I Quit a Strict Plant Based Diet – Doctor’s Perspective


  1. Everyone, thank you for watching. The goal is to find the truth. I'm not bashing plant based diets, I was a strict plant based diet for a year, and on a very heavily focused plant based diet for another nearly 4 years. I am obviously very familiar with the research in order to make the shift for such a long period of time. As I stated in the video, I dove deep in the primary literature for a while, and recently I have resorted to nutritionfacts.org or Peter Attia for their summaries. It is important to note, there are significant flaws in the current nutritional research. Sounds like a great video opportunity for me to work on and explain 😉

    This is a great exercise in critical thinking and open mindedness – a factor I'm passionate about as I believe it is a foundational principle in success and living effectively. To those of you who welcome an intellectual discussion in search of the truth, I applaud you. You have a mindset that is not just inviting to others and noble, but effective. To those of you who were offended or triggered by the video, I invite you to consider that having a differing view point from another is not an attack on you. You're more likely to learn more and live a more fulfilling life by being open to having your own views challenged.

    Thanks for reading =)

  2. Dr.Jubbal, please go back to vegetarian/vegan diet. It is the best for health both mentally and physically. There are excellent and delicious vegetarian recipes such as those found in The Buddhist Chef or inThe City of Ten Thousands Buddhas website. A vegan/vegetarian diet is humane, ecologically friendly, and spiritually besides numerous health benefits.

  3. I wish smeone lke this would debate vegan gains. He seems very knowledgeable and knows how to conquer a debate which is infuriating BC he just clings to his damn studies and nobody does well against st him!

  4. You tried vegan. Now try carnivore. You said you must self experiment. The carnivore diet has made me feel like I'm a teenager again. I jump out of bed ready to run through the drywall, whereas I used to hit snooze eight times and have to drag myself to the shower. I lost what gut I had in about 3 weeks, and now I'm down to 11% body fat, and building muscle without even working out. Seriously, give it a shot. What do you have to lose?

  5. I love eating Vegan. I've been doing it for 13yrs, and I feel amazing! I find that the people who complain about Veganism, either lack the discipline to do it, or they are doing it wrong because of a lack of research, before jumping in.

  6. It's so interesting. Your whole demeanor changed the second you stated you were eating meat again. I wonder why.

  7. just more evidence why can't trust your doctors. they are as brain dead and brain washed as any other person. do your own research. how can a frigging medical doctor be a vegan? i wouldn't trust you with the common cold. Liberalism = culture of death

  8. I agree very much with your comments about food quality. Plant-based diets are not for everyone. But seriously, bacon is not a high quality food.

  9. You did not say why you quit a plant-based diet? Interesting data however aside from the initial gains from going plant-based diet you made no further comment on it. Were there problems?

  10. When the HEAVANLY FATHER created us through the seed of Adam and Eve , HE gave us fruits and vegetables, spices , herbs everything would ever need, for feeding. There was no need for doctors or hospitals are anything like that until the introduction of meat and gmo products, medications, sugar. You go figure my GOD cant be wrong impossible…

  11. I'm not a doctor and at 22 I figured out you have to experiment on yourself. "Science" is basically fucked.

  12. Hey great videos <3 i am not american but why being public about your diseas could habe an impact on getting into an „competitive“ residency?

  13. If you're a doctor you should know that our digestive system is too long to process meat properly. Compared to carnivores and omnivores, the meat stays in our intestines for too long and that causes it to kind of rot inside your body, which makes it release bad chemicals that can cause cancer, especially red meat.

  14. It's pretty upsetting that you recommend eating bacon, a Class 1A Carcinogen.

    Let's just ignore the carcinogenic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, the Heterocyclic Amines like PhiP, the N-Nitrosamines, the N-Glycolylneuraminic Acid and the fact that 100g of bacon cooked for 5 minutes has 91,577 iu of Carboxymethyllysine, the predominant Advanced Glycation End Product (dAGE), which is far more than equivalent portions of vegetables like carrots or corn, which have only about 7 to 10 iu per 100g. Not to mention the spike in IGF-1 and decrease in IGFBP-1 after eating such a meal and the fact that the AHA recommends limiting beef tallow, pig lard, butter and other primary sources of saturated fat to a minimum in the first place.

    I don't understand how a physician can look at the evidence and then choose to take the most extreme counterintuitive path, which is to recommend people to eat bacon from a butcher box.
    The science clearly supports NOT eating bacon and other processed or red meats.

    Mind boggling, really.

  15. “The literature on nutrition sucks “ really.What literature are you following when your colleagues prescribe fluoxetine,fucking up kids brain?

