I Prevail – Breaking Down (Official Music Video)

I think I think too much I’m a little bit paranoid I think I’m breaking Maybe it’s in my blood Got a pain that I can’t avoid I think I’m breaking down Hate, every single second, minute, hour every
day Person in the mirror, they won’t let me feel
a thing Keep me focused on my problems, I’m addicted
to the pain (everybody’s out to get you) I guess I never noticed, how it came creepin’ in My enemy emotion, but I can’t sink or swim I say I’m feeling hopeless They give me medicine They give me medicine (They give me medicine) I think I think too much I’m a little bit paranoid I think I’m breaking Maybe it’s in my blood Got a pain that I can’t avoid I think I’m breaking Down (I think I’m breaking) Down (I think I’m breaking) I think I think too much I’m a little bit paranoid I think I’m breaking down Lies, every time they ask me, I just tell
em that I’m fine Try to hide my demons but they only multiply Keep me runnin from the voices on repeat inside my mind (everybody fucking hates you) I guess I never noticed, how it came creepin’ in My enemy emotion, but I can’t sink or swim I say I’m feeling hopeless But no one’s listenin But no one’s listenin (But no one’s listenin) I think I think too much I’m a little bit paranoid I think I’m breaking Maybe it’s in my blood (my blood) Got a pain that I can’t avoid I think I’m breaking Down (I think I’m breaking) Down (I think I’m breaking) I think I think too much I’m a little bit paranoid I think I’m breaking down I don’t really like myself I don’t really like myself I don’t really like myself I don’t really like myself I think I’m breaking down


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  2. This song relates so much. I hate myself, why can’t I love me? I love my wife, she helps me through the pain. She has her pain. But what is wrong with me? Why am I like this?

  3. I have break downs constantly. Its so hard but this song helps me reflect. Thank you for being one of the few bands that help to empathize with the rest of us.

  4. Does anyone know the name of a song that has this lyrics "you can't numb the pain, you just won't get it" or something like that. I can't think of it and its driving me crazy

  5. This song resonates with me. I'll never forget the moment I realized something was wrong with me. Nice house, nice car, beautiful wife and daughter, solid job and yet…unfulfilled. I've always said "I'd never commit suicide, I could never do that to my family" and yet, in that moment I sat with my glock in my lap and wondered for just a brief moment "Would it be better?" Depression is something I can't even begin to explain and recovery isn't a journey from start to finish. Like addiction, depression will always be a part of you but it can be managed, it can be trumped. I'm still fighting, every day.

    I can't wait to see you guys with ADTR in October.

  6. I did this to my dad too many times to count. He showed up on my doorstep randomly when he lived a 1000 miles away. He saved my life. I wanted to reach out but god I didn't know how to. I love you dad Im still here because of your love for your son

    A regretful fuck up.

  7. I'm at one of my lowest points in my life currently. Battling bipolar depression. I FEEL this. Thank you for making me realize I'm not alone. I felt so much watching this.

  8. Shit dude your entire album hit me like a fucking rock. You guys are getting me through alot of shit right now. And I cant thank you guys enough. Keep it up

  9. You guys nailed it! Damn. It sounds shitty to say, but it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who gets like this. Sometimes your mind is your own biggest enemy.

  10. This song hits on all cylinders for me. I have had a very tough year personally and the struggle has been nearly unbearable. I'm trying to change course, but it's a battle every day. Thanks for making a song that speaks to so many of us and makes us feel "normal."

  11. No one understand what it feels like to go through this day by day year by year that drowning feeling to the point where you get ur first breath you scream in anger

  12. Oh my god, I have been looking for this song for two WEEKS and I finally found it today!! I'm literally so happy right now

  13. To everyone here: you're strong, you're beautiful, you're brave, you're tough, and you put up with more shit than anyone should have to put up with. I hear you. I see you. One day at a time; walk with me. We'll get through this.

