iDisorder: NBC4 Takes a Look at Internet Addiction

we're surrounded by our phones computers iPads and with all these gadgets how could something that helps us be hurting us tonight we're getting you answers about something called I disorder the lure of the alert that little beep almost like a present what could it be a tax new male big news you hear the pinyon it was an automatic response it was like there's the Pavlovian dog response to reach for it check it out and see what it was Dave ceilings a hard worker up early staying late and never gadget free I'll have my laptop with me I'll have an iPad with me I love my phone with me wondering where your phone is all of a sudden and and going into a panic of what am I missing almost a fear of missing out it was definitely an addiction when you hear that sound when you see that blip to go check it out to see what's going on and that is an addiction is it all the gadgets and being able to be connected 24/7 I definitely think that's a part of it dr. Megan shapping a psychiatrist at Riverside Methodist Hospital says internet addiction disorder is growing it's an excessive use of the internet to the point that it gets in the way of life hurting your marriage work or grades even pushing you to a point of depression first seen in Asia in teens who hung out in internet cafes all day and night and don't think that we are immune we've seen more of an emergence of this disorder here in America as people are becoming more connected with this sort of huge expansion and technology and dr. shapping says some studies suggest an internet addiction works like a drug addiction that you can't break bottom line it's a problem if the gadgets get in the way of life so they told you yes yes it was very very clear that guess said they were you know hey we're over here Dave's family said no more and how long ago was it that you said I'm gonna change here I'd say probably about two years ago he silenced the phone and says he's better for it I found a lot of relief when I turned those notifiers off and if it was important people knew that they could call me but if it was something I could wait they waited I loved that they waited treatment for this can include cognitive behavioral therapy for kids the best way to prevent an internet addiction it's really to limit their screen time I know it's tough but better to limit it first than to end up with an addiction down the road

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