Indoor Cannabis Flowering Tips to Grow Dense Buds & Prevent Mildew

Alright, this is John Kohler with Today we have another exciting episode for you, and I’m coming here at you from the North Bay here in good, Ol California and where I’m at today is I’m at one amazing Garden Slash farm Whatever you want to call it and here are my monks like wall of tomatoes with tons of tomatoes on there We got Rhubarb and tree collards and this guy right here the tomatillos like fully in bloom and flower and producing fruits what we’re gonna do in this episode is actually not talk about the tomatillo blooms here, but this topic about bloom survival 101 can apply to your Tomatillos tomatoes anything in your garden that blooms and goes to flower and then will consequently go to fruit and whether you want to you know stop that process at a certain point or you know get the fruit out of It because I know a lot of people have challenges with getting their plants to bloom and getting through the bloom whatever they may be But the specific reason for this episode is directed at people who grow Cannabis also known as marijuana I prefer the term Cannabis of course and to let you guys know that I do not get high because people always Say that I get high and all this stuff I’ll post the link down below to a video Where I did get high and I talked about why I actually don’t like to get high or don’t get high on a regular basis but I do fully approve the use of Cannabis in the terms in the sense that it is an amazing food and to me the side effect or the undesired effect is actually Getting that psychoactive effect. I want all the other beneficial medicinal benefits from the Cannabis plant and unfortunately I believe these are not talked enough about and everybody always talked about the psychoactive side effects for me anyways some people That’s like their primary effect, but anyways let’s get into the greenhouse over here and show you guys how they get through Survive the bloom and more importantly than that make amazingly large wounds with stack flowers with no mold or Mildew Problems and as you guys can see we’re walking in and check this out. This is the first clue of what they’re doing they’re doing light light depth so that means they’re shortening the day length and this causes the plants to Act a little bit differently So now I want to walk you guys into this impressive grow in just this little Greenhouse made with PVC. Pipe doesn’t cost a lot of money and some plastic over the top. Let’s go check it out Now in this row. There’s about 50 plants or so and check out how amazing this looks. I mean inside here I mean number one when I walked in like I don’t see any mold or powdery Mildew. It’s amazing for august here because it’s starting to get a little bit Cooler in this area and You know I mean so many people have challenges getting to the bloom but even more importantly like stacking Look at this this thing is like totally stacked all kinds of flowers And you know there’s many different tips that the grower here is using to make this happen to make this really dense Canopy inside here girl on so let me go ahead and take you guys through this and show you guys a little bit So this is like a like corn maze. It’s a cannabis may like it barely get through here I don’t want to break too many branches at the same time no And it smells amazing in here too like I love the smell of Cannabis I mean this goes back to my high school days when I would actually grow it in my yeah Okay, in my closet So I’m just headed through the Cannabis jungle here literally. It’s kind of insane. Oh here. We In the middle here, so this is kind of nice But you know just like the grower here Spends some good amount of time doing maintenance in the garden much like at my house. You know when I’m doing my vegetable gardening I’m out there like every day checking on stuff You know trimming things making sure everything’s going right as possible And I mean that’s probably one of my biggest tips to you guys you need to spend time in your garden No matter whatever crop. You’re growing and Be perceptive and aware of what’s going on and more importantly take immediate action if you see something happening that it is going Awry I Think the next thing I like to do in this episode is actually bring in the grower herself Yes, it’s a girl. She knows a lot about growing. She’s been growing actually Cannabis professionally for over 10 years now and Yeah, let’s get her in with some of these tips so you guys could survive so now I’m with the amazing farmer That’s actually made all this happen And has been growing Cannabis professionally for over 10 years now, and yes, she’s a girl and check this out You guys are gonna. Love her name her name is Mary Jane So mary jane, thanks for being on the show today, and thanks for inviting me out to your farm here Thank you very much, John. I have enjoyed your videos for a long time You’ve been a huge inspiration Over the years to me – I mean that truly so learned a lot from you picked up a lot And I hope that a lot of my techniques are coming through and what you see here. So thank you Yeah, no totally looks amazing I’m glad to be here and it just smells so nice and you know just some of the food that I’ve been able to eat Today is quite special So the first thing I think I want to ask is actually why did you get into growing Cannabis in the first place? I originally got into it myself because I Loved the plant I found it very soothing and then very shortly Afterwards I found out a lot of