Insurance coverage for IVF: Losing coverage mid-cycle after changing treatments

We ended… I ended up doing three IUIs
and then I did an IVF. And the IVF I did was…it was like a
total shit show to be honest because the way my insurance works is that
it says it will cover an IUI but it won’t cover an IVF. So, I had already gotten the
injectible medication when I did my last IUI and my insurance covered the
medication. So when I told the fertility clinic, I said, “Okay, I want to do an
IVF.” They have to like report it to the health insurance company that you switched
your course of treatment, I guess. And not knowing this, when I told
them I was going to do an IVF, my insurance company decided they weren’t
covering the medication anymore. So halfway through my IVF cycle, I wasn’t
getting meds. They’re like, “We can’t give you these meds and the
meds, if you wanted them, it would be about $5,000 if you wanted it
on your own.” And miraculously, a friend from work was like, “I have all
the meds that you need. I tried IVF nine times. It didn’t work
for me. I have all these meds. You can have them.” So I, miraculously,
was able to like, finish my cycle with the hormone treatments because
she gave them to me.

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