  16. Extremely airy fairy talk. Once you mentioned nutritionfact.org aka nutritionlies.org you lost me..that Mc G is a nutcase and misrepresents facts hand over fist

  17. M a Lacto vegetarian … Animal protein n fat and plant based food benefits without torturing any animals … Let em cows roam free

  18. Nice editing to be the same as meat and the dairy industry, do a video on how much money you've earned for promotions/sponsor

  19. I'm a person who has tried on a couple of different food ways over the years. And for me, what I've found to be a key is this. Don't eat for an ideology. Whatever it may be, Vegan, Keto, Carnivore, Plant Based, Jainism, whatever it is. Don't buy into the ideology of a diet. Because an ideology might sound good, but it may not be good for your particular body and health. For me, I was Vegan for like eight years. I had no idea that it was totally upsetting my hormones, esp my mental health due to the near complete lack of healthy fats. But because I had sold my soul to the Vegan ideology, I was convinced that it was my body/mind that was flawed and not the diet. But the reality is, Veganism is simply not the right diet for me. But the reason people don't want to hear that is because they've become an ideology driven person, a true believer in their diet's way, so they believe the diet is flawless and perfect and it's me (or whomever) that is the failed adherent. I hear this all the time from religious people and diet followers, "Oh, well you were never a real (Christian, Vegan etc.) you were doing it wrong, so your experiences don't count." This is nothing more than a neat trick to deflect criticism of their ideology and discrediting your lived experiences. Listen to your body, folks, it will tell you what's up when you look at the signs. Veganism might be fine for one person, Keto might be good for another. And they both may be total garbage to someone else. Don't get sucked into cult-think when it comes to diet or anything. Stay vigilant, think for yourself, listen to YOUR body. <3

  20. Regardless, if you are Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, or whatever a good way to clean up your bodily health is to perform a good intestinal/colon cleanse in order to remove mucoid plaque. I know that most mainstream Gastroenterologists deny the existence of mucoid plaque but autopsies has confirmed its existence.

  21. This is what happens to supposedly "normal" people. You believe all the crap everyone tells you, find what you think "resonates" with you and dive in, boots and all, convinced that you have "been shown the light".
    In my time I had a condition that was dubbed a "grasshopper mind": I couldn't concentrate on any one subject for any length of time without becoming bored, so I would have up to ten books open, skipping between them whenever my mind started to fade. Today is has another name, for which: Adderall XR (dextroamphetamine/amphetamine extended release)
    Concerta (methylphenidate long acting)
    Daytrana (methylphenidate patch)
    Desoxyn (methamphetamine hydrochloride)
    Focalin (dexmethylphenidate)
    Focalin XR (dexmethylphenidate extended release)
    Metadate ER (methylphenidate extended release)
    Metadate CD (methylphenidate extended release)
    Methylin (methylphenidate oral solution and chewable tablets)
    Quillivant XR (methylphenidate extended release powder for oral suspension)
    Ritalin (methylphenidate)
    Ritalin SR (methylphenidate extended release)
    Ritalin LA (methylphenidate long acting)
    Strattera (atomoxetine)
    Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate) are prescribed to dumb the poor kids down and make them "more manageable".

    I didn't believe ANYONE! It appears that I was BORN a sceptic, so that when my parents warned me about how dangerous snakes are, I went to the library and read about them, only to discover that slightly more than eleven percent are actually dangerous and that only about five percent are deadly! Nobody goes haywire when the air is thick with mosquitoes or when they find ticks sucking their blood, even though they transfer some of the most devastating parasites to their hosts, but let a little snake show its head and even grown, brawny weight-lifter types lose what passes for their minds. I learned to identify the dangerous ones first, as the others were not of great concern.

    I dropped out of high school after scraping through Std 8 (Now Grade 10, I think) and soon left home and began the lifestyle of a wanderer. I remained in that state for nine years and boy! did I learn a lot, as I turned my hand to any job that was going in order to get money for food. I even cut lawns and tended gardens, helped to repair roofs and paint houses, for which all I asked in return was a meal or two. I served as barman and a chef in hotels; learned to weld and use tools as a boilermaker's assistant; spent a stint building a pipe organ in a church; piloted a boat that took people into the ocean to catch fish, learned carpentry and joinery; was a learner keeper in a zoological garden …

    I was no specialist in anything and THAT, to me, was a saving grace, as I have no firm convictions about anything.

    The only book I read that had any effect on me was the Atkins Diet Revolution: I needed to shed ten kilos and I did so within six weeks on this eating plan.

    I discovered that most research is not worth the paper it is written on and unless one uses oneself as the guinea pig and actually starts off with no preconceived ideas, but approaches it with an open-minded "I wonder what will happen if I do this?" question, one will always try to manipulate it to conform to one's prediction. This is why I do not trust the "scientific method".

    I have had the most astounding successes with every experiment I have tried so far – all in the medical field – and have reversed conditions that doctors have said were untreatable.