my medical problems are caused from a pituitary brain tumor so I Got into growing my own medicine and then realizing how important it was for The quality to come through for other people as well. You know you are what you eat you are what you put into your body and So growing it and creating it myself became really really important to me in my life Wow, and actually that’s the same exact reason why I started growing my own food because I had health challenges I was able to overcome and I determine the reason why that happened is because of the poor quality and poor food choices I was making and even then when I started making improvements and eating better I found that I can eat the best because the food quality that you just buy in the local store in the supermarket is Just not that good quality they have to pick it early because it’s shipped far They use synthetic chemicals and even some organic farming is not the best way You could grow food crops and likewise when growing Cannabis unfortunate people that go down to their local Dispensary all the time are just buying Cannabis and it may not be grown with the best practices it may be grown with chemicals right and this imbalances the end product it also may be contaminated more importantly with Pesticides, and other nasty chemicals that you definitely don’t want to be ingesting that aren’t even legal to put on food crops what they’re putting It on Cannabis that then people in Jess, and I think this is really sad And you know I’m here today to show you guys a better way you know one thing John I wanted to add back to what you just said too about the Cannabis and dispensaries goes back to the news reports that have come out about there’ll be fungal Pathogens as well in Dispenser there’s fungus in their cannabis fungus among us John So with that said that goes into the applications that go into gardens like this the organic applications rather than using synthetic Fungicides that are well known Michael butanol that’s in the Cannabis industry Unfortunately that’s overused creates a cyanide one song Yeah Anyway, another another day another topic, but anyway so the natural methods of preventing those things in creating big blooms in a Compacted canopy like this as well It really goes to I mean how big is this how big is a greenhouse here this footprint is only about I don’t know 18 Foot by 18 foot, so 18 by 18 that’s quite small to have 50 52 54 Plants in Like Ten Gallon pots. Yep, absolutely It’s very tightly compacted in here, and there are several most people think you’re crazy actually. Oh absolutely then you’re too close You’re not getting enough air circulation I mean, you got a couple of fans we turn you off for the video so to have an amazing Cannabis grow like this I’m sure you have to do many different techniques Much like I have to do in my garden to have good healthy pepper plants or tomato plants I got to start with a good solid foundation or base So mary-Jane. Why is it important to start with a good base? When you’re growing your plants like the good soil and having the good growing practices So that you could be more successful You know in gluten? Yeah, John it definitely starts with the soil the soil biome the microbial life all of that it plays together and What lives below that you can’t see in the end is what you see above It’s it’s like the roots of a tree. You know you have healthy roots below, and that’s what you see grow above and A lot of my practices that I’ve learned have come from books. I’m a little bit of a bookworm and Not to lose teeming with Microbes in there and teeming of nutrients. I’m a huge fan of True living organics this is an excellent excellent reference You can learn a lot about what? Building soil life is involved in how to get those nutrients in there most of the techniques and Application that you yourself use and apply in your garden can be found explained in this book. That’s cool Yeah, I mean, I’ve heard of that book I’ve never read it myself because I’m not into growing Cannabis But if you’re in a growing cannabis that is the book you definitely want to buy? I’m even if you’re going to growing vegetables you know you could use the Techniques in that book because that’s actually the techniques that I use even though I’ve never read the book. I just do good Gardening or more important what I like to call Organic biologic gardening, and that’s simply What mary-jane is doing here also so the next thing that’s really important to have a successful bloom is Of course maintenance I kind of talked about this a little bit earlier But what is some of the maintenance you do here? And why is it’s so important to do? John definitely I would say thinning and d foliated is a huge part of maintenance here in this specific Garden Just because the footprint of this Greenhouse is so small. I try to keep it as densely packed as I can To get the best value out of it that we can and since its light deprivation. It’s not just one season We control entirely how much? The plants grow their full size Etc so I a foley a ssin is a major major piece of maintenance as well as a Things like I do a bit of Korean natural farming and I ferment Lactobacillus, I make my own eeehm the effective Microbes and I do a lot of foliar feeding with it pre flour So I think that helps keep them healthier in General That’s a huge maintenance factor that happens in here. So one of the things I noticed here. Is that there’s like I haven’t seen any pests I mean, I have a will have some pests in my outdoor garden, but