1. Happy Birthday my friend Jeff Retterer I miss you.  Though complications from his condition led to his death, he enjoyed each and every moment of his second chance at life during the last two years. His family asks that you make donations to the John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health.

  2. The plural of "anecdote" is not "data," but IOM and HHS presumably had no trouble getting the necessary HIPAA waivers when they selected and publicized these three utterly atypical case studies to "prove" that medical providers are inept diagnosticians. And what's the point? Well, in IOM's case, the ultimate "big picture" strategy is the development of federally-mandated algorithm-based medical protocols, tying health care reimbursement payments to the number of boxes ticked on an ever-increasing packet of one-size-fits-nobody "medical care" checklists. So, as a result, medical providers spend their ever-decreasing patient-care minutes reviewing checklists and forms, instead of providing individualized medical care that is specific and appropriate to each individual patient. Bottom line: my 13 years of experience in the practice of Emergency Medicine are irrelevant in the face of an HHS bureaucrat with an infinite budget and a vested interest in convincing patients and their families that only IOM checklists stand between them and otherwise-inevitable diagnostic errors. The truth is, diagnostic errors are prevented when medical providers can actually ~spend time with their patients~ — but that truth doesn't pay the salaries of the bureaucrats, administrators, and insurance executives who nod approvingly at this sort of ill-informed YouTube scaremongering.

  3. Excellent introduction! For healthcare providers looking to fulfill the IOM recommendation for supplemental Diagnostic Improvement education, consider easy-to-access, on-demand, accredited CME online through our subsidiary, Medical Interactive. With over 35 online CME courses available through the "Diagnosis University," we help make it easier to achieve performance-based objectives and improve professional practice.


    Note: Some of our available online courses have been developed by the very physicians on the IOM committee that developed this report, Mark Graber, M.D. and Patrick Croskerry, M.D, Ph.D.

  4. Excellent reminder for ALL of us. We all need to appreciate the role we play in our own health and assume that responsibility as do our family members.. Who we may need as our advocates

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