Impotence? Erectile Dysfunction Natural Cures, Medicine & Foods

impotence erectile dysfunction because you get
the blood there to to achieve an erection and maintain an erection and so
that’s an important and useful piece of information for my patients that come in
and tell me you know when I use Viagra can have an erection but you know I
can’t do without it that’s important to me that tells me that we need to work on
circulation and I’m also concerned about blood sugar 15 percent of people with
erectile dysfunction have undiagnosed diabetes so that’s incredibly important
that’s a very strong message to your body that we want to interpret and
really work on that diabetes that blood sugar issue because if you have abnormal
blood sugar swings that can affect your mood which can affect your ability to
perform it can also affect your circulation oftentimes I refer to
diabetes as a disease of the cardiovascular system because it causes
oxidative damage what that means is that when your blood sugar spikes high it
damages your cardiovascular system in circulation becomes more difficult and
you can also develop atherosclerosis which is the building up of blacks are
the hardening of the arteries and so that’s an incredibly important
underlying cause and while some men may not want to live if they’re unable to
have an erection to me as a physician the most important thing even more
important than having an erection is gonna be I wanna have you live in 2009
and have to your hundred and have a long healthy fulfilling life three blood
sugar disease free of cardiovascular disease and probably being that horny
old man at ninety that can still perform right that’s that’s what that’s what
most men I think one and so this is what I’m gonna help you with today so one
important thing to do if you’re starting to have erectile dysfunction is the pay
attention did it start suddenly or has it been something that’s been gradually
coming on if it’s a sudden change important things to ask yourself are you
something changing your life is there an emotional component because while most
men may not want to admit it there’s a very emotional part to having an
erection and if you’re under severe stress you
just lost her job if you’re in an unhappy relationship then you may not be
able to maintain or achieve an erection in that situation and one way that you
can differentiate that is when you wake up in the morning do you have an
erection because that’s a physiologic process that often happens with men and
so if you’re able to wake up in the morning with an erection but unable to
perform later with your partner or if you’re able to have an erection in
masturbation but not have an erection with your partner that tells me that
there’s something going on in terms of stress but also maybe stress hormones
there could be a physiologic component to it but we’ll take a different course
of treatment and ways of approaching that then I would for someone who has a
circulatory issue or maybe prostate tissue other concerns like that where it
would be a different treatment groups so if you have a sudden onset and nothing
changed your feeling great and your relationship or just whatever whoever
your sexual partner is you have to have a relationship right but if that hasn’t
changed stresses ok nothing suddenly has
happened then it is important to go see your physician to get a full check now I
don’t want to scare you but a sudden onset of inability to have an erection
we’re concerned about nerve issues nerve damage concerned about possible cancer is a
small incidents but as a doctor I always think worse case scenario and I want to
rule out those big bad things before I feel really comfortable treating on
herbal level right and so sudden onset of erectile dysfunction pay attention is
their situation will change if not you go in and see your physician and get
some moderate than to rule out some of these big bad causes as well as some of
the other causes could be kidney issues which is also an issue with circulation
it could be fire road issues people with thyroid disease slow fire aid that can
cause erectile dysfunction and as I said blood sugar issues will all these can
contribute to that and so now let’s focus on one of the most common causes
of erectile dysfunction is gonna be people so it’s been coming
on gradually over time definition of erectile dysfunction is at
least 25% of the time that you’re trying to initiate sex either the inability to
achieve interaction are you able to achieve interaction but unable to
maintain it and that doesn’t count if you’re drinking 25% of the time that
doesn’t count alcohol can impair one’s ability to have an erection so that
would be a whole nother issue to treat but if it if it’s not any sort of drug
or alcohol use as twenty-five percent of time are unable to do that or more than
one dealing with an erectile dysfunction and so then the next step would be
figuring out what the causes so unable to get an erection in the morning and
unable to perform now I’m thinking more circulatory issues and so what we wanted
to generally if you are a patient coming in to see me I’d want to do some blood
work and i’d want to check things like your thyroid might want to check your
blood sugar and want to check your cholesterol and I’ll talk to learn about
cholesterol because it’s not the big bad thing that everyone’s telling you it is
cluster also incredibly important and it’s actually a key part of this
treatment but I still wanna know where the levels are and part of that would be
if you’re grossly cholesterol deficient if you’re honest statin drugs and your
cholesterol levels are abnormally low that can be a major issue in your
hormone production including your testosterone because cholesterol is a
precursor for all of your hormones at that base building block to make all of
it and so if you’re low it can be an issue with depression it can be an issue
with hormones you might be experiencing fatigue for people that are admitted to
the hospital for depression if they see that the cholesterol levels are
abnormally low then the sort of thing under protocol is to screen them for
suicidal depression because it’s recognized the mainstream medicine at
low cholesterol can have that much of an effect on the body as well as your
hormones people with low cholesterol often have fertility issues as well and
so that’s something that’s going to be really important so i’ll check your
blood sugar right I wanted blood cell count and just make sure
you’re not an emic make sure that there’s no infections going on prostatitis can be an infection that can
