I Met with a Mentor from SCORE | His Advice | Shop Talk

Hey what is up everybody I know you guys
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the impossible ko you’ll see over there new chat what’s up what’s up uproar we
are are we going to learn about score yeah we’re gonna talk about score a
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here we go so we got your popped out going on figures that way you can see
I’m blind guys my vision for my contacts is negative four point seven five and
then I doctor just casually informed me that I was well I think I was at the dot
the eye doctor I was like yeah my mom’s like actually legally blind it’s kind of
a kind of sucks for you as well so are you okay alright guys I think we’re good
to go I’m gonna start at the beginning and I’m
just gonna shout out oh by the way once we get on camera I have a special
shout-out for summoning Troy what I’ve been working with all week I’d
be impossible and Liz and I could never get this one endless ink printing what
up yo I’m gonna call you Ali because I’m not
gonna try to pronounce the rest of it cuz it’s my son puns up that’s a tech
thing Matthew get back to me about your client please Ryan hi he is a new barn I
grew up in a barn just out there a barn turned into a house it was still the
barn hi Ali again okay alright I apologize guys that Shannon’s computer
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okay so I’m gonna go ahead and switch this over so that way you guys take a
look at our our mugs here so let’s let’s go ahead and do this what’s up everybody sorry about that
apologize well well let things run a little longer not that we don’t ever not
let things run longer than we planned we generally plan to cut things off at 8
o’clock but you know how it goes yeah guys we like to hang out with you guys
and shoot the shit so well just say the words says how does it go Hey Oh
I thought you were gonna come in the camera view over here Shannon why why
not because I I thought it was sitting over over this away oh by the way even
though those I took those streamers down hello earlier yeah cuz I won’t say
actually you can see one hanging behind your your head over there Matt’s mom
came and put up banners and balloons and streamers I was like you know what know
it yes only only because we’re having a conversation where I’m not gonna say too
much let’s just say that I didn’t make you cry you just cried because I’m not
gonna say anything and it’s because I don’t want to make you cry again and it
just was some of the things we had going on around here some issues nothing
nothing he personally related and I think Shannon just kind of felt
like I wasn’t listening to her well I will definitely listening don’t tell me
don’t tell me you’re not gonna talking if it doesn’t matter if you feel like
you’re justified I’m sad thanks man thanks for the birthday wish there so
yeah but there were there were a lot of streamers up but you know you only get
me he just started taking some of them down and then I got more upset but well
anyways it was Matt’s birthday on the fourth and he was born at 4:44 yes it
was Thursday the Thursday night I told Shannon and everybody not to make a big
deal about it because I’m just not just not one that really kind of like my
birthday’s coming up and kind of think to everyone now even though she and of
course my family know when my birthday is they my mom came over and hung a
bunch of streamers from the ceiling there I’m still looking at a happy
birthday banner and she did this Thursday well kids right Apollo’s
barking at one at the ceiling and then there’s one outside it as well in the
shop and so I definitely felt it is a good birthday
it was a good birthday we did what I wanted to do which was just go eat some
dinner and have a couple margaritas and some Mexican food so was a good day so
we’ll be yes were terrible yeah you know I come to think of it doesn’t didn’t
been the papacito’s in a while and when we went kind of like I think that the
reason why the yeah they’re fajitas are great the one of the main reasons I
really like papacito’s was because they they served in the tilapia with the
shrimp and scallops nothing don’t you do that I’m like okay what am I gonna order
now anyhow so thanks Greg Stevenson yes I am
38 years young and Greg says he also says I look comfortable on camera no who
is that that you he graduated college when I started high school to be fair
though I went for my associate so it only took two years school even though
that’s all they offered at the dart Institute at the time I was there
because I wanted to get my my masters excuse me burping and speaking there for
my bachelor’s degree and it happens it happens let’s say I’m at the age now
where you can just kind of burp and talk but your son’s like take it like a table anyhow as a it was good we also hit the
PF change the next day cuz I’m like my mom gave me some birthday money and you
know what I wanted because I there’s nothing that I can really think of that
I want to buy aside from I can think of a million things I’d like to buy for the
shop but I’m not an impulse kind of spender Shannon on the other hand
sparklers guys showed up and she’s guys buying everything out the truck he’s
like you know you want the you want the Arizona iced tea or whatever it is
they’re like nah I don’t want that whatever it is oh yeah but anyways I
kind of a pair of Armani sunglasses and some converse for his birthday so that
plus the jacket on as well whether appropriate he’s gonna be
looking thanks things a tional appreciate that but yeah it was he was
trying to sell me some Arizona iced tea and I was like I tell you what you buy
it and if I like it I’ll give you the money if not you still made a sale he’s
like would you like this I’m like would I
it’s like it’s not really money because I don’t really see it an invoice or
whatever okay tio Ryan says you look about 30 – oh I’m not gonna ask how old
you I guess I would be then she’s 19 tio is asking about tayo tio tio guys see I said I’m blind
I thought you quit drinking – yo yeah tio I thought you said you couldn’t
drink anymore uh you know last couple months we’ve had
yeah so I did I did stop for a while I’ve cut cut way way way way way back
drinking a lot more would drink to me to get a you know basically get I wouldn’t
say drunk because I don’t like getting drunk and then how I feel the next day
but I’ll have a couple beers I just don’t go crazy with it anymore you’re a
grumpy drunk no I’m fine and unless something stupid happens then yeah I’m
just like I’m not gonna mention anything okay so Ryan says so I know you do your
own artwork but being a new printer without those skills so without those
skills I will have to send my art to a service can you do more videos on how to
take any crap crap rester low-res vector it yes I sure can
I’ll I’ll do some more of those type of videos because I I know a lot of you
guys do need some help with artwork that’s really kind of where I came from
initially just doing graphic design in general and
then I moved into the screen printing because I got tired of sitting behind a