    I thus learned to "listen" to my body (I've lived in it for seventy years now and NO doctor can tell me that he/she knows it better than I do!) and have discovered that it does best on a carnivorous diet. After all, the only food substance to which nobody is congenitally allergic or sensitive is red meat. Did you know that? If not, then I have to ask why you tout yourself as a "doctor"? Unless it's a doctor of engineering or finance, so that it really doesn't count in this context, but as you follow your name with the letters "M.D.", I have to assume that you think you know something about medicine.To this end, I offer this quote by Sir William Oster, to a class of graduating med. students: " Gentlemen, I have a confession to make. Half of what we have taught you is in error, and furthermore we cannot tell you which half it is." Google his quotes and take note of them: he was a brilliant man.
    No two people are the same, so why the hell dieticians, nutritionists and the like think that there is a "one size fits all diet" beats merry hell out of me. The diet must be tailored to suit the individual – and ONLY the individual can discover it for him/herself.

  22. Vegan is surley the unhealthiest kind of diet. Just 2.5% of the world population can sustain a vegan diet for long terms.

  23. In the past I used to have a Mediterranean diet… and let me say it is the worst one can do. In the end I had lots of diseases (always hungry, headaches, intestinal dysbiosis, etc.). Then when I switched to a cyclical ketogenic Paleo diet everything went much better.

    My general rule is: meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, and little fruits.

    I no longer eat bread, pasta, pizza, white potatoes (I do eat some sweet potatoes) corn, legumes, cereal or grains.

  24. I am currently all about balance and eating as much veg as I can, plenty water, exercise and good thoughts. Thanks for the video.

  25. If you can survive/thrive a full year on a strict plant based diet… Then why would you kill for taste pleasure? What were the flaws? Inconvience?

  26. Hi Kevin,
    Are you on Infleximab (Remicade ) infusions? I take them too for Crohn's Colitis and RA. Are you still on them? And do you find these are what allows you to eat all foods and be healthier? Did you have any other conditions apart from Crohn's? Like RA?

  27. Interesting that you can handle 2 servings of meat, thats about what people in Okinawa and other blue zones eat (who have longer lifespans and lower rates of many diseases).

  28. I am 30 years old, I became vegan when I was 20. So it's 10 years now. I check my blood once a year and I am in perfect health.

  29. You're eating bacon? A known carcinogen listed on our governments list of of known carcinogens along with processed lunch meats.

  30. Well now let's talk about if humans physiology are designed to eat meat? Simple exercises I guess will be to compare all carnivores creatures of this earth and compared them with herbivore creatures. Humans has obviously way more connotations with herbivores creatures of this earth. It doesn't prove anything of course or perhaps it's just a coincidence =) I'm kinda disappointed I was trying to find counter fit for plant based diet argument about why it's good for mostly every humans. I gotta admit I never found something relevant here to counter fit their argument, too bad.

  31. Another I ME MINE video. What's good for me. "Feeling good" isn't going to mean anything when you meet your maker and have to feebly defend why you thought it was OK to slaughter BILLIONS of Other lifeforms on this planet for your own benefit. Me, I'll stay vegan and be able to sleep at night.

  32. Just found this video and I too tried veganism for my IBD. But also, my IBD cannot be hidden due to obvious surgical scars. A worry I will have for med school if I get in and then residency, but that's for another time. Because of this I got so many unsolicited diet recommendations and veganism was the top one that was gonna "cure me." TLDR: it did not. And it is so hard going through life with people constantly saying something about oh if your diet was better, you could get better, but you choose not to eat well (when they don't even know my diet!). At this point, I just do intuitive eating based on trial and error as well as low fiber. As a medical professional, do you find people giving you unsolicited medical advice as often? Or not? Would love to see more IBD videos on your unique experience.

  33. I'm on a Whole Foods Plant based diet, that has helped me. However, I can tell you that grains whether "whole" or not, are WORSE for you than meat! It's GARBAGE. Gluten is literally cheap toxic dirt. And the reason why many Vegans have health issues is because their diet mainly consists of grains. At the end of the day, there is no Magic Diet. Stress is what's killing us all. The truth of the matter is that deep down inside, we all want to eat what the hell we want, but we can't, so we keep shuffling from one diet to the other. Balanced is always best. I've experimented with everything. And can tell you I lost 100lbs on eating fast food everyday, I just counted calories. And then my body said no more fast foods. So I stopped.

  34. Good job by quitting plant based diet for a animal based one for lots of reasons. Plant based diets, Agriculture is way more harmful to the planet, to living creatures, animals and HUMANS as well ! You did good by quitting 🙂 Subscribed 😉 and looking forwarder to new videos about the life after veganism. Hope you go the keto carnivore & IF way. Keep looking for answers forever we always still have things to learn and understand 😉

    Look at this video or book for lots of answers about veganism : The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith

  35. Most studies are total garbage – laughably bad, or out right deceitful

    The vast majority of doctors are completely clueless and just repeat whatever nonsense they have read

    Experiment and find what works best for you and keep an open mind

  36. Thank you for the video. In January I went on a vegan diet, mainly to lose weight and just get healthier. After six months I had gained 20 pounds. I found myself literally starving to death and I would attack carbs just to get a feeling of fullness as vegetables simply didn't do it. I'm off the diet now and trying to get this weight off. One of the worst decisions I have ever made. I'm eating protein but a lot less. For me, vegetable protein did not give a feeling of fullness like meat protein.

