I'm a SkyHealth Flight Nurse: True Story

you have to be prepared and ready to go on a whim so when they call we go one of my early mentors was a flight paramedic so at the time I thought that was the coolest job there was when I was transitioning into nursing those always something in the back of my mind was how can I put together like my two loves EMS and nursing so you know thankfully Here I am when those tones go off all of us we jump out of our seat where is it what is it once you start processing it through your head you know that natural just calm comes over you and you just you start going to work I'm an ice you nurse by trade and we're in the helicopter we're essentially a mobile ICU we have you know all the equipment you would need for initial and continued intensive care the difference though is we don't have the resources that we have you know in a helicopter on the ground so it's my partner not if I don't know something I'm gonna ask my partner my part isn't know something you know they're gonna ask me and we go through a lot of training throughout the year and it's because we really have to be at the top of our game you learn up a lot about yourself on clothes like that just how you deal with stress and anxiety how you work with your team you know under those difficult situations it's not a call you want to go on but it's sometimes to call you need to go on to remind you why you do what you do the flying is not what people you know might think it is it's not you know we're not doing tricks in the air you know we're there for a purpose you have a patient in front of you you're going to work and you're not thinking about other things to be a nurse it's not about like going in for an 8 or 12 hour shift and then go at home like being a nurse is who you are as a person so I'm very fortunate with this job I get to meet nurses from all over the spectrum you


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