desk all day and I still can’t seem to get from behind the desk even today I’m
like I’m gonna be out there printing Shh you know so one of the reasons I was
like yeah we need the automatic so I can like really turn those 3 days worth of
production in two days that count because I mean we’re not always out
there we we should be we should be because we’re starting to slide behind
some of these orders but a lot of it’s just we deal with a lot of people either
on the phone or people that are dropping in to pick up shirts and and that’s one
of the things that I do tend to focus on is just making sure that they’re happy I
can’t just be like oh yeah here’s your order
and then just you know they could just pick it up and be like okay here’s your
order see you later you know we talked a little bit I’d see hi everybody doing
and that’s kind of the hard part because that’s what he loves doing but that’s
kind of my job now well it’s it’s part of your job but also so yeah yes it’s part of your job as
well but it’s it’s still a lot of it is I still need to be doing it as well
because I’ve all these clients that I’ve built up even before you’ve come on you
know a lot of them still like hey or you know Matt this net so now let’s get into
the point towards where there are new clients coming in they want to talk to
Shannon I’m like great great that’s uh I don’t have to handle that and there’s
still questions that do come up that Shannon just doesn’t have the answer for
screen-printing wives yeah they’re still questions that I’m asking honest so I
still do quite a bit of that and I enjoy it and that kind of brings me to my
meeting with score so this past Tuesday I met David at score and Shannon we need
to get you in there as well I know he said that he could do a
Saturday like after one or two because I’m sure that you would have some
questions for him as well I’m sure I would I’m sure anyway so speaking of the
dog though before we get into score I have a poll I would like you guys to
take matt has written against my will to buy a shock collar to try to start
training the dog I don’t want this happening he’s shocking my baby and so I
told him he needs to shock himself first and he said I should do it and I’m like
I don’t want it in the first place so we’re taking the poll who votes for
the dome getting shocked I did get a shock collar for him I’m ready to put it
on him right now sorry that was the big question I know I heard it who who do it
does everybody vote for getting shocked okay so will Shannon will go ahead I
know I’m just saying me or the mean person that bought it
and Tenzing use it I thought you’re in Madison and the whole thing just went
sideways okay so yeah y’all let us know if you want to see Shannon good job
myself I personally don’t plan on trying it so
anyhow all right there we go so as I had mentioned we I wouldn’t met
with David from scorm y’all right you just spilled your drink didn’t you sippy cup not working okay.i I promise you I’m gonna finish
I’ll probably just have to do video interrupted the topic today is just
y’all watching us go through life okay while she’s gone
all right I’m gonna tell you guys what so I went and met with David and I will
end up making a video kind of going more in-depth if I can’t get around to going
into all the details or maybe some of the things that I will forget so I I met
with them and he is a retired business owner has been a part of score I don’t
know how long I didn’t really ask him a whole lot of questions aside from he
kind of gave me his credentials owned and ran a successful screen printing and
promotional products business he didn’t do a whole lot of the embroidery I came
in and told him and we talked over the phone and he got a little bit of an idea
for at so if you guys have been watching our videos know that we’re at a point
towards where we’re slam we could use some more help in the shop possibly
hiring so on full time we have been hiring people in part-time maria panda
as they can come in but they maria has a full-time or I should say part-time
because they’re they’re slow at their business a new ownership with with the
business that she’s in and things aren’t they’re a little slow so she comes in
like after one panda he’s just I would like to hire him on full-time out there
but I just don’t really feel like he is that interested in
just going full-time or really focusing on what we got going on here so we put
some ads out for a graphic designer we still have to go through those and find
so on how however going back to the score he he wrote or initially asked me
what are all the things that I don’t like doing and I told him that I’m not
fond of reclaiming screens I’m not fond of a lot of times setting the press up
and getting ink all over my clothes and being kicked from head to toe with ain’t
not that I’m super messy with ink and whatnot but as you guys know it is a
pretty messy industry and so you do end up getting ink all over you it’s a
little unavoidable I mean our shop floor is pretty pretty clean it’s you know
it’s fairly clean for being here for over a year and then the the other
things are is just I enjoy doing design work but there’s many times when it’s
just kind of like okay I’m having to sit here and do this and this isn’t a
project necessarily that and it’s small things like doing the mock-ups to get
out the sin or proofs to send to clients get that approved
you know they’ve sent the art the art and putting it on a t-shirt getting all
that stuff out so it’s like the the smaller task but also getting a designer
in to kind of lift some of the the workload of designing stuff and having
another person to I have some creative input when it comes
to that will be great so I went through the things that I didn’t really aren’t
the things that I’m most fond of and so he made a list of all the different
things like say for instance just customer relations kind of networking I
guess you can kind of umbrella that under that and working with vendors and
suppliers those were a couple of the main things that he felt were really
important is building those relationships and building a
relationship with your vendors that way you can essentially work with them and
say hey we’re sending X amount of sales to two guys can you give us the the
pricing at this tier as if we were replacing in order for five thousand
shirts or whatever the case may be so he’s saying you could use that as
leverage he put it a lot better than I did I forgot the terminal terminology
that he he put it into and I tried to record this and he said that he couldn’t
allow that because it violated the ethics code of the the organization so I
couldn’t record it and so he made a list of things I don’t like
and then some of the things that are important some of the things that I TAS
I need to hand off to other people accounting he’s like you need to get
someone immediately that way you’re not the one wasting time on accounting
finite an accountant I was like do I need a CPA he’s like no you’re not
you’re not at that level yet so you just need an accountant to handle your taxes