cause problems there’s a whole lot of things to look for and then what we want
to do is if we’ve gone through all of that and let’s say your blood sugar
you’re fasting blood sugar is maybe in the nineties or higher that’s a sign of
some blood sugar dysregulation and so that means that we’re going to start
doing some of the nutritional interventions both dietary so avoiding
refined carbohydrates so things like breads and pastas also sugars obviously
no white sugar staying away from the cookies all of those things can be a
really important step and for some men it may be a choice of do I want to have
my cookie use cookies you know but that it really can be bad do you want to live
with diabetes and erectile dysfunction or do you want to be healthy energetic
and sexually vital so that that’s an important reason for some people that’s
the thing that makes them change their lives so many continuing with this sort
of work up that I do with patients the next thing that we do is making some
basic dietary changes and then also if there’s a situation issuer and thinking
there’s chronic stress there in their fifties they’ve been working I’m worried
about their stress hormones and maybe their testosterone level sometimes will
test for testosterone somebody can just tell someone comes in and they’re
reporting a lot of symptoms of low testosterone and in general low and
regions which are some of your sex hormones a group of hormones the number
one thing that you can do and I tend to have people I create a treatment plan
that says here’s the low-hanging fruit is the obvious one that is going to make
a difference for most people then ok well let’s we’ve tried that we’ve got
that foundation on board here at Step 2 345 of what else we can do that’s going
to continue to refine it down and create a customized treatment plan for you and
your specific message that your body is trying to tell you number one thing is
starting with supporting healthy cholesterol so I want you to start with
eating 12 eggs that might seem like a lot here
the couple reasons why that’s going to be helpful but 12 eggs a day and ideally
I want you to space it out throughout the day because it’s gonna hit a couple
different targets for you one I want them to be runny eggs or egg
that’s because it’s going to be more bioavailable in terms of getting that
promotional precursor that’s in those egg yolks and it’s full of nutrients if
you get a good organic free-range egg or if your neighbor down this street has
chicken they always have a sign up for sale get those eggs is going to be a nice
bright orange color the yolk is gonna stand up when you crack it you don’t
want to get that you can buy the grocery store shelves really thin and light pale
yellow color is that some guys have all the nutrients that you need and it might
be actually pro-inflammatory you want an anti-inflammatory support for healthy
cholesterol healthy fats in your body to be a good healthy 812 of those a day now
part of it that’s going to do is going to be supporting the hormonal support
and not for most people is gonna make a huge difference the other part of that
is going to be hearing 12 exit day that’s a lot of food into your body and
that’s an excellent source of protein so it’s going to be replacing we’re gonna
be taking away some of those sugars some of those refined carbohydrates that are
probably part of your diet and very hard if you’ve been eating the standard
American diet if you were raised on you know pancakes for breakfast peanut
butter and jelly for lunch and then pasta for dinner at a lot of impotence
carbohydrates and carbohydrates turn into sugar in your body most people may
think I don’t understand why blood sugar issues I don’t need any sweet stuff out
even like that but they’re eating chips and bread and pasta in all these things
that just turns in the sugar in your body so it’s gonna be helping with
maintaining a level blood sugar by getting small protein snacks throughout
the day and it’s also be giving them hormonal support so that’s the number
one tip that I can give you in terms of improving your erectile performance in
terms of being able to achieve and maintain an erection so if that doesn’t
make a difference and we want to start thinking about other issues do you have
that I just have issues do you chronically suffer from diarrhea or constipation gas or bloating
and that is suggesting that your body isn’t able to absorb the with a food
that’s coming into your body and so then we need to look at ok is there a food allergy is that a
problem we might want to look at an elimination diet or a lot of folks who
might just want to start with digestive enzymes so taking digestive enzymes with
your food especially if you’ve had your gallbladder removed you need to be
taking a digestive enzyme that has ox bile and it because your body is able to
produce the bile in the quantities that it did with a with a functional
gallbladder and so when you need the pile to break down fats and absorb fat
emulsifier them is what we call it medical language and so what you wanted
to make sure that you can’t they just depends I’m so that you can absorb all
those nutrients there could be in the eggs and then the rest of your diet as
well as especially those healthy fats and cholesterol and you may see a lot of
other movement in your body what I expect to see and what I see what a lot
of patience when we’re working it underlying cause is they lose weight
they feel more vital their energy is improved life is better and it’s not
just because you’re waking up in the morning ready to engage in some fun
activities with your partner so that’s it’s a it’s a complete life changed the
next thing that we want to work on is if it continues to be an issue excellent do it you looking to do
something else or if you just want to do the full treatment plan all at once the
next things we want to do is focus on blood sugar regulation as well as
circulation and so in doing that will make sure that you have all of the
vitamins and minerals that your body needs for healthy circulation and
healthy cellular function and so what that means is oftentimes doing a good
foundation all multivitamin and also increasing your calcium and magnesium
chromium vanadium all these things I is helpful because it is targeted towards
the cardiovascular system so it’s going to help with circulation if there’s a
blood sugar issue maybe adding in so some chromium some sweetie is the
product that we do if you have diabetes or if you’re close to diabetes doing
