I'm Addicted To Video Games And Can't Control Myself

hey I'm Simon and like many others I played video games since I was a little kid only for me it turned into an addiction that was making my life harder before I turned 15 I was playing video games a lot but not so much to ruin my grades or affect other aspects of life then my friends introduced me to one competitive online game I'm not going to call it by name but most you will probably guess which one I'm talking about we were playing together talking through microphones and it was a lot of fun while working together as a team soon my friends moved to other games but I stuck with it it wasn't just fun for me it also was interesting to develop my skills in it honestly I dreamed of turning into a professional gamer one day and all my free time went to this basically it felt like I was doing something useful before games were just about having fun the same is like watching a movie or reading a book you know but now it felt like it was a lifestyle I spent all of my free time playing it usually until morning of course in school I was sleepy and exhausted and even if I wasn't I was thinking about the game all day watching videos about it reading news and exploring new strategies for it and then as soon as I would come home I would start playing it again usually I would think that I would play a bit and then do my homework and chores but then it was one more hour than two three five and then it's morning again at this point my grades seriously went down and needless to say my friends long have forgotten about me because I was obsessed with this one game but I didn't mind because I was getting better at the game and other stuff didn't matter but it got worse I started putting money into the game I saved on lunch money and overall allowance my parents gave me and paid for stuff in the game and they were purely cosmetic they didn't even give me any advantage my parents didn't notice at first because they worked a lot and didn't have time for it this also allowed me even miss school in order to play sometimes so all of it continued for at least half a year I managed to study as much as it was needed not to fail completely I was very nervous angry and rude during this time I was arguing with other players in the game and insulted them funny thing is that I've seen players like that since the first day of claim the game but I always laughed at them thinking I would never come to the dark side like them the same was happening in real life whole day at school I was craving to go back to play the game and got annoyed when someone tried to talk to me about their stupid ID it seemed to me back then problems when my grades became so bad I was failing my parents finally caught on with what was happening and took my computer away from me I was so mad I tried to explain to them that it's worth it and you can make millions as a professional player but they didn't listen so I did the only reasonable thing I could in this situation started playing a cheap mobile knockoff of this game but soon they took my phone away from me as well I was even madder than previous time and refused to listen to them but with time I started to realize what kind of situation I was in before my addiction started I was a good student not great but good now I was failing at almost every subject yeah even gym class teachers explained to me and my parents that I either have to go to summer school or stay for a second year to even have a chance to pass my exams later realization of my screw-up was devastating for me I felt like I had literally destroyed my chances for a good future or going to college because of my stupid and unrealistic dream of becoming a professional gamer because in reality only one person out of several thousands has a chance of becoming a pro I watched multiple videos and read articles from older guys who had the same problem and their lives were miserable I decided to devote my entire summer to studying and although it was sad and hard for me I barely managed to recover for the next year my parents were very understanding and got me my computer and phone back as soon as they saw that I was working hard on correcting my mistakes so now I'm kind of okay it's still hard to study and prepare for exams but at least I stopped my chances while I still could I don't think that video games are bad and I hope I will be able to get back to playing them when my situation is better not like last year but like before when I had played games for just a few hours every other day until then I have to keep away from them please share this video so other people with the same problem would see it and change before it's too late and if you already have the same problem share it in the comments you


  1. Please share this video so that other people with the same problem will see it and change before it’s too late. And if you already have the same problem, tell us about it in the comments.

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