and that way you don’t have to worry about it
and his suggestion was to hire a production manager someone that will be
out there doing the the screens and making sure that orders are getting out
on time someone that’s basically handling all the production out they’re
getting jobs out on time taking a lot of that load off of me and essentially by
doing that I can go back to what’s the important thing is building those
relationships with clients and having more free time to go out and get more
business and his one of his suggestions was joining the Lake Houston Chamber of Commerce I believe it is and
they have a lot of networking events and he said so that the joint is is 350
bucks and I mentioned that he’s like yeah well I mean it’s not much used to
you if you just send them the money and you’re not out there going to these
events networking and meeting these other business owners I was like yeah no
you’re right about that so that’s kind of what like the point where we’re at
now that I don’t have time for that stuff but if we hire someone and I do
have time for that then we can get more business and his initial question to me
was where do you want to be at with this business and I told him I was like a
couple million dollars worth of sales a year he’s like okay and he asked me
where I wanted to be at the end of this year I asked he asked what the sales war
for the previous couple of years and I explained to him that it’s doubled since
2018 doubled from 2017 and so I’m looking hopefully the goal is at the end
of the year to do two hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of sales and by
doing so get having more free time to get out there and network will I pay pay
for that employee help grow the business and there was something at the front of
my mind I just lost but let’s see and I had asked him about some different sales
tactics was he think about getting out there with you know a priceless and all
that and going to some of these other businesses in the part that we haven’t
done business with because we’ve got business from all all the businesses
across the way that know we’re here so I was asking hey you know if I had a
sample shared priceless a few promotional products things I can go out
and kind of go to each business and just kind of meet with the business
owners and kind of bring awareness as to what we do here that we’re over here
he’s like you know I never was and that this is what David said he said that he
never was big in that’s kind of what he would consider a push cells and he
brought up a good point that essentially these business owners are busy they
don’t necessarily need or want the services that you’re providing so the
length of the business come to you through networking and just kind of
telling people what you do either they can use your services or or they can and
all uh I’ll put together a video I want to meet up with them again here in the
near future it’s not gonna be this month but I’ll put a video together that has
some of the pictures that I took of what he drew on the board and all that off
the top of my head that’s all the things that that kind of stuck out to me and so
it’s very helpful so I need to find an accountant for one and where he said a
productions manager but that is all based off of some of the things I don’t
like doing we we are looking into a graphic designer
and that will help quite a bit and Panda and Maria they come in quite a bit if I
can find someone to be that person that I don’t have to hold their hand and just
kind of tell them how we do things around here and they can just manage
things and make sure that everything we have on the calendar that that’s set for
that day and be able to handle handle that and get it out then a production
manager is something or someone I definitely would like to get in here
however hiring employees is expensive and I’ll
let Shannon chime in on the hiring the employees parts that I know you’ve been
patient over there Shannon so what what is your feedback what is your feedback
on some of these this is kind of a common theme for you said I could have a
back this is kind of a common theme for us I’m more reserved while you’re like
yeah let’s do it it’s not when it comes to the sodas anyway I’m pretty reserved too when it
comes to growing the business like you’ve grown it slowly well I well if
your reserves and I’m a freaking pilgrim you’re you’re not willing to spend the
money to make the money is what is his thing is like his entire business plan
is spend the money to make the money and I get that but usually he’s like talking
about hiring this person hiring this person hiring this person I’m just like
dude that’s boy it’s it I and you know you know where I’m coming from cuz I
just can’t see us growing personally and reaping the benefits of it if we’re
spending this much money on the business and all of that and it’s like and
honestly what he’s is what he’s suggesting is more than we can actually
budget for now so that’s my take on it and I’m a little reserved and I’ve
always been more reserved the last time we took out the loan D at the automatic
I nearly threw up yeah see it’s gonna be one of those throw up situations Shannon
and don’t get me wrong I made I feel the same way but I I see the light at the
end of the tunnel type deal works like okay got him
make this move in order it’s either that or we can just say we’re rad let me
finish what I was saying is we can either stay where we’re at and to miss
some of those cells and not be able to be on top like there’s there’s a crap
ton of quotes and people that we haven’t really followed up with we haven’t
really you know we send the quote out and then
we’re like oh we hadn’t heard from this person not that we need to be pushy or
anything but I do feel like there’s a little more that we can do to kind of
figure out what it is they’re looking for what what their budget is and what
we can do to make that sell rather than putting that quote out there and either
they go with this or don’t which don’t get me wrong isn’t isn’t bad but at the
same time I do know that kind of creating that value so to speak kind of
educating them as to you know what what value we bring and what we can do for
them and let’s say for instance I know there was someone that we had quoted in
there like all rights Terra expensive and they’ve got a quote from someone
else and it wasn’t we weren’t that much more expensive we weren’t that we didn’t
cost that much more but the thing is he went to the other person because he’s
like he’s just like hey I need t-shirts and I didn’t get the information from
him of you know hey what would style of t-shirt do you want are you looking for
a budget-friendly type shirt are you looking for something mill the road
something that’s a high quality shirt and he came back he’s like oh wow that’s
you know that’s more than so-and-so and I got with them after I think he had
already made his mind up and he was like so so it what I the conclusion that came
to his is the quotes that he got compared to wag was sending out wasn’t
