Internal Medicine at BluePearl

So with Internal Medicine we’re kind of
the gateway into the specialty world. So a lot of times when they don’t know
what’s happening, the family veterinarian will send their pet into
the internal medicine service and then we better try to come up with a plan and
decide does it need to see a neurologist or a cardiologist or an
oncologist or even surgical intervention. So we’re kind of a gateway to a lot of
the other specialties. So any cases that need to see an internist, I will
assess them, review their medical records and then I will see appointments usually
in the morning, discuss with the families, come up with a plan and in the afternoons
is when we do all of our procedures whether it’s ultrasound, endoscopy getting some radiographs and then the day is when everybody’s taking care of
and I either go on home or we have a plan for them to stay in the hospital for
future care. Here, this is good stuff. Whoaa, Score! People come in, they can tell you what
hurts. Dogs and cats can’t do that and I think dogs and cats are also much more
honest with you. They they’re not going to try to hide anything.
I like the problem-solving approach to everything so trying to figure out what
ails them and then come up with a solution for it. So thankfully here we have a lot of
different specialties so if I have questions for either the surgeon we
work very closely and we talk about every case. We work
as a team. We work as a unit.

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