in this indoor grow You know it’s easier to control and keep pests away But you know things like mold and mildew and fungus could get in regardless of the enclosure here So how do you deal with different kinds of pests and mold and fungus here in the greenhouse? That’s a great and why is it important you know for? successful and surviving the bloom You know honestly john that’s part of maintenance in here as well, and if we don’t Prevent it from happening. There’s not a whole lot. That could be done once it goes into flower and so Preventative maintenance includes like insect frass as well. That’s really helpful I do a lot of neem seed meal drenching with Teas Earthworm castings with the nematodes in there and I think The foliar with that lactose spray as well as a huge factor of why you don’t see Anything in here at all so you’re you’re doing this on a regular basis So do you come in here and preventively spray anything or is that as needed or what? This spring usually is involved mostly in the vegetative stage So I try to get the plants big and healthy in the first place, so when they get into this this stage I don’t give a much input. I want them to be completely organ, so you get the full flavor? From the final product right yeah, we didn’t even talk about that earlier. No besides not having sprays on Organically grown Cannabis, or I guess the certification was actually clean green There’s better flavor profiles. So it tastes a lot better. There’s different kinds of you know nutrients I would say antioxidants and phytonutrients in there if you guys are eat it but for those you guys that aren’t There’s like you know more and different varieties of terpenes in there that are really good and healthy for us so besides Controlling the light in having a 12 on 12 off cycle. How else do you cause your plants to go to flower? well, I Love to give my plants a bit of a phosphorous load right before I flip the light itself the Phosphorous really Triggers the plants to realize okay something’s Gonna happen you know let’s get ready and gear up, and you start doing something else in our lives rather than just growing, so Phosphorus is a big trigger to flip them Into their next life stage, so I know a lot of growers may use like bottled synthetic phosphorous What sorts of phosphors do you use? Well, John. I actually love using those Organic methods included in the Teas and so really high phosphorus Nutrient additives really depending on what that is if it’s bone meal or I mean it really it kind of just depends on what I? What I have around at the time, okay, that’s an honest answer, right? I mean that’s how whatever goes into my soil mix is kind of what I got and I got a Range of things I could have but I don’t always have all these things I might have less and you know that’s what I use I use the worm castings that I got this time and next time. I’ll get some different ones or whatever you know Another thing I do use honestly that I usually do have on hand is nice Tea product I guess no so compost tea. Yeah something else. I use also. Yeah, sorry your 300 gallon compost tea burr It’s kind of insane I wish I could get it showed You guys around the farm garden here more, but I didn’t have enough time today so yeah Tell me about the compost tea and why is it an important ingredient or even essential? Ingredients to grow healthy plants like this and get through the bloom Well it really helps build that soil Microbe creek biome that we were talking about and microbial life in there it It just feeds it it nurtures it and that’s really what then gives us our final results of the quality blood production What’s below that you can’t see is what you see above and your final product and what you taste So in those teas is just it’s a huge variety of Amendments And in that book it really goes through and explains the different Elements and ingredients that go to make the different types of teas including if it’s a flowering tea or a vegetative tea cool So we’ve been talking a lot about using organic methods to have healthy plants But can somebody switch like midseason say they’ve grown chemical up to now and now they they know they want to have healthier plants that They don’t have problems in the future can they just all of a sudden like switch to using organic methods You know that’s a really great question john and what I would say is Yes, you can switch your soil life is not going to be nearly as built up in the first place. It’s like kind of Expecting a child you know to be a lot stronger than it would be if you raised it on fast food rather than real food So but you can switch Depending on how much salts the synthetics have built up in there But immediately we start doing t’s of earthworm castings top dressings top dressings are a huge huge way to be able to immediately switch over from a synthetic base even a cocoa medium to to start creating a real organic medium Yeah, I mean I probably recommend like Transitioning over don’t just go cold turkey because the plants are totally just not used that same thing like if you guys want to make Dietary changes right if you guys are starting to trying to eat healthier and actually a really good movie came out lately What is it all what about health or what no what the health on Netflix? I check that one out, but if you try eyes are trying to make dietary changes They’re just like go cold turkey into your new diet. You know in my opinion. That’s definitely a way to fail You want to? slowly transition into that so start eating Healthier