exactly an apples the apples quote so to speak well that’s kind of why I pester
them a bit before I quote them and we have a conversation today even that I’m
the kind of a little irritated with myself because two years ago I didn’t
know anything and now I’m just like I had a question you know about something
and I was just like who wouldn’t know this duh and it was it was so irritating
to myself because I’m like – that is so friggin arrogant and so I went through
and I explained everything just felt like a total heal over it
because I’m just just thinking like that because a lot of people ate they don’t
get it they know a lot of people just don’t understand the concepts of it and
I didn’t two years ago I went on a date and suddenly I learned everything there
is to learn about t-shirts what was his name well I think one of the things to
Shannon is and y’all as well is is he brought up a good point is the the two
of us were were very knowledgeable in this field and that’s one of the things
that creates value is it’s just being knowledgeable that as well and just just
being knowledgeable and kind of educating them on the different style of
shirts the different printing processes and because a lot of people just don’t
even realize like what all goes into screen printing they I believe most
people think it’s DTG where it just comes out of a DTG printer and that’s
how all shirts are done in I’m not gonna lie I really we got to kind of instill
our art and our craft in them what what’s cool about it and then they
complain about the pricing you like it’s custom because they probably just think
it’s it’s like you know they’re printing a photo out of their printer what’s so
exciting about that but what we do is there it’s a craft you know so I mean we
make the screens help how we separate the art and how we manage to turn their
their shirts that’s just an idea into a finished product there – not only to me
obviously but a lot of people that we do and kind of we do end up educating them
and they’re more mesmerized by what it is we actually do like say for instance
the level shirts she had no idea we’re like finishing up
shirts and she came in and I’m printing the last twelve or so on the manual and
she’s like wow I didn’t know that that’s how the process worked that’s
interesting and then there was also I forget her name but it was it was last
year no awesome one that I came in it was the take it to the streets thing oh
the shirt that we got hanging up yeah sometimes it’s really really good for
them just to see inside the shop because it really makes them appreciate it and
you just like probably yeah you get it this is why that’s about the price yeah
that dish there’s your screen fees right there and the screens for it for our
shop it takes forty to fifty minutes depending on how long it is go for a
screen to actually set up you know depending on the how many colors the
style of the job but one color jobs are quick and easy to set up but when it
comes to something like that and it’s a job with four to six colors and they’re
able to kind of see how it all works that it really opens their mind their
eyes up there in their mind up to what’s that yeah you can grab it but it just opens kind of educating them on how in the
process of or about screen printing you know so here’s a shirt sheet she walked
in and it’s uh was this one six feller Shannon you remember yes yeah okay so
yeah it’s got the white base gray white table red green golden yellow and so she
had came in and saw this I’m sure you guys may or may not have seen this on
Instagram or if you can go to over to our web page yeah I did a video on this
just a little short video so I think that creates value as well because then
it’s not you’re not just some guy with a Epson printer not that the DTG process
not to take away from that but it’s it’s definitely a different art form so that
getting more help in here and I think being able to sit down with our clients
or kind of walk them through the the process more I think that gives it a
little bit more of a not necessarily a WOW factor but it just educating them
more and kind of bringing aware the the process of screen printing and even even
the kids that that have come in like I’m trying to think of her name amy was it
Amy and his Ann Ann came in brought her kids
in and we had a one-color job set up on the manual press and they came in as she
was was she picking I think she was picking up shirts so she was picking up
shirts and just kind of keep the kids entertained and also to educate her I
went around and explained every single little station and how it works and got
the kids behind the press got some white t-shirts out and let the kids print a
couple shirts so they had some shirts that they could take with them and it was uh yeah and it totally was I was
like that’s not that I didn’t want to do it
however we were busy and and shams like well watch Sheldon process and her
knowing me I’m not gonna be like no I don’t want to show them like heck yeah
get in here and yeah so so that is the plan that has to be set in motion the
the accountant productions manager and so he wasn’t necessarily saying hey go
hire graphic designer I he’s saying he thinks our production
manager mm yeah but he doesn’t see you in the shop here to see you here
it was basically your feed your information that you were giving him and
his feedback on that well that’s why I think this is my observation I think
your observation would be good information for him to have
so I think we should meet with them again soon
since we’re we’re getting the ball rolling on the designer like affirm
directions that way we can meet the goals unbiased report you’re kind of
biased so just you know because it’s just kind of a it’s it’s emotional to
you you know well it’s a personal thing so it’s a personal thing to you
emotional was the wrong word but it’s a personal thing too you know or just
screen-printing know the business it’s your baby
sure so you’re giving like information that’s reflecting that well I can tell
you what I’ve seen and observed and yes you do hate doing the registration can’t
tell you how much okay I don’t hate it didn’t mean cut you off I don’t hate it
I get irritated if I’m sitting there and it’s taking me four hours to register a
job that it shouldn’t take that long that’s the point where I get frustrated
okay but for the most part I feel like a lot of times you’re doing a lot more
you’re being more frustrated by sitting behind a computer as you put it and once
you’re done they talking about this we have so many comments ago yeah okay so
we’re gonna go to and I like to actually talk now okay so that about wraps it up
for I could we could talk on and on about it but let’s go Shannon why don’t
we go over to the the chat and see what we got going on over here as far as the
question tony is this going on don’t work school oh you kidding me there’s
there’s been so many thanks bill Donna I think I need to just go ahead and switch
this camera view over he here from it being me to Shannon anyhow
go ahead I’m gonna do that work on that wall you it’s kind of hard to believe it
