I went Vegan for 30 Days – Here’s how it affected my health…


  1. – Remove the sausages.
    + Add oatmeal, rice, whole wheat bread, pasta, potatoes and sweet potatoes for carbs and calories (to keep your weight in check).
    + Peanut butter, nuts in general and avocado for healthy fats and tasty snacks (to fill you up).
    + Add legumes and tofu for those pesky proteins and more importantly, iron. Make sure you eat it together with foods rich in vitamin C such as broccoli or lemon. I heard spinach inhibits iron absorption so it's best not to eat along your iron rich food but I'm not sure.
    + B12 supplement pill and/or fortified soy milk.
    + Add greens and other veggies for vitamins and stuff.

    There you go, easy peasy vegan diet.

  2. It always feels good when you cut out all the junk food and processed food but eating vegan for more than a month you'll start to notice all those positive games disappear and it turns really bad it's on sustainable you're misleading people with this foolish video

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  4. your tonation pattern indicates that you clearly dont think what you ate was healthy. go to sv3rige and meat of the matter

  5. Me as a vegan, seeing that he only bought fruits and vegetables thinking, well he’s in for a tough month 😂😂

  6. Yay, someone that didn’t just eat a small salad for lunch then argue veganism isn’t nourishing enough!

  7. I became vegan about 5 years ago. Nothing much changed except that my gas, bloating and constipation problems disappeared. My weight normalized and stabilized for the first time in my life. People make too much of a deal out of going vegan. Many things are very easily adaptable to veganism. Asian, Mexican, and Italian, for example, don't taste any different sans meat. You aren't limited to fruit and leafy greens. Not by any means. And, modern meat substitutes are awesome. You actually CAN have a hamburger at a cookout without killing a fellow mammal. If veganism didn't work for you, it's because you never quite figured it out.

  8. Anyone that has eaten a diet of total crap then only ate unprocessed plant food/ veg would undoubtedly feel better after a week or two of adaption. Long term though, that's a different matter.

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