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welcome back to the power n I'm Carolyn porter thomas with some motivation for your Monday so what I like to do is I like to kind of feel the underlying tone of all of the emails and comments that I'm getting and there's one common denominator amongst most of them and that is stress nursing school has just started and it is stressful so besides the negative ways of dealing of stress this I like overeating or not doing anything for proximation or even the worst case scenario is doing drugs what are some positive things that you can do well there's five tips that I want to give you and these are simple quick easy tips that you can do and we can incorporate them every day and they can make a big change so tip number one is to meditate so how do you meditate all you need is to climb on top of a mountain sit in one position and not think about anything for two hours or you can do what I do which is lots of meditations house meditations are a well-known type of meditation but they're very different and the fact that they don't really require any extra time at all while you're going about your day just every now and then just like write it on your binder or something that you have with you and just write pause and in this pause what you're going to do is become very present in your body but become very present and aware of where you are and exact moment given immense amount of gratitude for having come this far and for having you have been able to like be in this nursing school at this time with these people and just for this incredible gift to this body and everything so with that said what it's going to do is just kind of clear your mind and recalibrate you and then BOOM you're on to the next step okay tip number two is to move and stretch especially in the shoulders you will your muscles will tense enough and when your muscles tense up it decreases the blood flow slightly to those areas which is why you can just kind of get irritated after a while if you ever if you ever noticed like when you're sitting in class for a really long time you can become really irritated and now usually just from the decrease blood flow so what you can do is what I did and that is to during the breaks that's to get up get moving and stretch so what I would do is I would just put my butt up against the wall may almighty light sound just simple stretches and I'm just get that blood moving so just make sure you're doing that and guys listen your classmates will laugh at you but they'll secretly be jealous that they're not doing as well so tip number three is to consciously be aware of how boobs are making you feel one thing that I did when I went back to college was during the school day I did not do meals at all I pretty much just snapped all day I have my lunch but I would eat like you know pieces of my lunch all throughout day and I always had what I call power snacks with me at all times power snap sweet things like nuts of media banana I always have slices of grapefruit because I think that the the natural citrus um just is full of the vitamin C and that helps you from getting stuck but I think love nursing students do including me as well like you know got sick your nursing school and so what else if I have so definitely nuts Oh carrot sticks are huge just things that are like really easy to pack and just have with you at all times and hopefully things that stay fresh throughout the day or at least will last one day so just always have things and then whatever you eat pay attention to how your body feels because there's going to be certain things that you're going to eat what you're going to totally make your energy plummet and I'll be honest with you it's different for everybody I know some guys that you know when they eat carbs they're just dead but if they eat a lot of meat they're like totally energized if the opposite for me carbs work better than meat for me so everybody's different so just listen to your body and always have something healthy around with you on the fifth tip that we're going to share today is to put yourself around the positive words guys turn off the TVs turn off you know any the any music that is negative any any friends that might be kind of draining your energy you've got to put yourself around positive words so whenever you are putting something out you have to be replacing it with something so if you're gonna turn the TV off what you need to do is maybe find a few YouTube channels that YouTube's you I'd be fearful when you go to YouTube because how many of you can get stuck on YouTube for forever so you have to be very specific very strategic and maybe have a few favorite videos that you have in a certain area that you can watch that kind of like bring you up there's a lot of great nursing channel videos out there so you know my son included but I'm not just mine there's a lot of great ones out there so make sure that you're putting positive words in also with the music that you're listening to you guys it's really important to be careful because I really like I really think that music is like bringing subliminal messages I don't think musicians are out there to like program us that anything has any effect on and he has a big effect on us so what I do minds are nursing school as I took my mp3 player and I would do like audio recordings of quotes from my heroes which there's tons of them and with these quotes I would listen to them as I walked so that's I created an audio for you if you just click below you can get access to it right away and I hope you liked it it's not the best apologies so just keep that in mind you know we're starting from you know you know we're just starting where we out and I just I really want to give this information to you guys so you guys can have positive things to put in your life and help you focus on on the things that you need to do and feel good about it alright guys I will see you next week I love you and I cannot wait to see you soon if you need me at any time you can always email me at Caroline and power in comm I will talk to you soon love you bye


  1. its been about 6months of my classes but i understand my lectures in class but i feel soo not to learn in home..😣😣
    that's why my grades are so less..
    help wanted😣😣

  2. I am 21 years old and I will be starting nursing school in March 2015 and it'll take me 2 and a half years to get my BSN. Is that old? How old are you?

  3. Omg I love and admire you so much your positive flip on any and all situations is amazing. I always look forward to your new videos and always go back to your old ones. I have your first book getting ready to purchase the second.

  4. Hi there, I really like your channel and I am finding it really uplifting!  I was wondering if you could do a video on what qualities you think make people good nurses. Thank you!

  5. Soundcloud is great! When I was previously in College (Rad Tech) when I studied I always listed to Native American Flute, no words, just sound, meditation…works great, empties the mind to concentrate

  6. Just got your book today, will be reading it between study sessions in the weeks to come. I will be finished with nursing school in 7 weeks, then precepting and DONE!
    Ready to kick into full time NCLEX study and boards.
    My shoulders hurt, my sleep is disturbed, eating needs a big adjustment, but, the end is in sight.

  7. Hey Caroline! I just stumbled upon your channel today (while studying for the NCLEX) and am TOTALLY loving your videos 🙂 you are such a positive, inspirational person! I see that you are going to start making videos on NCLEX and I am VERY excited! I am actually studying for it now and going to be taking it end of next month. Totally dreading it 🙁 Please let us know your study tips, what resources you used, and how long did you study. Your tips are greatly appreciated 🙂 much love!!

  8. I just started nursing school a few weeks ago and since then I've never felt so lost in my life! However your videos have helped me a bit to re-orient myself and look at the big picture. Your advice is great and to-the-point. Thanks for being so generous and looking out for us nurses-to-be!

  9. Thank you for this! I'm only a pre-nursing student, but it's still stressful trying to get A's in all the pre-req classes. So hopefully your tips will help me. All your videos motivate me so much. Keep making these kinds of videos 🙂

  10. My first ever redemo is coming up and boy am I stressed. Working and school trying to find time to practice in the lab..ahhhh

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