things a little bit of time and get rid of the bad stuff and in this case I would say the bad stuff is the chemical Fertilizers that kill the soil that don’t create them microbial life you know that don’t have beneficial nematodes and different Beneficial Bacteria that will eat literally the bad guys so you don’t get problems in the beginning yeah nematodes So let’s talk about you know you’re not perfect I’m not perfect sometimes you may have an outbreak like I saw in your of your vegetative room You got some powdery mildew nur that was in your baby room. Yes some powdery Mildew like what’s up Yeah, definitely if you have any accident of any kind including a fan going off or anything stop running Yeah, absolutely There was a small Electrical issue in there and a breaker went off and the fan stopped working and so we had a bit of powdery Mildew come on And powdery Mildew is a fungal spore Unfortunately, it lives everywhere in our environment, especially in Northern, California Being surrounded by the Vineyards we know all too well, so Prevention is the key and you know airflow is a really big part of that prevention And so when you get it like you got it now. What are you gonna? Do how are you gonna? treat it now using natural methods without to bring some nasty chemicals that are gonna stay on and Be in the plant yeah, that’s a great question There are several options to use one. I really enjoy is it’s called green cure and it’s Basically related to baking soda, but it doesn’t need to be washed off, so it’s a great great We certified organic prevention and also I like to spray that lacto that I firm it nice that Really doesn’t get to Em1. Yes, absolutely you have a link I’ll put a link down below where I visited the place E-M1 so you guys can learn more about it Awesome stuff. Yeah, it’s good stuff so mary jane another big question I have for you is let’s talk about some of the products because I know there’s a lot of Different products out there, and everybody always wants a recommendation on this product or that product, but what? Products have you used to get actually flowers. That’s beautiful Thank you Well to be honest with you doing this commercially I I have to be very careful with what my financial output is for what the return is as well So doing organic methods and inputs really is limited in A Bottle base because it will expire very quickly And I’m not looking to spend all my money on expired nutrients and bottles basically So I’m a big believer in brewing my own Teas so compost tea Absolutely absolutely not just compost tea, but you know you can find find a variety of teas out there So what are the tea’s do brew? You know you can do? High nitrogen teas simply from things collected around your own garden fresh fresh boiled so to speak Fresh brewed and your tea just your scraps that you can throw in there. I love to use biochar in my teas as well Earthworm castings are a huge one. I have a hundred and eighty gallon worm casting tub No, whoa harvesting collect them to play your own yeah completely you know save as much as you can that’s really what the goal is to be honest wow, so What you put in is what you get back out, so it’s even cheaper to grow organic been through nutrients What is it like maybe two three times cheaper even or more? I would say honestly when depending on the scale of your garden and how much? Room you have I really get everything in as large of quantities as I can like we I got a tote of Biochar here actually the Perché are in fact so bigger the bigger the better in my opinion and the bigger the volume the better your deal you get So when you go to the store at the grow shop, and you get bottled nutrients off the shelf Ninety percent of what’s in that bottle is water I mean you’re paying for water for the most part so I don’t like to pay for water I’d rather pay for rock dust So one of the things that came up for us earlier is how much she feeds so how much you feeding right now during? the bloom Well, I’m flowering actually that’s a great question um I Water almost every day it depends on how much they’re drinking it depends on the weather. How hot it is outside But to be honest, I’m feeding them About maybe twice a week and what do you feed a feed includes a tea? You know a lot of earthworm casting teas again. Yeah, nematodes And so for my a lot of prevention as well I like to do I like to do neem seed meal teas work with earthworm castings Neem seed meal is a systemic preventative. It’s a natural insect growth regulator. So it works on both insects and on molds Systemically the plant takes it up through the roots And you don’t have to just spray it on there because obviously you wouldn’t spray neem on plants This in flower like this at all so neem seed meal tea and earthworm castings together is an incredible cocktail that I like to make in my 50-pound bags so you talked a lot about the compost teas and I want to know your Opinion of this product cure the boogie brew compost tea because I know you use this actually in your garden right? Yeah, absolutely um I Honestly feel that this is an excellent product and instead of lugging around the 50-pound bags that I do on a commercial level This is a home scale size And I’m not exactly sure but there’s something over a dozen different things that go into these bags he josh I had the opportunity to speak to the owner of this company and he truly honestly cares about where all of the ingredients are sourced from So I Can speak nothing but highly of this product and enjoy using