Indisputable Proof That American Health Care Prices Are Sky-High

despite the best efforts of Republicans Obamacare has not been repealed but that does not mean that all the problems with the American healthcare system has been fixed and we've got some data showing that there are huge problems that we still need to address let's talk about how much we pay for very basic medicines very basic medical procedures compared to some other countries we love to say that we're number one when it comes to our health care system well let's actually take a look at it how much do we pay and how much do people in the Netherlands pay for instance or England here are some examples ah nexian it's commonly prescribed for acid reflux here in America on average we pay two hundred and fifteen dollars for that drug at the low end the Netherlands they pay $23 that's right that's about ten percent you see some other countries their England Spain Switzerland pays a little bit more much more than the Netherlands still far less than we do that's for acid reflux Copaxone that's prescribed to treat multiple sclerosis we pay on average Jesus Christ almost four thousand dollars that medicine four thousand dollars is so much money obviously terrible disease you need to treat it four thousand dollars a lot of money England they pay 862 dollars so you're looking like a give or take twenty percent as much as we do if you're suffering from that disease if you have a family member perhaps a child that's suffering that from that disease that dollar difference is a pretty significant I would think let's talk about some medical procedures so a normal delivery for a child in America we pay about ten thousand dollars on average take note by the way that up above that you see that 17,000 medical procedures are not the same in every hospital this is the average but at many hospitals you will be paying far far more that's the 17,000 but we'll just talk about the average of the 10,000 compare that you've got Argentina is about 2,200 Spain just about the exact same amount Netherlands a little bit more yet in Australia Switzerland the numbers are going up but they at their highest do not begin to approach what we're paying this is not some rare thing that like oh god it could hit you like you're probably going to get married you probably going to have kids you're probably going to need to deliver that baby in hospital and when you do you're going to be paying for it in America bypass surgery with our diet this is something that's going to be coming up more and more what do we pay for it on average about 75 thousand dollars that is like 15 years of what I get paid doing online news I should really start eating healthier I assume okay let's talk about the Netherlands 15,000 Spain a little bit more than 16 same for Argentina and he gets up a little bit higher you know Switzerland New Zealand Australia getting up to about 40 so there we're actually talking about possibly up to half what we pay for something that is rare but not that rare and when you need that medical procedure you need that medical procedure seventy five thousand dollars how many of you watching this video make that in a year before taxes let alone after taxes and that's something that you might need if you're particularly unhealthy you might need a multiple times there's no way that you can afford that out of pocket c-section you know we talked about normal delivery what about a c-section here you're looking about fifteen thousand dollars about fifty fifty percent more than normal delivery and becoming increasingly common as the years go by in Spain 2,800 again just couple hundred dollars more than they pay for the normal one and you see the numbers pretty similar let's just talk generally going to a hospital for a day for whatever because you have to pay for the time they're the doctors checking in on you the food and the electricity and all that on average forty two hundred dollars about forty three hundred dollars for one day there are a lot of medical procedures where you have to stay overnight or you have to stay over for multiple nights I mean that's a big portion i would imagine of the the deliveries the fact that you're taking up that space i mean if you have a few of a disease it keeps you for a couple of weeks how could you possibly pay for that look at spain 481 dollars that's like a really nice hotel in a good city perhaps or hospital I mean huge difference is 10 times less than we pay here and look this has consequences I mean we're going to talk a little bit later this week about the concept is but in general Americans spent 2.79 trillion dollars in health care in 2012 on average this is the staying in a hospital 10 times more than spanish spain twice as expensive here as in New Zealand look I understand it that many of you probably quite young you probably haven't had to pay for medicines like this you haven't had to pay for the procedures but it's worth going over even if it's a bit wonky it's a bit getting deep in the stats because this affects real people's lives when you have to go into the hospital you have to pay out the ass for everything you have to pay for that medicine that can wreck your credit that can cause you to go bankrupt that can ruin your marriage that can ruin your life if you're young that can put you in debt for the rest of your life like this is significant I understand that we've made some progress thanks to Obamacare it's great you know the pre-existing conditions and being able to stay on health insurance until you're like 26 and and you know expanding access we've got millions more people who have health insurance and they're going to need it with these numbers that we've been talking about but there's a lot more that we need to do there's been there's a little bit that can help to sort of encourage price like controlling prices going forward but not nearly enough that wasn't a huge focus of Obamacare we need another round of this like this got America sort of primed for massive reforms and fixes for the American healthcare system but we're not there yet we need another one we need to seriously talk about Medicare for All perhaps single-payer these discussions need to be going on and look I don't have a direct channel to Barack Obama or Boehner Mitch McConnell or anyone like that I'm just talking to you and you have a lot more mouths than I do you will reach more people than I do talk about the continuing flaws in the healthcare system I think we're caused by Obamacare but that weren't fixed because that's all we could get by Republicans in the Senate and the house more needs to be done I want you to help lead the way


  1. America's healthcare system is so shit! The NHS we have in England is the way forward! no one over here worries about medical bills or insurance! we just go to the hospital and get treated and go home or stay there as long as we need to! 

