Ideal Protein and the Impact of Weight Loss on Overall Health

[Music] my shop pharmacy in Grand Bay it’s a clinic focused pharmacy so when you walk in very little front store intended to be comfortable welcoming and we really focus on a lot of clinical services when we open the store we that was our intent was to offer services perhaps that aren’t otherwise available in the community I was particularly interested in offering some sort of weight management program when we opened the store my background is as a hospital pharmacist working in the area of dialysis and nephrology so people with kidney disease so most of the clients that I would see had been dealing most of their lives with things like diabetes hypertension high cholesterol and they were kind of at the end stages of that disease and so where when I worked with them is very little I could do to kind of back up that metabolic process and so my job was to help them help with their medications at that sort of late stage so when you open the store was really important to me to to get involved in something that would prevent people from reaching that point so some something in the process that would prevent them from from getting to the place where they needed dialysis or some other serious health intervention and so weight loss was part of that and so when I started looking at programs and we started talking with Ideal Protein it seemed like a really really good fit because it really targeted those aspects of the metabolic system that get people to those in stages diseases I think that one of the benefits for us is that it you know it positions us as a pharmacy that really cares about people’s health and in the overall primary reason why people are sick right so we’re we’ve got a diet program that that sort of targets the reason why people have high blood pressure the reason why they they need diabetic medications so it’s counterintuitive to what you think a pharmacist would want to do you know from from a perspective of economics but it is it is it just it for us it really demonstrates what we truly care about and that is getting people better and so it’s a perfect partner for that as people are losing the way their their health issues are resolving that’s really what we’re all about my life has changed dramatically in that I can now interact much better with my grandchildren my movement around is so much better at lost 75 pounds so far and another 50 to go and I’ll be back to my high school weight so the key factors of Ideal Protein that make it has made it successful and easy for us to implement is a structure that the program the organization brings and the guidance the guiding documents that it provides I find from a perspective of getting people involved they find it easy so the foods simplify the thought process most people that come they’ve been on other diets they’re tired of making decisions about their food and so Ideal Protein I see it as a tool to help them lose the weight that takes some of that guesswork out of it for them makes it very simple so I find the foods are very helpful from that perspective but the documentation the support and the education to go along with the program are what really make it different and make it successful for for people and also as a coach makes it easier because a lot of that support material is provided and in the education for us it’s provided so from that perspective it’s not like you’re developing a diet program from from scratches and well developed as well supported so it makes it a whole lot easier to implement really good results I mean for those those people that stick through the program and do the entire program they’ve done really really well I have people that have lost up to 100 pounds and they’re now you know maintaining that so that’s really wonderful to see and as much as weight loss is important what amazes me is the results I’ve seen in terms of blood pressure reduction diabetic medication reduction and cholesterol medication reduction in such a short period of time we’ve had a lot of support there’s there’s two primary physicians in Grand Bay and both of them have referred patients to us but clients that come to us have physicians all over the city so in general the majority of the responses have been very pod usually if if someone comes to me and needs to start the program if they have any reason why we need to contact their physician whether it’s a blood pressure medication that needs to be changed or they have an underlying condition that I need to verify some information about I always communicate with the doctors initially and the response has been very positive I haven’t had very much pushback and someone reaches the goal or if they exceed that goal you know like it’s just the over doy that you know I bring some is the most gratifying part actually I know her very well so start out very you know low self confidence you know I didn’t want to go shopping just want to stay in stay behind the scenes and now she comes in full of energy like shopping into all you should see what I got this time and it’s just like night and day it’s unbelievable [Music] [Music] you

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