Inflamed Cyst on the Chin

you've seen me treat acne now put the power in your own hands check out my full acne system at wws lmd skin care calm for a few years now and it's kind of sometimes the last time he did it recently until an inside his mouth it's a little full there too but this is a pain to deal with I'm sure push your tongue out again on it yeah there was all that turns a lighter in that area so that's area I'm gonna go okay okay come on Lex again thank you make sure my hurting you okay there we go oh sorry I tripped on the old side okay hold that top I'm gonna tell you I pull that underneath to make sure I didn't get on there's stuff in there it's like a broken-down cyst you okay does it hurt make sure if it hurts its I can put more numbing eggs maybe sometimes underneath it didn't get it numb all the way gosh you were storing some stuff in there push from underneath now for you you push from underneath now okay feeling less does it hurt you when you push I mean you had a assist that kind of gets inflamed every now and then I think because just because where it is and I probably biting it doesn't help it but what can you do that's just living your life so let's see if we can't the problem is with a cyst like this it's kind of broken down and so it's not easy to see where it like that you know this the edges of the sac wall are so that's what I'm trying to make sure I get the whole thing out so it won't come back can't breathe okay make sure you can breathe under there okay there's a sack wall there see if you squeeze put a little gauze under here on this side probably if you do what I just did and lift it and I'll kind of make that expose that you know so I can see it oh yeah there see that I'm gonna get that little sock water make sure it's not hurting you yeah let me try there's that like every time I do it to a loose group of it so see look this like my tiny tissue scissors are like too big you see how I can't even grip it it's like too stupid for this almost that's it though it's right there I see it sack wall growling now take it out okay make sure again nothing hurts fantastic my incision line is that more tactics are you girls excited it's Friday open your mantra slightly okay in the box again you don't have to do it dad that again when you feel with your tongue right now underneath does I feel like I'm pulling right on the actually edge of your low inside like it does it pucker in when I do that no yeah it does puckering okay okay open your mouth thank you put that hat there was something that I kind of pushed out that little piece right on the edge can you grab that you see that little piece on that edge right there actually yeah thank you grab that little on the very edge right there yeah Mary go thank you undo this data it's like once I put my hand in her mouth his mouth I don't want to touch the wound again I gotta change my glove because not because you're gross you know and I spread bacteria here so right there that look easy I think it looks pretty good now when I put my hand under here see a little piece I wants to stick out there on the edge I think it's just stuck to the skin edge but otherwise you know what I'm talking about right there do you see that are only my angle right there it kind of pops out but I think it's just because it's stuck that's why you couldn't get it out I don't see anything else can you grab me the curette I'm pretty happy with that Hank it's right there see that little piece it see this okay I don't know it's part of my angle you can see come over here turn it off so I'm out of it here okay see this little piece this little white piece up on that side that kind of right that's on the edge see how now can you see a Valerie I'm gonna grab me with it see it's right there her angle tell ya alright because I got a okay I'm gonna not going to panic she's yeah but it's hard to hold on stay still everybody nobody move don't go away from me stay with the light alright yes can you reach under there and pull push up a little bit it's like you have to do in a different position so I mean I think it was just me fighting for something that's not really there that's that's not it you got to move around your finger again to push it in different ways I bet it feels flat there huh feels pretty fuck is in the same finger going in there on this side yeah it feels nice and flat now good okay I'm leaving it like a cyst contents you know but I I'm actually really pleased that I got it out of this tiny little area here I think I only need like one sometimes I just put two inches for just because she was better than one but it's such you only need two stitches no more than that so I don't know I don't see anything underneath there I hope I got that whole sack up but the fact that it was sort of mush makes it harder to like to make sure that you got all that out push your tongue against it you fell flat to pushing your tongue against it okay okay you


  1. I feel so sorry for this poor dude…I had really bad acne when I was a teenager and people with clear skin don't understand just how painful and humiliating it is.I hope he is able to recover with minimal scaring.😢

  2. I feel like this is the dude on TikTok that has the same thing and asked this ant dude to twerk at his wedding ;-;
    (Don’t come at meeeee)

  3. Yeah Dr Lee, Stick your puss infected gloved fingers into his mouth. He’ll be back next week with a cyst the size of a lemon.

  4. Dr Lee, you should just stick Pineapple Face in a giant vise and squeeze it until his whole face explodes.

  5. That cyst did look pretty painful before Dr. Lee removed it. I have had one or two in that general area in my younger days and they were NOT fun. But oh what fun to see all that junk come running out! (Sorry, not sorry.)

  6. With acne as bad as this poor man has can you vaccum the face? I've always wondered why that's isn't done instead of all the squeezing we see.

  7. Omg I love dr pimple popper and watch every video and I have never seen her do anything wrong but when she put her finger in his mouth with the glove that she had just been touching nasty inflamed cyst juice with, really grossed me out and I would have thrown up if I were him.

  8. I wonder what this cyst presented from inside his mouth. Could this have been removed from inside his mouth to prevent an exterior incision?

  9. A small pimple stresses me the fuck out but these people walk around with these swellings on their faces man… I wont complain a lot again

  10. Hello I really like watching your video, they make me feel at ease but I have a question about your skincare product, is there one that can minimize pores?? Because my pores on my cheeks are very visible and I sometimes feel self conscious about them too

  11. another gross, disgusting pop. that cyst just keeps on giving. Doc, your hands are in the way, I can't see!

  12. I'm sorry, but I would have popped that mf long before I would have considered seeing a Dr, & Idc how much it hurt either. Good job though 👍

  13. This is literally all I look forward to. It's like my special treat I sneak over and indulge.
    Some might say it's a guilty pleasure. Poor people are suffering but I love the pops and I know they are walking out taken care of. That's what makes it so satisfying! Especially this one. You could tell he was hurting and enflamed when he came in. That's what made this pop super satisfying to watch. I felt release when she started draining. It was nice. Ty Dr. SL❤️

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