it on a smaller scale? Definitely, and what benefits have you seen actually wow I’m night and day really yeah, oh absolutely again, what specific things I would say Terpene production is a huge huge factor in using a tea like this For anyone who doesn’t brew teas or is not used to brewing a tea that’s going to be one of the first things you notice Is the increase in terpene production the smell so just things smell better? And there’s more the pungency and the air is incredible is it more sticky. Yeah Yeah, I mean, this is the same compost tea. I use it in my home garden for growing vegetables It works really well a lot of my viewers actually have reported that you know Things grew a lot faster, and they got higher Yields which is always really good so the book that I mentioned earlier true living organics by the REv His his basics of his ingredients that go into his teaser essentially what are in Boogie brew tea But the owner of the company Josh really he sources his ingredients in a very very particular way he cares very much about where they come from so It’s just the same types of recipes but with extra care put into the source ingredients Absolutely, and if you guys want to know exactly what goes into this tea you could check a link down below I’ll put to this video where actually Josh open sources his compost tea recipe and tells you the approximate proportions so that you could make up your own tea cuz he’s so passionate about getting people away from Chemicals and getting them back to nature and forming naturally and this is why he start a compost tea company because he couldn’t afford his Expensive bottled nutrients anymore so he figured out how to do it a lot more elastic expensive, and you know get some amazing results like they’re getting here, and you’re gonna have less disease and Healthier plants in the long run, which is definitely really important brew Your own So I want to ask you the final question because we’re running out of time here is a you know What are some of the tips and things that you’d like to share with my viewers today before we have to sign off You know honestly John would I’d like to say truly is that prevention is key? Prevention is truly key in anything you do so with that said build your soil Really work on the biome of it. You know fish is a great great product and help with that any sort of Natural sugar substance or carbohydrate that’s a great feed for the microbial life keep on top of your mold With great airflow that’s super important keep defoliation at the top of your game and just don’t get lazy Mmm, you know with with that said we’re all human and so a lot of these products that we’ve been talking about the the Teas the Fras these products really help with prevention and Allowing us to be human and allowing us the space to maybe slack a day You know have a nice trip with your girlfriend Something like that so I really truly say that prevention is key and using these types of products in building your soil life and keeping air flow and and Checking your plants on a regular basis every single day. Go out there and look at them. They’re your children They’re alive You know they each have their own individual souls and and make sure they’re happy and healthy and so when you pay attention to them Everything else is gravy Wow, yeah, I mean That’s the same exact thing I do in my garden with so whether you’re growing Cannabis or vegetables or herbs or whatever? Pay attention your plants spend time with them. See what’s going on right feed them well from the time They’re a child literally. I mean like us right we need to eat good healthy food and if we’re not eating good healthy food We’re going to you know not be as healthy We’re gonna be overweight and have a lot of problems and sickness and disease later in life I mean, that’s the most important time to you know make ensure that adults will be healthy is when their kids and feeding them Right I mean that’s why I watch my diet now because it is so important. You are what you eat Your plants are what they absorb right and what that what they eat to literally? absolutely yeah so excellent tips and I’d encourage you guys to do all those so the last thing I’d like to say today is actually I’ve gone out and spoke with Josh the owner of the Boogie brew company, and he wants to offer you guys my viewers a special deal So you guys could get some of the very products that mary-Jane uses here in her farm to have some amazing growth and amazing beautifully Plants, so what you gonna do is you could order online at Boogie, Brew Dotnet? Gyg to get these special prices for you guys that I’ve negotiated you’re not gonna find prices lower Anywhere else on this combination and know what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna send you a priority? Mail flat rate box with several different items in it right and they have a couple different sizes so if you’re a small grower home gardener hey He’s got a size for you if you’re a big runner and need lots of stuff He can also accommodate you anyways in that box is Gonna. Have a few things number one the boogie brew compost tea So you want to say a few words about this real clean yeah this product is full of all the different Individual ingredients that go into the home made compost teas, so there’s earthworm castings. There’s rock dust there’s Biochar there’s kelp meal. There’s pure protein. There’s all the amazing different ingredients that are sourced it’s it’s an incredible Powerhouse working on the plants. Yeah, I like it all