I Left My Dog In An Elevator

Hey everybody! Welcome to another episode of Dog Vlog… Simba. I’m comedian Drew Lynch, I have a stutter and this is my dog Stella, she has spatial issues except hers are not gaps in her words. Okay, bear with me here. I did something… We all have like little mistakes as parents, so I’m just gonna ask for forgiveness in advance on this. ‘Cause… I may have or may not have, but definitely for sure definitely did do that, I left Stella in an elevator. I know. It was the most horrifying experience that I’ve had, to the point where I felt like my heart sink into my stomach, and then my stomach threw up back into my chest. We were in the parking structure of a hotel and we were going to check in, and when I’m on the road I have a ton of luggage, just everywhere, “look at all of Drew’s baggage” On dates girls are like “What’s your demons?” and I’m just like “…luggage.” We were going down on an elevator and I got out of the elevator with my bags, Stella usually follows right behind me, right in between my two suitcases. Like I’ll hold my…I’ll hold them open and then she knows to be right in the middle. She follows me everywhere, it was part of her training. So if anybody is gonna be like “Well you didn’t have the dog on a leash [babbling noises]” Oh yeah? where should I carry that, my mouth? Your dog should put a muzzle on you. And as I was looking back at the elevator, it closed on her sitting there. Like she made the decision that she hates me. “Nah, bitch, I’m going to the top” I was absolutely mortified. You f*cked up. Now I have this trauma of just being like “How do I- What do I-? [noises]” So I kept pressing the “up” button. The other elevator door kept opening I was like no, I don’t want you. And then it would close, and then I would press it, and it would open up, like, “dude, I’m here! What do you want from me? I’m an elevator.” “You don’t have a dog on you!” Do I press the fire alarm? Do I call 911? “Hey, ah, I lost my dog…” “You didn’t have the dog on a leash [noises]” “Yeah… she took the leash with her.” I know she has a chip in her. I don’t have like an app on my phone like, ‘track your dog’, “oh, oh, there she is, she’s in the cupboard, she loves this game” So I just leave my luggage, so I ran up the stairs to see if she was on the next level, and she wasn’t, so I ran and went up. It’s like a five story parking garage. (Six if you count this little story). I didn’t prepare for this. Finally, I go back down where all the luggage was, the bottom floor. And this lady exits the elevator, and Stella comes out right behind her, and I was like “oh my god, thank god” And the lady goes, “Oh, that was your dog?” I was like “yeah.” She was like, “I thought she worked for the hotel.” Cuz she had her service vest on, so… this lady thought… She was like “I got in the hotel and she wasn’t pressing any of the buttons. I was like, ‘Three, please. Three, please!’ How weird it must have been for this lady to have the doors of an elevator open, and there’s just a dog sitting perfectly there that says ‘Service dog, working dog.’ The Marriott’s really running low in the budget. What do you claim on your W-9, tennis balls? Anyway, so all is right with the world again. I got her back and man, is that just…. [sighs] *quietly* I might try it again. This is why escalators are better than elevators. Because you don’t lose your family. Thats been our show, make sure you subscribe to these vlogs. Check out my tour schedule. Check out past videos, and if you want to send us something to our p.o box, here. And if you would like to interact with me feel free to do so on Snapchat, where you can see crazy characters like this I see you medicine balls y’all crazy Anyway guys, come on wait, wait, no no no! Guys? Because not…. pretty good Oh my godness I get that she’s out there living her dreams but I’m in here not annoying people with mine. Oh… Okay…Good…Alright, she’s done…. uh okay


  1. Go here… https://buy.get-trackr.io/offer-01/?gucb=bi05&guoptin=1&utm_source=1148&utm_medium=trackr&utm_term=10574&utm_content=321&utm_campaign=GU&aff_id=1148&camp_id=10574&sub_id=trackr&req_id=151516497&contract_id=257&oid=376 get one of these put it on her collar then you can always track her on your phone since her chip isn't track-able they can only scan it and see who her owner is but sadly there are many cases of lost dogs being found by others who find out the dog has a chip and don't care and keep the dog or just let it loose again. I only linked that one since there are many other brands because that is the one I bought and use.

  2. Yes, it is true. We all have a moment of , oops. I had no clue that playing hide and seek with my beautiful 9 month old daughter would back fire until we went clothes shopping and I let her down after she kicked and fussed protesting my carrying her. One moment she is running in circles giggling and then total silence and she is gone? Terrified, I had everyone in the store, clerks and customers searching for her. We found her hiding under a round clothes rack in the middle , squatting and smiling patiently waiting to be found. She was only playing hide and seek. I was a wreck, crying and shaking. She was happy everyone was playing with her.

  3. I read one of the "everyone in the comments" thing and i have 1 thing to say…..How.The.Heck…Is she gonna die in the elevator

  4. (Not a quote) If, Stella worked for the hotel, did you expect her to carry you bags, just like, "FIRE HER SHE IS ALWAYS LATE, AND SHE DOESN'T HELP THE COSTUMERS, SHE FORGETS THE BAGS, AND TAKES TOO MANY NAPS!" (Me as her boss)

  5. I think I'd put the blame for this one on Stella. what was she thinking, anyway?
    love the picture of her as an employee, though. she'd be perfect as the elevator dog…

    or maybe she just wanted to drop off a resume. the girl has ambitions. she knew you'd wait.
    good boy.

