I Only Used Alternative Medicine … In BitLife

let's get a dog go into the doctor but it's not a real doctor it's probably a witch doctor or in alternative hey guys mac and cheese please here today we're going to be playing more FitLife now I thought it would be a lot of fun if we tried the alternative medicine challenge so going to the doctor that's never fun but if your dog is a witch doctor yeah that's that's probably a lot of fun something probably what could go wrong so for this challenge what we have to do is every time rusev have any sort of ailments we have to go to the witch doctor or the other homeopathic options that are available to us so let's see how long we live alright so for this challenge we are a female I was an accidental pregnancy her birthday is March 31st I'm an Aries my name is Farrah Clinton my father is Travis Clinton a trucker age 32 my mother is Kalyn Clinton a real estate agent age 32 and I have an older sister named Jen she's aged too great let's age up you and your sister Jen are squabbling about your imaginary friend what will you do assaulter complain to mother apologize to her or insult her ah let's complain to mother you complained about her to your mother she shouted at you for bickering with your sister mom a girl that sits behind you in class has been cutting bits of your hair off every day oh my god what will you do report it to the teacher assault her do nothing about it let's assault her you assaulted the bully you smacked your chin and you lacerated her shin that's what she gets for cutting my hair every single day it's not okay man that's not okay well study harder because I definitely want to get into a good school and have a high-paying job so that I can afford to go to all these witch doctor and homeopathic remedies because it gets expensive man it gets expensive right aging up your parents want to buy you and your sister a pet cat named Brendan it's I'm a crazy cat it's smart and taffy is healthy yes I want him your parents bought home and cat yay cool we have a kitty I love it baby uh you just came home to discover that your cat Brendon pooped on your pillow instead of his litter box what will you do do nothing yell at him reward him trained him not to do that trained him not to do that that seems like common sense it was kind of effective cool it's time to go to your first school dance you were attracted to a boy named Jose Oliver what will you do he's very attractive let's ask him to go with me I enjoyed it how cute I love it it's time to take your driving test will you take it yes take the test what does this road sign mean no outlet recycled oil circular intersection I'm gonna go with circular intersection and we pass let's study a little harder and we'll eat up yeah we graduated from high school finance psychology music mathematics or chemistry let's do psychology that would be really cool to be a psychiatrist let's ask their parents to pay they refuse they always seem to refuse I swear they don't even love you apply for a scholarship rejected come on dude 76 smarts it's like really solid I thought for sure we would get in a VIPRE student loan fine keep aging up and keep studying harder let's also do some meditation that's alternative medicine meditating your brain that seems good our health is not 100% which is really really good we'll study harder Lee job alright you graduated from university with an undergraduate degree in psychology what will you do now look for a job okay let's try marriage counselor yay perfect fit [Applause] so we're a marriage counselor a jab no my cat Brandon died at the age of 20 okay this one I suppose you are suffering from the common cold know what that means go into the doctor but it's not a real doctor it's probably a witch doctor or an alternative doctor the suit alternative doctor has acupuncture chiropractor called a colon hydrotherapy or homeopathic doctor let's try homeopathic and if that fails we'll go to the witch doctor you were treated by the homeopathic doctor am i suffering from the cold still I have no idea didn't it didn't say I was not suffering from the cold let's try the witch doctor the witch doctors offered you I wanna hear we'll try it okay and it doesn't say we're not suffering from the cold so I'm just gonna keep living about my life we'll see what happens here keep aging up a lot jogging you come across a briefcase filled with what appears to be morphine what will you do consume all of it pretend like I didn't see it turn it to the authorities sell it you will turn it in to the authorities ate up well at the gym you met a male named Jude age 25 his looks are pretty darn good smarts they're tight they're there ish money's again there is and he's not crazy I feel like everyone we've ever dated in bit life has always been crazy so seeing that we're not crazy I think I might just date them so let's ask them out on a date I also want to meditate because I feel like John is a thing so I'll keep my mind and body happy because well I don't want to be getting sick especially if the game isn't telling me if I'm healthy or not I don't know okay don't know we could still have the flu from a few years ago all right we're making 72,000 let's ask for a raise rejected I think the company for like ten years fine rude some of your friends are going to a local nightclub called the Aurora will you join them and I kinda liked it that's like liking it for like kind of being over it by –gel Evan o'clock I'm like done I'm like bye another clever started arguing with you because you knocked over his drink assault him argue back or walk away let's argue back I don't know i feeI feel spicy let's argue that it's probably a legend chill a hair that we've been eating you folded him and you started crying my bad I want a new animal let's see what they have shop for pets exotic pet dealer what's interesting is this exotic I don't know a sphinx can't let's get a dog that's what drew really wants we'll