on the dog on a standing desk and it’s not caught on camera that I just went
okay okay so okay first off hey little Jimmy um its Shannon not Chanda just or
Janet Janet yeah that’s what they call me at Starbucks
I just pick it up and if it’s not mine then yeah I’ll get free coffee um he once it also wants to know who
wants a copyright when you create a logo is it work for hire so it is a client on
it yes its theme so it’s worked for hire if you did it on your own then if you
did it on your own time and then someone wanted to buy that design that you
created let’s not work for hire but if they come to you and say I’ve got this
concept how much will you charge me to create this then that’s a work for hire
or even if you’re working at a job and they’re employing you and even if you
create it you come up with the concept on their time it’s still their property
we actually had a client ask us hey am I allowed to have the files he wanted to
do a rap for his car that from a design that Matt made and we were like damn it
how can we spin this and we can get that really and ask her it okay yeah we can’t
do it but yeah you you you get the files and hey Little Jimmy also says Shannon
be Shonda the lawyer but I never took copyright law so he actually knows a lot
more yeah the the thing about so the artist 2d actually had to take a law
class there there is a law class because being an artist you have to know they essentially need to know that stuff
kinda like you guys are asking you need to know that and so we did have to take
a class on copyright laws registration trademark and all that we’re
trademarking to shop them so I do know about the difference between
registration trademark copyright whose artwork belongs to like say for instance
with a trademark you don’t really have to register trademark you can put a TM
by it call it trademarked that’s fine and dandy someone comes up with a
similar concept similar name they trade market and then they go and register it
that person that goes and registers it is the one that will get the rights to
that because Dave even though the trademark is official to an extent but
if there’s a case where two people create some similar you both just have
trademark so it’s just about the person that created it before the other proving
that when it comes to registration it doesn’t matter if that person created it
15 years ago you come up with something or even if you knocked it off and went
and registered it that person that’s registered and that piece of artwork or
that name or that trade trade whatever it is but a phrase is saying that
registration is king so what else do we have here Shannon I got you all fixed up
now we got the the chat with the questions and it’s your camera now yeah
too bad I can’t see anything because you’re the one that’s read all the
questions here screen princess said that the are by the Armani sunglasses I’m
getting you for your birthday are going to be dog feet and destroyed by Apollo
oh I don’t know mind you could show them what happened to my actual glasses that
I won’t wear on camera where they are be right there where on your desk I
don’t know I can’t see donde Shannon or are they on the desk up here I thought
they were on your desk no you I don’t know I can’t see anyways
I’m not I’m the glasses keeper okay I’m the glasses keeper oh yeah you always
move them he’s the one that remembers to bring them in and everything when I need
to look at something and they sit like this on my my head because what at the
everything is is missing and the nose piece and they’re bitten to kingdom come
we probably might be over here or you might have left them on the live my
table I’m by the bed oh well anyways not that much not not
that important but yeah they very much possibly could be a politic no why are
they behind the face on I don’t want to know don’t answer because you here’s her glasses actually had made a
another hinge out of cardboard and taped it to yeah and they’re absolutely yes
you can see the dog chewed him up a little bit you blame me for dude you
left him sitting on the floor that’d be like you putting them on the toilet and
toilet seat and being like don’t sit on my glasses like why are they there
because we didn’t have a bit able to get there no thing where they are at they’re
like on the floor watching from Brazil called me a beautiful girl that that is
most important Thank You Francisco that’s a compliment to me too
probably more so to me than Shannon because she doesn’t know how to take a
compliment so thank you okay Greg is talking about the right what’s being
paid for is the right to use the word in question but the artist whether
photographer graphic designer illustrator actually owns the rights
hey was that a statement or a question Janet Shan was it a statement or a
questions okay she was complimenting the take it
to the street shirt after our soccer moms ruined the t-shirt business hey little JIT or Greg Greg soccer moms
are gone lot stop it do we we make money off the soccer moms I just is how much
some this goes with with any account client some would I agree that they’re
hot yeah that’s what he said I don’t know what she look like why are you
asking me okay so so if I ask you that so-and-so on TV was hot you’d probably
be like yes or no because you say often like so-and-so’s handsome or say ones
that it’s pretty having a celebrity crush on his Keanu
Reeves the the difference is I just I don’t care like if I were to be like oh
yeah cops she’s smoking hot she’s pretty it was Sarno let’s knock her mom
aesthetic view anyways I just mean like that person has pleasing features that
are symmetrical to the face it fits the golden ratio
whatever see that this is why that’s a that’s a that’s a bad tear that’s pretty
closely related to religion and politics is talking about another woman being
pretty aside from your significant other you just don’t go there yeah all right
Shannon yeah she can go there though it’s fine that’s the double standard
that’s one of those what I said that Wallace setting up the camera what what
brought that up but that was us joking I don’t want people thinking that’s how I
think about women that’s just us that’s our playful banter that’s me that’s me
getting a rise out of Shannon that’s a rise that’s me getting a rise out of
Shannon so I can see these faces that she makes and then she just stands there
and she just kind of has this grin on her face and then she smiles because she
knows I’m playing but see it’s that that smirk kind of
smiled right proven fact are we going to your place after the ISS we bought a
grill so you know yes you’re more than welcome we actually plan on grilling
some fajitas we’ll have some yeah yeah if whomever comes with the ISS show as
long as it’s not a million people coming yes if it’s I wouldn’t even mind if I
got up to a dozen people highly unlikely but the plan is to grill some fajitas
and have some beverages on hand water so does coronis that’s my turkey touch my
vodka though and you’re gonna boards at the shot down yeah guys this place do we