cuz it’s in one place I don’t they go out and buy all these individual ingredients and do mixing in my kitchen I could just already pre buy the best stuff that I’m aware of so the next product That’s gonna come in that flat rate box is this right here and this for all you guys that have plants that go into bloom? and it’s the earth juice bloom rainbow mix pro, so What’s this good for you know this is really good for that pre phosphorous hit that I talked about? it’s – 14 – so I would give this to my plants to really remind them and trigger them a we’re start blooming and Then add on the potassium a little bit later in a few weeks after they started to bud so this is like the first stage Yeah to make it happen Captain So the next product in that box is this right here? And this is actually a new product to me actually it’s called the prima hydrolysate, and it’s a 5 12 14. This is our CdFa so it’s organic certified, and so what would this product be good for you know this is really good this is a fish based product and so This is maintenance This is feeding that microbial life in the soil truly with the amino acids in there as well It’s just this this is a powerhouse. This is really really great This is what I use to cheat in my garden You know especially if your soil is deficient, if you’ve had soil, that’s not so good like I use bagged soil from Home Depot Right about after the second third year my growth really went down bad, and I did a soil check, and there’s low in nitrogen So actually I use the fish Version high Nitrogen version of this, but this is a little bit different version But anyways this will feed your plants the amino acid form Amino acids which basically feed the Microbes and your plants And it’s easily absorbed into your plants So the last projects is gonna come in that box ready for you guys to make it to and survive and thrive in bloom and even before that is this guy this is a boogie frass or Insect frass now. Why is this important to use and you use it yourself? Yeah, I love insect frass. It’s The best organic input to keep those bugs away to be honest aside from using that neem like I mentioned earlier Insect frass is absolutely imperative to keeping those bugs away Awesome. Yeah, so what I use it for too And you know adding it into your compost teas when you’re near the end is what I like to do also I like to incorporate this into the soil and just make a Frosty out of it, and then feed that to my plants as well. That’s the best Yeah, absolutely so if you guys want to hook get hooked up on the special deal of all these products you guys just saw Check the link down below put it as the first comment It’s Boogie Brunette slash gyg So this is a specifically for a bloom box of course you could check the gyg page also On the link for other specials that I’ve negotiated with Josh the owner of the Boogie brew company Including hose end or water filters they get the chlorine out because that hurts the microbiome Including other products like my favorite rock dust products you know if you guys can’t find that locally he’s got a really good Horticultural grade rock dust you guys could buy as a package deal I’ve negotiated really good price for you guys if I remember I put a couple links down below to Videos you know that I’ve done with Josh in the past They’re really quite fun and informative at the same time you’ll have to watch to learn more But one of the ones that come off my top of my head is Compost tea versus rock dust you know which is better well, you’ll have to watch the video down below to learn about it It’s actually yeah, it’s really a funny episode I still think rock dust man it came before Microbes the earth is a big rock anyways, that’s enough for this episode I’ve really had fun today. So thanks for having me out today to your forum here Thank you, Mary-Jane, and show everybody it. I wish I could show you guys more of it So if you guys want me to come back show you guys more the farming me And I want to make a good solid half-hour our video here showing everything She does all their different areas where she grows food grows the Cannabis and how specifically she does it she’s totally a wealth of knowledge I mean I hung out here for like five hours And I got to make this a little small video because I’ve learned so many new things that I can apply You know cuz I don’t grow can I just putting my vegetable garden because whether you’re growing Cannabis or other vegetables you know they’re all Pretty much growing the same thing absolutely yeah, thumbs it up. Get a lot a thousand. I’ll come back for sure Also be sure to click that subscribe button right down below so you don’t miss out on a my new and upcoming episodes I’ve coming out I bet every three to four days You never know where I’ll show up or what you’d be learning on my Youtube channel and also be sure to Check my past episodes my past episodes are a wealth of knowledge over thirteen hundred episodes now at this time Teach you guys all Aspects on how you guys can grow your own food or even Cannabis at home because once again the same techniques apply No matter what you’re growing and also be sure to share this video with somebody else that maybe is currently growing Cannabis now maybe using chemicals and how they could switch over to Organics and even have better and more successful Bloom and flowers and more importantly creating those a big gigantic beautiful buds alright, so with that My name is John Kohler with We’ll see you next time until then remember keep on growing