get Drake though the puppy I love him he's so happy right now they wanna break though do we want to keep his name I'm gonna use a puppy so we could change it their dog babies I don't know any dog will call it spot that's like a common dog name or something I don't have my heart set on any names I'm sorry okay Gigi your father passed away at the age of 71 II had a fatal heart attack no dad I love to attend is here oh that's so sad dude I hate what my parents died in this game it's not fun like at all I just like that my happiness is down so maybe if we will take our boyfriend oh yeah we have a boyfriend should we get married or something maybe yeah I liked it you did not like the movies that's very upsetting we have enough money to go on vacation if you wanted to to be happier you know what I'm gonna do that and I'm not gonna bring my boyfriend with me let's go to the United Kingdom and I'm gonna fly first class because I can o do doesn't want to go with me what will you do go by myself I wasn't even gonna bring him with me but he didn't even give you the option to deny him I just like that you know what when I get back from this trip I have done a lot of thinking and I'm gonna break up with ya we got back I'm very happy you know what I don't need that kind of negativity in my life so we're breaking up see you later bye you don't want to go on vacation with me you want to go to movies with me bye bye Felicia bye did you even like our dog spot put it on the line aging it your Bernese Mountain Dog spot died at the age of 8 he passed from complications due to old age after living a great doggone life I guess we had him for eight years but I feel like that's nothing do those dogs not live very long because that is so sad I just like that very much I love you and I'm sad a communication oh I've never been on a cruise so that would be awesome let's go to Europe that sounds awesome and I want a sweet oh I really enjoyed that look how much happier we are all we needed was a cruise to get over spot though spot will always be in my heart don't don't don't think I'm gonna need the person there after all this traveling and all this dress that has been going on in my life I feel like I just really need to get some acupuncture done and maybe circling the chiropractor every year your supervisor matt has taken a liking to you and asks you to go canoeing with him you are worried that it will make your co-workers doubts what will you do slightly declined do it with no questions yeah do it no he sounds awesome I liked it he did not like it why does he ask me to go roof you don't even like canoeing why ask someone to go canoeing with you doesn't make any sense while we're aging up I am gonna go to the chiropractor feeling great during your lunch break you witness a redneck throwing beer bottles into oncoming traffic what will you do definitely try to intervene I would be like listen dude don't do that and then I would call the police don't throw beer bottles at me the redneck assaulted you he stamped your finger oh yeah busted bye see you later adios my happiness and health is super low okay so let's go to the doctor we'll go to the alternative doctor homeopathic you were treated by the homeopathic doctor was I though let's go to the witch doctor you died at the age of 50 you died after taking fish eyeballs our net worth was four hundred and ninety four thousand dollars what really I wasn't expecting this to end like this don't eat fish eyeballs is this a lesson he learned I read is that not edible I think that's edible doesn't edible don't do it don't eat fish eyeballs my happiness was an all-time low bear Clinton was murdered by a witch doctor at the age of 50 her funeral was attended by her two sisters Jan and Maria her nieces and nephews and her mother a pretty and disciplined woman she studied psychology at University Farah was hired as a marriage counselor and put in 28 years at Los Angeles clinic friends subscriber as a questionable decision maker for that because I decided to go to a witch doctor is that it and can we not forget the fact that I was murdered hello hello I feel like that's not okay I feel like the witch doctor should probably lose our license dipped to have a license be witch doctor either way I was murdered not cool thanks for joining me for another bit life challenge I didn't think this one was going to end in murder but it did so if you have another challenge that you would like me to try let me know in the comments you can also reach me on social media I have a twitch Twitter and Instagram I'll put those links in the description down below and if you're looking for more videos from me you can check out any of these videos right here I put out new videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday until next time bye guys okay if you're still here let me know in the comments what your favorite dinosaur is and I'll let you know what my favorite dinosaur is in my next video okay for real now bye guys


  1. Quig grew up with a bernese mountain dog – it was his favorite childhood pet! I think bigger dogs are usually more short lived, comparatively. 🦕

  2. This was an interesting BitLife challenge.
    There’s so many that it must’ve been hard to choose an idea lol.

  3. I’m not gonna lie you kind of look like a teacher at my school XD btw does you want to know a cheat for horse races ask me I got the goods. 👨🏿‍🎤

  4. Hi Mac!!! It's me, Sparkles again. I was just wondering if you wanted to be friends, you are a really amazing YouTuber and I LOVE your channel!!! I really hope we can be YT friends <3

  5. My favorite Dino is the ankylosaurus, also is it possible to die if you enlist in the army in bitlife?

  6. what could go wrong if you go to a witch doctor-
    EDIT: I Just realized your parents names in bitlife and travis and kaelyn and it kind of sounds like travis and katelyn from aphmau! mah ship

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