1. Hey beautiful people, my life was very overwhelming for the last 7 days! 😂 I actually followed a few more guidelines than I showed here, including ones for eye health and skincare, but the video felt a little overwhelming with everything in so I included only the major ones (: all my love & hope you enjoy! Xxx

  2. I just realised ur stronger than my dad and he has an 8 pack. He can do like 10-15 pistol squats and get tired but u do it with a weight as well like tf

  3. Woahhh I’m Jordanian but I live in Cali lol and when you said you wanted to go to Jordan I was so surprised aha you’re gonna love the food! hope you a great trip if you end up going 🙂

  4. I’m just back from a week in Jordan, absolutely recommend it as a destination!! Petra is incredible 👌🏻

  5. 12:46 The finger clap…omg I do that same thing … I swear the more I watch ur videos the more I realize we were separated at birth, wait, I’m older than u so maybe not but oh my gosh we are alike…in so many ways other than just the finger clap lolol

  6. Where did you get that map from?! I would really love to buy one for my friends birthday!! 🌍

  7. I LOVEEEE this idea. I'm sorry but I need to try this. I've been struggling with mental health and with kicking off my youtube channel. This seems a good spark for both. I'll link back to you bc this is just such an awesome idea

  8. "Okay Mario," *deepens voice and shows up wearing mask "What's the news" I died at that part! Love you two so much!

  9. I think brushing your teeth after is actually better for your teeth. Doing this cleans off all the gunk that came from past food or bacterias built up during the night. It will also protect your teeth for lunchtime. It cleans your teeth and prevents cavities.

  10. sorry but the lights in the background from 2:55–4:13 are very distracting and hard to watch

  11. She said Jordan and was like "FUCK YEEEEEEEEEEEEEH"
    I'm not from Jordan but my sister lived there for a few years. If you wanna go to the dead sea and Petra I definitely recommend you go in October. It's not too hot and not too cold, perfect temperature. Whatever you do, do not go there in the summer. It's unbearably hot and it'll be hard to enjoy it. Also it's expensive to go to the dead sea so prepare for that.

  12. hi! i just want to know – do you train for performance or looks, and are you training for anything in particular? i’m trying to find a strength workout, idc about looks.

  13. Studies actually say that our protein intake nowadays is way too high and unnatural and have a negative impact on our health

  14. Shame you only stopped in Qatar's airport. It is a nice country in winter though i'm pretty biased. it's pretty hot in the summer though we ourselves tend to travel to escape the heat. Visit us next time!

  15. You didn't scrape off the entire Italian territory. You missed sicily and sardinia 🙂

  16. 2:32 how did you cook your eggs so perfectly?? they look delicious! also i love your chanel 🙂

  17. you really need to come to Jordan. it does have the petra and the dead sea and tons of other amazing places. we also have very good food. and we love tourists. ill be waiting.

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