I Replaced My Breakfast with This Ultra Healthy Smoothie

every day for about the past three months I have been replacing either my breakfast or my lunch with one of these smoothies it takes me literally less than five minutes to make this including cleanup it's super nutritious and nutritionally complete and it actually tastes pretty good and ever since I posted about it on my Instagram a couple of months ago people have been asking me to go through the process of making it and asking me what's in it so that is what I want to do for you guys today now you might be thinking to yourself this isn't a nutrition channel this is a channel about how to do better in school and how to be more productive so what's a video like this doing on the channel and you're right I don't talk a whole lot about nutrition but I would like to change that because this is a channel about enhancing your cognitive performance and becoming more productive and I think the foundational level of doing both those things is improving your health and when it comes to improving your health there's kind of a trifecta of sorts you have your sleep your exercise and your nutrition and on this channel we've talked a good bit about sleep we've talked about how to get up early in the morning if that's what you want to do we've talked about how to get to bed on time consistently and we've also talked about how to improve the quality of your sleep we've also done a video or two about how to build an exercise routine and to become more fit we haven't done a whole lot about nutrition and I'd like to start changing that now when it comes to nutrition I am an anti perfectionist I'm a lot more concerned with building a consistent routine that you're actually going to stick to rather than building the perfect diet and I'm also looking for ways to on a consistent basis cut down the time and energy and effort required to follow a good diet and as I found over the past few months making a smoothie every morning is a great way to do that so without further ado I'm gonna guide you through the process of making it and then we'll come back here to answer a few quick questions about it welcome to my kitchen there are many like it but this one is mine here we have all the ingredients I'll just quickly go through them and they were gonna make this so we got back here some strawberries I have a spinach and kale mix got some blueberries which we were almost out of raspberries blackberries also flax seed and chia seeds these both have a lot of nutrients in them I'll talk a little bit about that later silk unsweetened vanilla almond milk got your plain old gold standard optimum nutrition whey protein get that no no to get swole right natural Jif peanut butter I know I could do like actual natural peanut butter but I like this stuff quite a bit we got our Quaker Oats last but not least good old bananas so like I said in the intro this does not take very long to make so let's go ahead and make it and the blender that I'm using to make this guy is the nutribullet 900 series if you have a regular blender at home that's gonna do just fine the main benefit of a nutribullet in my opinion is that you can drink right out of the like serving sized shaker cup here which I do and that require that really reduces the cleanup that I need to do afterwards but if you have a regular blender and you wanted us to dump it into a yeti Rambler or a glass or whatever you have laying around then no need to buy this thing and I'm probably gonna have to replace it in the future anyway because I put a lot of ingredients in my shake alright so the first thing I always do get myself a spoon and do what I think is roughly a cup of the spinach and kale mix so I just kind of spoon it in until it's like roughly at a point that looks pretty good it's around the cups worth so about that much you could do a lot less this is how much I do and then we'll move on to the strawberries I know you can open it from the bottom it's kind of like life hack I've written about before or read about but I just do this and it works pretty well too this is not very ripe but it will work and the nice thing is like if you have ingredients that aren't perfectly ripe or you have things that don't necessarily taste amazing on their own they're pretty good in the smoothie so I do about half of a small to medium sized banana and then strawberries next usually four to five strawberries there are a big volume items so I don't try to go overboard on those guys and then we'll do all the berries so blackberries generally about four to five of those raspberries pretty much the same story and finally our blueberries so we have a fruit base we have the veggies now let's do the rest of it I like to do a single serving of flaxseed which is two tablespoons the one thing I'll warn you about is that flax is high in fiber and a lot of people don't get enough fiber and if you introduce a whole ton of fiber into your diet really really quickly you're gonna have some gastrointestinal difficulties so maybe start with like half a tablespoon of this stuff and work your way up slowly I've gotten to the point where I'm pretty used to it chia seeds I don't think there's as much of a warning I have to put on these guys so I usually do two tablespoons of these as well both the flax and the Chia contain omega-3 fatty acids they contain a lot of vitamin it's and minerals and they also are decently calorie dense and also add some protein to the shake so if you're an athlete or you like to workout and you're trying to put on some weight or gain some muscle they're pretty good sources of protein and calories or calories I also put in Quaker Oats I don't really think that there's a whole lot of other benefits to the oats that you couldn't get from other ingredients but again I'm trying to make this like a true meal replacement and as somebody gave me a lot of energy when I go to the gym so I will do just like four tablespoons of oats in there that is only half a serving so it adds maybe 75 calories but you can't get the shaker cup too full and some not naming names but some would believe that I already make it oh but hey so with the nutribullet there is as my camera woman is explaining there's a max line on the cup here and I'm using the bigger cup because I'm a monster and eat a thousand calorie shake every morning you want to fill it up to the max line with liquid you can do all kinds of liquids you could do regular milk you could do almond milk you could do soy milk give water I like doing the almond milk I found that it tastes really good it is not as high calorie or sugar dense as a regular milk and it still tastes really good and then this is the real calorie Packer here so if you wanted to make a lower calorie shake you would probably just want to leave out the peanut butter or do a lot less of it but again it's almost like a mass gainer for me so I will do