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  2. How do you mix baking soda, with water or just sprinkle it on, or what? would pine needles be okay to use for mulch(I have pine trees everywhere) around the tomato plant? how often should I water my tomato? it's in a container. I just found you, I love your videos they're so helpful and I need your help, thank you so much.

  3. Mine were doing fine. Then it rained for 2 days straight and the next day it dropped down pretty cold for May. The next day? BOOM! The tips of my chocolate cherry tomato plant started wilting with a dead look to them. I stuck my finger in the pot and it wasn't wet so I figured I would give it more water since it's a pretty huge plant now just growing out of a pot. It is the largest "spa pot" you can get from Walmart. There have been huge amounts of aphids recently on the pepper plant and they are traveling over to the tomato. The soil is potting soil mixed with quite a bit of seed starter and maybe that's where I went wrong by being lazy. Hopefully it isn't a bacterial wilt and I can save it.

  4. Have you ever used Tums/water solution to prevent BER in your tomatoes? I saw a video where they were using it to add one Tums & water to spray their tomatoes.

  5. I was convinced that my tomato plant had early blight so I just sprayed a copper fungicide. Now you’ve taught me it’s actually brown leaf spot. I’m glad the treatment is the same!

  6. Hoping someone could give some insight on a problem Ive had with domingo tomatoes. I have grown over 2 lbs of this type but I also sometimes get a plant that kicks out a bunch small toms that are shape and size of roma tomatoes. I end up just jerking those out of the ground.??

  7. Hi, why would my tomato bush's stems peel and then later look like someone scrapped the bark with a coin?

  8. I am looking for the long video that has an index for specific issues of the tomato problems.I think it was taped this year. I cannot find it again after using it most of the spring and summer.Please give me the name of the long video. Thanks in advance. from a computer challenged gardener.

  9. Very valuable video. Thank you for sharing the various challenges tomatoes can face and how to best deal with them. You're the best!!

  10. Thank you for showing us that anyone can get garden diseases. Gardens take tons of work and there always seems to be some new disease or bug beastie terrorizing my garden. :p

  11. Throw in some egg shells. Slow release natural form of calcium. Crush them up and toss them in before transplanting. Prevents blossom rot.

  12. Hi I'm in Nigeria and I started harvesting at December but early this month the stems started drying off while the roots looked ok. I've been spraying antifungal but no improvement, the fruits are not so big as they use to be. I'm thinking of trying the backing soda. What do you think? I'm really desperate

  13. You mention near the end about maybe saving the seeds from the tomato that is dying off. I've often heard that you should only save seeds from the very best fruit off of the plant. Is that not true?

  14. I find myself wondering about those sick plants and can a grower clean-up the soil in those pots to insure it doesn't happen again?

  15. I though that too, but the small spots does not match any pics from the diseases. I try neem oil with a little soap but all went even worst, then i cut all the trees but the stems started to die out…very frustrating. The roots seemed good, no issues there…

  16. question…my tomato plants had a lot of flowers, fruit setting and then the leafs started to wilt and have some tinny yellow dots all over, which i started to cut down just in case, but all of the sudden the plant started to die…what is it? I use fish solution, kelp and some blood meal. My plants are in pots.

  17. Got the same problems in Australia. The yellow leaf spot is so effective at killing my growth off. It seems like unless you have an impeccably clean site with a breeze, drip fed and under cover you are going to get problems with most of your plants and can't do the whole 100% organic thing. First year I didn't have a problem really, I planted tomatoes, never pruned them and overhead watered them all season without disease but now I'm paranoid as hell.

  18. Hi, Gary. Really enjoy your videos. Early blight is always a problem here in Indiana, too. My mortgage lifters and San Marzano have it bad. No blossom end rot, though. I'm going to experiment next year with the rain gutter/grow bags system under my covered patio (it's really a pergola we covered with clear corrugated, so sun gets through, but rain doesn't. My husband loves sitting out there when it's raining). Anyway, hoping we can avoid early blight and splitting.

