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  1. I was under the impression they could revert skin cells into stem cells so that embryonic stwm cells are no longer necessary

  2. Religious people in general. – "You are playing God. It is evil. You are selling baby parts!"
    Religious people once their loved ones need help. – "We'll try anything, just help us please."
    Religious people once the science works. – "Its a miracle."
    I have empathy for this family, but damn people, its science, not a miracle.
    This wasn't God, this was a prediction by an animal floating through space, based on enormous amounts of research,
    all following the scientific method. Not a miracle. The perfect 747 didn't piece together these results, these Doctors did.
    Now, if only they could do their job, free of the idiots like Veritas, that doctor footage to make orgs like planned parenthood
    out to be unethical, imagine the things stem cell research could accomplish. Imagine if the doctors got the actual credit that is due,
    rather than some miracle bullshit. You can call me a smug asshole, but I'd rather be a smug asshole than someone stopping incredible
    research from helping people and sustaining life.

  3. Please  Any One Out There…. I have been suffering from Post Polio for some time. I have seen all the Drs. And listened to this one Dr. who has what I have and He said Stem Cells were my only hope. If Anyone knows of or hears about Stem Cell studies being done. Please let me know. Or if you know where I might get a treatment… I would appreciate it.

  4. This is one of the things I was looking forward, I'm still hoping for the day we could instead grow back limbs and other body parts that are either lost from accidents/amputation or missing from birth instead of having to rely on bionics as a sole recourse. Science ! 🙂

  5. Love your theme music and the motion graphics in the intro. Could you please share the name of the person on your team who made it?

  6. Thanks for this video – showed my grade 9 learners today, and they were fascinated. We (teachers) really appreciate material that shows current research that the kids can relate to – the car crash re-construction at the beginning hooked them all – thanks!

  7. My twin brother has been in a wheelchair for 30 years. It's a shame that something so simple could let him regain movement and yet he can't try it.

  8. Where is this? I’m a paraplegic for almost a year and would like to try if it works for paraplegic too…

  9. I feel sorry for this person Judging people as good and evil; wouldn't that mean you are the one playing god, shouldn't you live and let live? and my buddy who is paralyzed right now in his 20's has tried everything legally allowed so far and I was pretty bummed to hear that he was told there was no hope : (

  10. Toploaded gaming There are two things that you should know, that are in the Bible. The devil comes to steal kill and destroy and Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly.

  11. Hello,

    Which clinic is this? My friend broke C4 2 weeks ago and he want stem cell replacement.

  12. I think this is great as long as these cells come from embryos that died and we're not aborted just because someone didn't want it. We can't kill one living thing to sustain another but I see a place for this under the correct circumstances.

  13. NOT TRUE. I spoke to Allison Dall-Knox (Admin Assoc) at Dept of Nuroseurgery and send my medical reports. I was surprised that Dr. Kupard was not interested to see me and Allison asked not to contact their clinic anymore. That tells me that their Stem Cell treatment failed. China and Switzerland are progressing much better, faster than us.

    Dear Freethink Superhuman: Please be careful on what you post. We don't want hospitals that discriminate against patients and they should announce their failure to the public. Thanks

  14. Is Lucas still alive or dead? And if alive how is his health? Dr. Kurpad was unprofessional in their response to me and that's what makes me believe that something negative happened to poor patient Lucas. Shame on this Surgeon and hospital.

  15. Can be Use Ozone + PRP+ BMAC Stem Cell + Adipose Stem Cell + Donor Embronic Stem Cell + Double Stem Cell ( Plant Based) + Triple Stem Cell ( Plant Based) + PURTIER PLACENTA ?

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