got the shop and this office is about the size of a Japanese apartment we
would kind of we’d be hanging out there talking about screen printing stuff
state it wouldn’t be nerding out about the color of the walls or the computer
over here I mean it might be a little bit of that going on but mainly it’s
about I apologize going on out there a little bit ya know that the P part not
not the Apollo the the apology part the just him pain yeah I don’t know okay
anyhow we got to put down bro let’s put all our equipment in a pile and split it
what say that again hey down girl let’s put all our apartment in a pile and
equipment why is the apartment I don’t know put it in an apartment that’d be
cool hey John girl let’s put all our
equipment in a pile and split it Gregg Severson I do DTG and I gotta tell you
it’s a lot of work might not be make Matt might not be making any screens but
we still do the artwork the same up borĂ¥s laughing it’s green princess
screen princess has three yards of speedball pass what’s wrong with speed
ball I think I still have some speed ball out there
I may have might have throw it away you’re the reason I said pass you
shallow over one of the time more than I know what it’s more of a well whatever
just let me act like I’m could be arrogant I know what I’m doing you do
know what you’re doing speed balls a up just like a craft it’s a crafting
that’s what it is I mean you buy speed you can get speed ball from Michael’s or
Hobby Lobby I think it’s great for what it is okay it’s for professional in the
sense of how you going up there go ahead Jim London yes he is on okay hey London
I think so let me switch the camera over here probably need to just put it on
mine Shannon actually now I want to know what
shout capture or see Shannon’s reaction so I can’t see we we didn’t lend it out
equal well we helped each other out equally I’d say and so we did a little
design I tried to open it or vectorizer design for London and kind of got it to
where he won when it’s a being and we were on the phone since we love talking
on the phone versus uh email and texting all that we enjoy the we enjoy an actual
phone call anyway so we were talking and he he knows that I do play guitar did I
love playing me the guitar so he sent this here he mentioned what it is
although I’m gonna open this up and so you guys can see like Christmas so let’s
see what I like the wrapping paper you got there oh that’s awesome they do what
were his girlfriend’s apparently they made a guitar
oh you sent it to us a little a little note on the back too
yeah so I appreciate that that’s awesome so they’ve got some nails going in here
and created a design it’s actually got some guitar strings on it I’m going to
play it but yeah that’s cool so on the the back we’ve got a little bit of a
message here and says appreciating all the help you give us online thanks
London I appreciate that perfect no no go ahead no everything
else cuz you know it’s so hard finding something to actually hang up in here
that’s not going to make it more Center towards one wall color right that’s like
perfect that’s awesome Thank You London yeah that’s really cool sorry I’m over
here smelling this piece of wood I love the smell of fresh-cut wood or even wood
that’s that stained or they’ve got a varnish on it it smells really good
that’s that’s why I was I I was a guy that took wood shop every single year
from seventh grade to 12th grade school didn’t offer woodshop I just love the
smell of cut wood there’s a guy across the way that just got his his space for
his business and he takes pallets apart and I’m not sure I think he creates
furniture or something like that with what the wood that he does gather but I
went over there the other day cuz we’ll say hello every once in a while and he’s
got sawdust all over the place and just the smell of fresh-cut wood I’m like oh
man I could I get to hang out here all day long just love the smells what you
got over there Shannon well we really appreciate this London I appreciate it
and Shannon appreciates it so we’re gonna hang this up on the wall we are
yeah um I just did a Scarlett yeah I’d like looking around I’m like where
we’re gonna hang it okay good call over not over the water cooler the water
cooler no that’s where Maddie’s Prime member goes forget those kids we’re
hanging this up they’re our kids what kids if they pay for the art recreation
they do own it but if they don’t pay then who owns it
I’m sorry repeat that one more time I was trying to find the shot okay so
repeat it one more time see he says if they plan they pay for the artwork
creation do they own it if they or do they if they pay for the art recreation
they do own it but if they don’t pay for it then who owns it well if they don’t
pay for it then yeah you own it then it’s not a work-for-hire
it’s actually kind of interesting though I’d notice like people can be like
really late and I don’t want to say shameless but kind of thoughtless about
it I mean consider it’s too harsh but thoughtless like like that York thing
for the spider-man oh yeah that’s irritating so you would explain what
you’re talking about she she’s been used this client has been
using Matt for years long before I was even in the picture and this year she
decided to use her sister but she took Matt’s design and ran with it
yep and now she’s like well we really hey we haven’t heard from you we know
it’s this time of year that you order sure it’s what’s going on she’s like oh
I’m having my sister do it and then she’s like all upset because their
sister blink dictor over but she was like but she
just had no thought on the fact that she was just giving away Matt’s design and so it was it’s
actually kind of interesting that this is coming up now basically still in my
art yeah it is it’s stealing your heart you came up at that by yourself it
wasn’t for a particular client it was your personal creation and
and it’s just people don’t give a thought to how much work goes into it
and how much it does belong to you and they just take it and they think nothing
of running off some another client with it oh my god is that happening right I
see its toll in multiple places now that I’m looking at it I can see some
knockoffs but I see one I’m gonna bring you guys over to my desktop but so so
this is my design that I created right here this is it and so they basically
they didn’t want the face underneath it but so they had cropped this off and
we’re asking for price on it but I I see that design right here on somebody
else’s website I mean that’s that’s your design that’s mine like they just
flat-out stolen this wood like this here okay fine whatever looks like crap I
mean like that’s and that seam that’s interesting that’s kind of cool but this
was just my own little take on so I did quite a bit autism designs because that
was like one of my niches niche niche me anyway is the one of the niches that I
was and and that’s that’s my design like plain as day on someone else’s website
I’m gonna go over and bitch yet then but like hey that’s my shit take it down
twenty nine bucks twenty nine dollars were they located really located oh here we go in Florida hey guys go
