I took Alex Jones' Health Advice for 30 Days

I don't like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin frogs gay do you understand that this is Alex Jones for almost two decades Alex Jones has built a media empire around far-reaching conspiracy theories and off-brand libertarianism the YouTube platform boasting over 2 million subscribers an online website the traffic is over 6 million visitors in lunch but there is one piece of Jones's business model most people are not familiar with in 2006 Hawks Jones began selling his own product line instead of running traditional sponsored ads and the Infowars health and wellness page has become a major piece of the Infowars business model the entire Infowars brand is basically built around the idea that people are trying to control you and the only way you can protect yourself is by buying supplements like male vitality vitamin b12 organic seeds and a whole host of other products that are only and exclusively available through the Infowars website my name is Brendan Jones and for the next month I'm going to be living exclusively off of Alex Jones health advice while Alex Jones doesn't explicitly endorse going vegan or switching to an all organic diet his website does recommend trying to buy locally and sticking mostly to a plant-based diet the company that sent this is literally called free speech systems when my order arrives the package contains bio pack a vegetable based supplement that promises to help grow a healthy head of hair one coffee of the Bill of Rights a We the People bumper sticker and of course super male vitality a testosterone booster composed of organic tree root and bark supplements and yet it tastes about as appetizing as it sounds I hope this doesn't kill me I try to implement Alex Josas dietary advice into a healthy lifestyle of running and light weight training every second day and I take my supplements twice a day every day but my work doesn't stop there as Jones has exposed a whole host of dangers I'll need to be aware of they don't just put sodium fluoride in the water they put under chemicals I purchase a fluoride a filter for my showerhead but can't afford the second filter for my two sinks that makes this the only safe source of drinking water I'll have in my apartment but the reason there's so many gay people now is because it's a chemical warfare operation I have the government documents where they said they're gonna encourage homosexuality with chemicals so that people don't have children here's the inside of this juice box and if you end up a zoom in anymore see that thin plastic it's got it exactly you're done drinking your little juices well you bet you're ready to go out and have a baby you're ready to put makeup on you're ready to wear a short skirt so I'm working on set today I'm at lunch and he did come out and take my vitamins so far I haven't really noticed any changes and in testosterone you know hormone sex drive Muscle bass I've been getting a couple headaches but that just could be random I want to make sure I'm following Joan's advice as accurately as possible so on my day off I sit down to watch a full four hour broadcast of his daily program but they talk to you like you are a idiot with the IQ of a watermelon or or an onion see how they invert everything they are packed of lying scum total traders aligned with radical Islam period I just don't trust anything he did anymore I just don't believe a bit of it what many believe was a false flag a use of chemical weapons in Syria you do not join with Islam you do not join with cancer so that was a Dec experience I need a drink so I am on my way to the Toronto Pearson Airport because I am going on vacation for a week unfortunately that place is going to be absolutely crawling with chemtrails according to Infowars the trail of clouds left behind commercial airplanes are not as safe as we might think these chemtrails are laced with toxic poisons and weather controlling supplements designed to shrink and control the human population knowing that I have come prepared and I should be ready for anything so I've arrived at my cottage we are four hours north of the nearest city so I should be safe finally from chemtrails my water is coming entirely from a well which means no fluoride and I am standing right here in the Pacific Ocean surrounded by nature just as Alex Jones said man is meant to be so I think here I'm finally safe when you take Alex Jones seriously the world around you becomes a dark and isolating place where you can't trust the word of any doctors or scientists and certainly any news outlet and that is not to say that reasonable skepticism is not a good thing it is in fact by looking closer my food and cutting out added preservatives going more towards plants help me lose four pounds in a month but as for the supplements one month on bio pack didn't do anything to affect my hairline nor do I experience any increase in strength energy or sexual appetite that would be associated with higher testosterone levels from the super male vitality when I looked into the raw ingredients of what I was paying for I paid a markup value three times what these products are actually worth so when it comes to Jones or anyone for that matter who's trying to tell you they are the sole arbiter of truth don't drink the kool-aid and please please don't pay for the supplements okay so there is this amazing commercial that plays at the end of Alex Jones videos we're inside the info wars lab and alex says his team has finally perfected it super male vitality a testosterone supplement for men to demonstrate how well it works his laughs assistant takes just two drops and then boom he rips open his coat and morphs into this muscle-bound Tarzan type the animal Skinner he then races across the lab and scoops up this beautiful lab assistant carrying her away meanwhile Alex Jones is waving frantically at the camera saying this is not real it was just a demonstration super male vitality will not actually turn you into a caveman but it does have many other benefits then Alex Jones points his fists into the air and flies away like Superman no seriously that's how it ends [Applause]