  2. The thing is, in england we dont pay like 700 quid or whatever. We pay 7 quid prescription charge and the givernment covers the rest. Its free if your a child and less if your a student.

  3. Btw, in most European countries most of that is covered at least partially and often completely by the system – every working person or registered unemployed person and his/her kids has to be insured.

  4. I Think the cost for see a doctor in sweden is 20 $ f you need Medicin theres an upper limit to what you pay  Its about 300$/year. In hospitals you pay about 12$/ for food. But we do have high taxes

  5. More does need to be done for you guys with regards to health care. America is the super power of the world, the health of its citizens should be a priority. We are so lucky to have the nhs, i have never had to pay for medical or dental care in my life. I cant imagine the stress of getting myself into debt simply to get health care. Awful.

  6. Remember that most things in Australia are covered by our public health system. This means that our out of pocket expenses are really quite small.

  7. Is this how much people personally pay? Surely insurance would pay for this? (From an ignorant scot who pays nothing for any of my medical stuff other than some dentistry and some optician's bills)

  8. The reason why America's health system is the most expensive is because it's hyper regulated by the goverment. That's it.

  9. I wanna see your stats for reimbersmant from health care insurance for health care providers. I'm rather sure that American insurance companys pay for nothing in alot of cases.

  10. Also you have to look at the amount of preventative care in the USA which is low. Becuase of  you end up with high cost as hospitals and insurance companies know that more expensive medical care will be needed further down the road..

  11. The reason why America's health system is the most expensive is because it's medicine for profit! America is the ONLY developed country on the planet without socialized medicine.

  12. I personally think that there needs to be a follow up with additional information included in the chart, not that I think there's a big difference overall or cuz that's why it's so much more expensive (I agree with the video in its entirety), but cause it would give a better footing for this specific argument to explain also the quality of care vs price vs individual countries yada yada…lol

  13. I'm confused, who is charging this income and to who? Is this the fee for the doctors, the equipment that the hospital charges the insurance or the fee the insurance charges the consumer? 

  14. My father spent 4 nights in the hospital and it cost him absolutely nothing. Canadian health care is far from perfect but at least if you need help you don't have to go bank rupt.

  15. My father spent 4 nights in the hospital and it cost him absolutely nothing. Canadian health care is far from perfect but at least if you need help you don't have to go bank rupt.

  16. I guess if you look into the health care if country's like Brazil or Cuba that is free we will get mayor depresion for how we are been treated.

  17. I was in a major accident in Brazil and my first thought was how im going to pay for this my insurance it doest cover overseas. My surprise it wasnt that much and the doctors and hosp was pretty good. Pay about 6, 000.00 for surgery and 7 days at hosp.

  18. From the report:
    "Prices for each country are submitted by participating
    federation member plans, and are drawn from public or commercial sectors as follows:

    Prices for Australia, Argentina, and Spain are from the private sector, with data provided by one private health plan in each

    Prices for Canada and Netherlands are from the public sector, with data provided by one private health plan in each country

    Medical procedure prices for Switzerland, England and New Zealand are from the private sector; prescription drug prices
    are based on public sector prices. Prices are provided by one private health plan in each country
    Those prices are not even what the people using the public health services pay, those are the prices that people using private plans and private hospitals pay.

  19. So im 22, had a kidney transplant. Simple fact, here in the UK i got my dialysis and transplant paid for. In America I'd be dead from lack of being able to afford treatment. America..Number 1 !!

  20. In Canada, drugs prices are negotiated by the province that you reside in with the drug manufacturers. Pharmacist will always give you the generic version of the brand name drug unless it is explicitly stated on the Rx no substitutes. 

  21. John you may not think you have a big voice but you do. If it weren't for people like you, conversations like these would never get started. So thank you. And I always talk about the important issues you talk about.

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