both of those things that’s going to be a foundational part of the protocol
making sure that your digestion is on board if you if you’re having those
symptoms of that just’ve issues constipation diarrhea gas bloating then
adding in some digestive enzymes as well increased essential fatty acids I talked
about the importance of facts healthy fats for hormonal production and also be
anti-inflammatory inflammation can cause a lot of issues with circulation and so
we want to reduce inflammation as well now if you’re a man and your son to get
older and having erectile dysfunction we also want to focus on the prostate
making sure to make sure it’s not an infection but if it’s an infection if
it’s been nine prostatitis adding in a prostate support something which has saw
palmetto and it at a very robust dosing when I treat people for prostatitis been
I’m prostatitis they normally will see improvement within one month of
treatment and so that’s going to improvement in terms of course if you’re
in free force of urination stream frequency of urination and also will
start to see improvement in terms of the erectile dysfunction if that was playing
a component because if you have prostatitis it can also cause erections
to be painful and that’s gonna be even if you’re not aware of it a psychological deterrent for having
erections additionally you know the next layer of treatment for that will be
supporting the hormone side of things so especially anyone living in Western
society at some point almost all my patients I see you have some level of
adrenal fatigue I can going you’ll see more talks about that so when I go into
it too deeply essentially it’s when your stress hormones have been stressed out
for too long and if you were to look at a chart showing how to make all of your
hormone production it starts off with cholesterol and sugar pregnenolone and
then goes down and shows all of your different hormones in your body makes
testosterone estrogen dhea cortisol a whole bunch of different hormones in so
all of these together if you’ve been using too much cortisol which is a
stressful then you’re stealing all of the building
blocks for that you have enough to make testosterone and so do the hormonal
support which is also going to help maybe some of the psychological factors
that can be playing a role if you have too much stress if you’re just feeling
too tired to feel arousal to feel desire than treating the stress the adrenal
fatigue can be a huge issue and men something to pay attention to for this
is my one thing about this for your wife especially if you’ve had children
especially if she works sometimes the psychological component can be because
you’re being turned away enough times and no one likes rejection and so it’s
because your wife is tired and has adrenal fatigue you might want to gently
talk to her about supporting her energy now I recommend starting this
conversation with baby look he seemed like you really tired and i really wanna
help don’t even talk about this expert but most of my patients one of the side
effects that they see side effects of my female patients of treating their
adrenal fatigue issues is increased libido increased desire and so if that’s
a psychological component for you of knowing that when you make an attempt
to engage in sexual activity with your partner and she turned you down she’s
becoming more of a life partner raising children perhaps building a home
whatever sort of partnership you have but not an object of sexual desire
anymore and so you can change that by helping support her and then the whole
messages that she’s getting for her body so in terms of also supporting her moral
support besides the adrenal and of things which oftentimes all tree either
with herbs either the hype of pituitary hypothalamic formula as well as the male
hormonal support formula which actually for erectile dysfunction would probably
be the place to start and less high stresses and issue the male hormone
support formula would be an excellent one for that in terms of the protocol
that we’ve been talking about so number one to start with the ex easy to do can improve a lot of things for you
number to making sure that that question is on track they are having digestive issues that
your body’s not giving you a message saying hey something’s going on down
here is what we’re trying to do is underlying cause I’m not trying to mask
the symptoms which was what would happen if you are using a prescription drug you
might have an erectile dysfunction because you have undiagnosed diabetes in
your body’s trying to tell you hate this is going on let’s work on it and try and
improve it but if you mask by taking a drug than your body’s gonna have to
speak louder to get your attention and then it might be that you become insulin
dependent diabetes that you go into a diabetic crisis that you have kidney
fill all of these side effects of diabetes because you don’t listen to the
first message and so we don’t want to suppress the symptoms we want to listen
to him and address the symptoms and so that’s that’s the foundation part of
this so that Justin and then making sure that you have all the nutritional
precursors that your body needs so that healthy body brain and heart pack is
going to be important for that as well as adding in some of the hormonal
support on the next layer so that HGH use complex as well as an adrenal
support something like the good herbs male hormone supporting sure and then
making sure that there’s the psychological issues as well are dressed
at home making sure that the settings right right so making sure that your
your partner is well supported that any other outside stressors that might be
affecting you are are recognized and addressed and that
were able to support you in not only having a healthy sex life but enjoying
fully all of your life would be amazing if you could listen to your body for one
symptom and improve and change your entire life and that’s what we do with
naturopathic medicine so if you want to start this protocol if you want to
change not only your sex life but your entire life then go to take your
supplements dot com now and one of our representatives are going to help you
get started they’re going to give you a call back
and help you create a personalized plan for you based off of the things that
we’ve talked about today I’m dr. Megan Saunders and I’m so excited to be
working with you to change your life and improve your health hi I’m not to make insiders and I’m here
today to talk to you about erectile dysfunction impotence now


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