Indian Medical Council Amendment Ordinance 2018, MCI dissolved by GoI, Current Affairs 2018


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  2. Mera yeh message MCI ko pohnchao ki bharat mai 1 crore doctor's ki kami hai please isko puri karo janta bohat dukhi hai

  3. Newspaper jaise dictate kar dete ho … Seriously girls are worst … They should never be allowed any serious tasks .
    Not good for the society
    Sorry for the comment .Buts it's true

  4. Avi na app pe gussa aa chuka hei…. Kindly slide to banao… ese bakne se kya hoga… Am sorry what am saying… But still can't u see the comments of students…. Kuch slide nei…gs ka kis topic me app ka analysis hei.. Kuch nei…. Study iq plzzz stop this madam series… Itna boring app ka lectures… Kya app kar rahe ho?? Slide to thik se banao…

  5. अरे भईया अच्छे अच्छे टॉपिक इनसे क्यूं बनबा रहे हो किसी और से हिंदी में बनबाओ ना।

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