Improving Health Through UHC

ky is a teenage boy struggling with poor health which has caused him to miss a lot of school as a result he doesn't know how to read or write a prosperous country is made of prosperous people and people can only prosper if they are healthy to be healthy people need access to affordable good quality health services that come from a good health system how does a country know which strategy will lead to the best possible health outcomes for decades bodies like the World Health Organization have explored this question the conclusion is universal health coverage or simply put UHC UHC is essentially a focus on three goals firstly to ensure country's health system reaches every person secondly to ensure people can access prevention and treatment services that are of sufficient quality and finally to ensure that every person can afford health care that does not lead to poverty the three UHC goals are in the name itself Universal that's to reach everyone according to Neath health providing what's needed to improve health and coverage ensuring people don't fall into financial hardship because of cost a focus on these three goals is so effective dr. Margaret Chan director-general of the World Health Organization says I regard UHC as the single most powerful concept that public health has to offer to achieve UHC we need resilient and sustainable health systems think about an orchestra in fact an orchestra is very similar to a health system it is made up of many different parts and roles that must all work together to play a piece of music so how can an orchestra play the song of UHC the orchestras management like government ministers must ensure that the orchestra has the resources it needs to write learn and perform the song they must also ensure the audience is aware of the performance and there is an appropriate venue them to come and experience the song the composers like government departments must work together to write a good song that the audience will enjoy the conductor like health sector leaders must work with the composer's to understand the music and work with the musicians to help them play it well most importantly all the great composers conductors musicians in orchestras throughout history have understood one central truth it's all about the audience it is the audience who chooses the music and has to be satisfied by it when the soul of UHC is played well all benefit which brings us back to chi even though he lives in a rural environment and is part of an ethnic minority the local government has set up a health facility nearby the health facility had the right advice and medication for Kai's condition and taught him how to prevent getting sick again today kai has a happy family and healthy children and has become a respected community leader in his village after all a prosperous country is made of prosperous people and people can only prosper if they are healthy

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