I Tried It: 30 Days of Red Light Therapy

– Hey, I’m Hasalyn, I
am on the content team at Bulletproof and I
tried red light therapy. So the team at Joovv was
nice enough to let me use one of their Joovv infrared lights. So as a test I’ve been gettin’
my red light on twice a day, in fourteen minute increments: once in the morning, once at night. And I’ve been documenting
my sessions with a video or a picture just to see if I can see any marked changes along the way. So when I got the light, I reached out to Justin over at Joovv
to sort of explain how it all works and why all of this matters. – My name is Justin Strahan, I’m one of the cofounders of Joovv. One of the main benefits
of the Joovv light is it gives you a way to get a
significant dosage of red and near infrared light, and add
that to your daily regimen. Because in America, we
spend roughly 93% of our lifetime indoors and
separated from natural light. Our bodies are essentially
starving for these wavelengths of light and by
adding this application of light to our daily routine,
we’re able to help increase our overall health in a
number of different ways. – Basically modern life is
filled with damaging blue light, from our cell phones to
the lights in our office, the LEDs in our cubicles, from just not getting out and being outside
and experiencing light. And they’re damaging our cells as well, but red light therapy can counter that. – Really when it comes down to who should use red light therapy, it’s pretty much anyone that cares about their health. For people that are interested
in the beauty benefits, such as the increased collagen
production for skin health, or there’s professional
athletes that are looking to maximize their performance and
reduce their recovery times, reduce muscle pain and soreness. We have customers that
are elderly folks that are trying to increase their overall energy, improve their quality of sleep. And then we have folks
that are in their 20s, males that are trying to improve their testosterone production for example. – The basic crux of red light is, that if you are alive, your cells need ATP. And if you’re stressed out or you’re sick, or maybe you’re exposed
to a bunch of junk light, your cells produce something
called nitric oxide, which binds to CCO and halts
the production of ATP synthase. That’s a problem for your cells. But red light and near infrared light can actually break the bond
of nitric oxide to CCO, and it allows the oxygen
to bind to NADH and restores the pathway to
produce ATP synthase. – Natural sunlight has a
wide range of wavelengths, shorter than 400 nanometers
that would fall into the UV spectrum, and then you
have visible light between approximately 400 to 700 nanometers. So basically the colors of the rainbow. And then near infrared from approximately 700 to 1300 nanometers. And then you have mid
and far that extend from 1300 to 3000 and then from
3000 on up to one micron. And these wavelengths all have
different biological impacts. UV light for example, there
are specific wavelengths that are beneficial for
Vitamin D production. The visible light spectrum obviously, if we didn’t have that
it’d be difficult to get around during the
day, whereas UV light in the mid 800 range
has been demonstrated by the scientific research in
the field photobiomodulation, to have the unique impact
on cellular function as has red in the mid 600
nanometer wavelength range. – So after about 20 days of
red lighting twice a day, I can tell you that I started
getting compliments on my skin which is really random, but we
work remotely at Bulletproof so I had just had calls,
Skype calls where people would see my face, and would be asking
like, “What are you doing?” “Things are looking a little different.” “Your skin looks so bright!” I also felt like when the autumn came into the Pacific Northwest and things
started to get really gray, I wasn’t quite as affected maybe by it as I would have been at the end of Summer. And I can tell you that nothing
else in this time changed, except the red light, the
rest of my life was the same. I still have to crazy kids, I
still don’t get enough sleep. I still work too much, I still could probably have a slightly better diet. I still drink wine on occasion. – By helping to restore
health cellular function, increasing ATP production, that’s why we get these whole hosts of benefits. So everything from reducing
joint pain and inflammation, reducing the time required
for muscle recovery, boosting virtually every type of cellular function in
the tissues of the body. – Overall, if you have
access to a red light, or a red light sauna,
or you have the money to buy a red light, I
would 100% recommend it. If you’d like to learn more
about the science behind red light therapy, why
it works, how it works, and how it might apply to you, be sure to listen to the
Bulletproof radio podcast with Justin Strahan from Joovv and also visit blog.bulletproof.com where we have a ton of articles and videos
with our CEO Dave Asprey talking specifically
about red light therapy. And if you like this video be sure to subscribe to Bulletproof on YouTube today.


  1. So the only noticeable benefits were ‘things looking a little different’ in terms of improved skin and it ‘might’ have made her less affected by autumn 🤔

  2. what happened to catalyticcolor? The music is super annoying playing behind the speaking. Red light is way underrated.