  37. Wow, at 7:26, I'm pleasantly surprised that NutritionFacts.org "admitted" that there's nothing wrong with a little meat….. the stance they've historically taken is that meat (in any form – whether factory farmed, organic, grass-fed, or wild game) will give you heart disease, cancer, and diabetes!

  38. Putting the health effects aside. Any human that eats other animals has a callous consciousness similar to the level of a cat or dog. If meat eaters had to kill, close up, and butcher the animal, I think you would see less meat eaters. Not so much because it's a nuisance to kill and butcher but because it's bloody disgusting. Also, as a fellow creature living on this earth, how would you like to be killed and butchered for food?

  39. I honestly prefer reading the studies for myself, cause so many doctors will misrepresent the data. I'd rather spend time reading and trying to understand it myself than take some stranger's word for it. I also make it a point to ignore any doctor that has written a book. Because they are then motivated to present the data in a certain way and the advice in that book is not applicable for everyone.

  40. Did Keto for 6 years. Not one cheat day, I'm OCD religious with what I do. Low carb ain't it. Simply avoid refined sugar and grains.. Never been better.

  41. I was given a medical checkup. I drink, eat full fat everything. But then I'll have unintentional meat free days and I love Mediterranean food. I was told that I'm in perfect health. I don't especially try to do any one thing… I just try everything.

  42. One impala said to another, "Look how big and strong those lions are. If we only eat meat, we can get that way too." So the impalas only ate meat, then died.

    One lion said to another, "Did you see those impalas that died from eating so much meat? We've got to stop eating meat, and start eating grass." So the lions ate grass, and they died too.

    Are you a lion, a sheep, or an omnivore?

  43. The vegan diet is a weight loss, cleanse, and medicinal diet. It's only meant to be a temporary and occasional diet!

  44. Its so pathetic to see videos like this get downvoted. The cult following doesn't like it when you stray from the path.

  45. Agree, there is no right diet for everyone, everyone family genetics come from different places of world, with different diets and are individualy adapted to certain things… vegans are just a cult.

  46. Meat is delicious. I am lean, can deadlift 350lb, run, swim and bike. I will continue to eat meat because plant based would make me miserable.

  47. I have free krystalmeth to give away if you agree to listen to a lecture about the benefit of krystalmeth for your lifestyle and health after 😉

  48. Im a holistic nutrionist and there is tons of valid research. The issue is understanding how to read it and dicern the good from the bad. Example, if there is reserach that says eating meat caused plaque in the arteries and that research was funded, done or written by a company that makes cholesterol loweing meds (statins) then its pretty easy to guess what that research says

  49. But to help you out…IBS and so many more diseases are caused from gluten intolerance….non celiac gluten sensitivity is what its called. Not to mention , wheat , barley, and rye are Round Up ready crops. So maybe if you eliminate gluten and glyphosate from your diet then IBS will 100% go away

  50. i want to get to a plant based diet as I believe it is the best diet for longevity, but at the end of the day the quality of your food is what's most important. All my meat is from the butcher. A steak is 20 dollars but fuck it cause my health is worth it.

  51. 7:08 Well done. The studies can not be trusted regarding nutrition. We are on our own. For those who actually care, take some time and do the real science on yourself.

  52. Veganism is not sustainable for farming. It kills animals & soil unknowingly. Mono crops are bad for the soil, kill insects, birds, rodents, worms, bees, good bacteria, diversity, & are destroying rainforests. Sustainable Grass fed agriculture doesn't need mono crops or rainforests. It can turn desert landscape into amazing grasslands improving the soil / nutrients. Reverses climate change by carbon sequestration. Improves the whole ecosystem with more wildlife. Nature works if we embrace it. Factory farms & mono crops are destroying nature's circle of life & balance.

  53. Many TED talks & Documentaries about Sustainable farming is healthy for the soil, animals, humans, & environment. Here is one:


  54. I know this , if i eat what is called the American diet i am always hungry and if i eat meat,chicken,sausage, fish and fat and avocados i am never hungry and i lose weight and my PENIS is huge…….LOL.

  55. Sure, almost every meat consumer promotes "organic" meat. But 99% of all meat on the market is NOT organic and will never be organic as the ever increasing demand for bloody meat can never be met by "organic" meat, haha. The complete propaganda of the meat and diary industry is nothing but a brainfuck.

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