  6. I have a similar elevator story! My little Boston Terrier jumped into an empty elevator by himself and the doors shut behind him! It was so stressful, but then funny when he finally got out of the elevator surrounded by an adoring group of young women. He had the time of his life. He ended up on the 14th floor and then rode back down to the lobby in an elevator that stopped to pick up multiple people. He was smiling the whole time and loving the attention. In the end, because I got him back safely and quickly, it was a cute story!

  7. Stella is amazingly trained. All of the dogs i have had in the past would have gotten off as soon as the lady opened the elevator .

  8. I know you were kidding, but man do I like the idea of having an app you can use with your dog's microchip if they run off.

  9. You had my heart in my throat for a second – I've heard lots of bad stories with dogs and elevators. Glad the leash wasn't caught in the doors. Escalators are worse tho. Eeek.

  10. I know it must been super scary for you, and maybe Stella or maybe she just wanted to ride the elevator lol! My kids actually did that to me before. Very much panic mode.,but Drew I couldn't stop laughing I was laughing so hard my whole body was shaking! Especially the part of the lady thinking Stella worked for the hotel. Hilarious! 😂

  11. Sorry that happened. Beware, use carriers for luggage and strap them, many a dog has died due to falling and swinging luggage, it is right at their head level so have someone else do it and keep your distance. As dogs get older they also navigate more slowly so allow for that too. I know of 2 people personally who lost their dog to head injuries of items they normally never had an issue with. The same is true with toddlers and small children. You can strap her to your waist or a shoulder strap to keep Stella safe. There also a lot of weirdos out there, plus emergencies happen that Stella can just not always know what to do., please pray on it. It is a good thing Stella did not get off a floor and start looking for you.So happy Stella is fine, keep safe and blessings.

  12. Can you do a video of more of what Stella does ?? Would love to see …I think those dogs are amazing…I presume she knows when you may pass out or have a fit …or help if u do ….I think it's fantastic that you have her .. and training her must of helped your stutter a lot …becoz when on your own you wouldn't sit talking to yourself … or would you 🤔🤣🤣 it's you soooo maybe …. but talking to her must of helped tons …and a best friend you can have ….there's so much trouble regarding service dogs … passing ems dogs off as SD…like showing id for them … which I know you don't need .. have you ever had trouble getting in somewhere ? go round and educate some businesses?? Be good vids???

  13. I have noticed that your dog yawns a fair bit on your vids, especially when you are speaking quite loud. I don't really know Stella and there are several meaning behind yawning for dogs.
    when you are annoying them;especially if they turn their head away from you at the same time
    when they are nervous
    when they are anticipating something they like but feel like they need to control their excitement
    when they are tired

  14. Modern family “ Stellaaaaaaa!!!!!! Stellllllllaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!”
    This is by far the funniest of your videos that I’ve seen.

  15. We all learn by our mistakes and i am sure next time you will let her go first :-). Poor stella lol bet she did not even notice just thought it was a game lol x

  16. You could get a one of those key holders that look like the rock climbing equipment (I can’t spell it 😂) and have Stella’s leash on it clipped to your belt loop, just I case you’re worried of it ever happening again.

  17. I don’t get why suddenly people are more sympathetic towards parents and understanding of kid’s behavior and how literally impossible it is to stop a kid from randomly putting themselves in danger if they want to.

    Can y’all say the boy who fell into the gorilla enclosure after his mother repeatedly told him to stop trying to get around the fencing? The boy’s mom, the mom’s friend, AND the dad were all at that zoo that day. Yet the parents get harassed and threatened for *years*.

    There was one time a boy injured his hand in an automatic revolving door in China, and in his mother’s account, he LITERALLY SHOVED HIS FINGERS INTO THE CLOSING GAP IN THE LAST SECOND…..ON PURPOSE.

    The boy and mother were ridiculed online by Chinese and foreigners alike.

  18. Notice when Drew gets nervous he starts to stutter a lot more. Probably afraid of how people would react

  19. Stella's comment's made me laugh so hard that my dad came upstairs because he thought I was crying.

  20. If she had been wearing a leash with you holding it on the outside I don't think she would have survived as it probably would have got caught in the doors and decapitated her 🤤😭
    Glad she is ok

  21. I left my 3lb dog on the airplane because she quietly snuck out of her carrying case. I only knew what was happening when I hear a bunch of awwwes! as I stepped out on to the terminal floor :/

  22. Just subscribed recently. Just wanted to say that the Lilo and Stitch reference sold me completely. Perfect reference!

  23. I remember once when I was in the apple store in a shopping centre and these parents had bought something and left their kid playing on the iPads because they had genuinely forgotten they brought him with them

  24. I know this is older, but I'm crying laughing at the image of a 45year old lady and Stella on an elevator just going, "Three please." THREE PLEASE."

  25. I know this is an old video Drew….But….I'm pretty sure service dogs don't have to be on a leash if she is off leash trained and you have total control over her. At least that's what I read.

  26. Dead! Too funny on Stella working for the hotel!
    I call my SD my “suppository” cause he’s always up my butt. 😂
    He gets two feet from me & goes into panic.

  27. People Stella is a service dog… And highly trained. Why should she be on a lead?
    Also if Stella is on a lead and she needs to help Drew that's stopping her from her job

  28. There are some leashes that hook to your belt in case you ever get worried it will happen again but have full hands. Glad nothing bad happened!

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