it and I'm gonna identify all of them like there's some things like there's no rearview mirror on it it's in the backseat because it melted cuz it's Texas and fell off no looking back man yeah no looking back no we just have to find out what's wrong with the car but there we go basically we bought a cheap m3 we'll be able to resell this thing if we want to at a later date I will probably add too many parts to it to kind of make it more expensive I would think after the SLR half kit BC Racing coil overs and a few extra little things I'll be closer to the $6,000 mark in this thing don't they make like really cheap like $30.00 Amazon Anglicans for these things so they're $45 but free shipping with Prime but um they kind of mess with the geometry a little bit and I don't know if I want to mess with that I just go with the $50 one instead no the SLR kit is probably so good is probably gonna be more like 500 bucks but it's going to handle probably better and we're already so cheap into the car like I don't know if I need to save that much money if you know what I mean yeah that's true I don't know so anyways here's a car what do you have to say I like it like it I don't know what I'm gonna do with it though I guess I guess it's time for me to go give my driving review of it we could not it's too low all right let's go look in the shop real quick we need to figure out what we're gonna do it looks like fucking sorry it looks like fast and furious out here or something yeah they're not called Cobras they're just been compared man it's got a cobra on the back same thing it's look at that there's rice rocky look at this car it's made of tape it's literally made of tape that's ingenuity I need to get bad that wrong I did what you have two cars you're not allowed to have two cars here Patrick how do you drive on slicks is nobody has a front bumper on the camera did yeah so I was downtown yesterday and we were looking at that BMW I was buying and I'm sitting next to the car and I'm like three feet away this 350z looks exactly like Patrick's rolls up so I leaned down I'm like hey Patrick and I look inside the car and some dude just like stairs outside of his car just like randomly oh this thing is Rice tacular I guarantee you this is a youtuber scarf yeah Ribbit's like allen bolts neither rivets on just like screw in so I guess that's technically they're not rivets it's like eBay junk man you're ripping on someone's car they're gonna beat you down I can't is that you yeah how much power does it make dang is it reliable like that it's made at 2,000 miles so far yeah no well you mean 2,000 miles since it's broken everyone know since this tune is still stuck so is that a lot for those things yeah he told me it's like likely that I could make it down the street and have it blow up or it would last a while so it's lasted a while the v6 turbo Civic that's always here I'm genuinely surprised because I haven't been in the shop in weeks really yeah the core event that always troubles me because it's so cool-looking and this car didn't make it to round 1 surprisingly enough that sucks Uli's wanted to see it we have an S 13 that sits on a trailer with people I just see what they're missing what am I missing wait why does y'all just stare at the trailer yep why do you all just stare at this trailer how does it does the trailer do anything I'm curious yeah did you try staring at this trailer yet it's answered a couple of my questions have you stare long enough you can see the s13 in the reflection in the dust that's actually impressive that's somebody on it and it looks like it's from this carpet it's not and I still need to drive this thing it just sits around I've been super super busy and I've been trying to edit every night I do like probably 10 hours of YouTube editing a day I sleep barely any and I don't have time for like cars like this at the moment we do need to take 2s 14 out of the trailer and install a light bar I'm sitting on the c32 still we tested it out on the D 32 I'm getting it ready for the noir yaro events from the night drifting at the last event at HPA and Fielding's car had one of those light bars in like you couldn't even see the car behind all you could see was the light so I don't know if the light bar is the best move well I'm gonna have headlights and a light bar so we'll try that car still has made no progress I have made no progress on that one oh yeah we obviously have to get all this stuff ready to time not all of it but our normal cars we have to get ready for the noir ero event May 25th and 26th we have a bunch of cool youtubers such as Adam LZ and Taylor ray and Alexi from noir ero coming down and Mark has been getting the r32 ready for that the skyline which is a replica of nori arrows car so it's a lot of work like Mark probably has more than a hundred hours into prepping that car and I have just been editing video I haven't really been prepping my cars hmm not much to say about that other I'm really excited and I'm really excited because with the noir yarra event coming together you hit critical mass of all these youtubers are coming down all their friends are coming out I have friends like Dion that then get excited and they're flying in from South Africa I have somebody flying in from Australia we have people flying in from all over the world and then we're gonna have a ton of people flying in from all around the United States and we're gonna have new people at the event that have never been to a lone star drift event as well because they're Nouri REO fans so hopefully it makes a nice big crowd for making that event feel really big and exciting and gives everybody like I don't just a reason to go on the same weekend if that makes sense which makes the tandem amazing and then we're expanding the schedule so that we're running all the way till 10:00 or 10:30 p.m. and we're starting really early in the morning I forget what time but like or 8:00 a.m. no 8:30 or 9:00 not sure but we're starting really really early and that's gonna be the Houston Police Academy obviously in Houston Texas on May 25th and 26th so see you there and this is your random thing I wanted to show you know this is off of the Vette and this is a very unique piece of where the place where the rocker states you can see how it's distorted huh like and that's a special that's a from the Corvette motor the rocker arms were worn in the tips like five of them then there's this one is distorted whatever one of