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    13:34 How do you get plants to go to flower?
    14:03 What source of phosphorus do you use?
    15:17 Why is compost tea important for bloom?
    16:10 Can you switch to using organic from chemical methods?
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    18:46 How are you going to treat powdery mildew?
    19:35 What products do you use?
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    23:08 What is your opinion on the boogie brew compost tea?
    26:55 What are some tips you would like to share with my viewers?
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  6. John – What are your feelings on growing cannabis outdoor, using a wicking tub or pot? I bought a small metal cow trough, French tubing, garden cover (covers pipes and holes from soil getting in). I will drill a hole on both sides at water level for drainage. I am also going to apply fabric on sides, keeping soil away from metal. Feeding will be applied via a pvc watering tube, plants will wick up water and feedings. I hope this technique cuts down on soil nat problems. I am planting also in self watering buckets using a net pot, lots of holes, pvc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. One question on Boogie feedings. Would I still need to feed at soil, or could this also be ola Ed in self watering container?

  7. Mary Jane stresses the importance of defoliating so I'm researching it. I'm finding a huge amount of garbage on the internet about how to grow cannabis and in this case defoliation. I'm growing outdoors in zone 5b and looking for advice. Love your videos John! Thanks for your years of quality videos and service.

  8. Great respect for all the women that have become some of the best cannabis growers we have today!
    Its a well known fact that women tend to be more detailed and meticulous when it comes to fields that require hands on detailed work. like growing cannabis does on a regular basis. Anyone can grow a cannabis plant. But it takes a skilled knowledgeable person to do it on a continuous basis, that produces the desired outcome every time!
    People that think anyone can easily grow a crop like Mary Janes. Has no clue of the knowledge and skill level that it takes to accomplish results season after season. I owe my Growing knowledge to the days of no internet, no DIY YouTube videos. It was learned by trial and error. You had to be a slash MacGyver gorilla grower, that had to build their own hydro units from scratch, convert parking lot MH-HPS Lamps to work as indoor grow lights. Continuously seeking good genes from equatorial grown landrace sativas, or middle eastern mountain region indicas.. These were the early days that created some of the best breeders in the world. Without the self taught connisuer cannabis growers, we would have never experienced the amazing Kush, skunk, Haze and mind soaring sativa varieties that have been used in breeding every mind blowing strain we have today.

  9. I think it's really big of you to make cannabis videos. I found your channel before I noticed you do them, and I was pleasantly surprised.

  10. Although I completely understand that for some people at some times THC and its psychoactive effects are not nessecary or desired as medicine.

    However, THC is proven to be neuroprotective, When dealing with physical brain trauma, or the emotional/neurological trauma that goes along with the pain caused by extreme injuries or chronic pain from illness and injury.

    THC temporarily makes your short term memory more distant, while your long term memory remains uneaffected.

    This is extremely nessecary for anyone dealing wirh severe and chronic pain. It helps a cancer patient get rest, and retain their will to live.