harasses people I’ll do the harassing alright there
anyhow yeah so if your stuffs out there on the the internet people are gonna
steal it it’s obvious it’s the internet everyone steals everything yeah yeah no
one pays for home even though you good point Shannon even though you you create
a design and and you do own the rights to your design I mean there’s gonna be
people that are going to steal your stuff like oh I’ll bring up some other
examples but Chan if you want to go through some of these yeah no one has
subscribed to the shop no shirt is still it and then they’re gonna do something
we’re not which is selling shirts but seriously guys sign up I get a shirt for
the month and it’s my design it’s shopping I’m shirt
oh and we’re going to go to China and we’re going to customize our own shirt
labels this could be a shotgun head mm-hmm
so here’s here’s another thing just real quick like here here’s another one of my
designs that someone else has stolen so these are my pictures here right
he’s got my little copyright and all that stuff on it and someone has stole
the graphic put it up on on Pinterest I’m sure they’ve been sharing it with
with other people I remember seeing on on eBay someone had
just stole the graphic and then like print it in a square and it’s crazy just
just how much people here’s some other stuff which oddly enough is pulling up
just doing that that one search this is a design that people even the the even
the the phrase around it people have stole this design I can’t tell you how
many times like this is another one this is mine obviously but I mean here we go
there’s someone else’s variation of it I I could go on and on all these
different designs have put together that people have just stole and we’ve
actually lost cells because of it I know for a fact like this one here was a real
hot seller and people have just knocked the the knocks it off big time let’s see
Captain America autism shirts yeah I know I did a search here okay I know how
to did a search here recently but I just want to find that there we go
they’re just acceptance awareness I mean stole it and did their own thing it’s
it’s crazy anyways let’s get back to the the chat
and Shannon sorry Shannon you ready to get back to the chat so we’re since
we’re talking about the the copyright stuff I mean it isn’t gonna happen guys
well I’m gonna leave it there go ahead yeah can i I don’t know
can you yes you may may all right well I love cementum on the know the momentum
on the trying to help out of my magazine or the subscription thing that’s my that’s my chair screaming okay Ryan says he lives in a small town and
as soon as he started telling people he was opening a screen print shop he
instantly got a guy that wanted to compete he was secretly mad but is gonna
shut his mouth on it no you go bust out little big boy mm-hmm
okay Ryan Winkle yeah the man that that sucks right sorry to hear that dude but
it’s one of the great things about the internet is you can we get we get people
from all over asking about our services most of them are here in town
Jurassic obviously hasn’t been watching lately oh holy shit it’s still new I
still don’t really like it I’m probably never gonna really like it
I’m so self-conscious and get it back read some questions focus focus Shannon
this is why you want to be on because you want focus focused no so they’re not
sitting there staring at me while you’re like reading off very handsome I don’t
see why they wouldn’t like Sarah you know that’s the really bad enough camera time
take take the limelight Shannon take the spotlight can you say thank London can
you thanks again okay I’m just gonna say thanks to Ann yes Thank You Ann so much
we love it we’re gonna hang it about the doors and it’s awesome you did a great
job I’m not gonna try porn ah-choo laughs thank you but really thank you
thank you thank you it’s so cool I’m really excited third I don’t be able I’m not gonna it
in sprint code says uh met you a hottie boom body thank you sir who said what beaver really really
obsessing over the would I see what you did there very clever another presently we’re gonna partner up
I rewrote the contract that they were gonna do and now this potential his ex
potential partners wife hates me you know what I had a good thing I had a
good thing going on odd automatic ready to go I’m like hell yeah let’s do this
I just wrote it to protect you and then I started dating Shannon and uh she’s
like Horan let me take a look at that okay completely open and vulnerable like
here you go Shannon mmm don’t she just go ahead and take a look take a look at
that and then he was like I don’t want to do business with you know it I’m just
messing around the contract thing though was a big portion as to why but not only
that just not that I would never be interested in partnering up or
partnering up with what him in the future but it wasn’t I didn’t see it happening the way things
were gonna go down immediately I think now more so that we’re in a position
that we’re at we’re it it could work I just would rather do it solo with us I
mean Harry Harry’s running for sheriff for what’s it called
yes sir I’m fresh out well it’s a con I forget what it’s called exactly but it’s
he’s he’s running for a position it’s he’s retired but he’s running for now
and what is it called Oh anyhow commissioner no not
Commissioner Gordon no go ahead 23 we gotta get out of here soon get with it Ryan Winkle wants to know he’s starting
with a one color one station for color he’s wondering what you started with and
you know what he started with a couple pieces of wood I started with a one
color one station press I made out of wood and angle iron and some cheap
little C clamps and some Springs I spent a whole 25 bucks on it some MDF board
for the pallet and a hairdryer speedball ink let’s speak literally that’s
literally where I started and I didn’t even have the at that time I didn’t
really have the money for that because I had just gone through divorce moved I
got tired of freelancing and the band I was playing in which were I was making
some good I went from making like $90,000 a year to probably about 35,000
a year and that that was like just enough to pay the bills and child
support and and what a reason I started screen printing was to make like it was
like a side hustle to make some extra income and how I got the money to get
all the the supplies the build the press to buy the t-shirts is like that BW
design that I put together I was real heavy into the Volkswagen community and
I was on a lot of forums actually I’ll have to show you guys the the car that I
build BW v8 Super Beetle actually guy like
featured on a website and whatnot here it is here but I had made a design and I was I’m
about seven different forums and a lot of the people knew me so I posted up and
I was like hey I’m going to build not be able excuse me I’m going to start
selling these these shirts those things going to load up a crap ton of images so
I did this car project got pre-sales on it and this is what the car looked like