  3. Might be interesting to try and strap one to the body all day with a vest or something, if it does not run too hot

  4. There was a study in 2015 "Light-emitting Diodes: a brief review and clinical experience". Only photomodulated yellow light was said to alter ATP production. Red is good for collagen, and IR for wound healing. BLUE can kill bacteria but doesn't penetrate beyond epidermis… I am still skeptical.

  5. But seriously 15 minutes a day twice a day sounds like a lot of work. Are there any other regimens that would work? I mean like 30 minutes once every two days? or 45 minutes a week? It sounds like a big commitment. Also, it would have been nice to have seen before/after photos. Ciao from Italy, L

  6. You should be using the goggles that you use for tanning beds, I work at a tanning salon and we offer red light treatments, and it is still VERY damaging to the eyes if you don’t use the goggles while using red light

  7. Something to be careful of. If you have brown spots on the skin the red light (for some reason) will significantly darken them, making them more visible.

  8. Why did you not use the Dave's True Dark red light device instead of the Joovv for your first encounter with this therapy?

  9. after doing some research, i gave up buying Joovv's one and bought another brand , there are many products on the market, I guess that one fits me more in every way, do your research when you consider buying red light

  10. Would an led grow light for indoor gardens not work? They are in the blue and red spectrums and can be purchased for a range of $50 on up to several hundred $, depending on brand and size. I’m thinking…. hanging a large one over the bed and basically, “tan” (for lack of a better word). After a shower or before bed. I have a large light from Mars Hydro that was about $300 that I’m not using for anything else. May be it’s worth a shot. Any opinions on that?

  11. Joov Light is wayyyyyy too expensive-that’s y no one does red light therapy-just like green light therapy rids migraines, but where do u get a green light..

  12. Or you can always save lots of money and build your own sauna for under $200. That's what I did. https://rubyluxlights.com/blogs/news/how-to-make-your-own-near-infrared-sauna-aka-rubyluxs-red-room

  13. …"trying to improve energy and quality of sleep" ..is not exactly an endorsement. What are the perceived or better yet, actual results ?

  14. Dr.Jack Kruse he's a dentist slash brain surgeon that can explain all of the mechanisms and how they work on the quantum level and what they do to you.
    Quantum biology is the most difinitive explanation for human anatomy and how the body works.

  15. 🤔 NO THANK YOU😱. This is ridiculous! Who in their right mind would pay $300 to $700 just to get red and near-infrared Light on their skin???!!! Just go out into the sun and get some exercise! Consume plenty of fat and proteins from pork, beef, chicken, fish and turkey! SHEESH!

  16. Please cut that music (its bass thumping drowns out everything) // had to stop listening. Sorry but I would also listen easier if you we a bit more relaxed. Its ok to breathe between sentences. You need more honest people for feed back…Btw I’m a big fan of BP (but even Dave can get annoying sometimes – but don’t we all. Anyway w/ best intensions cheers

  17. I did a spectrum analysis. On the 36" red/NIR full LEDs from eBay and they came out 630nm and 880nm.
    The intensity/irradiance was around 35mw/cm2 at 6 inches.
    Cost was less than 1/2 of joovv

  18. I bought one a few months ago for treating inflammation and my thyroid gland. I haven't experienced any benefits yet.

  19. UV light is below Blue, around 400NM. Don't you mean Red tending towards IR in the 800NM range???
    How come you publish such a basic mistake??

  20. I hate it when people or companies extort the price for something healing.
    My research lead me to the colored flood lights at Menards and their near infrared

  21. anyone notice that she never actually gave the results? she said she tried it for thirty days but never showed any pictures from before the thirty days and after. way to go. yay, clickbait.