  14. This hits HARD… As great of a song as this is is how much I can relate to it… Legit ruined relationships because of how much I can relate 😂😂😂💀😈👹

  15. I hate when people tell me " put your big girl panties on" people just dont get depression. This song hit the nail on the head.🎭❤

  16. Hey Brian ! Just wanted to let you know that I am there for you ! Just hang on buddy 🙂 You can defeat the darkness to bring the light in your life ! I love you and your team !

  17. This song explains my life so much. yea ive got a boyfriend I've got family but I feel alone and empty inside and I overthink shit that I dont need to and it gets to me it's like I'm in the center of the earth getting thrown around like a ragdoll with no purpose but I try and try to power through but it's hard and i feel like my sins are crawling on my back and I'm just … corrupted and cat be cleansed. But who knows maybe someone… somebody will help me … not all Angel's have wings.

  18. I'm telling you all now. If you have the chance to see them live. Fucking do it. They put on a great show and sound so amazing live.


  20. I identify. I break down every day to the point I lost everything. now I just fill the void. I seen professionals that told me I was faking or I should just end it all. I tried everything now I just wait to sleep it only thing I enjoy anymore.

  21. thank god I dont live where I can easily own a gun legally I couldnt count all the times I would have kurt cobained myself after wakiong up in the morning

  22. For the first few months living with .y husband's family, my husband had to watch everything I did because his family mad me get back on meds and was trying to get me on disability, he kept my meds and watched me take them everyday.. that was like a breaking point for me.. we live on our own now and I have been seriously depressed and I don't really have anyone to talk to because my husband works a lot. I no longer take meds "I should but I don't" that's because Oklahoma really sux in the medical department if you don't have health insurance.

  23. Really down right now. Depression is definately controlling my thoughts. Im trying to power through but i just really am getting so tired

  24. I never actually dug into the meaning of this song, i just enjoy the music. Everyone lives with a degree of depression, nobody is perfect

  25. I deal with severe depressive disorder and many other things. I’ve pushed away my loved ones and friends and my wife and I split up. Depression has destroyed my entire life. I refuse to let it control me any more. I’ve lost everything I once cared about to it. If you need help just ask. Don’t like your doctor? Find one you do like. Because a lot of them will just try to force you to take pills to help you sometimes making things worse. It doesn’t go away. Ever! There’s no normality, just moments of what you might consider to feel as normal. On the meds you’ll feel even more hollow and empty. In my case it did anyway. I didn’t care about anything. Not my son, not my wife. Nothing! Everyone says I should feel blessed because I’m a veteran and get benefits from the VA. I’m very grateful. Doesn’t mean it makes me feel better. I pray to a god I don’t believe in, I try to stay positive and move on in life. Not one thing in life makes me happy. I can not control this. I’m currently getting help. Nothing changes my mood. I feel like a burden at every turn. So yes this video and song hit me where it needs to hit those who ignore the signs that we unintentionally leave behind. Changes in our behavior, unexplained anger or sadness. Emotionless moments when we should be happy but force a smile to make those around us feel like we are being ourselves. Ourself… there’s something that we have the hardest time finding. Ourselves! Who we once were

  26. I go see a counselor today for the first time, never thought this would happen to me, great kids, great wife, but the pain from the military hurts everyday. Again, never thought it was depression.. Talk to someone. please.

  27. this so many times this i feel this way it's like i gotta fake feeling good so i don't make people worry i live alone and when night time comes it just overwhelms me

  28. It's because of bands like this and songs like this that have made this battle with mental illness bearable and not so lonely. You guys have been a life saver, literally and figuratively. Thank you so much.

  29. I am depressed, but haven't told my parents yet, it's not like normal depression, it's almost like I am being controlled by a higher being.

  30. Was this video made by the band, "Big Pharma"?  Is this a joke? TAKE YOUR MEDS YOU GOOD LITLE ZOMBIES!!!  They should have shown him sleeping and watching TV in the end…

  31. I prevail rocks….But if a weak-ass maaafucker can't control their actions in public or society, they need locked up or monitored and they need their right to reproduce revoked…it would do mother earth a favor….My coffee has a stronger mind than "some of these young people who were raised to accomplish NOTHING…LOCK EM UP…If any of u want some? come and get it if u r that stuff! Rock on

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