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what up bitches boy corn Diddy I'm sorry I regret everything that's happening hey guys what's up if you will Jewish muffin Zack if you're like what the try guys have blocks now the answer is maybe some weeks we'll be all those together some weeks maybe me and Keith they'll go do cute things together I had a dream last night I had twins and we grew them in one of those external wombs that there are sciences of venting you and I had twins this week just me I like this I can spin around which is really fun oh I'm getting dizzy today's video is actually something that I've wanted to talk to you guys about for a while and a diagnosis that I just got it turns out I have an autoimmune disease it is something and that's I know that sounds really really scary I guess I should start off by saying I am okay I mean I guess I'm not okay but I'm gonna be okay maybe I should tell you the story so I have been suffering from something as long as I've been making try guys videos no one has known you have not known the try guys did not no not even really my parents doctors didn't believe me as you may or may not know I think I've referenced it in some videos I have chronic back problems I had a lot of things in my bag tightness here and every time I roll my neck I get like some pretty intense cracks I have had really bad back issues basically my entire life I was going to the chiropractor when I was 10 I had to have like an arrogant homage backpack in middle school when I say I have an open body I'm not really exaggerating I hurt I ate I get stiff it kind of started before I went to BuzzFeed a lot of my time would be spent to the computer and I noticed I would just when I sneezed I could feel the pain shoot from my back through the front through my chest cage it was like I basically if my back's hand that's where it hurts me my friend Colin offered to do a yoga video the first time that I did yoga well I have footage I can show you that's the craziest thing about working at BuzzFeed is that like I have these chapters in my life that I can go back and be like let's go watches am I gonna be in pain tomorrow feel like I'm gonna be in pain I feel like I'm just gonna be in constant pain for the next two months the first day that I did it it was like I opened the portals to hell day one of yoga um my back hurts so much like so much it was almost like the exercise was picking open a scab it was it was it was unveiling the pain that was underneath I have a bit of a hypochondria and so whenever something dogger day I'm like cancer its cancer cancer so I told my doctor about this painting he says that's not thing you're good you're good so I started going with IRA Proctor I decided it was time to go to the chiropractor we took an x-ray turns out I have scoliosis that's what I discovered I had scoliosis the first time I can go back to doctors and say aha I was right look I have this slight curve in my back now for anyone who has scoliosis they would be the first people tell you that my scoliosis is minor it's not because you would get surgery for I tried a lot of things to help this I changed my diet I even got this really cool standing chair so it's this really weird looking thing where you're like leaning it's like a leaning stool and it did actually help my lower back pain though in reality my friends just kind of turned it into a toy more than anything yeah so use that chair to this day it's really good no that is not what this is for so problem solved not really the pain built to a point where I couldn't sleep I woke up at like 4:45 in pain this was every night for four months laying down hurt being in my bed hurt I mean living hurt I'm talking about I would wake up in the middle of the night five times and all during this I had him I'm working a full-time job but when you're not sleeping it eats away at you mentally I dreaded when the Sun would set because I knew that my pain was coming back now throughout this process I told my doctor told my chiropractor we had this kind of false diagnosis of the scoliosis but the scoliosis does not explain the pain that I was going through I mean not not even close the amount that I had I mean it's like Boop it's it's nothing I had to start saying no to things in the try guys videos we did a wrestling episode and I said guys I can't do that I'm afraid that if I fall I'm gonna be out I went to the doctor and I kind of did a last a final plea I said I can't stand this anymore I started screaming good thing and I feel bad for the doctor but I was like hey this can't continue I'm losing my mind it's a terrible feeling to feel like you know that something's wrong with you and the professional who decide to help you doesn't believe you I started questioning myself maybe the pains in your head what a terrible thing to doubt your own reality so the story the story after this gets pretty quick I got referred to a Rheumatologist and within minutes the rheumatologist is like oh yeah I think I know what's wrong with you I'm like what what that's what what are you talking about I had to go in for an MRI which was scary because at that point I didn't know what was wrong with me he just referred me to an MRI and I'm like oh god what is this is terrifying if you've never had they take your legs together so you can't move so I'm in the parking lot and I can hear the MRI machine above me this is the sound I was listening to for the past like 20 minutes listen it's really scary I'm staring at what I guess is this as a speaker for the life of me it just looks like a shower head about this big there's got you know little dots going around it and you're staring at it the buzzing starts and it's just repetitive like there's a person walking by me I feel weird I still I'm not used to vlogging I feel like a crazy person doing this no he's riding a bike good for him it turns out I have ankylosing spondylitis it is a real mouthful and super fun to say ankylosing spondylitis affects under 1% of the population as I understand it basically my body attacks the ligaments in between my bones then the body goes ooh I know I can fix that I'll put bone there but bone is not supposed to grow where bone isn't so I have bone growing where there should be bone that causes a lot of inflammation that causes a lot of pain my hips had begun to fuse together like in between the gaps of my hips there's bone growing now getting a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease should be you know one of the worst days of my life right but and I say this honestly I was so relieved I really was I mean I wanted to cry of happiness because getting that diagnosis was the difference between being able to continue my life and not this was about four months ago I am happy to report that since that time I've been on medication and I have felt better than I have felt since like childhood I had no idea so I take a drug called Humera so no matter where I am no matter what I'm doing I have to stop what I'm doing and give myself a little shot you really get poked we hold on to Zach's medicine I have to take this medication twice a month at the same time so it's 8:40 and I gotta take this shot have you guys seen this before Eugene you've seen this right so this is a shot so you put that whole thing up your butt that's crazy yeah so I really I just grabbed the fat of my belly and I Eve I have to do it in different places you do it on your butt I wish I'm not allowed to it's pretty easy taking off alcohol swab you know just disinfect the area that was overkill whoo you know your shirts on it damn it absolutely what's great is that you never actually see the needle oh all right that's nice see this window right here some you know it's gonna pop out of it oh that's it I'm done all right then now you put the rest of it in your butt yeah now actually I did would you mind I got you yeah I'm good at this what would you do if Keith wasn't it hurts but nowhere near the pain that I was living with every single day so let's wrap this up what's what's the takeaway here if you were suffering you deserve help and you deserve people to believe you and you need to go out there and get the care that you deserve and if you're in a place where you have pains that you can't explain or you know something is going on but other people aren't believing you do not take no for an answer because I took no for an answer for way too long and I didn't have to so what's this needle tastes like I wouldn't know where to lick it taste it Oh also this is the most important question we'll ask of the videos try guys fans you are Triceratops horn the homie we all know that but zack fans i might give you corn buddy's corn babies those are some good options if you got another one let me know gasps start to all right Corey buddy take it easy I'll see you later bye