  19. Hi Gary my jalapenos top are starting to grow deformed and scorch leaves ….no pest found does it need lime,fertilizer it has fruit and buds,flowers growing but top leaves are curled and wrinkley deformed …

  20. How do you know if your tomato plants are determinate or indeterminate? My tags don't tell me.

  21. Organic gardening Early blight is hard to avoid, they are killing my plants, still fruiting and ripening been spraying neem oil and soap on them to kind of slow the spread. Wet hot summer.

  22. Hey Gary, what do you do about pesky squirrels stealing your tomato? They make me so mad, they don't even eat half of the fruit and waste the rest! I'm about ready to shoot them. Please, Help!!

  23. Good day Gary !! thanks for sharing this information and advice on how to identify and treatment for differnt Tomato plant diseases !! thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences and as always happy gardening !!

  24. Super sad.. I'm a first time grower and everything was handy dandy, then literally after I watched this video yesterday, I went home, to my roof, and looked at my plants and BAM! Blossom rot.. :'( I had removed about 8 of all different sizes. Some big and looked like they were ready to turn red. I feel defeated. I have many good looking ones still.. But I'm scared I haven't even gotten to harvest any yet. I purchased your Nitrogen and calcium mix yesterday and also some gypsum.. I hope I can save my plant. I really wanted to succeed.

  25. Hey Gary, love your channel.

    I'm growing roma tomatoes and they starting getting BER on both green and red toms. After a generous addition of lime, the BER was reduced, but it still appears on ripening toms. I've never seen so much BER on any other plants, even with the liberal use of lime.

    Anything I can do, or do roma tomatoes just get BER no matter what?


  26. Gary, great channel. I was going back through all your 2016 videos and the playlist ends in October with the grow light video. I think there are a bunch of videos missing from the rest of the year.

  27. not only am I having problems with blossom end rot, but a lot of the flowers on my tomato plants fall off and don't "set" into fruit? could that also be a calcium deficiency? its sad seeing just a couple tomatoes on my plants when there should be dozens!

  28. Looks like my Huge Lemon Oxheart plants. Marglobe's next row are perfect Gary. Marglobe's were listed as disease resistant and they lived up to their reputation. Fought this blight last 18 years, only grow Marglobes from here on.

  29. Gary you mentioned that roma tomatoes are prone to BER . I read the same about San Marzano . Why is that?

  30. I attempted to fight a bad outbreak of septoria leaf spot on my tomatoes and downy mildew on my cucumbers, but sadly I think I was too late. By the time I sprayed almost all leaves had had brown spots (within a couple days of the first sign). The serenade I used fought it off for a week or so, but it was already established in the plant and mostly all the leaves have died off and the fruit has rotted from the leaf spot! Same thing with downy mildew….It's amazing how quickly these diseases get going! Great video, Gary.

  31. Hi Gary.. can I use the peroxide to combat powdery mildew as well? I'm going to try this on my tomatoes as well. Early blight is getting me here in GA too. ARGH! My tomatoes looked great until the last week. (:-( Thanks! ~Lisa

  32. If the plant is dying from unnatural death, u prob should throw out the fruits. You don't know wat exactly caused the death. Could b caused by infection, genetics, chemical, nutrient deficiency, or etc. It may look ok on the outside, but it could contains excess lvls of bacteria.

  33. thanks for your videos, they have filled in a lot of my knowledge gaps. the zuccinni and squash video you recently posted was perfect timing, as we started having a few different issues with our plants.

  34. All my tomatoes died this week. We've just had nothing but overcast and rain since June 1st and the plants just gave up. Everyone I've talked to around here in South Louisiana has had a terrible tomato season.

  35. Your timing always impeccable lol. So Gary I noticed mmm think last yr. U talked about just baking soda, water and few drops of dawn. (Which I'm using) This yr you added the aspirin. Have u noticed big difference since adding it? As much as I'm a native plant enthusiasts. I don't love crab grass grrr. Should I be laying hay around some things and mulch around others? What kind of mulch also? I laid some hay on my squash vines (side garden). And there doing really good. No signs of bugs so far. But the Borers got to two others in back garden :-/ Finally no rain for 2 days whew.

  36. I used your suggestion of baking soda spray and I see really no signs of blight on mine, I'm in south east Virginia. I really enjoy your videos and have learned a lot from you.

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