these sister there was lots of odd weird because if he's not seen that's how this story if you look down like this like all the other ones are pretty straight that is like track star he's fixing the car for me because the motor is at Arlington Automotive machine but I'm sure it is ready to get back over here and get together now awesome but yeah lots of lots of little items like that like the rocker arms the these these rails lots of little items with weird are you confident that next motor will never fail I would never say that yeah they've never seen that that's not good because then we don't know what's wrong what we're doing right now is just walking around the shop looking at stuff this is track star the back of the shop is where we keep a bunch of our stuff in its throughs workshop but it's really my story it's true seeker corner I'm like contract star and like mostly my story to ignore them they don't whatever you want to say dude what are you doing to it that's nice 3 LS 3 is a brand-new ls3 that you bought from Jim well it's from ACK we fit homey Matt over there yeah I've got forged pistons rods and he had made 550 cranking we actually have to run this on the engine dyno over at Matt shop so you know just in the room and very cool to get the testimony like that before actually tuned it so he's working on a bigger YouTube channels engine instead of mine right now you're gonna finish this round three I'm hoping so I bought everything in March yeah yes yeah I didn't even know they were building this for round three so you really think it's gonna be done and I'm just gonna say yes no it had a carburetor on it on the engine dyno and you know it's just like an MSD box that they just dial in 30 degrees or whatever but we got a video a lot of stuff he got a good video on his easily has a carbureted illustrate yes well it will not be able not incorporated in its final form but so I did it did 542 with the carburetor and you know just kind of a basic Hey so yeah they're just very lightly ported they did some cool stuff on I mean the the heads are not from GM these these are new castings we can actually see if you look close like look at the finish on it there's no sharp edges a normal GM head will cut you if you touch it anywhere there but yeah really really nice piece is brand new nice to have and so they did a little bit of combustion chamber works valve job and and yeah then we have all aftermarket parts nothing nothing crazy not high calm not a big cam just kind of looking to you know make a good amount of power for drifting and keep it reliable and y'all announcing this to the C do not yep yep is our it's like a kind of like a all-in-one or on cluesive kit so they have the trans moves back a little bit so we're doing right here like everything is up this is gonna be is are like this is an adapter piece that's an adapter piece what is this yeah it was when my fuel pump was bad it was one of my field almost bad I tried it and it worked really well but I had about a hundred or so hours so it was it's the retail on that more than you can afford pal it's like similar to PBM but a little bit less I want to say can we push it to lock yeah or is there fluid gonna shoot yeah ah dang that is a lot frizzy that's like wise fab angle they had yeah he has a look a mega Memphis that does the wise fab but I didn't want I didn't want that kid yeah so it's a lower arm this arm and that's it yeah so high right and are they remote okay and then it's a little bolt on piece right here on the bottom of the knuckle feed that remounts it and there's got an offset adjustable ah that's interesting let's see it on this side now this is really cool that's not a crack people that's just a line in the paint just people would be like oh that's cracked oh my god no I was just showing you cuz it's a line that's really cool this is interesting I've never really seen this before yeah the offset spacer yeah but I mean I've never seen it adjustable like that I've seen lots of off-track because he just said he always says do it at the front one so yeah I don't know unless you have some special hitter need I guess maybe I don't know maybe oh cool it'll be a fun car to drive but there's lots of room between the sway bar and this at max angle this might not be max angle as everything sits in the end like when it's on the ground yeah but there's a lot of room there more than I would think and it's definitely not rubbing the front anywhere Wow and it's not rubbing anywhere here and you also don't have to cut this or bend this I never messed with 350z front ends so very cool I really want to see the new GK tech adapter piece bolted on to this is just so cool and with this kit you leave the stock transmission mount where it goes so you don't have to move the transmission foreigner but let's say goes back so like this so this the shift we used to be like here I moved it forward so that the whole thing can come back okay it's just a little adapter piece you do right do you have to cut this or anything over the shaft so much cooler than previous the only thing you have to fabricate is like this little piece in here because then cutting tea on the home they adapter so I will kind of hit little you can actually see where it nicks that huh shave that off and it's good okay the fact that's the only thing we have left to do right now is shave that off and then that made them up and it's going in what is this engine get her up to like seven okay okay I'd be very interesting if you only wrapped it to 6500 running the CDO nine transmission the gearing would be a little wonky because it'd be such short gearing because typically a CDO nine even when an SR revving to eight is super short yeah you know what I mean so like I have I have a strange set on 2jz cars with a CDO nine where like first year is useless yeah and even second gears right short like having the stock shifts out of everything Co comes out of the stock hole and so it's really the motor sits lower and further back than the original motor I think the top place that's the reverse lockout plate you can wall about the holes and move the plate over slightly and then make it a four speed like I haven't seen that in your Athenian I think that's not a forcibly yeah okay believe you looms all right keep working otherwise you can never finish my Corvette cool you know it's nice too with this swap you don't actually even have to bang out the transmission tunnel probably or do you think