  1. Most herbivores have multiple stomachs to break down plant fiber, so if you go vegetarian, plan on eating your own shit.

  2. You forgot to cut out soy boy— thank you for proving to everyone what an ass you are now stay in Canada and go hide in your mommy’s basement and don’t worry, we still have the fucking guns bitch!

  3. You have 35+ years of soy and faggot built up inside of you. 1 month of "tests" judged by your own SJW mindset doesnt mean shit. Like how you said "Dont drink the cool-aid" btw even though your character and mindset obviously show us that YOU yourself have indeed drank the cool-aid lmao

  4. jeez u dont need a filter for the sink u dumbass u can just buy a pitcher with a detachable filter wich works just as well if not better.

  5. Little bit exaggerated huh like I'm no fan of alex I watch him for the memes his show isnt just conspiracy theories and yelling ik becuse I like those parts the best and there pretty far in between those clips where from multiple shows over multiple years. But ok libtard.

  6. 7:06 – That was nice editing. But your mask is visible and the change of direction is pretty blatant.

  7. I think that Alex Jones is just like Ford or any vehicle manufacturer. We know it’s been around a long time and we know that it’s reliable for the most part. Does that mean that we have to watch daily videos to stay updated? No. I think most of Jones fans don’t even pay much attention to him, they just support him and always will. So when you go out of your way to “live the full on Alex Jones life” you’re only making a fool of yourself and giving free advertising to Jones. And I enjoyed watching all of that.

  8. Oh my God, a stupid kanok.
    Thanks Alex Jones for tweaking and rudding the criminal godhating trash whore sellout people to the point of banning you?
    Hahahahahah your work here is finished for today?
    This guy don't get it?
    If you eat shit for breakfast vitamins will not help your bad breath?

  9. Yeah a bottle of high quality seaweed iodine costs me 5 bucks from a local heath food store Jones wants $30 bucks for the same junk.
    if I were you I would demand all your money back tell Alex Jones his health food stuff is crap it made you sick and give him a hospital bill and say it’s his fault too while Your at it.

  10. You ever think that maybe some of his audience knows about the product mark up but dont care because it supports Jones? I have a coworker that threw that at me when I asked.

  11. Brendan Jones you're doing nobody any favours! 1. Chemtrails exist & are sprayed daily around the world I've had them analyzed also we are not to trust government, media , medical profession we have been lied to theyve tested biological weapons on us for decades I have all the proof , they are 100% promoting gay life all over media , if you have your bloods tested through private consultants ask for a metals or toxins blood test ask for borellia Burg and bartonella tests and as for your trip to the Pacific you think you're safe from chemtrails you're a joke I'm ex royal air force & they spray them everywhere.
    As for taking supplements they help but you need know what to take to detox & rebuild the body. You're a fool #Fact

  12. no links to the studies on atrazine that definately confirm the hormonal change in male frogs cause by atrazine released from humam urine into water supplies? im not doing your job for you, but logan paul had to stop live fact checking jones because he was repeatedly right. what else will they prove him right about they fear? idk but you do too, apparently.
    p.s. soy ruined you.

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