  11. For your living soil:
    -Neem seed meal
    -Crab meal
    -Coffee grounds

    For your plants (in veg, foliar spray)
    -Neem oil
    -plain water, keep them humid during veg will keep the cell walls of the plant strong and resistant to penetration by pests, especially early on while the roots aren't fully established
    -stop spraying when flowers start, and keep the humidity at 55% or lower during flower.

    Fresh air, and lots of air movement with oscillating fans

    You should never have issues. I reuse my soil mixes, and I've never had a bug or pest or mildew.

    Had mold once, but very little of it, and only because both my exhaust fan and dehumidifier crapped the bed within about 30 minutes of eachother, an hr after I went to bed. Found the exhaust fan in several bits the next morning, blown apart, and a dehumidifier (on a seperate circuit) that had tripped it's breaker. My tent was literally raining when I went inside. 35°C and 92% humidity, a week and a half from harvest with saturated pots. Not good.

    Of course, other things can help minimize the risks. HEPA filtering your intake. Being diligent about 'sanitizing' yourself, especially if you live in farm country. If you work in fields, or outdoors, around animals etc… must take precautions to avoid contamination of your grow chambers. Shower before you water/feed/examine/work on your plants and be sure to change your clothes.

    Good luck out there, guys!

  12. It's so nice that we can talk about this these days without hiding like we're some kind of criminal.

  13. I never thought one day I would be learning about growing legal weed from a girl called Maryjane on social medias while growing up. But, alright. This honestly pretty awesome hahahah

  14. have you guys run into( grazon )yet.BAD NEWS….persist herbacide,cows eat it ,it passes thru the cow,,,coposted,,,and kills everythin in garden….david the good has a vid' on it…..test everything….people are losing gardens and cant get them back for at least three years after……dairy farmers use it not knowing

  15. I LOVE it when a you take the time to breaddown the video so I can go back to specific parts of the video. Thank you .. I really appreciate it.

  16. Awesome video! Im definitely putting this combo in my comparison cart, looks like an amazing product line!
    Mary Jane is beyond adorable!! What a smile 😁 its contagious, honestly lol!

  17. damn dud you look so stoned 5 minutes in. you slurring your speech. I ate a whole candy bar by mistake too. i feel ya bro

  18. "there's a link" to tell why he doesn't get high..
    Not everyone needs a watch to know what time it is… 😁

  19. Love the entry lock and deadbolt door on a hoophouse lol. Because thieves never carry knives. Amazing grow though!

  20. This doesn't help the people that don't have the money to enclose the plants. That is a major problem. So don't even watch unless you are rich! Notice right off, book sales. Sick and tired of stuff like this, it's the book they want you to read instead of really helping and come down off their high horses!

  21. John, excellent video, great garden. I have to say though, you need to let the guest talk and do not talk over them. I realise you are not a professional interviewer and you did a good job, just you cut her off a few times and it was a bit jarring.

  22. Seriously, you're living my dream. I'm currently living in an apartment with only a small terrasse. I'm growing my bud in a tent but I'm hoping one day to have what you're having.

    All the best from a jealous man! Respect from Denmark

  23. does mary jane have a youtube channel? i would have loved to hear what she was trying to say, and everytime she would get close to a point the guy would interrupt her and not let her finish her thought. so frustrating.

  24. it pisses me off every time I think about how the government holds 7 patents on cannabis compounds, and yet claims it has no medical properties!.

  25. thanks to smoking cannabis over the last 12 years I have slowed down my nephrogenic systemic fibrosis, and has put my multiple myeloma back to sleep which I have had for almost 7 years with out any treatment!.

  26. The fungicide shes speaking of is banned in Canada all medical is tested for chemicals idk about states

  27. She wants to bang him totally…the only thing she wants him to eat is her…perhaps he could help her trim it all…i agree defoliating is important

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  29. I like your vids but what’s with the whole,”she’s a girl” thing?It seems like you are surprised that a female can do stuff too. And I really, she is a woman.

  30. i would rather buy weed from the club any day street dealers are doing what john is talking about fake news besides street dealers will sell you mids n keep all the clean good shtt for themselves

  31. I’m having challenges with my tomatillos plants. They are growing big, abundance of flowers, but still no fruit. Any tips anyone? Thank you!

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