Infosys Cloud-based Clinical Trial Supply Management Solution

every new drug signals hope to millions but before new drug hits the market it goes through the rigors of a clinical trial these trials deem the drugs safe and effective while these trials are necessary they cost millions so as demand grows how do we keep this cost from spiraling up how do we remain engineers of hope and take a drug from research to market much faster the answer lies in streamlining the supply chain through solutions that make for an effective clinical trial Supply Management or CTS M presenting Infosys clinical trial Supply Management and end-to-end solution that helps turbocharged your clinical trial process from demand and forecasting to distribution and execution Infosys see TSM provides higher visibility across the clinical trial supply chain this speeds up your processes and makes Pharma and contract research organizations more efficient the solution manages high volume of clinical data efficiently it streamlines information flow across business functions and prevents faulty shipments Infosys see TSM improves shelf-life management of your batches it ensures compliance and safety of your clinical trials but will it increase the total cost of ownership as the solution is now available on the cloud it significantly reduces ownership costs it also complies with leading industry standards it provides a simple and intuitive interface to transact across web and mobile this accelerates user adoption infosys see TSM is interoperable on si P technology driving greater agility across the clinical trial supply chain great so with Infosys cloud-based C TSM I am able to conduct my clinical trials faster make my business process smarter and ensure safer trials across the value chain exactly to guarantee breakthroughs and clinical trials and reaffirm yourselves as engineers of hope it's time to turbocharge your clinical trial Supply Management the Infosys clinical trial Supply Management solution experience it you you

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