there's no clearance issue though because it obviously was meant for that transmission ah unless you moved this transmission too much very cool good luck I hope to see it by round three yep that's a lot to bite off and it's also looks like a very like well done kit so you can finish this thing quickly and Ethan obviously has a dino here and can tune it and get everything done so like you don't have to transport the car back and forth chatter I mean we have like a week right now man I've done stuff like this would feel that we've had like no no motor even assembled you know the night before whatever so it's fun was that it was no good and I don't want to do things like that again I told them as long as we have all the parts like two days before the event like it can be done all right this is gonna be a lot longer than I thought Patrick and we didn't even have to do anything ourselves we didn't have to work on a dang car and we created content doesn't that make you feel good that's amazing so simple although I could have made you work on stuff he's gonna have to work on something else so before the event our prep list is we have to obviously pack the trailer yeah sorry about that so before the event for round three our prep list and this doesn't include all the stuff like booking hotel rooms getting schedules booking you know workers booking venues insurance all the stuff I have to do which is taken months and it's huge waiting process and all these things this is just he helps me with the logistics of axes of packing let's go back here they're grinding something we have to get the 300zx ready for the round three boy I'd rather shoot myself I think okay no we still have to pack which involves pulling the s14 out prepping the s14 for whatever it needs which is typically about a day or two of flavor after work for Patrick probably need to change the oil need to change tires on it we need to put a light bar on it wired that in and put a relay and a switch maybe I think we already have a switch for it which is nice on the the panel wash it two coats of wax we need to do all the stuff inside the trailer obviously we need to we don't need the glue the r32 I still need to get all the vinyl made for it we still we tested it I was Dion's coming in and I told him he could drive that and then I was like oh my god we still have to install a standalone in it and tune it which is lucky because it sits next to a dyno and Ethan can tune it from tracks to her but I mean like that means we need to put a patch harness in it and luckily ECU masters is in town so I'm gonna drive over there and see Zach pick up an ECU a patch harness and all that stuff and we're still planning to do it next week but I'm probably not gonna get it done although that'd be a fun guy like any my own stuff done yeah and then for the extra vehicles we have to coordinate extra trucks and trailers to get them places are you cuz I have to use this trailer does it look like I want to use this thing look at it I know the tires would get my car dirty though above your pay grade but and I keep perfect condition of my cars my cars are pristine Patrick okay oh and I still need to get the rock colour done there's a gentleman in town that I keep saying I'm gonna take it – maybe I should load that up right now and we take it tomorrow you know we're not gonna do it though dang it and I've been meaning to fix a seat cushion in my truck because I Drive inexpensive vehicles around my Chuck's locked became a joke to you but the butt is fighting for I think I need to go get you to drop that off because I'm never gonna do it okay so that is what is today Monday that is our Monday and we have no way really yeah it's Wednesday oh my god that means we only have like six days of prep time yeah and I need to go to Houston on Thursday so that I can start prepping for the event Friday I pick up Nuria from the airport and everything and I have to have all the cars ready and stuff and then the events of Saturday Sunday not this weekend but next weekend and I still have a hurt neck so I'm not even sure if I can drive yet but I'm gonna prep everything and take it just in case boy maybe this five minutes later they've stopped the transmission almost done almost done see the problem is I can't actually sit here in the film because that nothing happens hit it with the mana Patrick make me proud make me proud oh you're not heating up a trap yeah cause like I just like suicide the scooter into a car they're like we do the serial number on that let's charging your card yeah all right let's do this I cannot scoop with one hand try again try one well it's the bull weeds you need to do it hard enough to go down again come on yeah hit the water we're learning to drift scooters and everyone's probably about to break their arms but it is very fun good job guys high five for camera after all the scooting and stuff you can't see it but psy has like all of his cars stacked out on the street sighs our cameraman I came to pick up the camera gear from him because he can't make it to Round three and look at this he's had this r32 for more than 10 years like in his garage nobody drives it is this thing worth real money yet is it super super clean look at this even I can fit my entire fist in here he's like it just sits here we don't need any overnight parts we got them you should've sold me this for the nor yaro car my car dude you're the man man trade Chrissy I actually like that car a lot nothing looks dope I have wheels for it this is where's your where's your Subaru scooters knockoff are these real brides what are these wheels I don't see any wheels over here are these nto threes yeah in the back over here man this thing has been locked up forever poor car no-name wheel it's an old one isn't it I haven't seen this in a while yeah you're never gonna touch this car never for you thinking east and slow fast and slow I think Silex a slow part yeah this one's rad why is it in miles per hour if it's Vietnamese it's an American model but like Oh like these people have a lot of them it's really common over there but it's really all right you should have come and hung out with this man we had a really really good time I'm tired you're just lazy now that's it yeah it's really exactly what you like his scooters alright those are amazing these are way better though yeah they have these you can electric now – oh yeah I saw those okay oh my lights are still on alright let's get out of here