initially I thought he had a finished picture up at the top apparently not
let me scroll all the way down to the bottom and I did this this was just
something I kind of on the side so there there’s the finished car I painted it in
the garage myself did all the work to it fabricated the roll cage and all that
and so I had these uh just forums up of me doing all this stuff and I actually
recorded a couple videos of me doing it and they’re there the car is being
painted in the garage and it was a fun project and that’s kind of what getting
a lot of attention from this build people bought the t-shirts that I
created and that’s kind of how it started one color
wouldn’t press yep and here we are you are here we are yeah some so now I I I
don’t have time for stuff like that anymore because my project is this
instead of spending money on stuff I’m spinning or reinvesting it back into
something that makes us funny stuff which I I think has been beneficial much
thanks Oceania uh-huh okay sorry sure no I was just thinking
I’d also like yeah you know what yes of course yes go ahead what else we got
there okay um first off Brian I’m not gonna quit and walk out again it was
just an April Fool’s joke and I would like to say that we scared the shit out
of orange star who came a couple questions yeah stop watching it was good
a good meeting you in person Lauren star was awesome we’re in the
middle running off a couple jobs on the auto it was hard talking over that
compressor hey little Jimmy’s saying jinx you owe me a coke mad cuz he has an
orange be a beetle don’t get into it I’m not okay a man that that the v8 bug
though I’ve had other bugs as well I’m not
gonna go into it like Shan said but I’ve had the regular air cold once multiples
you’d have them go ahead Shannon read off some of them they’re question all
right look we’re dogs as well as the puppy
let’s read off some of the well we’re at the where at the end 3d one or wants to
know if you’re using Rubeus yes hello mate can I might get a is that racence
my ice cream no racist that’s just trying to that’s our lousy impression of
an Australian impressions once I you want me to do the impressions no I just
may at some point you need to do your impressions for everything but they all
end up saying they all end up sounding like I’m a leprechaun from China yeah that I I can not I can do a couple well
one of them’s not very hard because I’m from Texas I can lay on the Texas accent
oh my god you so thick I know that’s that’s why it’s not like super hard the
first time I met you I was like wow he’s got a natural accent just laying white
girl please plain white girl Oh plain ol cream all the time okay guys
we have to let you go because I have to kick Mads ass and the liquor store
closes in nine o’clock you’re not that funny sweet cream on top anyhow that supposed
to mean this messing with you what is cream on
top it sounds like a dirty job it was like me saying that then you had a
pea-sized brain I’m just pulling your chain I just want to know what that
cream on tompa’s won’t answer alright okay there you are yeah see that so that’s what mine that’s
what mine was she’s doing the the Australian accident and I’m eight uh
yeah see I’m terrible – you don’t wanna hear like
yeah well I could do a Newfoundland accent I thought you were doing it
already I listen the new feet accent go yeah
good I’ll up who’s your mother bye okay shuffle oh that’s a little
different yeah a little more Irish sounding yeah well if they came from
Ireland they were like Australia’s there they are what UK would Australia was to
the UK no not all people know about live tonight okay no there’s the card
shipping industry but I felt like you’re answering me when I’d I know this
because you love talking about your heritage which i think is great
I’m also a Viking I don’t even know where to begin with mine well you’re
part black yep daddy sorry I’m dating a black guy para watered down big-time
okay and so slap Matt around and and as in
sprint car I forget I is it Jason Jason ends but he signs on with this I think
yeah I I don’t know dammit Janet do the time warp again yeah
you’re Texans no good on impressions uh yeah no yeah but Matt’s Matson Texas – I
don’t know if he’s from Texas pretty sure Matt’s room I told you I am
Jason yeah that’s that’s what I thought I’m just like why wait hold on that the
thing though i I’ve seen both users on I think you yet it’s it’s possible to have
multiple accounts my darling I I get that Shannon however I’m gonna I’m
gonna sign in as Matthew and come on and just I’m gonna join the chat
Wow you’re too busy talking no my mom and you maybe that’s what’s it what am I
supposed to do here Shannon am I supposed to just sit here
it’s called shop Talk even though there’s half the time there’s not a
whole lot of talking about the shop going on wait we’re on that actually
okay we gotta get out of here guys Cyril I don’t have a joke
you don’t have a joke you did your job I gave you guys a couple jokes earlier so
make sure with that I guess you let’s say I’m gonna go through and read some
of these were on the end I know but I just want to read some often ends love’s
wood I’ll leave that there I’m walking for mayor okay yeah yeah
you know yes though those days are over they definitely are it’s too bad dammit
Janet do the time warp again I don’t know hey look I’m I’m not sure either
maybe the maybe the maybe the internet was lagging OBS was lagging maybe
Russian vodka vodka Russian black cab let’s see I
he says iPhone only now cuz I’m out gotcha Matt play some air guitar and
play some real guitar I don’t know how much you don’t want me
to hold y’all up with that I don’t have a I don’t have a joke I’m trying to
think of something I tell you what tune in next time I’ll have the amplifier
ready to go and I’ll play a little ditty cuz it’s just all electric thank you you
saved me okay go ahead my friend an elephant for his bedroom he said thanks
I said don’t mention it I thought you’re gonna read off for a different joke what’s good oh my god you just ruined
the momentum of me signing off hey yeah well we’re gonna get out of here guys
it’s been fun as always we we would love to hang out more but Shannon’s itching
to go to the she she wants to restock so she’s worked hard for it so we’re gonna
we’re gonna make that happen thanks again for everybody tuning in we
appreciate it been a little bit since I’ve uploaded video and that’s only
because we we’ve been busy busy busy I do have some stuff coming up I’ve got
some things in the works do you have some pretty basic things that I do think
will help people out have her we’re gonna do some more stuff business-wise that will kind of help hopefully help
you guys out so you know we’re going to it they get out of here and we used about the elephant joke Oh is he
the elephant in the room is something is a phrase for something you don’t talk
about and so I gave a guy in elephant he said thanks I said don’t mention it alright we’re gonna get out of here guys
we appreciate it again and we’ll see you next time Heights guys

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