Inside of an epidermoid cyst. For medical education- NSFE.

see that the contents are there it's all cheesy a little bit it's like it's just character and macerated it's just skin that's like shelled off into this here's our little one here you go squeeze it out okay that was the top of the skin that little area that we removed right there


  1. Yeah, it may get a bit confusing, there’s contradictory advise everywhere. Maybe try looking for Tilly Strankten’s website? After googling her I got a method to stop the stabbing pain and bloating… works within the first few weeks too 🙂

  2. ok so i have all of these bumbs on my arms and cheeks, i went to the dermatologist to see what they were and she said they keratin bumbs, is it possible one of the bumbs could turn into a cyst???

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