IKEA Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms 2019 Hacks

You’ve barely got enough room to place the
fixtures, much less a huge armoire to store linens and bath sundries. That’s why you need to check out these ideas
for turning slivers of space into efficient storage. 1. Take storage up high. Put the walls to work by installing shelves
for fresh towels above the tub. (But keep them narrow enough to minimize the
danger of collisions when getting in or out.) Note that this tub also boasts a generous
deck for storing sundries close to the action. 2. Install recessed medicine cabinets. Want to maintain a sleek profile while storing
medicine and make-up close to the sink? Install recessed medicine cabinets between
the studs and gain plenty of storage space for sundries. 3. Bring in the baskets. A vanity’s open shelf calls for baskets
to keep towels, paper products, and grooming supplies organized. This furniture-style unit also includes small
drawers to hold brushes, combs, make-up, and jewelry. 4. Stay organized with drawer dividers. Don’t let your vanity drawers turn into
junk drawers. Use clear acrylic drawer dividers to keep
make-up, combs and brushes, and other gear visible and accessible for another day of
grooming. 5. Slide in a slim storage unit. The reality of pedestal sinks is that they’re
prettier than they are practical. Where do you put your make-up? Your medicine? Your grooming gear? Recessed medicine cabinets can help, but a
tall storage tower can do more to store bathroom staples close to the action. 6. Open up a niche. Even the tightest space gains storage potential
when you go between the studs to add a storage niche. This somewhat claustrophobic tub alcove, for
example, becomes much more functional with the addition of a built-in niche for towels,
soap, and lotion within arm’s reach of the bather. 7. Borrow space for built-in storage. Sometimes it’s possible to do more than
add a small niche or recessed medicine cabinet. Take this tiny bathroom, for example. By borrowing space from a staircase behind
the sink wall, the owner was able to add a large alcove with glass shelves for holding
bathroom staples. 8. Climb the walls. Your bathroom may not have room for cabinets,
but chances are it has enough wall space to support hooks and shelves. Use a combination of both to keep towels handy
and jewelry safe from falling in the sink when you get ready for your day or your evening. 9. Do everything you can. Short on floor space? Install a hotel-style shelf up high, and a
slim cabinet with a glass-front door on the floor to handle your everyday storage needs. Still coming up short? Add in some of our other smart ideas: a recessed
medicine cabinet, a sink with a generous deck, and a vanity with cabinets or a storage tower. Now you’ve got it covered. 10. Hide clutter behind a skirt. Blessed with a pedestal sink or a wall-mounted
sink that can’t accommodate a vanity? Attach a gathered skirt using hook-and-loop
tape and gain a graceful disguise for plumbing, paper products, and cleaning supplies. that’s all for now. Don’t forget to like, give your comment and
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