Installing a Bathroom Vanity – Easy Bath Updates | The Home Depot

Today we’re going to show you how easy it
is to really transform your bathroom in just a weekend. In this series of three videos, we’ll install
the spacious new vanity, the stylish new top, sink and faucet and upgrade our vanity lighting. And we’ll do it all with just a few basic
tools and a little know-how. As you can see we’ve already removed the existing
vanity and mirror and it really wasn’t difficult at all. For more information on how we did this, please
visit So now it’s time for us to start creating
our dream bathroom. Let’s get started. Now some vanities are designed to be mounted
to the wall with screws, but today we’re installing a freestanding vanity cabinet. For this part, you’ll probably need some help. Now we’re going to line the new vanity up
against the wall to make sure we covered the old vanity’s footprint. Otherwise we’ll have to repair or paint
any exposed areas. If space allows, think about getting a larger
vanity than the one you had. It will give you more storage and counter
space. Okay, now we’re going to dry fit the vanity
top and sink onto the cabinet to make sure the drain pipes will line up with the existing
plumbing lines coming from the wall. Once you have everything positioned the way
you want it, remove the vanity top and set it on saw-horses. This will make installing the faucet in our
next step a lot easier. Check that the cabinet is level and shim if
needed. If you’d like more detailed information on
any of the steps in our bathroom makeover series, please visit


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