Inside Medicine | Alex Hope for Tomorrow | Season 2 Episode 1 | Weill Cornell Medicine

Alex is not your typical nine-year-old he’s very loving he’s very caring he’s
concerned about others his friends are everything to him and his family’s more
don’t ever call me a growing up again mine don’t know this whole time that
he’s been sick he’s never once complained he never once said why me good job
him and I have talked a lot about people out there to have it a lot worse than he
does Alex has Crohn’s disease and basically
what it does is it infects his digestive tract it just destroys your body it’s
emotional many sleepless nights especially when he’s not doing
particularly well there’s so much that constantly sits in your head about the
what-ifs when you have a child that has a disease those what ifs our reality I
give him a shot once a week of methotrexate and he just takes it all in
stride thirsty a clean up a little
honey ok
we went to Weill Cornell and we met dr. Cesar Vega he had mentioned to us that
he’s part of a research team trying to find a cure for crumbs which got my wife
digging in come over while Cornell does and you know the more we read more we
learn the more impressed we become Alex so nice to meet you thank you for joining
my study Crohn’s patients are known to have slower growth rate right now he’s a
little smaller than most of his friends okay now his bony agent said dr. Gupta
is looking into why growth problems are more common in boys with crohn’s and
with girls who have the same disease understanding why could lead to better
treatment for boys and girls with crohn’s when dr. Gupta study came about
dr. C told us this had Alex ran all over it that mean yeah I hope and praying for
those people that are doing the research that they have a great day at work I
really do yes they’ve had a calling to go and try to fix one thing at a time I would love to read my email one day
from Weill Cornell and say we’ve hit the jackpot and not just for my son but for
every child every person that has crohn’s or IBD or colitis or anything
that affects them in that way when I have somebody like dr. Gupta who was
willing to take the time not just to get to know my son but to work with him to
figure out what is the bone issue with Crohn’s patients
it gives me high hopes because in not just sitting back saying let’s see what
happens they’re taking that bold initiative and stepping forward so we
just got to keep track of what’s going on with the bones it’s difficult to not
know what tomorrow brings for your son my whole busy that he can just grow old
he can live his life and he’ll just grow old as a family we take today whatever
today brings us is what we deal with and we worry about tomorrow when it gets

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