If Your Baby has a Severe Allergic Reaction – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance

Sometimes our bodies come into contact
with things that can cause an allergic reaction, which may cause a rash or
sneezing. These may be uncomfortable but not life-threatening. However, a severe allergic reaction, which
is also known as anaphylactic shock, can develop in seconds and needs to be
treated quickly. Your baby may have a severe allergic
reaction to some foods, such as nuts, or animal hair or even to some medicines. If
your baby is having a severe allergic reaction you might see some of these signs. They
may get a red, itchy, raised rash. Their eyes may be itchy and watery. Their face
or lips may swell up. They may vomit or have diarrhoea. They may become wheezy or
find it difficult to breathe. They may either be very pale or very
flushed, and they may become very upset. If you think your baby is having a
severe allergic reaction, you need to get help soon as possible.
Dial 999 or 112 straightaway. Tell them that you think your baby is having a severe
allergic reaction and what might have caused it. Sit your baby on your lap and lean them
forward slightly to help their breathing while you’re waiting for help. If you
already know what your baby is allergic to and your doctor has prescribed
medication to treat an allergic reaction, like an EpiPen, give them the medication
in the usual way like your doctor has told you. If you think they are in shock,
lie them down and raise their legs. If your baby is unresponsive, if they are
not moving or making a sound and they’re not breathing normally you’ll need to
give them CPR. So remember: call 999 or 112. Give allergy
medicine if you have it. Sit your baby on your lap and lean them forwards to help with
their breathing. If your baby is unresponsive and not breathing normally,
start CPR. And that’s how we treat a baby with a severe allergic reaction. Thanks for watching. Help support St
John Ambulance – donate today.

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