  1. Thank you for putting a voice to ankylosing spondylitis! Life with this is a challenge, and its great to see other people that can relate

  2. Omg I know this video is pretty old-ish, but watching it made me kinda happy. I was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and I hate it. But seeing one of my favorite people also suffering from an autoimmune disease makes me feel less alone 🙂

  3. It took me 3.5 years to get docs to believe me. I have finally been diagnosed with RA and MCTD. After going through many meds I'm now on Humira. It helped for a time but it's starting to not as much. I'm also wondering if I have AS as well. Usually where there's one autoimmune disease there's more. I agree do not give up looking for answers. Sorry you've got it.


    I WAS GIVEN CBD oil/cream/gummys/drops idk. It helps with pain. And pain related to autoimmation diseases!!!!! And many other things Guys please like I want zach to see this. I want to see if this helps

  5. MRIs are scary. I have an autoimmune disease too. Yours sounds similar to mine. I hope you got some relief now in 2019.

  6. Oh god going through all that pain sounds awful. I really admire your strength.

    I think people underestimate how powerful a diagnosis can be. I'm Autistic, and was diagnosed later than I probably should've been. To have a name for this thing you're going through, its incredibly important.

  7. I have mild dextroscoliosis on my thoracic spine and it hurts so bad (even though my doctor said that it’s not a worse case scenario) Hands down to those who can feel a lot of pain in their bodies, but still able to make a difference in this world ✨

  8. This video means a lot to me because my dad has ankylosing spondylitis and was diagnosed when he was 15. He is now 50 and is my role model. No matter how much pain he was in he put my brother and I, first. And even more I have been suffering from chronic back pain for over a year and was also just diagnosed with FAI (hip impingement), which sadly has nothing to do with the rest of the pain. After 6+ months of doctor visits, the doctors are stuck and I'm starting to think they don't believe me..

  9. I've been taking Humira for Ankylosing Spondylitis for over a year now, and I know how you feel.
    There are days where I completely forget about the intense back pains that woke me up every night.
    Congratulations on your treatment, fellow Humirian.

  10. Thanks for u sharing I also have auto-immune disease found out may 2017 I have pure red blood cell aplaysia basically my body is fighting against itself and not producing it's own blood had to get 30 blood transfusions in a period of 6-7months took 7 specialist doctors to figure out what was wrong

  11. Um MRI are really scary I’m in it a lot of my life when I was little and my mom has this growing back gain every time she bends and she gets IV and after IV she deals fine doctors just say go to a cyripracte and after a long time of just healing not doing any thing she feel fine I swear my fan always having something tong whith them

  12. This is such an important message. This goes for all type of pain and illness; physical, mental, emotional. Get help and don't take no for an answer. You deserve to live the best life possible.

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