probably about two servings of the peanut butter in there and I love peanut butter this is the guilty pleasure in here and I guess maybe the flavored protein shake is too but it's so good and finally we got our standard optimum nutrition whey protein this is the vanilla ice cream flavor and I'll just do a single serving of that plop it in and we are good to go you want to make sure that your lid which is also the blades is on real tight and then it would probably be a good idea if I plug the blender in now this is really loud but luckily I have the magic of editing so it won't be for you probably good oh yes check out our delicious cup of pinkish grayish slop there it is I don't have to put it in a cup because this is literally a cup I think it's best to drink it through a straw and because plastic straws are horribly bad if the environment and you throw in why all the time I got just some glass straws from Amazon there are also stainless steel straws but I've heard that those can get a lot colder and be bad for sensitive teeth so I got the glass ones I think they're a bit thicker they don't transfer that cold quite as much could be bro science but these work for me so bon appetit my brands let's answer a few questions about the smoothie that the whole process of making it probably didn't answer first and foremost how does it taste I actually think that this smoothie tastes really freaking good especially given the fact that it has a ton of ingredients in it and I kind of almost feel like I hit upon a really good recipe really early on because I didn't have to do a whole lot of experimentation with this and compared to a lot of the smoothies I've gotten from places like Jamba Juice and like grocery stores that make smoothies I actually like the taste of this one better it's probably a lot of the fruit mixed with the peanut butter you kind of can't go wrong with that combination but the fact that it tastes really good and it tastes good enough for me to look forward to drinking every single morning is a real benefit because it's nutritionally complete but it's not something that I dread in the morning now of course we have to answer the question could you make it healthier yes of course you could I'm sure they're gonna be plenty of people down in the comments suggesting changes or telling me that I am completely idiotic for including ingredient X or ingredient line here but yeah you could totally make it healthier and if this is something you're gonna start doing making smoothies in the morning I would encourage you to experiment with different ingredients and to try to make it healthier to try to vary it up from time to time now to get specific the peanut butter that I put in my smoothie is number one peanut butter and peanuts aren't like the healthiest nut out there and also it's Jif peanut butter so there's a little bit of added sugar in there so if you wanted to make things even healthier you could go to completely raw peanut butter really just peanuts and salt or you could switch it out for something like an almond butter you could also instead of using a flavored protein use a non flavored protein just like pure whey protein or you can go to a vegan protein or you could use a different protein source altogether and of course you could change up the fruit to vegetable rice you putting more greens in there and less fruit if you wanted to lower the sugar content even more but again and I really want to emphasize this sustainability is the name of the game I'm not aiming for perfection here I'm aiming for something that's a lot better than I would otherwise eat but that I really want to eat on a daily basis so I'm consistent in my good diet now because some of you may be curious I do want to dig a little bit into the actual nutritional profile of this movie now I don't claim to be an expert here and there are probably ingredients in vitamins and minerals that aren't listed on the nutritional facts of each ingredient but I did do a little bit of research by looking at the nutrition labels for the things that had them and then using a site called Fooducate calm to look up the nutrition content of the fruit and vegetables that didn't have labels on the packaging and I came up with some data and I'm gonna have a link to a Google sheet that I created in the description below which I will start fleshing out in the future to add different smoothie recipes to over time so you may want to bookmark it though I do want to mention that drinking one of these no matter what you put in it is not a panacea you also need to worry about the other parts of your diet so if you're just thinking that you can create a nutritionally complete smoothie every single day and then eat nothing but Nabisco crackers and pizza rolls for the rest of your meals then you may want to rethink that plan and on that note I would love to explore different nutritional ideas in the future particularly ideas that cut down again on the time and energy required so I want to dig into things like batch cooking like slow cooker cooking things like that things that give you meals you can just put in the fridge and have for days on end instead of having to cook every single night and I would love to hear your ideas on that front so definitely leave some ideas down in the comments below for videos that I should do on the nutritional front in the future but until then if you haven't tried making a smoothie like this before definitely give it a try again it's super quick to do the cleanup is minimal and once I've made it in the morning it's really easy to just sit down and read a book or watch a video or do something that helps me learn something new and while we're on the subject of learning new things if you enjoy my channel and you're looking for more educational content here on YouTube you may also want to check out the cheddar channel I just finished watching one of their videos on how one bad business decision completely tanked Sega's hardware division back in 1990s and I found that to be a really fascinating video and beyond that they have lots of videos on topics like business and technology without all the boring parts so definitely go check out that video by clicking the link in the description down below if you liked that consider checking out some of their other videos and subscribing to their Channel I want to give a big thanks to cheder for sponsoring this video and being a supporter of my channel and as always guys thank you so much for watching if you like this video definitely give it a thumbs up and I would love to hear your recipe modifications to my smoothie and the comments below if you do happen to change things up otherwise you can subscribe to this channel to get new videos every single week right there or click right there to get a free copy of my book on how to earn better grades thanks again for watching and I will see you in next week's video