  22. Hasalyn you're wrong omg. Nitric oxide is produced by cells in our body and is an important molecule for blood vessel health. its also a vasodilator meaning it causes your blood vessels to widen. It increases blood flow to the muscle and lowers blood pressure. That's why a good preworkout has something called L Citrulline that boosts nitric oxide production so that you have better endurance and handle more training volume. You're incorrect do your research

  23. “Let there be light” book by Darius Dinshah Spectro Chrome light therapy was developed by Dinshah in the early 1900 was used in hospital by Dr Kate Baldwin on third degree burn on an 8 year old and totally regenerated her skin without grafts. There are over 200 dysfunctions you can reverse with all the colour spectrum of the rainbow. Very inexpensive. You can use a clip light with specific coloured Roscoleen bells. www.dinshahhealth.org

  24. how about, go outside for 30 minutes during the day or lunch break? call me mr traditional but….. you wouldn't need to pay some tool selling red light

  25. It is true that most lighting used in offices, shopping centers and even homes provide an excess of blue light. One easy remedy is to replace the modern type lighting by the older incandescent lights of lamps if these are still available where you live of work. These lights emit light mainly in the yellow and red region , nothing at all in the uv region and nothing in the very dangerous near IR wavelength of 1micron which has been proved in excessive exposure to cause skin cancer..

  26. I know there are lot of ads on You Tube now but I didn't know they were now showing those terrible late night TV infomercials

  27. I can vouch for the Ruby Lux near infrared bulb. It definitely helps with healing, pain, collagen building which is what I have used it for on myself and others personally. There's a lot of conflicting advice on how long it is safe to apply to one area. Some sites say 5 minutes on the head and up to 20 on the body but a Harvard professor uses it for 20 minutes to jump his brain. I do 15 minutes per spot. It is hot, very effective and people will compliment your skin. Also you can apply it again after one hour and it's affects are cumulative. Don't sleep on it. Cost me about $30 and I brought a brooder lamp with a clamp to use it.

  28. I hope everyone is aware that this is just another way for bulletproof to make money by sponsoring this specific red light company and most likely get some revenue out of sending them potential buyers.

  29. I use a Medlight 630 Pro because the best way to deliver the photo light therapy has to be directly on the skin to get the ATP function. It’s all about how much energy is delivered at the cellular level.

  30. Without a before and after, this is a waste of time. Putting up a video like this without a before and after undermines Bulletproof's credibility. It's just an ad or puff piece. Very disappointing.

  31. Yep, no proof of this working. But have you noticed, blondie, that your one eye is now much smaller than the other…..?

  32. I know for sure red light works; one can not really 'quantify' the benefits, but the well-being it brings is awesome.

  33. I made a solar light from 5 tungsten bulbs 5 x 100 W. I use it about 10 – 15 minutes a day for whole body in winter – to bring more energy – I discover that tungstem light has the best spectrum with maximum continuous energy 800 – 1200 nm. This winter for the first time I didn't have any cold and some stains on my body that I am fighting over 30 years disappeared….

  34. Hello peeps, I am planning to get this LED Eye patch for my dark circles and wrinkles. Has anybody here tried this? I have severe dark circles and really need help. https://www.joyfreet.com/products/claigio%E2%84%A2-led-magic-phototherapy-patch

  35. Cliff Note: If you live in a cave this has benefits… If you actually get outside for 30 minutes a day, your wasting your money… 🤔

  36. It would be helpful if these Joovv promotion videos actually explained how to maximize use of the Joovv Mini rather than always focusing on the $5000 full unit.

  37. I love Bulletproof and generally find it informative and actionable. This is not one of the stronger videos.

  38. This is very very much clickbait. I am a bioengineering major at Stanford university. Blue light does not harm you. The fucking sky is blue. The ocean is blue. If blue light was that bad we would have noticed by now. ALSO you did NOT show before or after pictures or implement any quantitative data measure whatsoever to evidence your claim. No visible wavelength of light can have an effect on any part of your body deeper than the dermis. Some areas of the brain may be affected if you ONLY live in ONE color of light. This science actually works too but this video is utter BS

  39. If this worked …would expect to see young, relaxed looking spokespeople ….that woman could have much better looking skin if she had a better diet….

  40. I always love to see the results! I had great results with fyre-shop.com and they are extravagant I couldnt have asked for a better therapy machine 🙂

  41. Absolutely the best neck pain relief. I fractured the fourth vertebrae in my neck over forty years ago, at times the pain is very intense. The pain is due to muscle strain the ( medical ) Doctor treatment consisted of bed rest and stupefying pain pills. How do you fit bed rest into a working life and who wants to be dumbed down ? I used chiropractors the relief lasted about an hour. Light therapy works , it actually works to increase range of motion and can reduce the pain completely.
    Of all my experience in pain relief light therapy works best . Best no question, which brand? This is not a commercial so no model or brand will be mentioned. Hope you resolve your pain issues as completely as I did.

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