  1. "accidentally buy another" sounds like English isn't your first language Aaron. I think you bought another, bud.

  2. Ask for a quick kit to do for angle you should do the E46 lower control arms Condor speed lollipop bushings and then the $50 angle kit I'm telling you it's not bad at all….. You'll actually be quite impressed

  3. You do understand that there's actually a chip still in that key… It's part of the fuel and starter kill

  4. As a guy who has never owned a car that I was "in love with" I really wish I had the income/know-how to do this kind of thing. My 1996 Honda Odyssey and the 2001 Toyota Corolla before that were great A-B cars but…. I want something I love driving haha.

  5. im getting a hotel for saturday night coming from ft worth, i met u a couple weeks ago at torchys it was rad talking to you bro!

  6. @LoneStarDrift when are you guys coming to aus? which events are you going to? I know in another vid u said dca but which one/s ?

  7. don't pbr break? like all the time lol ask tayler ray lol his broke bad and sent him and cleatus into a wall lol

  8. Wish that was completely true, but m3, e36, and any s-chassis price are ridiculous in now a days. I love nissans, always been my favorite manufacturer. Looking for S13/14 I can find some for 3000/4000 but they are completely beat to shit 🤦🏾‍♂️

  9. I will be on vacation in Austin TX from the northwest. Is it worth it for me to head over to the event on the 25th? I fly out 26th so I wont be able to be there that day.

  10. So funny. "I bet that's a youtubers car…" it forsure was a youtubers car. I dont know his name but I have seen him before.

  11. The hell is Evan Shanks doing on Lonestar😂😂 take him over to run 100+ mph entries. It would be your next viral video. Just film at the site of the crash.

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