  1. You should try using ripe bananas it makes it so much better- also try vegan protein! Much healthier and tastes just as good πŸ˜‹

  2. I fill my large blender cup up with all da berries πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ….past the line of non return…. because I like to live my life dangerously! 😏

  3. For the Nutritional Front you're embarking on, you should incorporate meals that are low in calories (maybe 500 or 400 cals or less) that are very filling and satiating, nutritionally rich, easy to make, and easy to prepare in bulk. This would certainly help people that are trying to achieve weight loss.

  4. can any1 clear something up for me? I love smoothies but some people say they are bad because the fruit releases more sugar as it is pulverized in a blender. is this true?

  5. i love how you are contributing to the spiritual growth of millions of people through your channel πŸ™‚ it’s dat vegan life

  6. The problem with my diet is that I need to eat 7 cups of vegetables everyday, most of them raw. Still finding an efficient way to do that.

  7. Smoothies are actually amazing, I use goats milk (but almond etc. do work well) and then vegan protein powder seeing as I'm intolerant to whey as well as environmental reasons πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ

  8. Greenlight Smoothie: 12 banana, 14 green apple, 14 cup pineapple, 12 cup green grapes, 1 12 cups of spinach-kale-carrot mix. After implementing this into my diet the lbs began melting away. In all I lost 67 lbs. I rotate my breakfast between this recipe and 2 others that include either bananas and strawberries, or blueberries and strawberries with Greek yogurt.

  9. I also make a fruitsmoothie every day.
    I also blend veggies and herbs with water or broth to boil/steam my rice in on the stove top.
    I got my blender from Walgreens for $24.99..works great. Also if on a budget, the dollar store frozen section has frozen fruits, oatmeal, peanut butter, fresh veggies, etc at it…just look around.( We have 99 cent only stores).

  10. Thanks for sharing. Hi just bought that blender and I've been through MANY! This blender is awesome and powerful! You could just buy the bag of mixed berries. You look like a fitness pro. Keep up the good work!

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