IBD Wellness day 2019

We had so many people come and enjoy the things we had on offer so we had a Good morning so today is the Crohn’s and
Colitis Berkshire Network wellness day just making my way over to my friend’s
house because we’re gonna go together quite excited for today because my first
ever event for the network was a wellness day so this is bringing back
good memories and I’m feeling pretty excited about it so I will try and
document as much as I can today and then I’ll do a nice little vlog for you all
um if you head over to my Instagram I have a volunteering section on my
highlights so I just document all of what I do for Crohn’s and Colitis UK to
help raise awareness for Crohn’s and Colitis. What else can I say
as usual hit that subscribe button in the corner of your screen and you can
find all my social media links in the description box below and yeah let’s
just get this day started and I will document as much as I can so see you
soon. So we’re at the event and I will show you we’re all set up so I didn’t get any of that on camera but I will show you what we have got for you so We’ve got some of our volunteers here Haruki say hi Sharan we got people from Ileostomy Association Colostomy UK and we have some raffle prizes So just on my way home back from the
Wellness Day it was such a good day we had a fitness session a wellness
mind-body session and we had a yoga session as well first time I’ve done
yoga so that was really good yeah have loads of food left over so taking them
home and that’s hopefully been an insight of what we do and hopefully see
you at the next event Hi guys so I’ve literally just come back from the Crohn’s and Colitis UK Berkshire networks IBD wellness day which I
obviously volunteered at being part of the network I just want to say a massive
thank you to my friends in the network for doing such an amazing job a lot of
people don’t see the time and effort that we put in behind the scenes to make
sure that these events run smoothly so we have to find an event place we have
to contact people to hire that place and to make sure it’s safe for us to even be
there we also have to make sure we have people to be at the event because
there’s no point organising event and none of us are there so we
have to make sure that we’re all available to be there and to make the
events such a successful one but today we was so fortunate with the
weather it was such a nice day which really added to the positivity of the
day and the success of it we had so many people come and enjoy the things we
had on offer so we had a had a yoga session we had a functional fitness
session and we had a mindfulness session and the way they were incorporated
during the day was so good we had the Ileostomy Association and Colostomy UK representatives there to give support and information on stomas and it was beneficial because we were there to be able to talk to you
guys and that’s why we do these events we do them for you so we can be there
as a source of support and information and to help you feel more comfortable
talking about your Crohn’s or Colitis and some people they don’t they
don’t have either Crohn’s or colitis but they know someone that does and they come along with them to support them and that’s what it’s all about
we’re just here for support and to raise awareness of Crohn’s and Colitis so
hopefully what you’ve just watched in this video gives you more of an idea of
what we do at the Berkshire Network to kind of help you guys and to do all our
part to raise awareness of inflammatory bowel disease so if you
haven’t already subscribe to my channel and you can find all my social media
links in the description box below I do have a highlight section on my Instagram
where I document all of the volunteering that I do with my friends as well so if
you want to look back at some events it’s all on that highlight and hopefully
I’ll be able to do more videos like this to show you guys what we actually do at these events and hopefully be able to see some of you
there as well so until the next event see you soon and I hope you have a good

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